Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version gets new screens, details on gameplay and the 30th Anniversary Edition

Set sail for adventure!

The official Japanese website for Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version has opened, and it brings with it a wealth of screens and details. You can check out screens both here and here, and read on below for gameplay information and a breakdown of the 30th Anniversary Edition.

The game itself is given a detailed breakdown, which you can read below.

In Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version, players will travel the Seven Seas—including the Mediterranean Sea, East Asia, New World, and more—with their own fleet in the Age of Discovery. Buy and trade while gaining shares at the harbors in each sea, and come out victorious in naval battles against adversaries with the goal of becoming the ruler of the Seven Seas.

Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version includes Uncharted Waters IV: Porto Estado and its Power-Up Kit version, as well as the additional elements featured in the handheld port Uncharted Waters IV: Rota Nova, all remastered in high-definition as a new release. This is the culmination of Uncharted Waters IV.

Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version features seven protagonists to play as from various backgrounds including Rafael Castor, the son of nobles in Lisbon, Portugal; Hodrum Joachim Bergstrom, admiral of the Swedish navy; Maria Huamei Li, a Chinese female general who fights to save others; and Kyoutarou Saiki, a Japanese man wrapped up in family troubles. The characters you do not select as your protagonist will still appear in the main story, and color the world of the Age of Discovery through various events.

For those who are big fans of the franchise, a 14,080 yen 30th Anniversary Edition will be offered. This package includes a 10-disc soundtrack that includes all 245 songs from the series. There are 154 tracks from Uncharted Waters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and Gaiden across six discs, and then music from Uncharted Waters Online 10th Anniversary BOX on the other four.

If you'd like to read even more gameplay details and see some Switch-specific features, you can check out the information here, courtesy of Gematsu.


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