A Pokémon Presents video presentation is slated for this Friday, February 26th, at 7 a.m. PT

Over the past few days, The Pokemon Company International has been trying to hype up the 25th Anniversary of the Pokemon series. As such, fans have speculated as to whether or not the company would have some sort of major game announcement this week. With the announcement of a Pokemon Presents presentation slated for this week, it appears as though some large amount of news regarding the franchise will soon be available. The presentation is slated to be approximately 20 minutes in length.

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Thu Feb 25 21 09:18am
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TPCi sent out an email to subscribers the same time that says that it is a "roughly 20-minute presentation".

The post has been updated to include this information. Thank you!

Of course no problem~

There's the Pokémon MOBA and Snap to talk about. Based on the time, they can show two more things, at most three. They move quite slowly in these presentations.

They definitely move very slow. They always have a lengthy, feelgood video showing people playing Pokemon and coming together and whatnot too that you have to factor in.

The feel good video I actually enjoy hehe

The slow part for me is everything having a slow vague intro, then the trailer, then a slow explanation of what we already know from the trailer. That's the part that kills me :P

Well part of the rumour going back a good while was that the presentation was to be on 27th February, which it will be in Japan, just about. And another part was that Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced. I think the cat(Incineroar) is out of the bag.

Damn it I still haven't gotten Sword or Shield. Why can't I catch up with games?!?


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