Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

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Experience the nostalgic story from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl in a new adventure.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond​ and Pokemon Shining Pearl​ arrive on the Nintendo Switch in late 2021!


I don’t know much about Pokemon, but it seems like they're going to remake all the old games with the Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! engine, while the new games will come out every second year or so.

I cant fault them for being faithful at least, but man is this ugly. Let's Go already had a pseudo-chibi style that was cute and effective. I sure wish they would have taken some time from their 12 minute opening video to actually talk about these. Do they connect to SwSh? Can you transfer things past the Sinnoh dex?

They will do what they always do. Show stuff in the beginning of the year and then sprinkle more details in the following months up to release.
This was an introduction to what's to come. To get people interested.

Fri Feb 26 21 11:10am
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I really don't need you to explain what they are doing, as thats not the point. We have 13some year old games with no surprises in story, etc, that people have perfectly reasonable questions and doubts that could have been answered in 30 seconds. Dragging it out telling us you cant trade isn't a fun detail to "sprinkle" on us later.

Don't worry, mate. I won't be replying to you again Smile

I'm glad you are being the bigger, modest person by telling me that.

Yeah, I was a big fan of the look Let’s Go had. This looks (overworld wise) like the Link’s Awakening remake but less appealing. It’s not horrible but I’d have definitely preferred they sticked closer to the style Let’s Go had, or something different altogether.

Fri Feb 26 21 11:48am
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The thing that works for LA is that they embrace their own style still while keeping it consistent. It's jarring going from ugly SD models walking around to full sized in battle. The limitations the DS had no longer exist, and mimicking that is significantly less effective than I think they have hoped.

The more I look at the trailer the more I think it’s the character models in the overworld that’s really throwing me off. They look like Mighty Muggs.

The battles are passable but yeah...it’s got that whole plasticky look going on everywhere. Better character models and that more cel-shaded look of Sword and Shield would have gone a long way in these games I think.

Part of the problem is poly count is super low and the textures are blurry and grainy on them. I am not expecting something amazing, but they look like assets from a phoned in, low budget Wii game from 12 years ago. Had they really nailed down this style and put in more effort, I would still think its ugly, but I'd understand. Instead they are going for the lowest effort they can.

It looks alright for what is is but I really hope they take a different approach when they remake Gen 5. I was pretty impressed by that generation’s leap in spectacle over Gen 4 with the animated battle sprites, 3D environments, and cinematic camera angles. I’d be pretty bummed if they half-assed it and made it feel cheap.


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