Open-world Sinnoh pre-make "Pokémon Legends Arceus" announced for Switch, releasing Early 2022

Sweet mother of Arceus!

First came Sinnoh remakes. Then came Sinnoh pre-makes.

Introducing Pokemon Legends Arceus​, a new challenge and a new frontier for the Pokémon world.


This looks miles better than Sword and Shield. Did they say to Nintendo, can we borrow your BOTW engine?

This one interested me the most. They seem to be trying something different, which is nice.
And there's still one year of development at least. There's still a lot of work to be done

This looks miles better than Sword and Shield.

We’re you watching a different video?
It’s more “open”, but the graphically quality and frame rate is no where near better than Sword and Shield. It’s over a year away so hopefully they can improve the visuals and performance.

I watched the one that says "Game footage is not final".

I agree. It’s not final. It does look like it needs some significant work.
At 1:05 in the video that Chingling is moving at what looks like a single digit frame rate.

I’m optimistic they can hopefully get this running at a solid 30fps and a decent resolution.

In the stills it looks good. Moving it looked good for a work in progress.
But here's the thing, Japanese developers usually improve the games visually before release. They actually show work in progress. Even companies that work for Japanese developers do this, like we saw with Luigi's Mansion 3.
I like this better than western developers showing their games running on a killer PC and then downgrading it to a console.

Anyway, it's still at least a year away. I think even more if the remakes release in October/November. That would likely put this for a Summer 2022 release.
And just the fact they are trying something new interests me Smile

Yeah with GameFreak not using time and resources on the DP remakes, they can hopefully put more effort and polish into Legends.

That's the hope Smile
I still wish they'd expand the studio though

They doubled their staff during Sword and Shield development as well as moved to brand new offices. They're growing pretty rapidly, and I'm sure this is only the start.

I knew about the office change, but not the staff size. I hope we see the improvements with Legends Smile

The lighting engine they are using, in some scenes, makes it look really bad like they just slapped old Pokemon models on some UE4 test world. Id give them the benefit of the doubt and say framerates will be better in a year, but after ShSw, that would be going against any of the evidence we have in the past. But hey at least Cyndaquil's fire is out again, so they did something right.

Ok so the Switch is definitely aiming for the PS2's crown 👑

I'm excited to see them trying something new. I'll keep my eye one this one. It may end my vacation from Pokemon.

It's a step in the right direction for sure! Excited to see the final product.

Fri Feb 26 21 01:55pm
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A Pokemon game to be excited about, finally after 15 years!
Looks like they still have work to do, though I bet it is going to be looking much better on the Switch Pro. Let's hope they hit that release date.

I actually kinda hope this gets delayed because I’m a weirdo. I’m super excited about this game, but I think it looks a tad bit rough and I want the game to get the polish and care it needs. I feel like the amount that Game Freak usually gets rushed due to the hard deadlines associated with new generations (largely because of all the associated tie-in media) has been a detriment to the quality of the last few generations. But because this isn’t a new generation, maybe they finally will get the time that they need. I think Pokémon and loads of other games would be better if they had the “it’s done when it’s done” development mentality of stuff like Zelda, even if the waiting can be hard.


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