Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Vs. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Graphics Comparison

We've come a long way!

The revamped graphics in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are looking great! But how much better do they really look on Nintendo Switch compared to the Nintendo DS originals? Find out in our head-to-head graphics comparison!


Fri Feb 26 21 02:34pm
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There's not much to go on yet, but thus far this is shaping up to be the least ambitious remake yet. The only observable difference is the graphics, and they're pretty close to the original game's graphics--certainly far short of the "bring it up to current gen standards" past remakes have aimed for. Even the character designs remain untouched!

The sprite artwork for the characters looked better design-wise. This looks like Pokemon Rumble Blast.

I've been playing Pokemon since the beginning. Diamond/Pearl captured me in a way no other generation has duplicated. Though I'm not particularly fond of the look for this remake, there is still some optimism that it will be faithful to the original with QoL updates. There is also the part of me that's disenfranchised by the Pokemon company after these last two generations. For now, I guess I'm most excited to hear what they'll do with the music, though I doubt they'll do anything as amazing as Insaneintherain's jazz arrangements. Basically, I'm cautiously optimistic.

the utility man
Fri Feb 26 21 10:11pm
Rating: 2

"We've come a long way!"

Oh they've come a long way all right, from having the confidence of their fan base to not having the confidence of their fan base.

I don't know..I mean GF could easily do the same by themselves so why did they bother getting someone else?

Because they’re working on Pokemon Legends.
Nintendo could easily have done the Zelda remakes but they got Grezzo to do them.

So why not ask NDcube? Or someone from Nintendo studios to get that "Nintendo" feel?

I mean I got no probs with this. Its just strange because this is something GF could do so calling someone who just made the HOME app for the series is odd.

Sat Feb 27 21 02:29pm
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Why is it odd? You have no idea as to the capabilities of the developer, and from what we have seen it looks like they have things well under control.

Your comments are odd.

This remake is something they can easily do by themselves. Its nothing drastic is the point I'm trying to make.

I think it's that they've taken to heart that Game Freak alone lacks the manpower to make a full main-series Pokémon game in HD, so they've brought in Ilca for additional sets of hands and eyes. Even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic requiring infrastructure changes and people who get infected and have to take sick leave. (Bear in mind that this isn't done wholly by Ilca, but Ilca and Game Freak working closely together.)

It may not be Game Freak working on these, but they sure carry the same total lack of ambition of GF games.


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