Polish studio Forever Entertainment teams up with Square Enix to develop multiple remakes

Forever Entertainment, a Polish studio known for making the Panzer Dragoon remake, has announced that they have entered into an agreement with Square Enix to collaborate with the company to develop more remakes. Square Enix is looking to create more remakes based on their Japan IP, and Forever Entertainment will receive 50% of all revenue earned on these games. Forever Entertainment and Square Enix have yet to reveal what these games are and how may games they shall develop together.

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Eh...I mean outside of Trials of Mana, what great remakes has Squenix put?

I'd really love Chrono Trigger to hit the spotlight...but I'm betting it'd be another weak Secret of Mana style fiasco...

Mon Mar 01 21 12:14pm
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that's why they are teaming up with Forever Entertainment, Panzer Dragon remake was decent at least in graphics and style.

Yeah, they should be able to handle RPG remakes pretty well.

Sure wouldn’t mind some faithful remakes to FFVI or Chrono Trigger already.

Mon Mar 01 21 02:09pm
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I agree. If they could make Final Fantasy 6 look kinda like the Bravely Default series, but be functionally like the original FF6, I'd be pretty happy.

I want to see the Ogre Battle games, Tactics Ogre, and Final Fantasy Tactics on the Switch. I feel like the latter two could synergize well with Project Triangle Strategy since the demo was quite well received.

Still holding out hope that someday we'll see a Brave Fencer Musashi remake.

And on the Enix end of things, I wouldn't mind a remake of Mischief Makers...


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