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Ariana Greenblatt cast as Tiny Tina in the Borderlands movie

Tiny Tina heads to the big screen
by rawmeatcowboy
01 March 2021
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The last few weeks have been filled with cast reveals for the Borderlands movie. We've already seen Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Cate Blanchett announced for roles, and now another joins the film today.

It's been confirmed that Ariana Greenblatt will be taking on the role of Tiny Tina. Director Eli Roth had nothing but praise to share for Ariana's involvement.

"Ariana is a spectacular new talent in cinema. She has already worked with many of my close collaborators and everyone raves about her. She blew us all away in her audition, and I cannot wait to see her bring the wild, insane and unpredictable Tiny Tina to the big screen. She’s going to blow up on screen like one of Tina’s grenades."