A Message From Kevin Cassidy

Hello everyone.

This is t27duck. I know many of you probably have gone through several emotional roller coasters over the last few days.

I have been in contact directly with NickyHill over the....uhh... status of things and have received direct instructions from Kevin.

Firstly, the following is a direct copy/paste from Kevin Cassidy himself...

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened.

I want you all to know that I'm healthy and safe. That goes for Mom Brain and the whole GN crew too. Actually, it goes for anyone tied to GN. We are 100% fine, I promise.

Obviously something is keeping me away from work for the time being, but I can't get into details yet. I know that's extremely frustrating, and I am right there with you. As soon as everything is worked out, I'll be back to share details with you.

Again, I promise everyone is in good health. This is not related to the pandemic or anything like that. Mom Brain and I are sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles and being our stupid selves as I type this.

When everything is settled, I'll fill you all in. Unfortunately, it's going to take patience, and that goes for our end too.

Ok, so again the above is straight from Kevin.

Additionally despite the very appreciative rise of support from his staff and fans... I have also recieved other instructions.

Disregard the post about Nintendojam and Yoshiller "handling the site" until his return. No, they are not in any trouble. I have been instructed that this post is the post on the site until I hear otherwise. I am not revoking anyone's access to various parts of the site for the time being unless told otherwise, but I do ask the existing alt story writers to "take a break" until given the high sign else I will invoke stronger measures.

Beyond that, the rest of this site will run as "normal" with comments and PMs working as they should.

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Thu Mar 18 21 12:24pm
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The longer this goes on, the more convinced I am that I know who's responsible:

We shouldn't have let our guard down.

Good luck to you, RMC, and the staff of GoNintendo. Still looking forward to your return.

Thu Mar 18 21 03:28pm
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I know I'm not the only one but I visit Gonintendo several times a day hoping to see it back to normal. I hope it will be that way soon. I miss RMC and not seeing him here, twitter, patreon, or youtube is really sad. This is one of those weeks that a lot of rough things have happened and I know it's silly but hearing a GN podcast would really be comforting this weekend. Well I will hope for the best and I hope RMC is well. We miss you!

Thu Mar 18 21 05:37pm
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In my search for answers, I came across this support post appearing to be from RMC related to issues with the podcast: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252516195
The timing lines up and this suggests to me legal issues are afoot.

Hope everything is ok, RMC!

Edit: RMC, I am presuming you are reading these comments regularly like the rest of us. If you are having legal issues and don't have things underway already, feel free to reach out. I am an attorney (albeit with only limited intellectual property experience) and would love to help where I can. You have given so much to me and the community over the years and we stand behind you!.

Hm, it was never gone from Spotify. Is it back on Apple now?

Thu Mar 18 21 06:06pm
Rating: 1

Good detective work. I checked and the Go Nintendo [sic] podcast is up with one upload the day after the support ticket and 25 total. Anyone know what it usually looked like? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/go-nintendo-podcast/id79140961

Oh dear. Very weird stuff.

Thu Mar 18 21 08:11pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Has the title always been "Go Nintendo Podcast"? In the description it's referred to as the "GoNintendo Podcast". Maybe he renamed it with a space to try and get it back on Apple Podcasts...

This whole situation is bizarre. The date of the support ticket matches the date of this Pokemon Unite story: https://gonintendo.com/stories/377773-pokemon-unite-beta-gameplay-round-up
which lends credence to that theory. I can see Tencent being ridiculously draconian about it, but surely they have no leg to stand on?

Surely not, but given this podcast info it’s seeming more likely it could be the case. If it really is Tencent related then they’ve clearly skipped past a cease and desist dialogue and gone straight nuclear. I just can’t understand what he could’ve done for them to warrant this kind of action- the only serious action beyond asking for the post to be removed they could take would be levelled against the person who recorded the footage surely.

Interesting. But I don't see why legal issues with Apple for the podcast would cause him to completely stop updating the site unless it's a lawsuit like the tencent/pokemon theory and he has to keep himself muted. This sucks

I could fathom a Nintendo et al-related lawsuit potentially putting a temporary gag order on the site itself, but for RMC to be unable to post anything, anywhere, regardless of content or context? That seems beyond reasonable scope for a C&D or copyright claim or whatever. I reason that he either doesn't actually have to go completely silent and just chooses to out of an overabundance of caution, or that whatever trouble he's in is more serious than a Tencent leak.

Fri Mar 19 21 10:14am
Rating: 5

Detective of the week award 🏆

Thu Mar 18 21 09:28pm
Rating: 2

Maybe it was pachter

This entire situation is probably going to hurt the sites health for a while. Not having much traffic driven to the site etc. Some people will just move onto other sites which sucks. If it had been a few days or a week sure but we're getting close to 3 weeks soon and still no word or updates. Gonna miss our 3rd podcast soon :<

The site is dead. It's over.

Interestingly, they're still running ads at the top of the page. That isn't a Google ad, it's a personal one GoNintendo has agreed on. I take that as a good sign. Either the Code:Realize folks are getting hosed, or this site intends to come back when it can.

I don’t know if these messages will be read, but I felt it necessary to post and vocalize my support and say thank you for all that gonintendo does.

2020 was a tough year, and the holiday season being so different really sent me into a bad depression. I find it hard to take joy in the things I used to enjoy, but somehow I still had/have the energy to look forward to listening to the GN podcast crew every week. Everyone’s down to earth and very real personalities really makes me happy to listen in. I hope whatever is going on with the site is over soon so you can get back to doing what you do!

Fri Mar 19 21 04:59pm
(Updated 2 times)

That may just be fulfillment of a contractual obligation (the code:realize banner), and the publisher/developer is surely not pleased that the site is seeing a deep dip in traffic. Keeping my thoughts positive and hopes high. Waiting patiently

Fri Mar 19 21 05:55pm
Rating: 2

GoNintendo story comment #245; The Suicune commeeeeeeeent~

Wishing you and yours all the best RMC. Looking forward to this running its course, however long it takes!

Missing you guys - hope all gets worked out soon RMC!

250 comments later, 3 missing podcasts and almost 2 weeks later, and still no sight of RMC.

As many do, I still check GoNintendo (I refuse to believe it has become Gonetendo) hoping for RMC and co.'s grand comeback.

Sat Mar 20 21 10:07pm
Rating: 6

I will check this site every day until I die whether it's up or not.

Sat Mar 20 21 10:34pm
Rating: 2

I hope it turns out all good, even though I don't tune in to every podcast or participate much I still have had GN as my "homepage" for the past 12 years at least. Honestly this site has been the best place to see what's up with Nintendo all this time.

Sun Mar 21 21 03:23am
Rating: 6

Just wanted to encourage all the fans out there to join the GoNintendo patreon to continue supporting RMC and crew while the site is down. Just click the 3 bars in the top right corner. He only asks $1 a month. I did $5 for now in the hopes that things will pick back up soon. Pretty sure this is RMC’s main source of income and man, if he has to pony up some legal fees... yikes.

Yeah this is his main source and his fulltime job. It's good you mentioned that because he probably does need help since he's getting almost no revenue due to everything being silent. We're only on 3 weeks since he just disappeared so he definitely has bills to pay :/

Mon Mar 22 21 04:48pm
(Updated 1 time)

Great idea. I just joined and donated some money to RMC. Considering the consistent stream of interesting content that he's provided or shared over the years, it's the least I could do.

Good call. Going to do this as well. Never done patreon before..

Sun Mar 21 21 10:10pm
Rating: 3

I am starting to go into RMC withdrawals.

  • Same! How much longer?
  • 258. God. This may be a record for GN comments. Still pretty nervous and if it goes long enough that comments close I may just make a forum topic to keep everyone talking until his return.

    Mon Mar 22 21 06:48am
    Rating: 1

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I love this site and appreciate RMC’s output. Prolific doesn’t even do it justice. If it’s a legal issue I hope they realise they’re out of their damn minds.

    So, what is going on? When is the site going to start getting updated again?

    Mon Mar 22 21 09:43am
    Rating: 2

    Nobody knows, not even Cort and tDuck know. We just have to be patient and wait for an announcement from RMC himself.

    I have a feeling that cort has a feeling of what's going on. I wouldn't be surprised if duck also knew.

    Mon Mar 22 21 11:31pm
    Rating: 4 (Updated 2 times)

    Nobody knows. Nobody can reach him. Even the local podcast crew. Total radio, phone, email, message silence.

    I can only speculate that there is some legal entanglement, very unlikely with Nintendo.

    I wish there was something fun, like GoNintendo V6, but sadly, even the firsthand staff and crew are as blind as everyone else. 😕 I suspect the silence and ignoring is to insulate the rest of us from whatever he's dealing with.

    Aw man, I didn't think it was this bad. No one, not even Nickyhill or DeuxMichaels knows what's going on? I know RMC must have his reasons for leaving us/them in the dark, but I am getting a bit more worried after him missing his soon to be third podcast in a row. I hope this involuntary break doesn't create financial problems for him, due to less traffic on the site.

    I am, still, anxiously clicking my Gonintendo-bookmark every day, hoping for a new update from the man himself. At least we know it's not health related, which is the most important thing these days.

    I'm going to miss this site so much.

    Mon Mar 22 21 07:19pm
    Rating: 1

    Here to voice my support don't know what's going on but I've been visiting this website for well over 10 years off and on so I am praying everything is physically, financially, and legally ok.

    Mon Mar 22 21 09:52pm
    Rating: 3

    Never thought this image i made when rmc did the wiiu unboxing would have any relevance beyond that, but we definitely miss him.

    Been a fan and lurker on the site since the early wii days. Glad to know RMC and mom brain are doing fine, and i hope whatever is going on gets resolved soon so we can get back to our hot dog sandwhich discussions and viennetta longing.

    We should all do a live event on animal crossing to let Kevin know he’s missed

    I was just wondering..wouldn't it be great if we can like made a fundraiser or something to show that we all want GoNintendo to stick around?

    I mean its silly but given the obvious fact that there is never going to be a worthy Nintendo news site like GoNintendo..why not?

    Tue Mar 23 21 01:49am
    Rating: 2

    Aside from supporting RMC financially, I don't think this would accomplish much. He already knows we love Gonintendo, and I doubt anyone wants it to stick around more than RMC himself. Whatever this is, it's not about needing encouragement or convincing. In the increasingly unlikely scenario that some outside force is forcing Gonintendo to stop operating, they're not going to be swayed by fan support; if they would, they probably wouldn't have done it in the first place.

    However, it sounds like RMC--for whom Gonintendo was his life and livelihood--has decided to cease all activity, stop others from carrying on in his absence, and not explain anything (or communicate at all) to anyone, even his closest colleagues. Whatever his reasoning is, it apparently outweighs financial concerns.

    Gonintendo is a great site, but it's hardly the only game in town. We can miss the site/podcast/owner but we don't need to do so in a monotheistic manner.

    that might sound odd but maybe they were raided by the IRS

    Tue Mar 23 21 01:53pm
    Rating: 1

    Being raided by the IRS wouldn't prevent him from telling people whats going on....

    Tue Mar 23 21 04:47pm
    Rating: 1

    Maybe he has become an informant? I'm grasping


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