A Message From Kevin Cassidy

Hello everyone.

This is t27duck. I know many of you probably have gone through several emotional roller coasters over the last few days.

I have been in contact directly with NickyHill over the....uhh... status of things and have received direct instructions from Kevin.

Firstly, the following is a direct copy/paste from Kevin Cassidy himself...

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened.

I want you all to know that I'm healthy and safe. That goes for Mom Brain and the whole GN crew too. Actually, it goes for anyone tied to GN. We are 100% fine, I promise.

Obviously something is keeping me away from work for the time being, but I can't get into details yet. I know that's extremely frustrating, and I am right there with you. As soon as everything is worked out, I'll be back to share details with you.

Again, I promise everyone is in good health. This is not related to the pandemic or anything like that. Mom Brain and I are sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles and being our stupid selves as I type this.

When everything is settled, I'll fill you all in. Unfortunately, it's going to take patience, and that goes for our end too.

Ok, so again the above is straight from Kevin.

Additionally despite the very appreciative rise of support from his staff and fans... I have also recieved other instructions.

Disregard the post about Nintendojam and Yoshiller "handling the site" until his return. No, they are not in any trouble. I have been instructed that this post is the post on the site until I hear otherwise. I am not revoking anyone's access to various parts of the site for the time being unless told otherwise, but I do ask the existing alt story writers to "take a break" until given the high sign else I will invoke stronger measures.

Beyond that, the rest of this site will run as "normal" with comments and PMs working as they should.

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Wed Mar 24 21 02:04am
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Used to talk to Kevin on an old site about the Nintendo On. He also was big into that Sadness game that never came out. I keep thinking that maybe Paul Gale would know what is going on. Ah... the good ol’days.

Wed Mar 24 21 10:07am
Rating: 3

Oh jeez, Paul Gale was EVERYWHERE, wasn't he?

Wed Mar 24 21 01:13pm
Rating: 2

Just about! The internet is both a big place and a small one with how easily we’re all connected.

Wed Mar 24 21 09:06pm
Rating: 1


I knew you from GamesAreFun.

Thu Mar 25 21 03:00am
(Updated 1 time)

Those were good times. Old school. 😁 It’s always nice connecting with gamers from the past. I hope you’re doing well!

Wed Mar 24 21 01:11pm
Rating: 3

Kevin is a great guy. Not only does he run Go Nintendo with a lot of care and passion, but as a general person, I have nothing but good words for him.

Plenty of great conversations over the years, both online and at several E3’s, mutual support, and definitely someone that I’ll always root for in each new venture.

Wed Mar 24 21 04:44pm
Rating: 2

"He also was big into that Sadness game that never came out."

I remember being so hype for that game :D

Good times. Simpler times.

Wed Mar 24 21 09:26am
Rating: 7

I will check this post several times a day until the sun explodes.

Anyone else checking this as often as like the Super smash bros Brawl site back in the day before that games release?, kinda noticed Iäm checking prob twice a day or even more. Hope it't not tied to the future and the EU laws on "link tax"!

Just mentioning the EU gets me angry, but it wouldn't surprise me if they had anything to do with, the dictatorship it has become.

*sigh*... hope we got some news soon from Kevin. Specially now that it's rumoured a new Direct soon. What would a Direct be without GN, eh?

And if it truly is Tencent, then they are shooting themselves in the foot, really. But the agan, all PR is good PR, eh?

Wed Mar 24 21 08:14pm
Rating: 3

Bad press? No one's covering this story. The only people who really care are all here, clinging to a comment section. Google it; there's nothing.

Gonintendo is a great site but hardly big enough to tug at the heartstrings of a population much greater than its readerbase. I doubt any company that would take aim at Gonintendo would be worried about major backlash.

Of course, prevailing though it may be, the theory that some game company gagged Gonintendo is virtually baseless--as baseless as, say, supposing repeatedly that RMC committed a crime.

That people aren't talking about it doesn't mean they haven't noticed. Not saying it's huge a deal, but it might send a ripple or two through the internet. New gets fast around here.

Of course it's baseless. It's speculation after all. You know, when rumours pop up! It is an odd situation though. But this is the internet and I wholeheartedly welcome you here Smile

Maybe he’s legally changing his name to Rawmeatcowboy?

The balls on this beautiful man.

I’m still sad, hardly motivated to get to 1** in mario35 before it’s yanked forever

Fri Mar 26 21 02:46am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I really miss listening to the podcast. It was one of the things I always looked forward to every week. I'd just listen to it on spotify when laying in bed and it was always really relaxing and funny :<

Fri Mar 26 21 07:09am
Rating: 1

Had to check my profile to see how long I have been here. I have been following gonintendo before I even made this account, so that is 11+ years of checking in almost daily.
I really hope it all goes well for RMC. I will avoid commenting on all the speculation. I am sure once the time is right we will learn about what actually happened. Just want to show my support!

Fri Mar 26 21 09:02am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

I miss the site so much, I have been following gonintendo since the Iwata / Banana / DKCR reveal and have been checking it almost daily since then. I'm on a total Nintendo news blackout right now, Tried checking the sites you guys recommended but nope, it's just not same, got bored after two days and decided to just wait. Hope everything is alright for RMC and the GoNintendo crew and hopefully, whatever it is, will get sorted out soon.

Fri Mar 26 21 11:27am
Rating: 4 (Updated 1 time)

I guess RMC is still writing on Turtle Beach's blog. (unless they posted a blog that was written before the disappearance.) The article is dated 3-23-2021.


Fri Mar 26 21 03:44pm
Rating: 2

Thanks for the heads up. It was good to read something from RMC. I look forward to his return soon.

Well, that's a bit of a relief.

Sat Mar 27 21 11:23pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Hmm. Wonder if that interview/write up could’ve been done some time ago and only just been published (not uncommon for pieces such as interviews to be conducted and published much later after the fact to coincide with whatever strategy the publication/advertiser has in place). Seems weird to imagine RMC continuing to write for other outlets while being completely radio silent with his own staff and even his friends but who knows!

That was my thought too since it wasn't really an article.

Someday this madness must come to an end

Sat Mar 27 21 07:43am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

On a positive note, I'm looking forward to hearing about all the games RMC has been playing. Sometimes his recommendations are games that immediately go on my wishlist after watching him play and talk about them on YouTube.

Also hoping everyone has been vaccinated in his family so we can see his parents play more games. I still go back and watch that Super Mario 64 vid on occasion.

Sat Mar 27 21 10:37am
Rating: 1

It's been a long 20 days

Sat Mar 27 21 11:40am
Rating: 1

Yeah Kevin is a great guy. Hope everything is ok. I used to write for another Nintendo site, 4 color rebellion. And rather than be our rival he used to post links to our stuff. Super classy. I have been going to this site daily for over a decade. I miss it a lot.

(Long time reader - minimal poster) After taking a breaking listening to the podcast and reading video game industry blogs, it's kind of a shock to see this post.


Sat Mar 27 21 04:19pm
Rating: 1

So strange to have such total radio silence on this. The only thing I can think of is that RMC signed a contract for something, maybe a writing gig on another site, and it had a hidden non-compete clause plus an NDA. That would explain why there's no posts allowed and no news given about what's happening.

That kind of makes sense, but in that case, surely he could go on Twitter or wherever and just say that he is not allowed to say what it is.

Sat Mar 27 21 06:25pm
Rating: 2

I think it's interesting that he said that he had no way to contact anyone when this happened.

Mon Mar 29 21 06:19am
Rating: 1

I didn't think too deeply into that exact sentence but looking at it now that's absurdly weird. Basically something happened that caused him to be unable to contact literally anyone...there's a few potential answers to that but I won't say them. This is such a weird thing and for as long as I've been online I've never seen anything like this happen to anyone

Which kind of narrows it down to: Serious legal problems.

How so? Having been on both sides of "serious legal problems" in the past, at no point do you have to go completely silent like this. It's perfectly fine to say you have legal woes without giving away any information.

I don't think it's legal woes. If it were, Kevin would be mentioned in the local area news of his state that we would be able to see (unless a gag order was issued preventing the media from posting about outside leaks).

It's probably more business related. I agree with a thought that somebody has bought GoNintendo from Kevin and we're just having to wait and see what entails since Kevin would be under a strong NDA/embargo in that case. The kinda that would warrant a civil lawsuit if breached carelessly.

But your lawyer might urge you to keep quiet. In particular if your issue is related to publishing touchy information.

Also, what do you gain by disclosing that you have legal issues? You’ll only fuel a public discussion that you cannot moderate, possibly exacerbating the issue.

Sure that could make sense, but the fact that we are commenting on a post that comes from him, ie not keeping quiet, doesn't lend any credence to your "serious legal" theory if the only thing you have to stand on is it being odd he isn't posting. If there really were some legal issue that was stopping anything from being posted, you'd think his staff would be clued in instead of having to take matters into their own hands and attempt to keep posting. The whole situation seems reads like some personal issue more than anything.

And I legitimately don't know what you're getting at with your second part to be quite honest. I assume many think it could be a cease and desist, but that isn't a legal action and there is no reason to hide it nor any repercussions for talking about it. Any real legal issue would go through the courts, where for the most part it all is public knowledge. In either case, him just coming to the site and saying he is taking a hiatus to solve some issues, whether even mentioning they are legal or not, would not harm him in any way at all.

There is no reason to assume its a legal thing and might as well sit back and just wait for him to come back.

I don’t get what you’re getting at either :D

If it was a personal issue, why would he let us know that they’re fine and doing crossword puzzles as usual, waiting? He’d have said something along the lines of “I need time for myself and xy will take over in the meantime”.

Since people already speculated that he got sued for spreading stolen copyrighted material, let’s go with that theory: His posts and statements would probably matter to the court. The number of people he promoted said illegal material to. In my head it makes perfect sense for his lawyer to tell him: whatever you do, DON’T comment until this is over.

Its pretty obvious you don't get what im saying because you dont particularly understand how anything like this actually works.. Let's pretend everything you've said is true. Why not have a mod post a quick "hey the site is going on hiatus" instead of keeping literally everyone in the dark?

Sun Apr 11 21 11:21am
(Updated 2 times)

Enlighten me!

In another comment you said "A cease and decist is not a legal action". Yeah, but what if they didn't merely receive a cease and decist, but already got sued?

"The fact we are commenting on a post that came after this all started, and after multiple posts prior, is enough to prove there is no legal repercussions for them making posts on this site". Two different things, no? Us commenting is not the same as them making posts. And if you were referring to their post, not the comments: Obviously it matters what you post. I assume that's precisely why their only post was as cryptic as it was. They were treading lightly.

"it's not a secret you have to hide that you are indeed involved in one" (a case). Possible, I don't know. But why would you inform your fans? They'd be upset and angry, they'd start speculating even more than we already do, and they might (because they are your fans and extremely partisan) even start harassing whoever they suspect is the opposing party online. I don't think you want any of that while you're trying to appease a plaintiff.

Please help!

I'm succumbing to the dark side (and by that I mean reading Nintendo Life).

Sun Mar 28 21 12:03pm
Rating: 1

NOOOOO!!!! please don't do that!

Nintendo Life isn't that bad. I rather enjoy their content.

Yep. Still nothing.
Well have a good week guys, although who am I kidding I'm definitely going to keep checking the site 4 or 5 times a week so yeah.
I hope this will end soon and take care RMC, GN staff and everyone here.

Anyone know how Momotarou Dentetsu Switch is selling these days?

I miss that kinda news (I can check, but....)

Welp, still nothing... I can't say that I'm overly optimistic...

Hey all, just checking in again to say I miss this place and all of the great content and people that usually keep it going. GN has been a big part of my life for near a decade, so I just want to extend my best to the RMC / MomBrain crew and hope all is well with you two (& Nicky Hill, Deux, Kirby, etc.). Hope to hear from you all soon. Oh, and I guess you too Mr. Grobot :D - Cheers guys.

Mon Mar 29 21 05:28pm
Rating: 1

I hope all is still well and they are using this time to relax and get away from everything for a bit! Miss checking in on this site for the latest news and RMC's original content!

This is a reach, but does RMC have kids? There's a news report from March 5th, the same time that the site went dark, that two young men were being charged with a pretty serious assault in Pennsyvania. It's right on the border of New Jersey and, if these are RMC's kids, it would make sense why he's gone totally radio silent with not just the site, but also with everyone else (as previous comments seem to imply), as he deals with it. If this is the case, it makes sense that he wouldn't let anyone else post, because that would inevitably involve people contacting him for some reason or another when he doesn't want to have anything else on his plate.

Like I said, it's a reach, but that's because Go Nintendo is the best Nintendo site and seeing it go dark so suddenly without any explanation is disturbing.


Yeah, pretty sure RMC doesn't have a kid, especially one that old...

Tue Mar 30 21 02:31pm
Rating: 1

It's weird to not have any explanation or communication this many weeks later... makes me more convinced that it's some sort of legal matter

Still checkin' in been a while


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