A Message From Kevin Cassidy

Hello everyone.

This is t27duck. I know many of you probably have gone through several emotional roller coasters over the last few days.

I have been in contact directly with NickyHill over the....uhh... status of things and have received direct instructions from Kevin.

Firstly, the following is a direct copy/paste from Kevin Cassidy himself...

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened.

I want you all to know that I'm healthy and safe. That goes for Mom Brain and the whole GN crew too. Actually, it goes for anyone tied to GN. We are 100% fine, I promise.

Obviously something is keeping me away from work for the time being, but I can't get into details yet. I know that's extremely frustrating, and I am right there with you. As soon as everything is worked out, I'll be back to share details with you.

Again, I promise everyone is in good health. This is not related to the pandemic or anything like that. Mom Brain and I are sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles and being our stupid selves as I type this.

When everything is settled, I'll fill you all in. Unfortunately, it's going to take patience, and that goes for our end too.

Ok, so again the above is straight from Kevin.

Additionally despite the very appreciative rise of support from his staff and fans... I have also recieved other instructions.

Disregard the post about Nintendojam and Yoshiller "handling the site" until his return. No, they are not in any trouble. I have been instructed that this post is the post on the site until I hear otherwise. I am not revoking anyone's access to various parts of the site for the time being unless told otherwise, but I do ask the existing alt story writers to "take a break" until given the high sign else I will invoke stronger measures.

Beyond that, the rest of this site will run as "normal" with comments and PMs working as they should.

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I gave it a month. An entire month, with no word, no explanation, nothing.

I am sorry for whatever Kevin is dealing with, but this is just incredibly disrespectful to all of us who have supported him and this website over the years. I cancelled my Patreon support today, with a heavy heart.

All he had to do was simply post something - ANYTHING - to offer some modicum of an explanation. Yet here we are, knowing nothing more than we did on March 7.

My interactions with RMC were always great, and I loved his positivity, which is perhaps why I'm taking this so personally.

Why can't he tell us what's going on / what happened? If there is some legal reason for it (and I absolutely cannot fathom one), why can't he just say "I can't discuss the situation at the advice of legal counsel" and leave it at that?

Why can't t27duck, Nintendojam, Yoshiller, or anyone else post new content?

GoNintendo was a great website. I visited every single day for more than ten years. It was my primary source of Nintendo news and information. I will miss it dearly. But for reasons which will apparently never be made known, the site is dead.

Kevin doesn't owe me a thing. This website is free. I voluntarily donated via Patreon because I wanted to support his obvious effort and passion. If he had simply posted "I don't want to do this any more; the website is closed forever," I would have totally respected and supported that decision. But we didn't even get that. What a shame.

Thu Apr 08 21 03:52am
Rating: 8

You are coming off as really entitled and impatient. right now. RMC gave us his incredibly hard work for over 15 years and didn't ask for anything in return in that entire time. In fact, PATIENCE is the only thing he has asked of us. It was only recently has he started the Patreon, which I still give to happily. In fact, I'll raise my amount to offset your withdrawal.

You have no idea what's going on in his life right now. And that's OK. As you said, he doesn't owe you an explanation and it's none of your business. Maybe the "thing" that happened was deeply personal. What then? What does he owe you then, beyond the tens of thousands of hours of his time that he's already given all of us?

The website is not closed forever, it's only been a month. If he decides to close it forever, he will let us know. If you want to freak out about hypotheticals, that's up to you. I will remain patient and I suspect the majority of us will remain patient as well.

Thu Apr 08 21 04:42am
Rating: 5

Maybe the "thing" that happened was deeply personal. What then?

Then say "Due to personal reasons unrelated to the site, I need to be absent for an undisclosed amount of time. Please respect my privacy". And we'd all at least know what's going on.

Thu Apr 08 21 05:55am
Rating: 2

It's not up to us how much information other people give us, and it's certainly not up to us what words people choose. If he wanted us to know that much, he would have told us that much. It's simple. We know what he wants us to know.

Thu Apr 08 21 11:32am
Rating: 5

Everyone gets to choose their words, that's how communication works 👌

I'm sure RMC has very good personal reasons for doing what he's done, but that doesn't mean it's off base to say doing so in this manner is unprofessional. His entire audience is left worrying for his well-being, and his entire support staff (most of not completely volunteer-basis) has been left in the dark, and as was said a month ago this could have been easily mitigated even without spelling out every detail.

Folks, being a fan of something doesn't mean you can't critique it. White-knighting a guy who ghosted everyone and proudly refusing to read any other news site on the basis that only one man in all the Internet could possibly regurgitate news correctly... It's all so absurdly partisan where it need not be. How'd you get to the point of viewing a news outlet as a console war? Stop deifying a man and pledging loyalty to a frigging website.

Except we know how he acts usually, and it's clear he would do this if he were able. This situation is clearly unique in some way that this is not possible. And that is unfortunate but does not mean assumptions should be made about intention.

Thu Apr 08 21 12:53pm
Rating: 1

You're right. Let's go back to making baseless assumptions about literally any other presumed actor. Evil Corporation Nintendo picking on poor innocent victim who couldn't possibly have done anything wrong... unless they're going to hire him as the face of their PR?!?

Feel free to show me on the doll where I made assumptions about intention. Note: I was not the one who said "it's clear he would do this if he were able."

That's your choice and I respect it, but since we have no idea what's actually going on I think we should wait it out rather than being impatient. YEah it sucks to come here and see this site is dying slowly, and it sucks to not have a clue as to what the fuck is up but I think it sucks a lot more for RMC at the moment losing his revenue and, thanks to people like you, his reputation also. I agree that, if he could, he should have said something, but we just don't know what's up, sadly.

It's a very odd situation at least. I think we can all agree on that.

Thu Apr 08 21 10:50pm
Rating: 1

I’m almost positive he has received a “Cease and Desist” letter, or some other kind of legal injunction preventing him and anyone else working for him to post on the site. And probably his attorney has instructed him not to talk to anyone about it until it’s resolved. That’s certainly what it sounds like.

Sun Apr 11 21 08:58am
Rating: 1

A cease and desist is not a legal action though. It's a company threatening legal action unless the former party desists in whatever action that they are taking part in. Updating your own website with something as simple as "hey we need a hiatus" wouldn't prompt any legal action from whatever company sent the C&D, and any legal counsel, unless they are really bad, would say the same.

I posted in another comment, but the fact we are commenting on a post that came after this all started, and after multiple posts prior, is enough to prove there is no legal repercussions for them making posts on this site. Not just that, any legal actions filed though a court, barring some very specific outliers, are public knowledge, and while you generally don't want to make statements about details of an ongoing case, it's not a secret you have to hide that you are indeed involved in one.

If it ends up being legal issues, they still have handled it all poorly for both their readers and staff. I hope this isn't the case, because they are probably paying a pretty bad lawyer if they are being told to go completely silent.

Still here. Still checking each day. Missing you GN crew.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of RMC, the crew, and GoNintendo. Heck, I have the occasional DREAM.

I'm still patiently waiting for the day I see a picture of a paper plate with something written on it pop up in my YouTube notifications, and then hear "MomBrain, can I get a drumroll please............ We're back."

Fri Apr 09 21 11:43pm
Rating: 1

I'm still patiently waiting for the day I see a picture of a paper plate with something written on it pop up in my YouTube notifications, and then hear "MomBrain, can I get a drumroll please............ We're back."

*(New) Price is right fail horn*

Thu Apr 08 21 02:03am
Rating: 5

at this point i think he/they must be in custody.
the only reasonable explanation i can think of

In custody playing Scrabble on the couch???

Thu Apr 08 21 06:17am
Rating: 1

Well, they played Scrabble on the couch when "this"(whatever "this" is) started.
Now almost a month has past without any clue or messages from them what is going on.
If you are in custody you only have limited access to communication. i.e. a (landline) phone call.
You are certainly not allowed to update your website, check your email account or whatsapp your friends.
Most lawyers recommend "being silent" anyway. at least till things clear up

Thu Apr 08 21 08:55pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah it's very very odd. RMC didn't even write the post under his account but instead had his only communication to us go through him, another person and then t27duck to be posted on the site. Whatever happened means he doesn't have access to the site itself

Thu Apr 08 21 02:50am
Rating: 1

I've followed GoNintendo on and off since 2005, I hope everthing is OK.

Another day another check in

Thu Apr 08 21 10:22am
Rating: 7

Must be one dang hard crossword puzzle if it's taken this long.

I had a dream that this site was active again and RMC for some reason shaved his whole beard off. I don't know if he spent the whole month shaving his beard off, but yeah.

Thu Apr 08 21 05:57pm
Rating: 2

Ooooooh, what if he had a mishap and accidentally shaved his beard off... And now he's using all his might to will his beard to grow back to its original glory... Makes sense if you think about it

Maybe that's why he's stopped updating! No beard, no news!

As a Bearder I can relate to that! You might have a good point here!

Beard Bois represent.

Fri Apr 09 21 06:54am
Rating: 1

Super Beard Bros.

Should be a game!

Fri Apr 09 21 07:11am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Yeah, the moustachioed bros have had enough time in the spotlight, it's time for the beards.

Damn right you are, Reynard! Damn right! Will be on eHelluvah a game!

Sun Apr 11 21 03:01pm
Rating: 1

I main RMC in Super Beard Bros Ultimate.

Enthropy here with his fancy ZZ Top-ish, red beard accepts the challenge! I'll main myself!

Thu Apr 08 21 09:01pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 3 times)

One odd thing I didn't think about is the fact RMC doesn't have direct access to the site right now. The update was not posted on his account but went through him, then to Nickyhill and then to t27duck to be posted on the site. The fact rmc couldn't post this himself and had to go through multiple people to post one message means he's unable to use the site.

Also if this was a lawsuit regarding the site then the site wouldn't still be up sitting in limbo and functioning as it normally does. I can't really think of any instance where rmc wouldn't be allowed to do his daytime job like this unless he was in custody for something. T27duck being able to post on the site 5 days alter means it's not a lawsuit

yeah, thats what I tried to say.

Being locked out of the website did cross my mind. I remember once hearing that someone schemed to take the Penny Arcade website away from those guys. However something like that wouldn’t explain the social media absence as well. Leads me to believe it’s some kind of legal trouble, although I have no clue what that could be.

Mon Apr 12 21 12:51pm
Rating: 1

Can confirm the site and admin dashboard are intact and accessible. 👍
Swatting down spammer account registrations daily. 😎🔨

Swatting down spammer account registrations daily. 😎🔨

What do you mean? People making new accounts now once of a sudden?

Oh yes, spammers still want you all to buy dick meds and download dodgy apps.

But there are some people genuinely interested in commenting; likely on this story 😎

Sorry for the late reply. Busy bubby here.

Are you telling e you don't need dick meds? Smile

But joke aside, it seems like we only talk about this entire thing here. Not seen it mentioned anywhere else. Not even on Dtoid. I find that almost as odd as the situation itself.

Yeah but he said himself that he was sitting on his couch with mombrain. So clearly not in custody. Unless all his computers and phones were seized by the police.

That's a good point. It's possible all his computers/phones were seized which is why he wasn't able to write the update himself and isn't able to communicate anywhere online right now. That actually makes a lot of sense

You know, with all the weird theories we're coming up with as to why RMC is absent, maybe RMC intended for this to be a collaborative Alternate Reality Game (ARG). So we're all taking part in this mystery game and we need to put on our thinking caps (like Professor Layton) and work together to solve this mystery. And of course, once solved, RMC will make his grand return. Laughing

That actually sounds like some good fun! =)

A sing along..from yours truly

RMC made a site called GoNintendo and....


Then one day it went on a looong hiatus


So the site went down completely for awhile today...I was worried that it was the end! ;_;

Sat Apr 10 21 10:42am
Rating: 3

It was server maintenance. The Discord is still active and over there T27Duck (admin) said he was doing the maintenance as sort of a pragmatic move - might as well knock the site down while there’s no news rather than if/when RMC returns and news is getting posted again. So while we are all still totally in the dark about RMC’s disappearance, the site briefly going down was at least a practical planned bit of maintenance. 👍👍

OK now I'm worried. :/

I missed the super NT restock and I partially blame this site not being active.

As far as we know this isn't his fault but are there any other places that notify about it being in stock? I'm pretty sure there are. I'd suggest trying to find others that'll notify you right away because at this point I have no idea when this site will be active again

Sun Apr 11 21 07:20am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

I didn't want to be the first to suggest that a crime may have been committed, but since I see some of you are throwing around the word "custody"...

Yes, I know the update said he was playing Scrabble on the couch, but I've watched too many true internet crime stories on YouTube to not let my imagination run wild when RMC says everything is alright, then is incommunicado for an entire month. The longer this goes on without even any further updates from other staff members, the worse it looks.

Well, he's not in jail in New Jersey at least. Search for Kevin Cassidy at https://www20.state.nj.us/DOC_Inmate/ has no results.

Well, that's just DOC for New Jersey. That's where someone would go after they are convicted of a crime. It's just wild speculation and we should wait for more solid information to surface or another statement from RMC before we start spinning theories around.

Has anyone theorized RMC was hit with ransomware? He said he had no way to contact anyone initially, so perhaps he needed to find backup files or a device to finally tell the crew? I'm throwing a dart here like anyone else.

Mon Apr 12 21 05:24pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Definitely not. He would have been able to go on the site on his phone, tablets or laptops etc and write it down himself. It'd be hard for every single device in his house to get ransomware at the same time. Plus he could have just borrowed or used one of his friends or mombrains devices or he could have bought a new one. It only takes a few days to completely get rid of ransomware or find a workaround

I hope everything is okay! I want to be positive and think maybe it has to do with that job Nintendo posted about doing something with Nintendo Directs in the future. I know a lot of the IGN folks that worked for Nintendo dropped off the face of the earth for a whole. GoNintendo has been a huge part of my life for over 10 years for sure.

It has been more than a month. I hope they are doing OK.

Mon Apr 12 21 04:20am
Rating: 1

Still the first site on my tab bar and has been my go to site for Nintendo news for longer than I can remember so I hope everything is alright and he'll be able to get things up and running again.

It is bizarre that it's been over a month and we haven't heard a peep from him. Regardless of what's happened I can't imagine not being able to pass on any sort of "Hey guys still working things out and hope to be back sooner rather than later." message through a 3rd party at least.

Yeah it's weird. Though you gotta remember rmc only passed that original message along after he had vanished for 4 days because people were updating the site in his absence. That's the only reason he even gave us any info in the first place. You'd think after a month he'd update us again. It's so odd..

Mon Apr 12 21 05:33am
Rating: 11 (Updated 1 time)

Everyone venting their frustrations: we all feel this. We all come to this website multiple times a day for Nintendo news and are used to RMC updating this, Twitter, Patreon, Youtube constantly. The man is a workhorse which makes his abscence all the more noticeable.

The message we got was... not great. But RMC has always been as transparent as possible with everything. I've heard him talk about ad frustrations, his relationship with indie developers, Nintendo, etc. He's told deeply personal stories on the podcast and in Youtube videos.

If he could be transparent about this, he would.

RMC loves GoNintendo. He loves running the site, loves the connections and relationships he's built, loves the readers, the podcast, video games, the whole shebang. So much so that he seems to get very little sleep because he has to keep updating the website. He never missed a podcast week. He updates dozens of times every single day. He works his ass off.

Are we suffering? Sure. We love the work he does! Some of us support that work on Patreon, some of us use just the Twitter feed, some of us bookmark this site first when we install a browser, some of us tune in to every single podcast week. But the person that's really suffering I'm SURE is RMC.

He wants to do his JOB. He wants to run the site, do the podcast, make videos and talk to us on Patreon. He wants to tell us what's going on, he hates that he can't. If he could or felt like it was something he could do, he would.

We can speculate until the cows come home and we have and will continue to but it's not going to get us anywhere. RMC will be back and he'll explain everything. When he does you can decide if he made the right decisions or not. But don't pretend like you would do anything differently in his situation, you don't KNOW his situation.

We all miss him and miss the updates. But it's his site and he can choose how it's run (or not) in his absence. Just don't let how much you miss him make you start to resent him.

That said, I really miss him. ;(

Hear me out: The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires are forcing RMC et al. to not post updates in a fiendish plot to eliminate coverage about the Japanese eshop monthly sales charts!!

Mon Apr 12 21 10:19am
Rating: 1

Darn, just as I suspected...

They've gotten to you too haven't they?!?

Read that all in Milhouse's voice. Thank you.

You know what's really weird...that I haven't seen much of Nintendo news in like weeks...not only that but I'm almost never bothered to see what Nintendolife has to offer like...at all.

Is RMC like our lord and savior for anything that's with the big N?

For some people, yes. Particularly those who think GoNintendo and Nintendo Life are the only available sources for Nintendo news.

Helpful hint: GoNintendo gets 90% of its news from Gamespress.

You're not the only one, but I don't think it's a matter of GoNintendo vs Nintendolife. It's just that I got used to reading news here, I like how the site is run, it always shows stuff from Japan which I like a lot and I kind of get lost on other sites (like nintendo world report, nintendolife, ign, gamesradar and the like), so trying to start reading news on a different site is a bit tedious.
At the time being I simply check news on the Switch, and if someone tells me something about a particular game or bit of news that I don't know I check other sites looking for that specific article, other than that, I'm waiting. Hopefully the site will be back anytime soon and I won't have to read news on a different site.

It's not really fair to compare GN and NL; the news both sites have always posted have been different. Sure, some articles cross-post, but many don't. NL isn't bad, especially since Thomas Whitehead returned. Losing GN is far from a back breaker.

I think it kinda is when especially Nintendolife's talking points are...out of touch. Not just that but Soapboxes, Random...its not what it used to be.

They're hit or miss for me, mostly because I'm not the demographic of the talk, like Monster Hunter. Sans Whitehead's employment previously and now bringing up the site, I agree, but respectfully disagree on the rest.

Mon Apr 12 21 04:03pm
(Updated 1 time)

And now that Furakawa is talking about how Nintendo wants to focus more on new IPs... What news that is and not posted here.

One is Super Bearded Brothers BTW.

EDIT: Holy crap! I went to 11!

Wait he said this? Yesss I've been wanting them to make new ip's again. Splatoon was such a success for them that's now one of their main pillers and that was them dabbling in new ip's only a few years ago. If they tried doing more they'll eventually have another successful franchise

Seems like that's what he said in an interview with Nikkei. It's very promisisng though. Keep their Zelda and Mario teams but the let the young guns go wild with new ideas. Exactly what the Switch needs.

Tue Apr 13 21 09:36am
Rating: 1

...you do realise that its Nintendo's mantra ever since they did the NES right?

Mon Apr 12 21 04:42pm
Rating: 1

It happened. I had a dream that GoNintendo came back. This is what my life has been reduced to...

Mon Apr 12 21 09:25pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 2 times)

There are dozens of us who have had GoNintendo dreams over the last month if you visit the Discord. My theory is RMC is stuck in a parallel dimension and trying to communicate with us through dreams.

There are dozens of us. Dozens!

Add me to the dozens.

In my dream, the site finally updated again and we got an explanation. RMC reported on a leak about an Animal Crossing TV show, and one of the writers for the show decided to sue him into oblivion. He was also suing Peppermint from RuPaul's Drag Race, who may or may not have tweeted about being cast as Isabelle? I don't know, unsurprisingly the memory is fuzzy. Anyway then the lawyers lawyered and everything went back to normal, except then GN fans started harassing the litigation-happy writer on Twitter, which resulted in him going off about "this is why you can never please gamers," which then made everyone everywhere mad, and then he was invited onto Fox News. Then I woke up.

So yeah, make of that what you will.


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