A Message From Kevin Cassidy

Hello everyone.

This is t27duck. I know many of you probably have gone through several emotional roller coasters over the last few days.

I have been in contact directly with NickyHill over the....uhh... status of things and have received direct instructions from Kevin.

Firstly, the following is a direct copy/paste from Kevin Cassidy himself...

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened.

I want you all to know that I'm healthy and safe. That goes for Mom Brain and the whole GN crew too. Actually, it goes for anyone tied to GN. We are 100% fine, I promise.

Obviously something is keeping me away from work for the time being, but I can't get into details yet. I know that's extremely frustrating, and I am right there with you. As soon as everything is worked out, I'll be back to share details with you.

Again, I promise everyone is in good health. This is not related to the pandemic or anything like that. Mom Brain and I are sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles and being our stupid selves as I type this.

When everything is settled, I'll fill you all in. Unfortunately, it's going to take patience, and that goes for our end too.

Ok, so again the above is straight from Kevin.

Additionally despite the very appreciative rise of support from his staff and fans... I have also recieved other instructions.

Disregard the post about Nintendojam and Yoshiller "handling the site" until his return. No, they are not in any trouble. I have been instructed that this post is the post on the site until I hear otherwise. I am not revoking anyone's access to various parts of the site for the time being unless told otherwise, but I do ask the existing alt story writers to "take a break" until given the high sign else I will invoke stronger measures.

Beyond that, the rest of this site will run as "normal" with comments and PMs working as they should.

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Mon Apr 12 21 05:34pm
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"Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened."

So it was something out of his control. He had no way to contact anyone but was able to pass a message along to nickyhill that was then passed to t27duck. So not only could rmc not post or use the site but the message traveled through 2 people before it got to us. It's just so odd. It's hard to think of anything that just happens out of the blue that makes it absolutely impossible to contact anyone including mombrain who he lives with. He doesn't go out much due to the pandemic as well.

Either way it's been 40 days now since we last saw him on the site. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if this keeps going on for a while. I keep thinking oh maybe today he'll be back but it never happens. Whatever is keeping him from directly contacting us or updating the site must be something big. Just hoping it's not anything bad or legal issues etc :<

Mon Apr 12 21 10:42pm
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There was a time when I came to GoNintendo daily, and read what was often like 8+ new pages of daily Nintendo news. Somehow I got busy, or got my news through YouTube or here and there, that since probably around or even before the Switch launch (hard to believe it was over four years ago) I just stopped coming here. So strange, given how much I relied on this site.

I heard of RMC's disappearance a few days after because a friend who remembers that I used to visit here constantly asked me about it, wondering if I knew anything. I did not and do not; that was the first I even heard of it.

I'll definitely be checking in again - maybe not daily, but definitely not just annually. I'm curious to see what, if anything, will happen. Even if this hasn't been part of my daily routine for Nintendo news for a few years, if something major is up with RMC, I am definitely concerned, even though I've never met him. It's good if we take his word that it is not health-related, but then it begs the question of what it is. He seems to be in a position of "shouldn't say", not "can't say". Hard to imagine what is keeping him silent, but that's all the more reason there is intrigue. I wonder if we will ever know.

Until then, I guess I'll pop in now and then, just like I imagine many of you more dedicated GN fans must be doing, or have been doing for over a month now.

I don't really know where I am going with this. I guess I just wanted to type something and be involved, somehow.

I just really hope it's not related to anyone's health in RMC's family.
Sadly, apart from the legal issues everyone suspect, having someone close being in really bad shape or worse is the only thing I can think of that could keep him away for this long.

Tue Apr 13 21 12:56pm
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It's probably been mentioned before, but he has staff willing and able to update the site. RMC doesn't have a monopoly on news, so there's no reason why people, especially those he already knows and trusts, and were already doing it anyway, couldn't continue to post updates.

Nintendo news really has nothing to do with RMC's family or their health. We're concerned, for sure, but thankfully it doesn't seem like it'd be a health thing or else they would probably just say so, and continue the news updates. From what little they've said, or rather, what they haven't said, steers speculation towards something to do with the site.

Wed Apr 14 21 09:37am
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You're not wrong, but we've literally been instructed not to post any new stories. We are also just as adrift as everyone else; no way to reach him.

The self imposed embargo leads me to believe it's official in nature; take that to mean what you will 😕

That's bizarre if he can't be reached in this connected age, as I have probably already said, it's much more likely to be a "will not"/"shall not"" situation rather than an actual "can not".

It is good if he still has a means to reach out if he needs to. It is odd if something is compelling him to silence, hopefully not something bad.

Hopefully it's something good, so good for him that it is worth it for him to leave the site, and never tell anyone. I don't know if he owes us that or not, but a lot of people are just super curious. Whether this site resumes updates or not, will we ever know what this whole thing is about? Does he know something that is forever-forbidden human knowledge?

Interesting, I guess that is at least slightly more comforting.

Tue Apr 13 21 10:49am
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It's so hard not to speculate, I think in the long absence I have moved away from "what is happening" to "man, I just want everybody back in good spirits and health." Sending good vibes...

Tue Apr 13 21 11:33am
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2 weeks quarantine, then 39 days, hes just playing a game of Survivor!

Tue Apr 13 21 01:22pm
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Not sure if Nintendo news is still allowed here, but there's an Indie World event happening tomorrow, noon eastern.


I have a feeling they wanted to do a full Direct, but are waiting for some ongoing events that would keep people's attention away from them to conclude.

E3 IS closing in....So they might be waiting for just that.

Tue Apr 13 21 06:49pm
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500th comment. May God have mercy on our souls.

So...will it be OK to talk about that Indie Direct here or what? Cort?

Will keep the site alive at least!

Tue Apr 13 21 07:30pm
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I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed to talk about it here. There's not really any rules saying you can't and rmc never said it had to stick specifically to this. We don't really have anywhere else to go at this point

Wed Apr 14 21 09:48am
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Yes, there are rules about posting off topic, and we do have a place to house such discussion, however unpopular it may be.

Tue Apr 13 21 11:18pm
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Usually we would suggest creating a thread on the forums or discussing on our discord, but I don’t know if rules apply during these times. I feel we should make this thread discussion continue as long as possible to show our support to RMC so I don’t think anything is off topic in regards to this thread lol

Agreed. No better time than now to rediscover forums. 👍

Off topic comments are likely to be removed, not to mention side discussions are harder to follow amid 500 other posts all on another topic.

The problem is that we know nothing and thus there will be off-topic comments. If it's too much of a job to keep that all in check than perhaps it would be better to close the comments section. I mean we are speculating so much we're getting into conspiracy theory waters Smile

It's all just so....weird. I'm saying aliens did it!

Missing this place for the indie direct/showcase today....

Wed Apr 14 21 10:47am
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Indie Direct Starts: RMC Shows up

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been around a while but Nintendo hired me and I couldn't talk about Nintendo stuff until my contract was completed.

That’s the most positive explanation I’ve heard that makes sense:
Not being allowed to write about Nintendo news because he’s now working for them.
That would be fantastic for him!!!

Thu Apr 15 21 12:11am
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It wouldn't explain...

-Why no one else is allowed to keep the site going
-Why his entire online presence has vanished, not just his Nintendo reporting
-Why he wouldn't be allowed to say he's moving on or just on hiatus
-Why he indicated he'd come back as soon as everything was "settled"
-Why he'd find getting hired by Nintendo "extremely frustrating"
-Why Nintendo, or damn near any company, would have such a clandestine & byzantine hiring process
-Why they'd hire him in the first place

Other than that, sure, makes a lot of sense

Come on, don’t take the last bit of hope I’m trying to hold on to! 😓😅

Wed Apr 14 21 04:39pm
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Maybe after being offline for a few days (for whatever reason), Kevin rediscovered life outside of constant Nintendo updates and realized life can be better? He ran to it without looking back!

Until/if we hear the whole story, that certainly is a possibility. In which case, good for him!

Hard to imagine what could be so good to run constantly to it and not be able to take a second to tell someone about it, to alleviate our concerns...

That's not something you can't talk about. He's always been one of the most transparent people in the industry. That would go against his character. He'd never want to do that to all of us and leave us guessing for 1 1/2 months now

Wed Apr 14 21 06:39pm
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RMC would've been really excited on this weeks podcast about an Oxinfree sequel. I played the original on his recommendation and really enjoyed it.

Thu Apr 15 21 05:58pm
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RMC became Amish and he's not very good with carrier pigeons yet. It's only been a month please be patient with him.

Ok.... this is getting out of hand!

RMC is probably into some kind of undercover anti-terrorit mission in the middle east and isn't able to reach us in fear of his cover being blown! That's the only explanation that makes sense by now, besides health reasos.

Fri Apr 16 21 11:10am
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Yeah, this is VERY worrisome at this point. Hope all is still well!

Fri Apr 16 21 03:10pm
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There are very few explanations that fit this extreme situation of being forced out of touch with everyone who works on the site. None good.

Exactly. The fact the rest of the site has to get updates from mods that got the message from the crew and not rmc himself is the oddest thing. I can barely think of anything and the only things that make sense aren't good solutions

Considering how you were one of the most optimistic people here and even you are scared now, I'm doubly scared... I'm hoping it's something like Witness protection, and not bad like jail/criminal investigation/raid

Yeah, I was not expecting it to continue on for this length of time. The fact that he is still not allowed to contact anyone or give a status update now leads me to believe it may be legal trouble.

I have a small sliver of hope this may turn into something positive still, based on how nonchalant his initial message relay from tDuck seemed to have been, but this extended down time seems off.

Fri Apr 16 21 07:13pm
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I've been here since 2004 and he has not been away for more than a day in that time. Something bad is up Are we sure he's not in jail or something?

Fri Apr 16 21 08:59pm
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No, we aren't sure. No one knows anything.

While the radio silence is concerning, I'm sure the situation is nothing majorly dire or dramatic. Whatever it is I bet RMC just wants to keep the whole thing very low key so as not to stir up any undue drama or controversy - we know what the internet is like with this sort of thing. And RMC strikes me as a pretty humble, modest person - not the sort of guy who'd air his personal troubles online and trigger an outpouring of support and sympathy from his fans. So I can see from that angle why he wouldn't want to provoke any fuss by just keeping the details vague for now till things are looking better. Anyway I could be completely wrong about that, but whatever his reason is I support it, and I don't think he necessarily owes someone like me an explanation. Long time podcast listener here, and just miss my weekly check in with the crew :')

Sat Apr 17 21 02:26am
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I realized a potential nobody mentioned. It's possible he had a mental breakdown. It would explain why he vanished from everywhere and why he couldn't get in contact with anyone for a few days. It'd also explain why he's not back yet.

They isolated themselves more than a lot of people considering nobody ever came in person to the podcast since the pandemic. It's possible it took a eventual toll on his mental health.

I've had somebody I know get put in the hospital because of the potential of killing themselves and the hospital refused to let them leave for a few days until they knew he was better. I was able to physically visit them but wasn't allowed to have them leave. So this is a possiblity

Sat Apr 17 21 03:16am
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The only point against this theory is the fact he says and reiterates that he is healthy.

Other than that...this would make a lot of sense I suppose. Suicidal Intentions or a serious suicide attempt would benefit greatly from hospitalization in a good psychiatric center, and in most cases patients are unable to employ any kind of direct comunication with the outside world save from family visits.

Sat Apr 17 21 08:49am
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I suggested this in the discord. This very thing happened to my wife when she had a panic attack followed by a nervous breakdown and let me tell you, the outward signs are all there. My wife dropped contact with EVERYONE she had been previously in contact with. She immediately stopped work on her animal rescue and she still cannot talk about the work without getting heart palpitations. Even those who were extremely close to her still don't know what happened because she cut them off. In fact, she only sent one pdf in a group chat they all shared as a way to explain what was going on. In the document she claimed to be in good health (she was overwhelmed with shame) and that she would explain what was going on at a later date, which she never did... I am watching this whole saga with baited breath.

TO CLARIFY: I believe this parallel is probably a wild coincidence, yet I still cannot help but think of it. I just hope he's OK and things will be back to normal soon.

Sat Apr 17 21 08:22pm
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Yeah those parallel's are very odd. It definitely makes sense though. The longer time passes the more I feel like he's never going to come back :<

Also the fact he wouldn't let anyone update the site makes me think he knows he isn't going to be back for a while. Otherwise he would have let them

Sat Apr 17 21 03:23pm
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Considering no one else is allowed to update the site, I would wager it's more than just an RMC thing. It must have something to do with the site itself.

If something happened to him then him preventing anyone from updating the site makes sense if he thinks he won't be back for a while. If he was going to be back soon I think he would have been fine with people updating the site for a few weeks. But if he plans on being gone for a long time I can see him not wanting to burden them with it

That actually make sense. I could see RMC doing that. Better to just rip-off the band-aid now rather than have a couple people update the site in his absence, and then randomly stop at some undetermined point in the future. As I think a lot of the others who would publish stories on this site would do so voluntarily, they're not on a payroll, so I'd totally understand if they wouldn't update long-term even if RMC gave them that option. Ending updates now gives RMC a little more control in how the site is operated (or not operated, I guess lol) in his absence, rather than relying on what might happen if someone else were to start uploading stories long-term without any oversight.

Yes, the site has become sentient and is controlling the RMC household with an iron grip. I may or may not have dreamed this.

But in any case, I'm still here and still waiting patiently.

Sun Apr 18 21 07:52am
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Add me to the list of folks who just has a GoNintendo-related dream

Can confirm, I have had one too, now.

Nicky Hill and Kirby were doing the only ones doing the podcast at RMC's house and you could see him and Mombrain just kinda doing house chores in the background.

Sun Apr 18 21 03:16pm
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I really hope they're all ok. This site, and these podcasts, bring me and my wife so much happiness. But this isn't about me, it's about RMC, mombrain, and the crew.

RMC, if you read this, my wife and I just want you to know that you're in our thoughts. So many people care about you. Even though you don't really know us, you have a place in our hearts. We hope to see you soon.

Mon Apr 19 21 09:35pm
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In the last decade I stopped using this site for nintendo news because it was replaced more by reddit and youtube etc. However, I still visited this site daily like a trained monkey because when I'm looking to procrastinate my brain automatically types "gon.." and the search bar brings up gonintendo and I click on it.

I've been coming here since the mid-2000's when I was like 14 years old. All good things gotta come to an end, but it's just kinda shocking to not see this site update. I remember before smartphones were a thing RMC would tell everybody when he was living his house and when he was going to bed. It was truly the best site on the internet to get non-stop nintendo news. If this is the end, it's sad to see it go out with a whimper rather than a bang. Hope Mr. Cassidy is doing okay.

Tue Apr 20 21 01:24am
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I first discovered the site in 2005 and in 2006 I listened to the podcast every sunday night in bed before school for 2 years then fell off the site and the podcast. Revisted them in 2012 and then haven't stopped listening to the podcast since 2017. I really miss them. I always look forward to it every week :<

Tue Apr 20 21 08:07am
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This hiatus has me like:



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