A Message From Kevin Cassidy

Hello everyone.

This is t27duck. I know many of you probably have gone through several emotional roller coasters over the last few days.

I have been in contact directly with NickyHill over the....uhh... status of things and have received direct instructions from Kevin.

Firstly, the following is a direct copy/paste from Kevin Cassidy himself...

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. This was completely unplanned, and I had no way to contact anyone when it happened.

I want you all to know that I'm healthy and safe. That goes for Mom Brain and the whole GN crew too. Actually, it goes for anyone tied to GN. We are 100% fine, I promise.

Obviously something is keeping me away from work for the time being, but I can't get into details yet. I know that's extremely frustrating, and I am right there with you. As soon as everything is worked out, I'll be back to share details with you.

Again, I promise everyone is in good health. This is not related to the pandemic or anything like that. Mom Brain and I are sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles and being our stupid selves as I type this.

When everything is settled, I'll fill you all in. Unfortunately, it's going to take patience, and that goes for our end too.

Ok, so again the above is straight from Kevin.

Additionally despite the very appreciative rise of support from his staff and fans... I have also recieved other instructions.

Disregard the post about Nintendojam and Yoshiller "handling the site" until his return. No, they are not in any trouble. I have been instructed that this post is the post on the site until I hear otherwise. I am not revoking anyone's access to various parts of the site for the time being unless told otherwise, but I do ask the existing alt story writers to "take a break" until given the high sign else I will invoke stronger measures.

Beyond that, the rest of this site will run as "normal" with comments and PMs working as they should.

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Tue Apr 20 21 10:13am
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Hello friends,

Like most I am so concerned about my beloved friends here at GoNintendo. I hadn't checked in on the thread for a while, so I thought I'd do a little sleuthing to see if anyone else had covered this disappearance. For what it's worth, nobody has! For shame!

Anyway, I found the following post on the Apple discussions threads which might point us in the direction of what is occurring here: On March 2, RMC posted that 15 years of the podcast had disappeared from Apple Podcasts. There's lots of information in the post that suggests the disappearance is linked to this, the podcast, and possibly content of the site. Note that this platform seems to be the only one affected. I can still see the podcast on YouTube, for example.

Anyway, here's the link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252516195

Admins, I completely respect your decision to remove this comment if you think it's not appropriate. I wanted to do it here since I was sure it would be reviewed in such a way unlike commenting elsewhere.

Again, I want to wish the crew and all here good vibes and support. Love and miss you.

That's been posted a few times in this thread.

Thu Apr 22 21 10:22am
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Hey I approved your comment, not inappropriate at all. I believe this is the 3rd time now this link was posted. You guys posting it are all probably on to something. It could very well be related to this. Maybe the name "GoNintendo" itself is under attack by someone for including Nintendo in the title, but other sites do the same so who really knows. Even Cort does not know what is going on currently.

Yes, all we can do is hope for the best and wait for update from RMC it seems!

As this was brought up before, the timing makes sense in that potentially Nintendo has come after the site, went to Apple and Apple removed the pods. I know Disney is particularly proactive in this sense and you can’t be making money with a Disney based domain. The only issue with this is, from my understanding, is that if a corporation wants to enforce its intellectual property its usually an all or nothing. They have to go after everyone or else it’s fair game for everyone. The fact that many other sites with Nintendo in their name have had no issues, kind of makes it seem like this isn’t the issue.

It seems every theory has points for it but also points that make it seem unlikely. Hopefully one day we’ll find out. And most of all hopefully Kevin et all are all ok.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with the music in the name that tune section at the end of the podcasts. I know YouTube videos often taken down for music copyright. But even if that were the case, I don't know why that would necessitate cutting all contact with everybody for over a month.

According to others the podcast was put back up on the app store so it's not an issue now.

Tue Apr 20 21 11:26am
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On a new page once again still checking :/

Tue Apr 20 21 08:08pm
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If it is just burnout, I hope he’s found a place of burnout paradise and is enjoying some relief while he has something new on the horizon. We love you, Kevin. I hope you keep that firm in your mind as you weather this.

I've been on this site since the GC Twilight Princess hype train.(I guess 05 or 06) and I've been hopeful for RMC's return. I hope hes doing well and comes back if only for an update soon.

My theory behind all the silence is either an ongoing court case/lawsuit or maybe possibly in protective custody. Might explain it all. Either way, I hope he returns soon safe and sound. Glad I grew up with all ya'll for my news.

Since GoNintendo is still down, I just wanted to say: CAPCOM HAS CONFIRMED "THE GREAT ACE ATTORNEY" FOR A US SWITCH RELEASE!!!!!!

I just wonder...why not we keep posting on the forums section instead of here?

Wed Apr 21 21 06:31pm
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I for one, don't visit the forums, have only ever come to GN for news, so coming to this thread is only natural.

Yeah! I was thinking they should just shut down the comment section here and just move on to the forums. Mostly because it must be a growing job for the mods to keep the off-topic comments out of here when off-topic comments will be a thing because we know basically nothing. But on the other hand, people like you and me who never visit the forums might stop checking in and that might kill the site some more.

Double-edged sword, this one.

Thu Apr 22 21 10:28am
Rating: 4

The forums have not really been "lively" since the whole site crash happened previously which wiped out everyone's post history. We get the occasional thread, but the forums used to be very active back in the day. Another part of it is other sites have come along to replace most users forum needs like reddit and such..

In my opinion we should keep this discussion of our support to the site and RMC going so that if he is checking he can see the large comments as support of his absence. If we locked this after the initial wave of comments and it was stuck at 100 posts or so I feel that would have been a disservice to the community here.

Wed Apr 21 21 06:58pm
Rating: 2

Hope this doesn't last 'til the next Direct/E3/Big news update. Just imagine Nintendo showing off the Switch Pro, BOTW2 and Bayonetta 3 in all their glory and this place is just..here.

But, then again, if GN isn't back by June I have little hope it ever will be. To be realistic here.

I mean... This entire thing is killing this site slowly, not?

I am starting to think that I will be relieved if, eventually, someday, we will hear news about what is happening now, but especially when he will be able to work again on the content we love.
I hope RMC will at least update us about him and Mom Brain by doing crossword puzzles and being as stupid as ever. I sincerely hope that, as far as possible, they are well.

Thu Apr 22 21 06:50pm
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We all hope they are doing well! And we all hope things will be back to normal A.S.A.P. But there's this realistic thinking part that comes in the way sometimes. I think this site is bleeding money now, and if it goes to far it will die. Servers and stuff cost money. And it's not exactly good for the site's reputation if we have been hold in the dark for so long just for them to announce they had a cool secret going on. So, logically thinking, this is bad. Very bad.

We can hope of course. "Hope dies last" as they say.

And seriously, it's soon May. E3 is in June.

At this point it's only the few diehards that are even visiting. There's nothing that is bringing traffic to the site anymore. More casual users who would normally visit for news probably went on to other places by now. Considering this is rmc's main job it makes me extremely worried

It has been how long now? Can't keep it going for too long without dat monneh! I'll be here several times a day as the rest of the "diehards" but I'm not positive about this.

End of Feb or something like that, episode 811... such a bummer.

Sure is a long time. Can't see much positive for this site's future now, really. But "hope dies last".

This comment thread is our new home

Still hoping to hear good news from you, RMC.

The good news being you finally played that copy of Tales of Symphonia I gifted you all of those years ago :P

At this rate we're going to get a new direct in May and a switch pro announcement with rmc and crew nowhere to be found. It's gonna suck I really miss their input and humor :<

Direct in May when E3 is in June? Hell no!

Oh my GOD.

I feel horrible. I haven't been visiting here as often as I should and decided to visit/log just now and find out about this...this is devastating to come back to! I really do hope you're doing okay, RawMeatCowboy and I apologize that I'm just finding out about this after it's been a little over a month of your absence.

This site means so much to me. You have no idea. I've gotten to discuss so many awesome topics with the community here throughout the years and even engage with them in the good ol IRC channel. When I think about how long I've been coming to this site, it honestly blows my mind because I've been here since 2005. It's kind of insane how many people have come and gone, but reading the comments and recognizing the members who I've known for years has warmed my heart like you have no idea.

Whatever the issue may be, I hope it's resolved in a peaceful manner and that you're overall in a good state of mind. Please let me know if you need any financial support. It's the least I could do for all the years I've been visiting this site. I'll await your return, however long that might be.


Popping in again to show support for the Cassidy crew. Keep your heads up guys...you’ve got a big group of people who support you.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Cheers, - HeyDuda

Fri Apr 23 21 05:25pm
Rating: 6

As Hypnomancy has noted, keeping this site "closed" for this long will have devastating effects on its traffic flow; without regular news posts, the average user will stop coming, there's no traffic from link referrals, etc. Less traffic means less ad revenue. People start looking for news elsewhere and once they find it, feel little need to look backward. Even if the site came back to life today, recovering from such a blow would not be easy, especially considering the audience wasn't that large to begin with.

Diehards--even diehards who make use of Patreon--can't fully counteract this by themselves.

I have to assume that RMC realized all of this when he made the call to not let anyone else post news, and so I have to assume that either some higher power forced him to make that call, or he chose to make the call despite knowing what it would do to his site. I have to assume these things because it's ultimately kinder than assuming RMC is incredibly naive and made some really dumb decisions. Whatever is at work behind the scenes, I can't see pretending everything's fine, or will be fine. Not at this point.

Personally, given the radio silence of RMC and mombrain everywhere (not just here), I assume either serious legal trouble--more serious than anything Nintendo related--or some serious emotional/mental turmoil that led to a need to completely detach (with one of them doing so either out of solidarity for the other, or to focus on taking care of the other). I still say that, whatever it is, we deserved a more concrete farewell/TTFN; in any case, though, I just wish them well as I prepare to say goodbye--not because I want to, but because it's increasingly looking like I'll have to.

I just hope that most people are like myself and others on here in that they’ve found other news sources but will come straight back here once RMC is back. Nowhere else comes close to this site and the work RMC puts in- you don’t miss a beat when it comes to all things Nintendo when this site is in full swing. I’ve found decent alternatives but nothing as good as GoNintendo, both in output and community.

I really think it has to be legal trouble. If there were personal issues with RMC I just can’t see him not letting his friends or staff know that something was up, even if he didn’t want to go in to detail. The fact that it seems like he couldn’t at the time and potentially still can’t reach out directly suggests very few other possibilities to me. There’s no way he would let the site just die without a proper goodbye. It’s been a huge part of his life for such a long time. At least, I really hope it’s not an issue in his or mombrain’s personal lives. Legal issues would still suck but I’m optimistic that it’s all down to that (whatever it might be) rather than personal problems- they would have to be serious for this kind of radio silence and I’d hate for them to be going through anything personally that could lead to this kind of disconnect.

Sat Apr 24 21 12:40am
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I have been a Nintendo blogger on multiple sites including my own, I've read them all and every magazine since I was a little kid, and nobody does it like RMC. He is a legend in this niche and his audience should be bigger. I want him back. I am still steadfastly refusing to read anyone else for my Nintendo news because I want that juicy news tartare.

Sat Apr 24 21 02:46am
Rating: 3

I hadn't planned on commenting, but probably like all of you - I didn't expect this to go on for so long. I've been visiting GoNintendo since back in the day when somebody RickRolled me about a "new" Twilight Princess trailer. It somehow made me simultaneously discover GoNintendo and Rick rolling at the same time.

Even though I was duped/confused, I decided that GoNintendo was a great place to learn about Nintendo Revolution news. I kept up with the site and have been here for like... 15ish years? RMC has even been cool enough to post up a few crappy video game covers that my friends and I did (maybe on a slow news day?). Unfortunately, I've come to the same logical conclusion as the rest of you that it's most likely a legal issue, whether it's positive or negative. I'm just going nuts checking back day after day with nothing new.

*I have to brag here that I actually became a fan of Rick Astley starting with the Rickroll meme that somebody told me was a Twilight Princess trailer. After actually listening, I came to appreciate his original catalogue. My wife and I traveled to New Zealand last year and saw his and aha's final "pre-pandemic" concert. It was truly a religious experience. That one-two punch or Together Forever and Beautiful Life is the only time I've cried at a concert.

Sat Apr 24 21 09:29am
Rating: 1

That's awesome! I l love a-ha. Glad you saw them in concert. I made a Gonintendo tribute video for Episode 300, and used an a-ha track in the background :-)

I was really expecting that YouTube link to be a RickRoll....you disappointed me. Smile

Oh no, now this comment thread is showing up in my "frequently visited" sites...

I just watched a clip of the Josh Fight. There's someone who looks like RMC there... Maybe representing Josh Grobot?

Probably just a look alike, but do you have a link and timestamp of the clip you saw? I feel it would be odd that RMC would travel to my town, which is over a 1000 miles from NJ, regardless of whatever is going on while school is going on, as Mom Brain is a teacher.

I was speaking in jest, but at 9 seconds in this clip there's a very vague look-alike.
I can imagine the podcast crew would've had a blast talking about the Josh fight, especially with Mr. Grobot

I see the guy you're talking about and he does look like RMC a bit. I'm positive they would have had a blast talking about it on the podcast, as well as other current Internet/pop culture items that I feel we were robbed of hearing third thoughts on. I seriously hope that whatever is going on, that everything works itself out in the end.

Granted, I haven't posted very often, but know that I'm checking in on the site... several times a day. It's a habit at this point. Still hoping to see updates resume, even if we never find out what happened to cause this. Hope all is going well with everybody.

Add me to the list of people who have now had a dream about GoNintendo.

I dreamed the reason it was stopped was because the creator of YIIK was suing RMC over a bad review of his game, but the trouble was clearing up and RMC announced his imminent return.

I wish the latter half of that was true.

red knight
Sat Apr 24 21 10:47pm
Rating: 2

I miss my favorite source of Nintendo news.

I haven't had a dream bout GN yet I've checked a lot at once or twice a day anymore, this and nintendolife are the only nintendo related news sites I go to get my daily doses of news either that or somewhere else I'm just wishing i'd wake up one day and see this site back up to what it use to be but there's hardly a chance now at least that's what I feel like let's just hope and pray this gets better going forward

Sun Apr 25 21 09:57am
Rating: 9

You know what's really starting to frustrate the hell out of me? The lack of coverage by fellow Nintendo news sites. The owner of a major Nintendo fan site shouldn't be able to just disappear for over a month without sites like Nintendowire covering it. Where are the investigative journalists? Why is no one digging around and getting to the bottom of this? There are people who have done interviews with Kevin, collaborated with him on projects, have his phone number and know exactly where he lives. I really do believe those people can tell us what's going on, they just won't.

I have wondered this as well. I figure it could mean two things, besides the possibility that no one has either cared or found it newsworthy. I figure they must know something that we don't, and aren't reporting on it because a) it's personal and they're not commenting out of respect, or b) it's related to them doing something that got them punished by Nintendo, and they're not commenting so that they don't meet the same fate, or because they want to distance themselves from it.

Why would one news media outlet report and investigate on why a competing news media outlet has suddenly gone dark? That would undoubtedly bring the darkened site to people's attentions, so if and when the site returns, the outlet that posted the investigation can potentially lose readers/revenue due to their own lack of foresight.

Sun Apr 25 21 09:53pm
Rating: 1

Why is no one digging around and getting to the bottom of this?
I really do believe those people can tell us what's going on, they just won't.

Maybe they respect his privacy and view him as a human person.

(Also, there's very little "investigative journalism" going on in a scene that primarily reposts press releases, Tweets, and GameStop SKUs)

Tue Apr 27 21 02:48pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Maybe they respect his privacy and view him as a human person.

Maybe you'd come across as less of a prick if you didn't insinuate that I don't.

(Also, there's very little "investigative journalism" going on in a scene that primarily reposts press releases, Tweets, and GameStop SKUs)

No duh. But there could be, which was... sort of the point of the comment. 2/10, snark harder.

Tue Apr 27 21 03:30pm
Rating: 1

You're calling for people with access to his private contact info to abuse it in order to make a man's withdrawal into an even bigger story. You're calling for this story to become higher profile despite the man himself deliberately minimizing it. Sorry, but I'm calling it like I see it.

Confirming that he's alive and/or not in prison is not exactly abusing his "private contact info".

Sorry, but I'm calling it like I see it.

And the way I see it is that you're virtue signaling up the wrong tree.

There are people who have done interviews with Kevin, collaborated with him on projects, have his phone number and know exactly where he lives. I really do believe those people can tell us what's going on, they just won't.

Maybe they don't feel comfortable calling because they have probably only dealt with him regarding business. I know Jools recently Tweeted asking if anyone heard anything but the replies have as little info as the rest of us know.

Tue Apr 27 21 02:51pm
Rating: 3

I know Jools recently Tweeted asking if anyone heard anything but the replies have as little info as the rest of us know.

Well you see, there you go, that's exactly what I'd like to see more of. A respected industry person with connections who is trying to draw attention to this matter.

someone get in contact with kevin and tell him he needs to play online mario party with us now that nintendo likes to stealth drop major game updates 2 years after its release... he may not be able to post news here, but can he be legally stopped from reporting news over voice chat in mario party to a crew of 3 others? lol

Tue Apr 27 21 08:59am
Rating: 2

Continuing to hope Kevin/Family are doing ok.

Tue Apr 27 21 12:39pm
Rating: 1

Inside joke for the long time podcast listeners:

“And now... we don’t get nude.”


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