GoNintendo will be back in action sometime this year

I've never been one to bury the lead or tease things out, and I'm continuing that tradition today. Just like the title says, GoNintendo is going to make a return to daily updates sometime in 2021.

When in 2021 will we be back to usual? That's a question I can't answer yet, as there's a ton of stuff I have to do before we're ready to go. This isn't going to be a straightforward return to the old ways. My goal is to give GoNintendo the "Version 2.0" update that it has desperately needed for years now. Don't worry, as everything you love about old GN will very much be a part of the revamp. That said, if things go as I'm planning, there will be major changes to delivered content and the people putting it together.

One of my main goals for the revamp is a greatly expanded team. I'm going to be 40 in just over a year, and I can't keep cranking out content like I did for the last 18+ years. I need to give myself a regular schedule where I can walk away from the computer at a certain time of the day, while at the same time knowing someone more than capable is stepping in to take the next shift. I'm going to be casting a very wide net to see who wants to try things out going forward, and I'm hoping that includes some of the familiar faces that have worked on the site before. I haven't even reached out to those people yet, but if all goes well, we'll have a great mix of names your recognize alongside fresh-face newcomers.

Along with that comes a greater focus on Features. That won't be at the expense of news, mind you. Anyone on staff will be able to put together opinion pieces, reviews, previews, interviews, and more. That includes myself, as this new approach to work will give me more free time to create expanded content. The hope is that our team will have a reliable schedule of all this content going forward, and it will be showcased in a way that will be easy to find, while also being spotlighted. If people are going to work their butts off on these features, I want to make sure they get time to shine.

Obviously, the site itself will have to be reworked as well. I've always been hesitant to do a complete overhaul, but if there were ever a time to do that, it's certainly now. Again, I haven't reached out to the people behind-the-scenes to make this happen, but I'll certainly be turning to them first. If they're on-board with all the work ahead and minutiae, then we'll make it happen. Perhaps we'll even bring in some others to help out with that side of the site work. One way or another, we'll make sure that retooling happens. GoNintendo has long since needed a fresh coat of paint, and the only excuse for it not happening was me dragging my feet and getting caught up in the day-to-day news postings.

Lots and lots to do, and an end-goal of launching things before 2021 closes out. I wish I could give you a better answer as to when, but I really don't know. Truth be told, I've spent every day since my last post thinking about what my future looks like. There was a long time there where I thought I was officially done with GN, and I only just came to an final decision a couple days ago. I've been mulling over a ton of stuff, thinking about what life looks like from here on out, all while going to therapy and trying to find my new normal. While doing all that, there was one thing that kept bouncing around my brain. I couldn't stop thinking about you guys.

I can't express how much I've missed all of you. This community has meant so much to me over the years, and you've helped me reach heights and achieve things I never thought possible. So many amazing moments in my life are directly tied to your support. Memories I'll never, ever forget, people I've become close with, connections to my idols, and so much more. The last 5+ months ripped me from all of you, and the site in general. Having that connection severed impacted my life so much, and in ways I never would have considered. I honestly lost part of who I am, and I'm still feeling that now. Working on GN and creating content for you guys bled into so many other areas of my life. You're the connective tissue that holds everything together for me. Again, that connection was torn apart with an unforeseen event, but after a lot of soul searching and uncomfortable convos, I feel like it's time for me to repair that connection.

What's the site going to look like while I work towards the relaunch? My itch to write has been almost unbearable, so I might drop in from time to time with some features. Please don't expect any schedule for that content. It'll be when I have something to write about, and when the motivation hits me. My complete focus is on getting GN ready for its relaunch, so all the other stuff is superfluous right now. That said, you can expect posts on site progress, ideas for the relaunch, general status updates, requests for new staffers, and more. Long story short, the site's not going to be what it used to be during this rebuilding process, but it won't be completely dead either.

With all that said, the long road to getting GoNintendo in tip-top shape begins. There's sure to be bumps, struggles, and issues along the way, but I promise you it's happening. I'll give everything I have to make that a reality.

Thank you for your support through this entire mess, as it's the reason why I've arrived at this path forward. Your emails, texts, social media posts, and so much more...they all matter more than you could ever know. I understand there's frustration in not knowing what I've gone through, but you've also shown great respect and restraint in letting me heal. I don't know that I'll ever feel like I used to, but I definitely have a great passion inside to revive GoNintendo. It's taken a long time to figure out what I need to do, and now that I've arrived at that realization, I'm incredibly driven to tackle the work ahead.

2021 has been the worst year of my life, and has forever changed me as a person. It challenged me in ways I could have never predicted. I don't want that to be my story for this year. I want to make sure 2021 will end on a personal high point. To those who are still here and reading this, thank you for giving me the strength to push on. Here's to GN 2.0, gang!

P.S. ...and yes, the podcast is coming back!

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Fri Jul 23 21 06:47pm
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This brought a big smile to my face. Thanks RMC. PS. Let Me know if you want me to Run Gone Steam Deck

Edit: btw did anyone tell you the lost episode was found?

Fri Jul 23 21 06:34pm
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Magnificent news! I was just reading the comments for the last post 10 mins ago, then I go to throw away my wendys, and this is here! Excited to see that things will resume and be revamped, even if I am again a bit nervous about what had happened, and not knowing if you ended up OK after the update... But I at least hope this also means you reconnected with your old friends and such, Kevin. If I wasn't so busy with a full time job and my own review website, I'd honest to god consider helping you out with writings considering how this site has been part of my life for a good 8 years now, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

Wendys saved RMC, confirmed

Fri Jul 23 21 06:47pm
Rating: 9 (Updated 1 time)

This brought a big smile to my face. Thanks RMC. PS. Let Me know if you want me to Run Gone Steam Deck

Edit: btw did anyone tell you the lost episode was found?

My personal head-canon is that RMC sensed that episode 37 was finally found and it drove his final decision to relaunch the site.

Fri Jul 23 21 06:51pm
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Wow, this is great news! Can't wait to see what's to come.

WRLCOME BACK! I've missed regularly coming to this site, have for years, and the sudden stop was very worrying but glad it will return

Fri Jul 23 21 06:58pm
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Beyond thrilled at this news! Welcome back, RMC. We’ve missed you and eagerly await the resurrection of GoNintendo 2.0. All my love to you and the POD crew.

Looking forward to it!

So glad to hear it! I can't wait!

Wow, this made me really happy to read! Take your time, we're looking forward to whatever this will turn out to be.

This along with the missing podcast episode being found makes it an amazing week in the world of Gonintendo!

Well.....I am relieved to hear all is slowly coming together. The main focus is personal health and well being, more than anything else, everything else is second to that. Maith Thú!

Fri Jul 23 21 07:24pm
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I couldn’t be happier to read this, RMC. Sometimes the worst moments in life are followed by some of the best, and I’m hoping this will happen to you. I sincerely believe that GoNintendo is the greatest Nintendo site there is, and you are one of my most admired figures in gaming media. I want you to take care of yourself, no matter what that looks like. But it makes me smile to see the joy that running this site and fostering this community has brought to your life, along with your plans for taking things to the next level. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

So, so happy to hear this! It has felt so odd not checking the site after getting into a routine of scrolling through the news for years and years. Above all else, I hope that this year is better for you RMC, we all miss you and are hoping for the best! Long live GoNintendo!!

Great news my guy!!! Hope youre doing well. Thanks for the good news!

Fri Jul 23 21 07:38pm
Rating: 1

😭 Happy to hear the news and that you're doing better.

Fri Jul 23 21 07:54pm
Rating: 1

It begins! I'm so happy to hear that things are turning around for you RMC. You've been a part of my life on the internet for so long, and I am 100% here to stay. Can't wait to see you and the site return!

I was gone for good, and accidentally clicked this page again, and I'm glad I did. Shit happens, and I'm glad you're bouncing back instead of letting it all go to waste.

Will you be looking just for people you know/already writing or what? I feel like a lot of us would love an opportunity to submit stuff for the site site help out if we were given the chance...assuming it's good hahahaha

I can’t even say how happy this makes me. GoNintendo means so much to me as well as RMC and the podcast crew. This year has been a rotten one for me and not having GN around has made the tough times a bit tougher. Can’t wait for RMC’s and GoNintendo’s triumphant return!

Fri Jul 23 21 08:08pm
Rating: 1

Hooray! It'll be great having you back Kevin =)

Very happy to hear this news.

Fri Jul 23 21 08:18pm
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Take all the time you need, for this is healing in so many ways. Anything you need from the community, we'll be there to help lay bricks wherever you need us.

Fri Jul 23 21 08:27pm
(Updated 1 time)

Kevin, hearing your back is amazing!!! Hearing Gonintendo will b back is amazing!!! Hearing the podcast is back is amazing!!!! OMG AAAAAAAMAMZING!!!!
So grateful for all you do and will continue to do here my man!!! Hope you and the crew are all good!!!
Yay POD!!!!!!!

Glad to hear it and glad that you sound much better, I never abandoned ship! ^_^

Fri Jul 23 21 09:18pm
Rating: 1

Rawmeat… more than anything, it’s great to hear that you’re well and getting help. As hard as it is for us not getting our weekly dose of the podcast, it must be exponentially harder for you to not be able to do the thing you love. So glad to hear you’re moving in the right direction. Take all the time you need, and know that we will be here for you whenever you can be back. We love you RMC!

I'm so happy man. So happy for you and to hear from you again. Whatever you have in mind, take as much time as you need and do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Know that I and many others have been patiently waiting and will continue to do so however long it takes. But man... to hear from you again! 😭 I am so ecstatic and look forward to the future!

This is great news to hear! Definitely don't rush your comeback though, RMC, we'll be here no matter what!


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