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Time to take a look at the past and future of ##metroid for the franchise’s 35th anniversary! ##nintendo ##nintendoswitch ##fypシ ##videogames

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How do you do, fellow kids? Have you heard of the hot, new social media app, Tiktok? It's all the rage right now, and it's where all the hepcats hang out!

In all seriousness, Tiktok is absolutely massive right now. I've been using the app for quite awhile, and it's been a constant source of funny videos. Tiktok's algorithm found out in no time flat that I love anything that would pop up in an episode of America's Funniest Videos, so my ForYou page is filled with people falling down and getting hurt. What can I say? I guess I'm just easy to please!

While work continues on revamping GoNintendo, I thought I'd take some time to do something creative. I figured this was the perfect excuse to open up a GoNintendo Tiktok account and make some fun stuff. I've been meaning to learn how to use DaVinci Resolve for editing, and making mobile vids seemed like a simple enough way to start out. It's been a fun learning process, and I've also really enjoyed spending time creating content again.

My plan is to do at least 3 videos a week on the GoNintendo Tiktok, and I'm testing out all sorts of different ideas. We'll see what sticks and what doesn't, and I'll evolve the content from there. Truth be told, I really thought this would be something fun to occupy my mind with as I work towards feeling normal again. Hopefully, whatever I end up putting on this Tiktok account tickles your fancy!

Also, don't worry...this Tiktok account is in no way taking away time from GoNintendo's revamp. I've actually had a lot of phone calls an discussions in the last week+ that have been super encouraging. Lots of plans, lots of notes, and lots of goals to strive for. I promise I'll give you more on that when I have something substantial to share. Until then, maybe I'll see you on Tiktok!

P.S. If you're not a fan of Tiktok and don't want to get the app/subscribe, no worries. You can always visit this link on any browser to see our latest Tiktoks. No app download necessary!

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Mon Aug 09 21 04:09pm
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RMC, great seeing you back in action. Keep up the good work.

I've been really enjoying the recent Patreon posts and now the Tiktoks as well. Great to hear your voice again!

I’m too old for this s$&@

Thanks for the update! I'm glad you're trying new things to bring you closer to "normal"!

I dont personally use it but its cool that youre learning new skills and posting stuff! Cant wait for the site to come back full swing, I never took gonintendo off my home page haha God speed, RMC!

What's Tik Tok? ⌚ I'm not completely ignorant, but why should I care about it? Can't, didn't the site perform perfectly fine without it?

He's probably trying to get more outreach to the site which it most likely definitely needs right now. Plus Tiktok is a huge platform with a lot of younger Nintendo fans which would help the site out a ton to have an extension of it over there. I wouldn't be surprised if a decent chunk of the people here are a lot older now lol

lol hepcats, you're not that old RMC

Mon Aug 09 21 09:20pm
Rating: 1

Davinci Resolve is amazing…especially for a free app.

Tiktok? Seems people love or hate it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Kids these days love three things: Tiktok, Fortnite, and eating ass!

You sound pretty good in your video, RMC. Hopefully things are looking up for you more these days.

TikTok ain't my thing, but you do you!

Tue Aug 10 21 05:33am
(Updated 1 time)

Wait...isn't tiktok like the chinese app that is banned?

EDIT: I just checked the browser one and I got blocked. I'm guessing the government banned it.

I'm too old for social media apparently, but as long as the videos get posted here I'm in. Nice video by the way! I wasn't sure if mercury steam was developing Metroid Dread and couldn't find out so thanks for clarifying that!

I heard today that Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in 2020. The rest of the top 5 are all Facebook owned. So I guess it makes sense for GoNintendo to use Tik Tok. Personally, I've never used it.

TikTok named as the most downloaded app of 2020


Nice video! Annnnd... the new GN is already doing so much to get me excited about upcoming games. Nintendo should just give RMC their entire marketing budget.

I got that 30 Rock reference, RMC!

Tik tok means crazy bitch in Swedish. (Tik is a female dog and tok is someone who is crazy)

So good seeing you back RMC! Let's go!

Hearing your voice nearly brought a tear to my eye. I've missed you!

I made a TikTok account months ago and lost interest because of its very distracting nature and lack of parental controls, but I look forward to the GoNintendo content you and the team will produce!

I'm not into TikTok. But I'm into Metroid! And hey, guess what? This is the first news content on Gonintendo for quite some time! I welcome it.

Not touching TikTok, but I'm waiting with baited breath for the return of GN.

Welcome back RMC.

When I saw Metroid Dread get announced I thought about how excited you must have been. I bet you were excited to talk about it with us. That announcement was still mind blowing even months later now lol

Nice, Kevin. Welcome to TikTok!

Fri Aug 13 21 07:36pm
Rating: 2

No cares about tiktok here wither, but you press myhappy button when I see you're slowly coming back...With a vengeance I'm sure!


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