Happy New Year (and news on GoNintendo's imminent return!)

The time is almost here!

Happy new year, my friends! I hope your 2021 had some bright spots, and that 2022 brings you all sorts of wonderful things. If you were hoping for GoNintendo’s return to be a part of the new year, you’re in luck! Our revamp is closer than ever to wrapping up, and I’m here to tease what’s in the very near future.

While we might have a more specific timeframe in mind internally, I feel safe sharing that GoNintendo should be returning to action sometime in Q1 of 2022! Yes, that means that we should be up-and-running sometime before March of 2022 ends. It’s obviously been a long road for everyone involved, but there’s very much a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s becoming considerably brighter every single day.

An absolutely enormous, monumental, gargantuan thank-you is in order for both T27Duck and Cortjezter. It’s a simple fact that GoNintendo returning to action would not be possible without the two of them. They are 100% the reasons why our revamp is happening, and the people behind building everything out. The work these two have done in a short period of time is truly astounding. The magic they work and the feats they pull off boggle my mind every single time we meet to figure out the path ahead. They’ve done so much so far, and have more to handle before launch, but I already have less than zero doubt they’ve given us the best version of GoNintendo yet.

I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things with work, and I’m chomping at the bit to put GoNintendo’s revamp through its paces. I’ll also be bringing some of you with me, as I’m looking to grab some of you for news/features positions as well! Yes, we’ll be looking to bring in new staffers before the relaunch, and I’m hoping some of you will be interested! I’ll have more on that in the very near future, so keep a lookout for those details super soon.

For now, I just wanted to pop in on day one of the new year with the good news, and I also wanted to wish you all a wonderful 2022. Everyone faced some major struggles last year, and we all deserve a better year this time around. I hope 2022 brings you everything you need/want/wish for in abundance. Let’s make this the best year possible!

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RMC, so glad to hear things are coming along well. And big ups to T27Duck and Cortjezter as well for helping along!

I want to wish you, RMC, the podcast crew and all of the folks who help around the site a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be blessed, and bring happiness to you all. You’re a good man RMC, and this site is the evidence of the great body of work and community you’ve helped create. I’ll be here when you guys open!


Yeah, RMC, let's make this one the best year EVER!

That's great news! Very much looking forward to upcoming return and revamp. Happy New Year!

This is great news! Happy New Year to you and yours, RMC! And the same for everyone else in the GoNintendo community. Let's make 2022 one to remember rather than one to forget.

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I absolutely can't wait to see the site return soon! Going to other Nintendo sites in GN's absence just makes me feel dirty (not that many of them aren't great in their own way, but GN is the best!). I've done quite a bit of freelance game writing since the site went on hiatus, so hearing you'll be looking for features writers has me super excited. AHHHH, so excited for everything!

Most importantly, I'm excited for you, RMC. Dunno what all you've been through, but seeing you able to get back to doing what you love has me happier than anything else.

Here's to new content coming in Q1!

Happy new year everyone! Looking forward to find out what GoNintendo will be this year.

Happy new year! (Though, it's a bit late at this point, I have to sort my RSS feeds again.)
Can't wait for the comeback!

I can't wait RMC! We'll all be here when you and the site are ready. Happy New Year!

Happy 22! This sounds promising ^-^ I can't wait to see what the next GoNintendo will be like!

Just wanted to come here again and say I'm so excited GN will be back. You brought a clarity and integrity to video game reporting that I can't find elsewhere. It's rather frustrating actually. I'll be happy to dump these other sites and return to GN being my primary.

Can't wait! Excited to have GoNintendo back in my life!


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