GoNintendo "End of day" thoughts - REMINDER - Site maintenance starts tonight, reviews to continue, and a major feature coming Monday


Not enough hours in the day to get all this work done! Site changes, reviews, the daily work, playtime and more. It is insanity, and it definitely wears you down! I shouldn’t complain too much though…I am dealing with video games after all. I hope all you guys and gals are having a great time with the games you’ve recently picked up. I’ll catch you in a few hours, have a fantastic morning.

Very important reminder for all of our readers. As I said yesterday, the site will be going through some behind-the-scenes changes starting tonight around 12:01 AM EST. These changes will help the site run smoother, and should keep us from crashing from time to time. As far as how this relates to you guys, all you have to do is sit and wait for the work to finish up. The site will still be up as usual, so you shouldn’t notice anything strange. In actuality, there will be two versions of the site running. Both versions will have the same news, but one version will be the new hardware and one will be the old. By the time the weekend is over, your ISP should have auto-switched you to the new one. Once again, I must stress that as a reader you don’t have to do anything to accomplish this switch. It will happen automatically. This is something that is handled by your ISP all the time, and it goes on without you even knowing it…unless your into knowing that stuff!

One warning…we may have a bit of downtime tonight as we prepare for the switch. This downtime would happen later at night when the updates slow anyway. There may be downtime, there may not be. Just keep checking back if the site does go wonky.

As for the review schedule I’ve been keeping, that will continue as usual tomorrow. I wanted to make sure I got your attention with the site changes, since it is something important. Having these two days has actually helped me to catch up on reviews. I still have a ton of games to go through, but now I have some more out of the way and set for reveiewing. Tomorrow should be Contra IV, which has absolutely kicked my ass. I mean that in a very good way too! After that, I’ll have to see what else needs to be squared away. I cannot wait for the holiday season to be over so I can actually enjoy some of these games!

One last thing before I end this thought. Now this one is pretty exciting. This past week I have been wandering the internet, trying to put together a feature for the site. I’ve managed to get a lot of internet foot-work done, and this feature will kick off on Monday. This is something that will run for at least two, if not three weeks. There will be one feature per day, Monday through Friday. It is obviously related to Nintendo, and will feature multiple opinions. The idea actually came from Nicky Hill, and it was a fantastic one. Thanks to him for getting the idea through to me! I am really excited about this, and it should cause a lot of discussion on the site. Look forward to that one kicking off!

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