Hey Wii, stop judging me!

Isn’t Nintendo supposed to be about all that feel-good nonsense that makes people happy? One person, spurred on by the Wii Fit little kid fiasco (balance board calls kid fat), has called the Wii out for playing host to a bunch of ‘judgy’ software.

The thing is, though, nearly all of the Wii games are a bit judgy — it’s not like when you lose at tennis or golf or something it says, “Try again next time!” in a cheery font. It says YOU LOSE!!!, and your poor little Mii looks all dejected and defeated. That has been something we’ve had to manage with the kids from the beginning, especially because they are right at that sweet-spot for elementary-school age-based competitiveness and the-world-revolves-around-me sensitivity.

When I think of Nintendo being ‘judgy’, all I can think of is that smarmy face of Dr. Kawashima…


Leave me alone, Kawashima…you are not better than me!

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