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AudioOdyssey - a Wii game for the blind

by rawmeatcowboy
03 June 2008
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AudiOdyssey is an experimental computer game designed to be accessible to both the visually impaired community and mainstream gamers. The user stars as Vinyl Scorcher, an up-and-coming DJ, on his quest to get club patrons dancing. Swinging the Nintendo Wii controller to the beat, Vinyl lays down the various component tracks of a song, and keeps the party jumping. If he does an especially good job, he can even freestyle! But beware - if dancers get too rowdy, they’re likely to bump into the turntables, messing up Vinyl’s tracks. Think you have what it takes?

AudiOdyssey was developed with four research goals:

* The visually-impaired and the sighted can enjoy the same level and quality of gameplay
* Navigate game’s menus with ease and efficiency approaching that of conventional UIs
* Create a fun and natural control scheme using the Wiimote
* An engaging game that relies more on high quality audio than visuals

Check out screens, and a video here