God of War creator strikes back at Laurent Fischer (geeks and otaku)

Were you mad at the (alleged) comments Laurent Fischer made concerning the core gamer’s complaints of storage space on the Wii? I hope you were, because you definitely should be. If these statements really did happen (there have been no confirmations), Laurent Fischer just spat in our faces…a nice big wad, at that. You know who else doesn’t like that? God of War creator, David Jaffe. It annoyed him so much that he dedicated a blog post to it. A portion of the post below…

Now look: I like Nintendo. And I LOVE old Nintendo. And both old and new Nintendo have brought SO MUCH to this industry that they SHOULD be proud and excited and even a little cocky when it comes to their amazing accomplishments. Anyone in our business should envy their ability to read, direct, and redirect the market. And to also- when they want to- make some world class, ground breaking games.

But this statement, especially coming from a marketing person, reeks of one of two things:

a- arrogance at a level that should make Nintendo- if this statement reflects the core of the company- very ashamed.
b- a marketing person who has no real clue about games and thinks she’s being cute and coy by dissing the ‘geeks’ cause she thinks the mainstream loves them now….if this is the case, she really needs someone to sit her down and explain to her which side her “expletive* toast has been buttered on for years and will eventually get back to being buttered on….

Laurent is actually a guy, but that’s besides the point! Cheers to Jaffe for speaking out on teh topic. Maybe now Nintendo will finally address these statements. Huge thanks to Atomix for the heads up.


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