Monster Hunter Stories - more details

Latest info comes from Famitsu:

- Tournament mode is an offline mode where players will fight other Riders in a tournament format. There are two categories- Normal Tournaments, which can be accessed at any time, and Download Tournaments for DLC. They have difficulty classes and you'll be able to unlock higher classes.

- Both local and internet play are supported for 1 vs 1 mode

-  Three rules introduces so far for this mode: Earnest (no restrictions), Flat (levels are made the same for more balanced play), and One Game Match (decided by a single round).

- Ability test mode is a training move where you fight party data from Street Pass or QR codes. Party data can also be accessed by Versus Rank, which measures the party's strength

- Streetpass will have couriers at places such as Hakumu Village. Three things can be accessed here - the Ride Card, where you can view other player's data, edit your party through StreetPass Party, and StreetPass Dungeon where you can set up your own dungeon or receive up to 100 dungeons from other players. Dungeons consist of hidden items or monster nests. You can even get a StreetPass dungeon with a rare egg from the story prologue. 

- QR codes can read party data from other players

Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice - DLC footage

Check out the video after the break..

Polara - eShop trailer

Dragonball Fusions up for pre-order on Amazon

For those interested in Dragonball Fusions, you can now pre-order on Amazon here

It is listed on Amazon as having a December 13 release date, but that has not been confirmed.

Monster Hunter being adapted into a movie

Yes, for those who can't get enough Monster Hunter, Capcom announced today it's getting the Hollywood treatment! Not much is known about the movie other than producer Ryozo Tsujimoto saying that it is not in relation to Monster Hunter Stories.

What do you think of a Hollywood adaptation of Monster Hunter?


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