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Short and sweet. Sorry that I couldn’t stick around longer folks, but I have other duties to prepare for. One of them is JTS’ wedding as well! So please stick around a tad longer and RMC will be right back to pick up my slack around 10 pm EST.

Nice to see you again for a bit and thanks to everyone who emailed tips!

8 Forgotten Classics we want to see on Wii U

Now is the time to not think about new and innovative games! Now is the time to talk about the old favorites that we want to see reborn with new tech! I have been waiting for number 1 on this list for too long, but I would certainly be happy with some Eternal Darkness 2!


8 Forgotten Classics we want to see on Wii U

Thanks Callum!

Game music is better when the characters don't have a voice


I have to say that I don’t think this is a rule, but I do seem to notice that the quality of music is more memorable when the characters don’t get in the way. What do you all feel about voice acting in games and how does it affect the soundtrack? There are great games to point out for both sides.

Why Video Games with Silent Heroes Had the Best Soundtracks

3D Pixel Racing Review


A portion of the NintendoLife review:

As interesting and unique as the visual presentation is, it’s still not quite enough to cover up the many gameplay flaws that rear their heads rather frequently throughout the game. The overly touchy steering controls and the somewhat lacklustre execution of the gameplay itself makes playing the game like more of a chore than an enjoyable gaming experience. Unless you just have to tackle every racing game that comes along, you might want to pass on this frustrating package.

Full Review Here

Goodnight from Deux


Well, it was fun while it lasted. I really miss being back here on the site, but I didn’t realize how much until right now. I love updating during E3 not only because of the news, but because its the one day I know I won’t be re-posting TOO much of RMC’s previous work! We learned a lot of cool stuff today and I am upset that Pikmin was moved to Wii U, but hey, at least it exists somewhere. I won’t be back tomorrow and frankly, I’m not sure when I will be. Just know that I love and miss you all. Thanks for all the emails, kind words, and news tips!

Keep an eye on this site because if I know RMC he’ll be up all night with Cort typing up impressions of the day. You know he’s good for it! Until next time my friends. Enjoy the rest of your E3!!

RMC has one more function to attend and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back, but rest assured that when he does get back to his hotel there will be no sleep until the impressions are done. G’night!


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