Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon pre-orders now live on Limited Run Games

PR - Trade and Engage Our Newest Trailer for Neo ATLAS 1469

Build a great trading empire to fund even greater expeditions in Neo ATLAS 1469, available physically April 9 for Nintendo Switch™! To prepare you for release, we've highlighted some more key exploration techniques in our newest trailer!

Establish trade routes and determine which goods will bring the greatest profit. Food, precious metals, livestock...even toys are game! Combine goods to make a new commodity. These goods bring in more revenue, so get to it!

However, pirates patrol the seas, aiming to swipe these goods for themselves. Deploy admirals to challenge them, but it's crucial to choose battles wisely! Defeat at the hands of the pirates will set you back with repair costs and plundered ships! Here's a tip: Baldi starts with high battle power, so early clashes will be a breeze.

Will you be able to maintain your routes and claim it all? Time to put those pioneer skills to the test in Neo ATLAS 1469, coming out April 9 for physical release on Nintendo Switch.

Blood Waves - more footage

Destroy zombies, get the cash and prepare yourself for the next wave. During the break you can buy necessary weapon, place the traps and defensive barricades, repair the traps survived in the previous wave. And of course, don't forget to check the stock of bullets and restore your health.

Yoshi's Crafted World - buddy up with Yoshi trailer

Buddy up with a pal and uncover secrets as a truly eggcellent team in local multiplayer! Yoshi’s Crafted World, launches March 29th.

A look at fake $20 Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch

These $20 fake Joy-Con have been making waves around the internet. Brandon Salt got a pair to check out in the video above.

PR - Croixleur Sigma Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

PLAYISM is proud to announce that the high-speed hack & slash action game is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Pre-purchase starts today for Europe, and next week for North America.  

Croixleur Sigma is coming March 28th to the Nintendo Switch, boasting additional features and thrilling high-speed hack & slash action.

This 360-degrees high-speed action is filled with exhilaration and has been highly evaluated across different platforms. Choose one of four girls and defeat a series of monsters occupying a variety of different arenas using various combos, speedy dashes and aerial attacks.

Select up to four weapons to change up your look and combo style with various special moves.
In addition to the thrilling action, character customisation is available, allowing you to dress up your character with cat ears, glasses, headphones etc. Each item containing its own special effects to enhance combat.

In the Switch release, all extra costumes are bundled in, including the maid outfit, school uniform and a variety of collaboration costumes from other games such as the 2.5D SHMUP title Astebreed.
In addition, to the Story Mode, Communication Mode, Score Attack Mode, Survival Mode, Dungeon Mode, and Training Mode have also been included, allowing a fuller and deeper experience of the Croixleur Sigma universe.

Pre-purchase Croilxleur Sigma on the eShop for a 40% discount!
EU eShop: Pre-purchase available from March 14th.
NA eShop: Pre-purchase available from March 21st.  


Wielding magical blades, four girls fight back encroaching waves of monsters in this exhilarating hack & slash action game! Featuring various battle styles and a variety of weapons to mix and match (up to four) to develop your own unique fighting style.

Story Mode centers on the four girls' cute and quirky friendship, and is fully voiced in Japanese. You can also slash your heart out in Score Attack, Challenge Mode, weapon-swapping Dungeon Mode, and various other play modes!
A huge range of accessories is also available, including Cat Ears, Glasses, Headphones, and more to keep your girls looking stylish while also buffing up their fighting skills!  


A variety of battle styles which you can mix and match.
Four characters to unlock and play through their stories in Story Mode.
A variety of different modes to play to your hearts content.
Unique special attacks for each character.
Character customization with combat boosts tied to various items.
Collectable swords with their own unique attacks.

Title: Croixleur Sigma
Genre: High-speed Hack & Slash Action
Price: $19.99 $11.99, 40% off pre-purchase
Release Date: March 28, 2019
Languages: English, Japanese
Publisher: PLAYISM  
Developer: Souvenir circ.
Playism Page: https://playism.com/product/croixleur-sigma
Trailer: https://youtu.be/anIlSoipjLc

Pokemon, Kirby & Splatoon Twitter accounts share art for Japanese holiday

All of this imagery was put up to celebrate Japan's White Day holiday. It is a day on which girls present boys with chocolate gifts to express love or courtesy.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore Limited Edition up on Skybound Store, shipping June

The Nintendo Switch Limited Edition for Skullgirls 2nd Encore is up on the Skybound Store. If you want to get a pre-order in, you will have to do so before the end of the month. The package includes the following...

Physical Skullgirls 2nd Encore Game Copy for Nintendo Switch ($29.99 value). Includes all previously released DLC and additional characters.
Skullgirls Original Soundtrack ($24.99 value). By composer Michiru Yamane, on a never-before-released 12” Vinyl Record
Skullgirls Switch Controller Skin ($9.99 value). Fight in style with this special Skullgirls joycon controller skin.

The package retails for $49.99/€45.98, and will be shipping sometime in June.

Pre-order right here!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - Special Episode EU launch trailer

Embark on a new journey with Captain Toad and Toadette! The Special Episode DLC is out now on Nintendo Switch, and it includes five brand new courses to explore!

My Nintendo (Europe) - five new rewards available

The European My Nintendo has added five new discount rewards, which mostly can be used on Nintendo 3DS. Here is the new line-up...

30% discount Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS) - 130 Gold Points
50% discount Super Metroid (New 3DS & Wii U VC) - 40 Gold Points
50% discount Mole Mania (3DS VC) - 15 Gold Points
20% discount Hydroventure: Spin Cycle (3DS) - 65 Platinum Points
50% discount Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! (3DS) - 150 Gold Points