La-Mulana 1 & 2 - The Hidden Treasures video panel

At PAX West this year, we dove into the creation and inspiration behind LA-MULANA 1 & 2 with Director and Game Designer Takumi Naramura. If you missed seeing us at PAX West, check out this video recording of “The Hidden Treasures of La-Mulana” panel! Fun fact, spicy curry, and more await!

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story - details on swordplay action

■ The Basics of Battle and Drawing / Sheathing Your Sword

Battles follow a basic pattern of “attacker,” “receiver,” and “breaker.” Attackers have light and heavy attacks; receivers can evade and guard; and breakers can use kick and throw techniques to break the enemy’s guard, which are effective against enemies with strengthened defenses.

The concept of “drawing” and “sheathing” your sword also exists. While having your sword drawn means you can consistently attack, your movement speed is also lowered. And while having your sword sheathed means it is more difficult to attack, by keeping your sword at bay for a short time, you can activate a “buff.” Buffs strengthen your sword attacks, as well as allow you to unleash a powerful, widespread attack called a “bam.”

■ A Variety of Combat Styles with Nine Stances and Over 100 Swords

Your stance will change depending on the sword you have equipped. There are a total of nine stances, and each changes up the action and grants specific effects to the player. For example, the “middle guard stance” reduces damage received from the enemy, while the “side stance” increases your chance of a critical attack. These are the sorts of variegated battle styles players can enjoy.

The techniques you can use will also differ depending on the sword equipped, and there are over 100 swords to obtain. Discover your favorite sword while collecting as many as you can.

■ Two Special Actions: “Katana Time” and “Kiwami”

By defeating enemies in dungeons, mysterious “orbs” will appear. By collecting these orbs will build up your “Orb Gauge,” allowing you to activate “Katana Time.” When Katana Time is activated, you will be granted various effects such as non-diminishing vitality and sword durability, increased movement speed, and no blow-back from enemy attacks. The Orb Gauge can be filled three times, and when you reach the third stage, you can release your ultimate “ougi” attack, which differs based on the stance.

By timely defending against an enemy’s attack or step-dodging to create an opening, and then attacking, you can unleash a powerful blow called a “Kiwami” attack. If there are is an enemy nearby after defeating an enemy with a Kiwami attack, you can attack at the right timing to activate a “Consecutive Kiwami.” If you manage to defeat the enemy, you can repeatedly activate Consecutive Kiwami attacks.

Orangeblood now releasing in early 2020, title needs more polish

Playism has announced that the RPG Orangeblood, developed by Grayfax Software, will be moved from November to early 2020. The reason given is that the title needs more polish, and publisher would like the highest quality possible.

Regarding the change of release date.

PLAYISM has been working very closely with the developer of Orangeblood, Grayfax Software, towards the release of the game. As publisher we have supported Grayfax with the music composition and also with localization and QA. However, both the developer and we agree that there are still a few kinks that need to be straightened out in order for players to have the best gaming experience possible with this title.

Therefore we have decided to shift the release date from November 2019 to early 2020.

We apologize to those who were looking forward to getting into the action this autumn and ask for your continued patience while we brush up the game to its fullest potential.

We will inform you of the release date as soon as it is confirmed.

Dragalia Lost - content update for November 11, 2019

- Master difficulty for High Zodiark’s Trial is now available. Click here for more details! (available until November 18)
- Imperial Onslaught (light) double drops event is now live (available until November 18)
- latest 1-koma panel is now available (no end date)
- chapters 170 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: A Valiant Effort

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for November 11, 2019

- new event is now live: Lottie’s Moving Up, with challenging Classes available for a limited time (available until November 22)
- new set of normal classes is now available (until 14-8). Also, a new rank has been added: Master Rank (no end date)

Bee Simulator - customization trailer

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for November 11, 2019

- Grand Hero Battle feat. Cormag (Aloof Lancemand) is now available. As usual, the various difficulty levels allow you to get various rewards: Hard = 3 ★ version of the Hero, Lunatic = 4 ★ version, Infernal = 4 ★ version + Hero Feathers (available until November 21)


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