Kirby Star Allies - more images for Festival copy ability

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - fourth global mission is successful

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition - version 1.0.1 is now available

Release date: February 15th 2018 (Japan)

List of changes:
adds support for single Joy-Con gameplay, allowing players to play in local co-op with just a pair of Joy-Con: no extra controllers needed!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 allows you to bring over data from the original

In the latest stream for Dragon Quest Builders 2, the developers confirmed something rather interesting. You will be able to bring over your data from the first game. What it exactly entails and nets you, we are currently unsure about.

PR - Glide, Jump, and Sing Your Way Through a Beautiful Forest with Fe, An EA Originals Title, Available Worldwide Today

Uncover the Mysteries of Nature on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC, and Nintendo Switch

REDWOOD CITY, Calif--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and the imaginative Swedish studio Zoink Games announced that Fe, a seamless narrative adventure game is now available for download to players worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin for PC. Fe is the first game to launch as part of the EA Originals program, announced at EA PLAY 2017, which aims to bring players unique and memorable gaming experiences from the best independent studios.

Named after the game's protagonist, players will run, climb, and glide through the Nordic forest as the cub-like creature, Fe. Uncover the secrets of Fe’s origin while protecting the ecosystem from the menacing machines, the Silent Ones. As Fe embarks on a voyage of discovery, the wordless experience requires Fe to learn to speak the language of the forest by singing in-tune with various fantastical plants and animals, each of which offers unique gameplay benefits that will help along the journey.

“In Fe, sounds connect every living thing in the diverse ecosystem,” said Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead at Zoink Games. “The forest holds a multitude of secrets to be uncovered by connecting with the flora and fauna. As a wordless experience, the entire story is up for the players’ own interpretation as they move through the forest at their own pace. Fe is a beautiful, connected world that players will never want to leave.”

Uncover the mysteries of nature in a world worth exploring as Fe happens upon ancient ruins, hidden artifacts, secret places, and new powers. Each experience offers a hand-crafted short story, wrapped in a visually stunning, memorable, and fun environment. Discover Fe’s origin and learn that nothing is what it first seems.

Fe is rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB and is available now for $19.99 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC, and Nintendo Switch. To find out more on Fe, please visit the blog at https://www.ea.com/games/fe. Visit https://www.EA.com/EA-Originals for information and to keep up-to-date on EA Originals.

NoA PR - Kirby Encourages Fans to Perform Random Acts of Kindness at Emerald City Comic Con

Be Among the First to Play Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch and Unleash the Power of Kindness at the Convention

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--While the nation celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day this weekend, Kirby, the charming hero known for his powerful Copy Abilities, is preparing a celebration of his own at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Attendees of Emerald City Comic Con will not only be among the first to play the Kirby Star Allies game for the Nintendo Switch system and try out Kirby’s new Copy Abilities before the game launches on March 16, they will also have the chance to earn cool Kirby themed items for being nice to people around them – just like Kirby himself!

In Kirby’s new game, he uses a new ability to turn his enemies into friends to create a powerful team to save Planet Popstar. But despite his friendly appearance, Kirby brings some seriously powerful new moves and abilities to his new game that would even impress the most hardened video game players. In fact, Kirby’s moves in Kirby Star Allies are some of his most powerful and impressive yet.

And just like Kirby, attendees of Emerald City Comic Con will have the opportunity to unleash some powerful moves of their own – the power to make the world a better place through acts of kindness! Kirby would be so proud.

Select Nintendo representatives will be walking around Emerald City Comic Con March 1-4 to reward people for performing random acts of kindness for other people. If these mobile Nintendo teams catch a Comic Con attendee doing something nice, from holding the door for a stranger to picking up litter, that person will get the chance to earn fun Kirby themed items.

These same mobile teams will also be surprising people waiting in lines around the convention with the opportunity to play Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode. The game will also be available to play at the Nintendo booth in TV Mode.

“Many of our classic characters are heroes in numerous ways, but Kirby epitomizes what it’s like to be powerful, but also kind,” said Cindy Gordon, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Strategic Communications. “While we love bringing our games directly to fans at events like this, we wanted to do something a little different this time to show that teamwork and kindness are two of the most powerful forces around.”

Kirby Star Allies is one of the largest and most robust games in the Kirby series – and the first on Nintendo Switch! In the game, Kirby can recruit enemies by tossing out hearts to gather friends for a party of up to four characters. This newly formed party can be used to solve clever puzzles or unleash powerful friend abilities. In addition to familiar Copy Abilities like Sword, Fire, Ice, Stone, Bomb and more, Kirby will have access to new abilities like Spider, Artist and Staff. Some Copy abilities can even be imbued with different elements, such as wind, water, fire and electricity. Kirby uses this large collection of powerful moves and abilities to make his way through a wide variety of colorful and challenging worlds.

Up to four players can play together in local co-op, with one player controlling Kirby and, for the first time in the series, the other players taking control of the recruited enemies (additional accessories may be required in multiplayer mode). Players can still embark on the adventure solo, though, with team members automatically controlled by the game.

Emerald City Comic Con runs March 1-4 at the Washington State Convention Center at 705 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101. For Comic Con hours and more information, visit https://www.emeraldcitycomiccon.com/.

For more information about Kirby Star Allies, visit https://kirby.nintendo.com/star-allies.

Remember that Nintendo Switch features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about other features, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/.

My Nintendo (Europe/North America) - new rewards for February 16, 2018

North America
[3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Colorful Pattern (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 20 (available until April 1st)

[3DS] 30% Discount on Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo eShop): 200 (available until May 1st)
[3DS] 40% Discount on Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (Nintendo eShop): 350 (available until May 1st)
[3DS] 30% Discount on Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo eShop): 400 (available until May 1st)
[3DS] 40% Discount on Adventure Island II (Virtual Console): 20 (available until May 1st)
[Wii U] 30% Discount on Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo eShop): 250 (available until May 1st)
[Wii U] 30% Discount on Yoshi’s Story (Virtual Console): 100 (available until May 1st)
[Wii U] 40% Discount on Yoshi Touch & Go (Virtual Console): 30 (available until May 1st)
[Wii U / 3DS] 40% Discount on Metroid (Virtual Console): 20 (available until May 1st)
[Wii U / 3DS] 40% Discount on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Virtual Console): 35 (available until May 1st)