Nintendo not required to offer eShop refunds based on recent court ruling in Germany and Norway

All sales are final

Nintendo has taken the victory in a recent legal case against Norway and Germany. A lawsuit from the VZBV (German Consumer Protection Authority) claimed that based on the Norwegian and European law, Nintendo should be required to offer refunds for digital eShop purchases. The court has made their decision against the VZBV, and Nintendo will not be required to make any changes to their refund system.

Greco’s Hall of Kanji - Learn Japanese is coming to the Japanese eShop on January 30th

A game all about learning how to speak Japanese is finally coming to Japan. With its initial release on the North American eShop in April 2019, Greco’s Hall of Kanji will be providing more education with a Japanese release on January 30th, 2020. While the main game only supports the English language, teachings of Japanese is the main purpose of the title. The eShop listing has revealed its price to be ¥1,000, and the requirement of a 381 MB download.

Three new demos from Kairosoft now available on Japanese eShop

Get downloading!

Kairosoft has released demos for three of their Switch titles on the Japanese eShop. They can be downloaded for free using a Japanese Nintendo Switch account. Check out descriptions of the three games below!

Pocket Clothier

A clothing shop management sim. Go from quaint corner shop to world-class brand!
Ever wanted to run your own clothing store? Now you can!

Let your inner fashionista flower as you cultivate a quaint corner shop into a world-class super brand!

Position mannequins, run promotions, even set up an in-store crepe stand. Dream up other ways to stand out so that shoppers can't stay away!
Patrons will also rely on your fashion sense to coordinate ensembles for big occasions. Elevating their style level will unlock new career paths for them--meaning more revenue for you!
Are you ready to try your hand at the trade of trend?

Oh! Edo Towns

Your ideal samurai town awaits you!

Erect houses, castles, and all manner of medieval marvels with a touch of the finger--rewriting the pages of history as you see fit!

Strategically place compatible buildings to make "combos," boosting your Yield to become the best castle town in all the land!

Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games!!

The Pyraplex

Transcend the boundaries of space and time to construct a colossal new wonder of the world in this pyramid-building adventure!

Make history with the Pyraplex, a desert oasis of commerce and culture far ahead of its time. You may attract visitors ranging from Aztec chiefs to Roman centurions to wayfarers even further from home. Cultivate trade with these civilizations and more to enrich your culture as well as your coffers.

Keep your bazaar buzzing by adding amenities and making handicrafts. While quarrying building stones, you'll also unearth hidden treasures with a variety of uses.

Of course, building a new wonder of the world is no easy task, so expect an annual evaluation by the Pyramid Association to keep you on track! You'll have to design with both form and function in mind if you want to tower above the rest!

Touhou Spell Bubble releasing February 6th on Japanese eShop

Do I need to spell it out for you?

While the game was announced last week, the puzzle/rhythm game Touhou Spell Bubble has received an official release date (at least, for Japan). The game will be fully available from the Japanese eShop on February 6th, 2020, but preloads are already live. You can get the game for the price of ¥5,800 and 695 MB of storage.

Touhou Spell Bubble is a brand-new rhythm puzzle game based on the Touhou Project series. It adds rhythm game elements to bubble shooting-style puzzles with simple controls, which you can enjoy while listening to Touhou music arrangements.

8 more games now available to preload from the Japanese eShop (Touhou, Persona 5 Scramble, & more)

How many of them will you be getting?

Preloading is now available for 8 more Switch titles on the Japanese eShop. Check out the full list below of games you can preload this week!

Touhou Gensou Mahjong - ¥3,850 (preload sale for ¥3,465)

Touhou Spell Bubble - ¥5,800

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers - ¥9,680

Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari~Taishou Tsuya Koi Ibun~- ¥5,700

Voxel Pirates - ¥850 (preload sale for ¥765)

Reventure - ¥600 (preload sale for ¥390)

UORiS DX - ¥990 (preload sale for ¥495)

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story - ¥4,378

Cool Small Games published title 'Just Glide' releasing for Switch tomorrow, January 23rd

Glide to the left! Glide to the right! Take it back now, y'all.

An eShop listing has popped up from publisher Cool Small Games for their upcoming title, Just Glide. Available tomorrow, January 23rd, the paper airplane simulator will only cost $1.19, and take up just 93 MB of storage. Screenshots and the official gameplay summary can be found below!

Remember the good ol'days of throwing your own paper plane into the air?

Just Glide is just about that.

Sit down, relax and enjoy your paper plane's flight.

In Just Glide you control a small, brave paper airplane, making its way forward. Fly through air hoops, avoid incoming projectiles, push through rainy clouds and pierce through obstacles.

The further you make it, the more challenging it gets!

Famitsu most wanted for Jan. 9th to Jan. 15th, 2020

Just two more months until Animal Crossing...

The top 15 most wanted games this week has been revealed from Famitsu Most Wanted, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be the most anticipated release. Check out the most wanted titles from January 9th to January 15th below!

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) – 681
2. Bayonetta 3 (Switch) – 437
3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (Switch) – 315
4. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) – 254
5. Rune Factory 5 (Switch) – 247
6. Ushiro (Switch) – 210
7. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix (Switch) – 201
8. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Switch) – 178
9. TRIALS of MANA (Switch) – 161
10. Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers (Switch) – 145
11. Momotaro Dentetsu ~Showa Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban!~ (Switch) – 125
12. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (Switch) – 103
13. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (Switch) – below 92
14. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 3 (Switch) – below 92
15. Coffee Talk (Switch) – below 92

Nintendo shares promotional image featuring some of the new costumes in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

An ambitious crossover

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore introduces many costumes new to this version of the game. Whether you’re dressed to steal hearts or gearing up for lessons at the Officer’s Academy, there are plenty of outfits to choose for your team!

Live Pokemon Go events announced for Taiwan, the US, and the UK

Will you be GOing?


The year of 2019 featured an incredible lineup of live events for Pokémon GO. From welcoming Trainers to three Pokémon GO Fests across three different continents to hosting our first-ever Safari Zones in Brazil, Singapore, and Canada—every year, we aim to go bigger and better than the last. In 2020, you can look forward to even more events in more locations! We’re pleased to announce the first live events of the year.

- Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung City
- Safari Zone St. Louis, Missouri, US
- Safari Zone Liverpool, UK
- Safari Zone Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Pokémon light up a special event during the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung City

Get ready to be dazzled by lanterns, music, and Pokémon alike! This special non-ticketed, city-wide event will take place during the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung City, Taiwan, from Thursday, February 6, to Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Pokémon that will be appearing include the Electric-type Pokémon Mareep and Electrike. Volbeat, a Bug-type Pokémon known for illuminating the skies, will be appearing throughout the city alongside Illumise, a Bug-type Pokémon that guides Volbeat to draw light patterns. Illumise is typically available only in North America, South America, and Africa, so locals might want to catch one while they have the chance! Catch an Unown L to celebrate the light-themed event, and enjoy the lovely sounds of Chimecho, the Wind Chime Pokémon.

Celebrating the culture of Missouri with Safari Zone St. Louis

We’re excited to have the very first Safari Zone event of the year take place in St. Louis, Missouri! This cultural hub of music, sports, and beautiful parks will be home to Safari Zone St. Louis from Friday, March 27, to Sunday, March 29, 2020. Taking place in Tower Grove Park, this will be a ticketed event, so be sure to keep a lookout on our Twitter @PokemonGOApp for when tickets go live this Friday, January 24, 2020. Tickets will be sold through the Pokémon GO app and will be first come, first served. General admission tickets will be $12, and early access tickets will be $18. Early access ticket holders will be able to access event gameplay two hours early.

Trainers can look forward to encountering Mankey, Unown S, Teddiursa, Snivy, and Ferroseed throughout the park. Trainers from the northern hemisphere can sing for joy: Chatot, which usually appears only in the southern hemisphere, will also be appearing in Tower Grove Park!

Saluting the sea with Water-type Pokémon at Safari Zone Liverpool

Ready your sails—the UK’s first-ever Safari Zone will be taking place in beautiful waterfront Liverpool! Enjoy this ticketed event in the magnificent 235-acre Sefton Park from Friday, April 17, to Sunday, April 19, 2020.

During this maritime-themed event, Trainers will have the opportunity to encounter Krabby, Dratini, Chinchou, Unown V, and Oshawott in the wild. Relicanth—typically available only in New Zealand, Samoa, and some other islands in the southwest Pacific—will also be appearing in the wild, so be sure to catch one if you haven’t already.

Interested in spending this spring weekend by the water with some splashy Water-type Pokémon? Be sure to grab a ticket once they go live on Friday, January 31, 2020! Tickets will be first come, first served. General admission tickets will be £12, and early access tickets will be £18. Early access ticket holders will be able to access event gameplay early and receive two additional hours of gameplay. Be sure to keep a lookout on our Twitter @PokemonGOApp for more details.

Get ready for Safari Zone Philadelphia

Finally, we will be hosting a Safari Zone event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Friday, May 8, to Sunday, May 10, 2020. Tickets will be first come, first served. General admission tickets will be $12, and early access tickets will be $18. Early access ticket holders will be able to access event gameplay early and receive two additional hours of gameplay. Stay tuned—we’ll share more details as soon as we can.

Be sure to make plans early to ensure you obtain transportation and accommodations for the events. We’re super excited for even more events coming up in 2020 and look forward to sharing more details soon. We can’t wait to see you, Trainers!

—The Pokémon GO team

Preloading now available for 'Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers' from eShop in Japan

Scramble up those SD cards

To prepare for the release of Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers on February 20th, 2020, you can now preload the Atlus developed title from the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. Only the Japanese language is supported in the Japanese release, so you might not want to preload the game from other regions unless you speak the language. Persona 5 Scramble is priced at ¥9,680, and a 10 GB download is required, so be sure there is enough room on your console or SD card.


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