Nintendo celebrates 1 million Switch units sold in Spain by giving away bundles of free games

Good luck!

Nintendo is doing some incredible giveaways over on their Nintendo España Twitter account! To celebrate the milestone of 1 million Switch units sold in Spain, Nintendo is raffling bundles of Switch games to one lucky winner every two hours. Six games are included in each bundle, which is a really great value. Don't miss your chance to enter.

Preloading now available for 'Void Terrarium' on Japanese eShop

Another game is available for preloading on the Japanese eShop. This time, we're taking a look at details on the Japanese release of Void Terrarium!

- Published by Nipon Ichi Software
- Releasing January 23rd, 2020 (free demo now available)
- ¥7,678
- Japanese language support only
- 782 MB

'Prison Princess' announced from developers of NekoMiko, releasing January 30th, 2020

You'll wanna keep the kids at home for this one

An advert in the latest Famitsu has revealed a new game for Nintendo Switch from Qureate, the developers of NekoMiko. "Prison Princess" is planned to be released on January 30th, 2020 for 1,800 yen. It is currently unknown if the title will ever be brought to the West.

The game is produced by Yuujirou Usuda, and is described as a “new sensation escape adventure game with beautiful girls, puzzle solving, and a bit of eroticism”.

'Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman' and 'Link-a-Pix Deluxe' releasing in Japan next week

Rainy Frog has two games for Japan

Two more games from publisher Rainy Frog are launching in Japan next week, available for purchase on December 19th, 2019. Check out full details on the titles below!

Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman:

- Published by Rainy Frog
- Known as "Black Swordsman ーAru Shinigami no Monogatariー" in Japan
- Available December 19th
- ¥500
- English and Japanese language supported
- 66 MB

Link-a-Pix DELUXE:

- Published by Rainy Frog
- Available December 19th
- ¥800
- Japanese language support only
- 107 MB

5 new demos now available on Japanese Switch eShop

They're free!

Although only available in Japan, these demos can be downloaded worldwide using a free Japanese Nintendo account. The following games now have demos available on the Japanese eShop:

Bustafellows (published by Cultural Broadcasting)

Void Terrarium (published by Nippon Ichi Software)

BurgerTime Party (published by G-mode)

Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate~Bara no Seibo~ (published by Entergram)

Link-a-Pix DELUXE (published by Rainy Frog)

Animus: Harbinger, Sea King Hunter, and Battojutsu are now available for Switch in Japan

More games in Japan!

Japan has received a shadow drop of three games that were yet to release in the region, including the all new title, Battojutsu. Check out full details on these titles below!

Animus: Harbinger:

- Published by Troooze
- Available now
- ¥960
- Multiple languages supported, including Japanese and English
- 1.6 GB

The shadow of a dead king summons you to battle. Strike down the corrupt whom taint the land.

These are the days before Ire: Blood Memory, the days when Kerr the Breaker’s evil slipped its way into Cadmeia. You, Forlorn — follower of the Resonant, and caught out of time and place — are called upon by the shadow of the late King Cadmus to bring judgement to those that have betrayed the land. Only you can take on this duty, as you are forgotten, and those forgotten can never die, as they have truly never lived. Be the hand of deliverance and mercy to the afflicted. You will have no friend save for your trusty blade, axe, and hammer. Answer the call of this dead sovereign.

Sea King Hunter:

- Published by Cosen
- Available now
- ¥1,000
- Multiple languages supported including English and Japanese
- 2010 MB

Protect the world’s oceans from giant sea monsters!
Sea King Hunter is a fixed-screen marine action shooting game.
Players will take on huge sea monsters that are rampant in various places, earn rewards, get special armor with the rewards they have, and take on even stronger UMA.


- Published by CareuX
- Available now
- ¥500 (on sale for ¥200 until January 2nd)
- English, Japanese, and Chinese (S) language support
- 286 MB

Party game 'Jurassic Excite' announced for Switch, launching on December 19th

Are you excite?

Jurassic Excite has stomped its way over to the Japanese eShop, and is ready to roar! The motion-controlled whack-a-mole-style party game is launching on December 19th. While there is no word on a release outside of Japan, English language is supported in the Japanese release. The title costs only ¥580, but will take up 359 MB of storage.

Murder by Numbers - announcement trailer

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Honor Mizrahi was just an actress on a hit TV detective show, but quickly finds herself starring in her own murder mystery. Team up with reconnaissance robot SCOUT to investigate a range of cases and unearth clues, cracking hidden nonograms, and piecing together proof one pixel at a time. Using evidence to interrogate weird and wonderful characters across TV studios, glitzy award shows, drag clubs, and more as you seek to uncover an overarching story of conspiracy, deception, and - of course - MURDER!

Murder by Numbers releases on Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

Witch & Hero 2 is coming to Switch, launching on December 19th

3DS port for Switch!

Previously exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, Witch & Hero's sequel is coming to Nintendo Switch. Check out the details on the title below!

- Published by Flyhigh Works
- Releasing December 19th
- ¥500 (preloads now available with 10% discount - ¥450)
- English and Japanese language supported
- 189 MB

Witch and Hero 2 is an action game that controls both little witch and little hero at the same time.

To save the lost witch and hero from the demon lord, the little witch and little hero get to fight again!

Witch and Hero 2 is an action game that controls both little witch and little hero at the same time.

The little hero is physically strong and stands up forever no matter how many times he's beaten. The little witch is weak physically so when the game is over when she's down.

When the little hero covers the little witch and fights, they can collect monster's blood from defeated enemies. When the little witch's magic gauge is full, she can use magic to fight back the dangerous enemy.

Clear the stage by defeating the boss at certain times in the stage, aim to revenge the demon lord at last.

Advertising the upcoming title 'SkateBIRD' Nintendo tweets "<3 birbs" and then deletes the post

Can't hide from us, Nintendo

(Image courtesy of @BombosMedallion)

Arguably one of the greatest announcements at the recent Nintendo Indie World event, SkateBIRD took the world by storm. Following the live presentation, many noticed Nintendo tweet the phrase "<3 birbs" alongside the trailer for the game. Very soon after, the tweet was deleted and all that was left was the corporate press release tweet. Although the expression of bird love is gone, it will forever stay in our hearts.


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