Attack of the Toy Tanks releasing on Japanese eShop next week

Toy tanks are attacking the Nintendo eShop with a new game release in Japan!

Attack of the Toy Tanks has been confirmed for a Japanese eShop release on September 19th for ¥500. Pre-loads are currently available with a 10% discount. English language is supported in the release, and the game will require a 147 MB download. Check out the Japanese trailer above!

Summer Sweetheart announced for Switch in Japan with October 17th release date

Summer Sweetheart, an adult game, has been announced for Nintendo Switch from publisher Fengyun. The title is releasing on the eShop in Japan on October 17th for ¥2,480. English language will be supported for those that want to import from the west. 12.4 GB file size download will be required.

Sakurai discusses announcement of additional fighters, his 7-8 year long developmental work on Smash, and more

Masahiro Sakurai's newest column has been released! This time, focusing on the subject of additional DLC fighters being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Check out the translated summary from PushDustIn and Nokoloc below!

- Like the Fighters Pass, Nintendo will be choosing the characters for additional DLC. Sakurai will make the final decision on if the character would work.

- Sakurai works on each character from it's concept to release, while the development team can work on fighter after fighter.

- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the only game Sakurai is actively working on, and all efforts are going into it.

- Sakurai will not be taking a long break.

- Managing the development of DLC is easier then the main release, but there is still a lot to make sure of.

- Development of Smash Ultimate began immediately after Smash Wii U/3DS.

- Sakurai has been actively working on the Smash series for 7~8 years.

- Sakurai still enjoys his job, and feels honored to get to work with many different game franchises. His knowledge of a large variety of games makes him perfect for the job.

- When discussing a specific character for Smash, gameplay is an important consideration.

- Producing characters and the new fighter announcement videos quickly isn't a bad thing.

- The magnitude of a game that is Smash Ultimate is unprecedented. With the game franchise collaborations including spirits, the many songs across many different series, and every fighter returning, Smash Ultimate is truly ultimate.

- If the Smash series continues after Ultimate, it would be impossible for this many characters to be represented again.

- Sakurai will continue to develop new fighters to please fans, continuing to push the roster number, if the opportunity for him to do so is there.

- Instead of thinking about the future of Smash, Sakurai is focused on his current work, which is still yet to be completed.

Japanese visual-novel, One-Way Ticket, is releasing on Switch next week

One-Way Ticket from publisher Zodiac Interactive is making it's way to Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 19th. The game will have English support, and can easily be downloaded in the west for ¥750. A 991 MB download is required.

Contra Rogue Corps and Mistover demos available today on Japanese eShop

Two new demos will be available for download on the Japanese Nintendo eShop today. Contra Rogue Corps from Konami is already available, and Mistover from Krafton will soon be as well!

Contra Rogue Corps launches on September 26th in Japan and September 24th in the west for ¥5,400 ($39.99 USD), and is currently available for pre-load on the eShop.

Mistover launches this October!

Burgertime Party release date announced for October 8th

Now, lettuce wait for it's upcoming release!

Burgertime Party from developers Xseed, has officially been given a release date of October 8th, 2019. The game will be available physically and digitally for $29.99, and the digital release will require 314 MB of storage.

Peter pepper's Burger is the hottest grill in town, thanks to its classic menu of award-winning puzzles and patties. But when retro gaming's master chef can't take the heat of inventing a brand-new Burger, the ingredients that got chopped from chef peter pepper's latest recipe take matters into their own comically oversized gloves. Out of the trash can leap four nefarious food foes, editable enemies with an appetite for revenge! In the ultimate battle of man vs. Food, will cook or cuisine reign supreme? In 1982, chef peter pepper and the food foes delighted arcade-goers worldwide with the action/puzzler Burger time. The classic gameplay returns in a fresh, colorful package full of tasty twists and scrumptious surprises as BurgerTime party! For Nintendo Switch system! Iron-willed chefs can individually tackle the solo campaign or join up to three friends in local multiplayer, either by working cooperatively to defeat the food foes together, or by taking control of one or more food foes to stop the other team's chef(s) from completing their culinary masterpieces. With over 100 jumbo-sized stages and a variety of all-new modes and challenges, however you play, have it your way!

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards official website now open, screenshots and character art revealed

Alongside the announcement of Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards being released for Nintendo Switch in 2020, Digiart Interactive opened an official website for the game. Screenshots for the game can be viewed below, as well as a link to the website to explore all of the newly released art!

Check out the official website here!

Paladins cross-play support for Playstation 4 now available, can now play with Switch users

Hi-Rez Studios expands the "Better Together" movement to PS4!

Evil Mojo Games has announced it will be expanding it's cross-platform support to Playstation 4. This means Nintendo Switch players can now play with users on all platforms including; Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and Discord. Support for Realm Royale and Smite have also been confirmed, with a "coming soon" release date.

Frogwares, the developers of The Sinking City, are currently hosting a Reddit AMA

If you have any questions for the developers of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, The Sinking City, the AMA will be taking place on Reddit until 6pm CEST.

The Sinking City will release for Nintendo Switch on September 12th.

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards announced for Switch, releasing 2020

Developed by N-Fusion Interactive and Digiart Interactive, Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards follows the exploits of Aluna, the warrior daughter of a Spanish conquistador and South American nature goddess Pachamama. Raised in early 16th century Spain, Aluna escaped to the New World only to realize it was her true homeland. Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards sets our heroine on a quest through Inca mythology as she strives to restore the amulet her goddess mother entrusted to her... and fulfill her true destiny.

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards combines the deep action-RPG mechanics of Diablo with the revisionist mythology of God of War. Based around Inca lore, Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards features mythological gods, beasts, and tales that formed the backbone of 16th century Colombian culture. Venture from the Sanctuary seaside cliffs through the massive jungles of the New World, all the way to Nagaric’s Temple in the Volcanic Canyons in this epic historical adventure.

Aluna was created by actress Paula Garces (Harold & Kumar series, On My Block, Clockstoppers, The Shield) and Antonio Hernandez. After starring in a series of comic books, Aluna grew greater popularity after becoming a playable character in S2 Games’ popular MOBA Heroes of Newerth, where she was played by Paula Garces herself. More recently, she’s starred in the ongoing comic book saga, The World of Aluna, written by Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham Origins scribes Ryan Galletta, Dooma Wendschuch, and Corey May.

“Aluna has made major strides for hispanic representation in comic books,” said Digiart Interactive founder Antonio Hernandez. “But when it comes to games, our culture remains massively underrepresented. We wanted to change that… and make a kick-ass action-adventure along the way! We’re hoping to share our culture with the rest of the world in an accessible, entertaining way when Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards comes out next year!”

“Every time I’d go to Comic-Con I see throngs of Latino fans, yet there’s next to no latino superheroes,” said Aluna creator and actress Paula Garces. “It seemed like there was this huge population who would like to see themselves reflected through comics and games, and simply weren’t, as no one was making these. So we decided to create our own latino heroine in a series that focuses specifically on the colonization of South America. And thus, Aluna was born!”


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