Action-packed top-down shooter "Destropolis" out now on Switch

"Inspired by such classics as Crimsonland, Alien Shooter, or Nuclear Throne."

November 27th - Warsaw, Poland | Defeat 6 types of enemies with 15 different guns at your disposal, using 12 power-ups and 40 skills. Play alone, or with your friends in up to 3 players co-op mode.

Visit the game's store page on the Nintendo eShop and buy Destropolis now to get it 20% off, or even 40% cheaper if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles!

...to get this title 20% cheaper. If you’re the owner of one of the following games: Alder's Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Apparition, Picklock - you can get Destropolis 40% off. This offer is tied to the game release ONLY.

About the game:
Destropolis takes place in a futuristic city, filled with red, cube-like enemies. Tear them to pieces with bullets, lasers, and nuclear explosions. Play alone or with friends in a local co-op mode. Destroy as many enemies as you can before they overwhelm you.

- Fight an endless wave of enemies in a futuristic city.
- Totally destructible environment. Every object in the game, every enemy, every building, can be smashed into pieces. You can blow up buildings, you can use them as cover, you can dismantle enemies bit by bit.
- 6 different types of enemies. Cubes are numerous and dangerous up close. Obelisks shoot lasers at you. Bomb spheres explode on contact. Pyramids shoot at you from a distance with artillery rounds. Wrecking balls smash everything on their path. Big, hexagonal bosses wreak havoc with their massive machine guns.
- 15 different guns at your disposal. Shotguns, assault rifles, and machine guns shoot bullets that shred your enemies to pieces. Missiles and nuclear launchers create balls of fire that effectively clear out battlefields. Lasers and gauss guns cut through enemies like knives through butter.
- 12 power-ups and 40 skills that enhance your abilities. Place turrets, create force fields, and detonate nuclear explosions. Increase your health, damage, or movement speed. Confuse your enemies that they will shoot at each other.
- Play alone, or with your friends in up to 3 players co-op mode.
- Compete with other players from around the world on global leaderboards.
- Unique art style. Clean and minimalistic environment. Distinct and aggressively colored enemies. Beautiful explosions and lighting effects.
- Synth-wave music. Created by a popular artist - LukHash. A fusion of chiptune mastery mingled with synthwave cyberpunk and EDM elements.

Destropolis is now available on Switch. You can get the game 20% cheaper (or 40% if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles). The standard price of the game will be 5.99 EUR/USD. Game is localized into English, Polish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Portugal, and Russian.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons "Take your friends along for the ride" advert released

Stay connected, even when you’re apart with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch.

With local wireless or online multiplayer, you’ll discover that your island isn’t the only paradise out there! Head to the airport and take a trip to a friend’s island or invite them to yours instead, with up to eight people able to play together on a single island at any one time.

Life goes on even when playing with friends, so you can look forward to enjoying all the same events and most activities as on your own island. Visiting other people’s islands via local wireless also pays off in Nook Miles – rack up bonuses every time you travel and you’ll be rolling in miles to spend in no time!

Take your friends along for the ride with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

GamesRadar Video - Foreclosed exclusive gameplay preview

Following on from the Exclusive trailer shown at the Golden Joystick Awards we sat down with the developers of Foreclosed to find out some more about the CyberPunk and Comic-book inspired, third-person shooter.

Sanei Boeki releasing Animal Crossing Tom Nook and Isabelle cushions

Go to sleep and type in your Dream Address code!

Following yesterday's report on a Timmy and Tommy cushion being released by Sanei Boeki on February 17th, 2021, we now have word that both Tom Nook and Isabelle will also be available alongside them.

On the fronts, the money-hungry (yet adorable) Tom Nook grasps a bell bag, while the precious Isabelle holds a tasty apple. The sides feature a pattern print of bell bags and apples respectively, and the back has the character's Japanese names (Tanukichi & Shizue) printed in beautiful cursive. Each cushion is priced at ¥2,689, and now available for pre-order with worldwide shipping via Amazon JP.

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing - more gameplay

Gameplay of Electro Ride: The Neon Racing on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). Release date: November 27, 2020; Price: $11.99.

The fame awaits. And you don’t do it for just yourself: you do it for the society. Enter the crazy neon racing world and become the hero of your neighborhood today!
Electro Ride is a Soviet Bloc Arcade Racer with neon lights. Become the fastest racer in Neon-alternative East Bloc from the Berlin Wall to Moscow. Neon lights, unique classic East Bloc cars, color-sensitive boosts strips, phisics, synthwave and beloved splitscreen. 100% adrenaline!
In an alternate Europe in which the Eastern Bloc did not fall, but transformed into a center of eternal wealth and progress - this is where fame awaits you. No ABS, no traction control, no modern electronic system. Only you and a beautiful, classic vehicle with super-powerful neon lights. Show your driving and drifting skills!

Going Under updated to Version 1.0.2

Developer Aggro Crab Games has launched the Version 1.0.2 update for Going Under on Nintendo Switch. Dubbed as "The Bug Slaying Patch", you can check out the full patch-notes below.

- Added an option to turn off the jitter effect in the menus (This was meant to be in to begin with whoops)
- You can now control the menus with your controller’s D-pad
- There is now a menu option to change between holding the trigger & pressing it to toggle Focus
- Attempting to swap inventory slots while attacking or dodge rolling will now buffer the input and swap the weapon once the action ends
- “Attack Speed Up” buff now improves the reload time of projectile-type weapons
- Added an option to view the credits from the title menu
- The dialogue before founder boss fights will now be skipped if you already have their share.
- Added the option to invert the camera’s X-Axis control.
- Enemies should no longer spawn so close to the player when they first enter a new combat room.
- Screenshake algorithm has changed to have a smoother falloff and less intensity when smacking a bunch of environment objects. Try it out!
- Confidence Juice and Tappi’s max-level mentor bonus now play music to let you know how long they last.
- You can now date the Slime Hand in Winkydink. “Just like real life. -Nick”

Balance Changes:
- Made earning 5 stars in the Styxcoin Event slightly more lenient
- Nerfed the Rifle from 100 shots to 80
- You can now use SelfCare+ at max HP and it will grant 2 armor instead of 1
- Beggar Queen’s damage bonus has been reduced slightly, and no longer applies to unarmed attacks.
- Purchase Protection now only triggers on cash purchases of $10 or more.
- Fern’s vending machine will stop working after buying 3-6 cans.
- Removed Upcycle+’s old “replacement” functionality and instead made it increase the size of the held item (to potentially hilarious effect)
- Slime Hand’s scissor attack has been made a bit easier to avoid.
- Extended the length of Retaliatory’s damage buff from 2 seconds to 3.
- Fire Grates in Winkydink now turn off when the combat concludes.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where extra connected controllers would fail to function (and even some keyboards & mice from the future would cause this)
- Fixed an issue where force closing the game during Ray’s “app announcement scene” could prevent apps from unlocking for the rest of the game
- Prevented Eclaire from glitching into walls & floors
- Fixed issue where walking Eclaire or possessing a debt ball would cause you to teleport around when riding a vehicle.
- Fixed an issue where dollars wouldnt succ to Jackie if she was Downsized
- Fixed an issue with a rare Winkydink room containing a weird hat with no weapon icon
- Fixed an issue with the Resolution setting in the options where it would only say "1920x1080"
- Fixed an issue where enemies wouldnt spawn in a certain room in Styxcoin
- Fixed an issue where the options menu showed that the scroll wheel is how to Switch Focus Target on mouse/keyboard. The actual way is with the 1 and 2 keys.
- Fixed an issue where the calculator would display as a 2 damage item but hit for 4.
- Over-protective now works properly when used as a Pinned Skill
- NPC’s names now appear properly in dialogue scenes
- Steam achievements relating to completing mentorships now work properly. If you’ve already reached level 4 with a mentor and failed to get their achievement, completing a dungeon run (or just entering a dungeon and abandoning) should grant you the achievement.
- Fixed an issue where using Ray’s max-level mentor bonus once would break it (and some other things) until the game was restarted
- The Hauntrepreneur’s “shop” will now correctly sometimes spawn a briefcase full of cash instead of an empty slot
- You can no longer chill on Swomp’s couch multiple times in the same run
- The Styxcoin boss's death explosion will no longer hurt the player
- You can no longer exit Avie’s room once entering it
- Added a failsafe that should prevent soft locks caused by frozen enemies never unfreezing
- The briefcase in the Haunt’s garage will prompt the player to “Acquire” instead of “Buy” it
- Prevented Kara’s max-level mentor app spawning while using a different mentor
- Fixed a rare soft lock related to the Caffiend’s launch animation
- Changed the way Canbassadors spawn in the Caffiend fight, and eliminated the issue where they occasionally fail to activate
- Fixed an issue where Emotive would trigger from dodged/blocked damage, occasionally resulting in 1000 slimes spawning and crashing the game
- Team Player now reacts properly to the player taking fire damage.
- Prevented the player from defeating a boss and triggering the victory cutscene in the same frame as being defeated
- Companions now set themselves to either side of Jackie instead of right on top of her when entering new rooms, preventing an issue where you could be shoved into the void by your companions in certain dungeons
- Fixed an issue where only Forbidden Flavors would spawn once unlocked
- Fixed an issue where using Swomp's chill zone too much would break it permanently
- Fixed an issue where the hurtboxes of Hover Hands’ hands were inaccurate.
- Prevented an issue where completing a mentor level at the same time as getting the 3rd Share could soft lock game progress until restarted.
- Fixed cubes turning bright white when opened.
- Fixed an issue where picking up an app in a room that offered a choice between skills would despawn all the skills
- Removed a brief moment where the game could be paused during the final cutscene
- Removed a brief moment where the background would be visible after the credits ended
- Fixed various dialogue typos

The rest of the patch notes include major spoilers, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, you can check it out here.

QubicGames bringing Door Kickers, DungeonTop, and the Bit.Trip series to Switch in Dec. 2020

A bit.trip down memory lane!

27 November 2020, Warsaw, Poland | QubicGames has released a mini direct video to showcase their final games of 2020 coming to Nintendo Switch.

It’s 8 games in total, 6 of which are from the nostalgia inducing Bit.Trip series that originally came out during the reign of the Nintendo Wii and sold millions of copies. Rounding out the selection is the SWAT strategy planner Door Kickers and the sleek deck building tabletop hybrid, DungetonTop.

All 8 games will be out by December 26th, 2020 and are all currently available for pre-purchase with notable owner discounts applied.

About the Games

1. Bit.Trip Series (by Choice Provisions) - When first released, the Bit.Trip games pioneered the rhythm & music genre and took the world by storm, most notably on the Nintendo Wii. Overall the series has sold 1 million+ units during its lifetime.
Now, all six games in the series will be available on the Switch individually for fans to pick from. This includes Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core and Bit.Trip Void (2009), BitTrip Runner and Bit.Trip Fade (2010) and finally BitTrip Flux (2011).
Each game takes the core rhythm & music-based gameplay and changes the dynamic with unique twists and mechanics.
All six games will be coming to Nintendo Switch on December 25th, 2020 for 4.99 USD / EUR each.

2. Door Kickers (by KillHouse Games): Unleash tactical mayhem from a bird’s eye view. Doorkickers is a real-time strategy game that puts you in command of your own SWAT team during tense interventions. Plan your approaches, choose equipment and coordinate multiple team members as you meticulously blast your way to your objectives.
Available on Nintendo Switch on December 26th, 2020 for 11.99 USD / EUR

3. DungeonTop (by One Up Plus Entertainment): A fresh rogue-like deck-building game with tabletop battles thrown into the mix. Choose your hero, pick an allegiance and then dive deep into procedurally generated dungeons as you battle beasts and evolve your deck of cards to survive.
Available on Nintendo Switch on December 26th, 2020 for for 13.99 USD / EUR.

A Small Gift to the Fans QubicGames have set it up that a purchase of any one of the six standalone BitTrip games will activate a permanent discount of 60% off for the rest of the games in the series.

Furthermore, fans who already own Qubic’s titles such as Robonauts, One Strike, Mana Spark, Blazing Beaks, or Akane will automatically have owner discounts of 25% and 30% applied to their purchases of Door Kickers and DuntegonTop respectively.

IGN Video - 7 Things To Know About Immortals Fenyx Rising

The Gods of Greek Mythology have been cursed by the evil monster Typhon and only Fenyx can stop the world from descending into chaos. From a stylised open world to godly powers, here are seven things to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

Nordlicht - more gameplay

Gameplay of Nordlicht on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). Release date: November 26, 2020; Price: $3.99.

Nordlicht is an adventure game in which you accompany an unusual family on a fascinating journey to the cold North. You control the curious Aurora, Peter Parsley (her guinea pig and best friend, who refuses to leave her side), and her clever dad, Rupert. Along their way, they discover the mysterious constellations of the polar night sky, and will have to face the dangers created by mother nature and their own fears. Sometimes, you’ll use and combine items you find in the traditional point-and-click manner. Other times, you’ll have to put your dexterity and reaction time to the test as you brave icebergs, giant waves, and thunderstorms in your little sailboat. The intuitive controls, atmospheric music, and lovingly hand-drawn graphics make Nordlicht an unforgettable experience—fun for all ages.

Pokemon Shirts releases facemasks with patterns featuring the 151 Kanto region Pokemon

Buying 'em all will cost you a pretty PokéCoin...

What should immediately be noted is that the official website states "This mask is intended to be used as a fashion item and is not intended to prevent infectious diseases." Although this likely just means the masks haven't been legally tested or approved for medical purposes. Stay safe out there, trainers!

With 151 patterns of fabric featuring Kanto region Pokémon to choose from, Pokémon Shirts has released a facemask line of fashion products. The options for the fabric color on the backside are; white, black, pink, or blue. Priced at $18 each, shipping will cost you an extra $15 (unless you order 5+ mask/bandanna OR 2+ shirts/polo, then shipping is free). The masks will begin shipping in around 5-6 weeks, and are now available for purchase in the following countries; Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.


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