Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting - details on Patch 1 and 2

Over in Japan Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting has gotten two patches on Switch. The first one came out awhile back, while the second just recently went live. You can get a breakdown of both patches below. It's likely that the localization of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting will already include a large portion of this updated content at launch.

Patch 2

Fixed the following bugs:

– After beating Falgior the second time, triggering Auto-Revive would cause players to get stuck in progression
– Some quest requirements wouldn’t get fulfilled if specific methods were taken
– And more

– The Nintendo Switch version gets an image quality adjustment
– Adds more than 20 new item abilities

Patch 1

– Increases the character level cap from 50 to 100
– Adds three new skills for each of the party characters (Lydie, Suelle, Sophie, Firis, Mathias, Alto)
– Raises level caps of Palmyra and Telmyra in the skill test from 100 to 200

Fixed the following bugs:

– Selecting equipment items would cause the game to freeze; also fixes the data when loading from affected saves
– Reverse-lookup Compounding ended up listing Battle Mix recipes
– Some battles would cause the game to freeze
– And more

Now hackers have gotten Doom 3 running on Switch

"Can it run Doom?" The one question any self-respecting hacker asks himself with new hardware. Usually those hackers are trying to make Doom run on stuff like calculators and screens built into refrigerators, but this time around the focus seems to be on Switch.

We've already seen some instances of original Doom running on the Switch, but now we have evidence of Doom 3 working on the platform as well. I guess Bethesda really spurred on hackers with their port of Doom (2016) to Switch. Now it's a hacker mission to bring the whole series of games over!

Rare copy of Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack surfaces

Have you ever heard of Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack? It might sound like a ROM hack, but it's actually an officially-licensed Nintendo title. Hudson Soft released the game for a number of home computers, including the Sharp X1. Now all these years later, a legit copy of the Sharp X1 has surfaced.

As you might expect Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack has some major differences from the version of Donkey Kong 3 we all know of. This version puts Stanley on a single flat platform at the bottom of the screen, where he has to fight off Donkey Kong, who is floating downwards via a pair of parachutes. There are 20 stages in all to tackle.

The whole reason we get to talk about this game now is due to a Yahoo! Auction selling a confirmed copy of the game. A group of software preservationists bid on the auction and won, and now they've dumped the game online for all to enjoy. That's not something Nintendo is usually okay with, but in this very random instance, I don't think they'll make too much of fuss about it.

Super Mario Bros. - New speedrun world record for the Minus World set

Watch [WR] SMB1 Minus World Ending Speedrun in 2:33.587 from Kosmic on www.twitch.tv

Kosmic is the man to beat when it comes to Super Mario Bros. speedrunning, and now he's put down yet another world-record run. In the video above, you can see Kosmic tackle the Minus World in 2:33.587, which is only milliseconds faster than the previous run. While Kosmic's run hasn't been officially recognized just yet, that seems to be nothing more than a formality.

Pikachu puts on a special stage show at the Taipei Lantern Festival

The Taipei Lantern Festival is a big deal in China every year, and this time around, none other than Pikachu stopped by to celebrate! In the video above, you can see 6 Pikachu mascots dressed in traditional Chinese costumes while putting on a special stage show for attendees.

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX - location sneak peek

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX isn't opened yet, but some of the surrounding areas are already decked out and ready to go. Fans are snooping around to see what they can see, which is how these pics surfaced. This is going to be the largest Pokemon Center in Japan yet, making the wait for opening day that much harder. Can't wait to see what it looks like inside!

ColorWare releasing NES-themed Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch has blurred the line between console gaming and hand held gaming. This amazing new concept has revolutionized the gaming experience.

This is an aftermarket customized electronic device. All hardware related warranty service is the sole responsibility of ColorWare. The original manufacturer is under no obligation to repair or refund this product. ColorWare is not an authorized reseller of Nintendo products. ColorWare replaces all existing manufacturer warranty policies.

Grab yours here

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was developed by ND Cube

ND Cube is known to be the team that handles a lot of Mario Party games. As a matter of fact, they recently worked on Mario Party: The Top 100 for 3DS. That's not their most recent project, though. On the company's official website, we see that they were the main developer working on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nice to see them have an opportunity to step away from their party game roots to do something considerably different!

GoNintendo Video - My Parents Play: Celeste

Yes, I know it's evil to make my parents play Celeste. It's not my fault, though! I asked you guys on Twitter what game my parents should try out next, and Celeste was the overwhelming winner. I was just doing my job of listening to you guys! To tell the truth, I think my parents actually did a pretty damn awesome job with the game!

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