GoNintendo - Now with 80% more Discord

This is what the kids are into these days, right?

Just like Nintendo being a little late to the party on some technologies and such, GoNintendo is finally (officially) on Discord ! ... yeah, probably a year overdue... meh, it happens.

The IRC room for the time being isn't going away. There's a bridge setup so the room is piped to the Discord server and the other way around through my porygon bot. But, all good things must come to an end eventually. "Sometime" in the future, I can see IRC being retired.

Anywho, the chat page has been updated to include the invite link to the Discord server as well as the web chat for legacy IRC. The sidebar of the site also has a direct link to the invite by clicking on the little Discord icon.

The "plan," at least what I hope will happen, is podcast chat this coming Saturday can be had in the Discord. There is a dedicated podcast room for this purpose.

Hope to see you there.


Click Here for the GoNintendo Discord Invite

Site Update: Hide Blocked Users Without Being Logged In

Hi people,

GoNintendo has a nice feature: The foe list

This list allows you to block/ignore user comments. While browsing the site, you will not see any comments from users on that list, they will not be able to reply to your comments, and they won't be able to send you PMs. But, there's just one issue (for some). The list only works if you're logged into the site... until now.

While editing your foe list on your profile, you will now find a custom launcher URL just for you:

While not logged in, you can visit the site via that URL. A cookie will be set that will give the site just enough information to load up the foe list for you. You'll still be logged out and unable to comment or do the normal stuff that you'd be able to do while logged in, but all comments on your foe list will be automatically blocked. For those who prefer to visit the site not logged in, I recommend using that URL as your bookmark.

The cookie is supposed to last for 30 days, so technically you only need to visit the url once... but I recommend always using that URL to visit the home page if you do not plan on being logged in as session screw ups happen and the cookie may become invalid.

Reminder about the foe list:
- You are not able to foe RMC or nintendaan
- You are not able to foe moderators such as cortjezter
- While I do have admin powers, my account is not part of either of the above two groups

Have a happy non-denominational winter-related holiday!


Nintendo Direct Announced - September 13 at 6PM ET/3PM PT

Super Smash Brothers Direct Announced for August 8th

All aboard the hype train

Breaking news from EVO 2018: Nintendo just announced a Smash Direct for August 8. You will able to tune in at 7AM PT/10AM ET/15:00 BST/16:00 CEST.

I'm personally pulling for a Shantae announcement!

Site Updates: Rules for Foe-ing and Tweaks to Reporting

Hello. It's everyone's "favorite" GoNintendo web guy!

A couple changes regarding blocking users and reported comments have just been implemented.

Updates to blocking users

GoNintendo has a user blocking system (also known as "Foes"). See those little eye icons with a line going through them on comments? This allows you to block a user. You may also block and manage your blocked users in your user profile.

Blocking a user does the following things:

  • You will no longer see comments from this user. This applies to both comments in stories and discussion topics. Note that the blocked user will still be able to see your comments.
  • They won't be able to reply to any of your comments directly. Likewise, you won't be able to reply to any of theirs.
  • They will not be able to send a private message to you nor will you be able to send a private message to them.

All that said, the following tweaks to the system have been put into place:

  • You are not allowed to block a user you just replied to in comments until 30 minutes have passed. Meaning no "I get the last word in and now you can retort."
  • There is now a 15 minute cool down between blocking a user and then blocking another
  • Once you block a user, you may not unblock them until at least 24 hours have passed

Be aware that the above timings may change in the future (read: Probably as soon as cortjezter finds my code)

Like always, you are never able to block story writers such as Rawmeat and Nintendaan or moderators such as cortjezter. (Protip: While I do have admin powers, I'm in neither of those groups... just putting it out there)

Finally, the following changes have been applied regarding reported comments:

  • Reported comments will now show for all to see but will include a small banner over them. This is to prevent "censorship" or "hiding comments containing different opinions". Moderators will take applicable action as normal.
  • Site admins now have the ability to disable comment reporting for a user.

As always, if you experience any problems, feel free to let me know in comments or on my Twitter. I also get notified on every site error that happens, so if you get a "BSOD page" for whatever reason, I'll know about it.


Want to help contribute something back to the site? Be a podcast curator!

For a while now, the site has a Podcast Archive page making every* episode available.

Each episode on the site includes some additional meta data such as Pokemon name, who was on the episode, music score, etc. While a good amount of that data is more or less automated and populated on the site automatically within a day that RMC publishes new episodes, some of that info is missing. There's where you come in.

I think it would be great if the data on the site regarding the Podcast can be the source of truth for information on each episode. To do that, I need a couple podcast fans to help curate the data. You'll get a custom rank and user color for the site!

If you're interested, send me a PM.


* Except for episode 37

GoNintendo Server Maintenance at 6ET Tonight (Update: Done!)

UPDATE: ...and done. All URLs should redirect to https now. There's still some more work to do to get the site 100% over to SSL, but that'll be implemented over time through this evening and Sunday. If you've made it this far, you should be golden. Though there may be times when the site logs you out due to my tweaks so... sorry. Hit me up with anyone experiences issues.


Hi people.

T27duck here [Avoids tomatoes being thrown at him] with a quick heads up.

The server GoNintendo and GoingSony is going to head into a maintenance period a little after 6PM ET. Hopefully I'll be done with my work no later than 7PM. The site may be unresponsive or just flat out broken until I'm done.

If all goes eventually well, the plan is to switch the whole site over to SSL. You may be logged out of the site and will have to log back in when the maintenance is over.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @t27duck if you have issues after the maintenance is complete.

GoNintendo Server Maintenance: Tonight at 9PM ET

UPDATE: And.... done!

Some planned server maintenance will happen at about 9PM ET tonight. Should be complete no later than 9:30 if all goes well. During this timespan the site may be unavailable for a short period.



New Feature: Customizable News Filters

Control of the firehose of news is in your hands

A new site feature has been recently launched that allows you to better tailor your news experience. Are you tired of reading rumors? Want less of a certain analyst in your life? Maybe you really really don't want to see comics from this one place in your feed? Now, you have some control.

While editing your user profile, you will notice a new option on the left menu bar called "Custom Filters."

Clicking on that will bring you to a form where you can customize your news experience while logged in. You can have the main page filter by categories, tags, games, and title content. You'll even have your own custom RSS feed.

Couple things to note:

* This feature is still relatively new. Most, if not all, bugs should be sorted out, but some could still creep up. I'm notified on any critical site errors and will try to fix them as soon as I get the time to do so.
* Your filters only apply to your special RSS feed and the main page of the site. They will not apply to forum topics, notifications, or viewing stories by category, tags, games, etc via other methods.
* You will always be able to view any story if you know the URL.
* False positives and negatives can happen. What you see or don't see is completely reliant on the story author properly naming stories, setting categories, tags, games, etc.

Thoughts? Comments? Complaints? Let me know here or shoot me a PM.

Finally, a quick PSA:

Did you know? - If you're tired of seeing comments from certain users, you can make them never show up again for you! Just click the little eye icon with a slash through it on a comment and that user won't show up anymore! The user will also not be able to reply to any of your comments or send you PMs. You cannot use this feature on moderators, story authors, or cortjezter (pro-tip: While I do have admin powers on the site, I am in neither of those groups... hint hint).