Re-release of Castle of Illusions is coming according to Brazilian Age Classification posting

Update: This is what I get for skimming an automated translated web page. Looks like this is just a re-release of the game and not a HD remake. Which if that is the case, then it's probably just a standard game running on an emulator on Wii U, 360, and PS3. Lame.

Original post:

The boxart for this has been already leaked and reported on before. This seems to confirm it even more.

WiiClube has news coming from a posting from the Brazilian Age Classification Board that seem to indicate that Castle of Illusions is going to get the "Duck Tales Treatment"! The article is in Portuguese according to Google translate, so I'm going to file this under rumors for now until we get an official (and in English) confirmation. That said, "woo hoo" to more classic Disney games getting the HD treatment! Now if they can just get around to giving some HD love to SNES Aladdin...

Article Here (thanks, Pedro!)

All Aboard the Duckie Train!

Hi people!

I know you're all thrilled to have me here for the next round of updates! (avoids being hit by tomatoes)

Being as it is Sunday, don't expect too much action during my brief run. RMC gave me some sites to check and if there's anything worth posting I will throw it up on the site plus any fair and balanced short editorial where applicable. (dodges wine glass aimed for his head)

That said, don't forget to send your news tips to tips@gonintendo.com! (side steps flying chair)

Also, I'll be hanging in the GoNintendo Chatroom with other members if anyone wants to chat. (ducks under desk to shield himself from the flame thrower)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy t27duck Sunday! (braces self for... is that an elephant on a catapult?!!?!)

GoNintendo chat on the WiiU

On a whim, I decided to try out a couple web-based IRC clients on the WiiU browser. If you're wanting to hang in GoNintendo's chatroom, but don't have your computer handy, these two web clients seem to work well-enough on the system's browser (at least for the time being). Just keep in mind to actually send a message, you have to click the "send" button on the page.

Just bookmark one of these links and you can have GoNintendo's chatroom at a moment's notice on the WiiU!

Option 1: Mibbit (you have to click on the menu link at the bottom right after logging in and enable the send button to send messages)

Option 2: IRCHighway's Webchat (this is the same client we use on the site's chat page)



GoNintendo Google Chrome Extension is Live

Do you like Google Chrome? Do you like Chrome Extensions? Do you like GoNintendo?

A little side project I've been working long before 4.0 launched was a Google Chrome Extension for GoNintendo. Due to the lack of needed functionality of the old site, I had to wait for 4.0 to go live before I could finish it. I believe I'm at a point where I can finally release it for public consumption.

Features Include...
- Notification popup when a new top story is posted
- Notification popup when the live feed player is active on the site
- Ability to swap the post content and poster information columns on thread pages in the forum (for those haters out there)
- Chrome Omnibar integration...
- - Typing "gn top/rumors/console/portable" takes you to the stories page for that category
- - "gn forum" and "gn boards" takes you to the message boards
- - "gn games" takes you to the game database page
- - "gn chat" takes you to the chat room page
- - "gn [anything else]" does a story search

To View/Edit Options:
- Right click on the extension icon at the top right of the browser and click "Options"

The extension pings the site every 20 minutes or so (as long as you have the browser running, of course) for new information.

UPDATE: An update will be rolled out soon (those who already have downloaded the extension will get the update automatically) where you can adjust the time when the extension pings the site.

I've set up a thread here for on going discussion and support.


GoNintendo 4.0 Update - Games, Reviews, and Tips (Oh my!)

Update time!

The GoNintendo Game Database is now live. Cortjezter will make a post about this later and discuss with RMC on how this system works. You can submit user reviews and build a list of games that you play to help find other members who play the same games you do. RMC can link games to stories to better determine "related stories". The majority of the user reviews from the old site have been imported into this new system.

The first post of a comment thread will contain the text of the story (or at least try to).

Other updates/reminders from this week:
- There are now dedicated RSS feeds for Top Stories, Console, and Portable news
- Site search is improved
- RMC can spam Twitter and Facebook easier now (but he better not spam Facebook...)

Upcoming updates:
- Updated webchat for the chat room (current one doesn't work in IE9). Still pending testing with Xaq.

GoNintendo 4.0 Update - Search!

Howdy y'all!

The site search functionality has been updated (again, should be I hope for the last time). It's a little more complicated but shouldn't be that hard to understand...

When you search by keywords for past posts, by default the site will look for posts containing at least one of your search terms.
EXAMPLE: Searching for mario galaxy will look for posts containing mario or galaxy.

You can put a + in front of search terms to look for stories that must contain the terms in your search.
EXAMPLE: Searching for +mario marbles +pizza will look for stories containing both mario and pizza and optionally marbles

You can put a - in front of search terms to look for stories that must NOT contain the terms in your search.
EXAMPLE: Searching for luigi -peach will look for stories containing luigi but not peach

For better results, I recommend further filtering your results by also searching by category and/or tags.

But wait! There's more!

For people who just want to throw caution to the wind, there's a quick search area in the sidebar. This allows you to do a quick search by keywords.

Enjoy... or whatever.


Ignore me! ... just trying out something

Hey peoples. Pay no mind to this post. I just needed a new news entry to grab onto to test out something for RMC.


GoNintendo 4.0 Update - Feeeeeeeed Meeeeee!

Who likes RSS feeds? I know I do! What's better than the GoNintendo RSS news feed? How about three more feeds (on top of the podcast and the twitter feed) that deliver news that you want!

I've added three specialized RSS news feeds to the GoNintendo family of feeds:
- Top Stories
- Console News
- Portable News

Just check out the bottom of the site for direct links to the feeds (this is where you can get the podcast feed as well), or use your browser's integrated feed checking thingy to access them.


GoNintendo 4.0 Update: Sup dawg. I heard you like stories, so I put stories in your stories.

Few quick site notes:
- I've re-tweaked the search function. Should work a little better, but I might take another stab at it later. I'll try to remember to put it on my to do list.

- Right after launch of the new site, I had to disable a feature due to it melting the chips on the sever. I have since fixed it and relauched it. That feature is related stories. When RMC makes a post and applies tags to it, the site will list out similar stories below it on the view story page. Once this next feature I'm finalizing is launched, it will also be used to determine related stories. Please sent all hate mail to cortjezter as he had me add this at the last moment and caused crap to hit the fan when I first launched the site. :)

- Reminder: If you are having issues with ads, please take a screen shot and send it to RMC.

That's about it for me tonight. There's still a few more new features coming down the pipeline, but that's for another day. I'm getting a little sleepy. Going to chill in the chatroom in my PacMan PJs if you want to chat with me for the next 20-30 minutes.



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