Mario Kart Arcade GP VR - new gameplay details, more pics

Check out more pics here

- race as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach
- 4-player
- Bowser and Wario appear as NPCs
- play by wearing VR goggles, headphones, and Vive trackers on each hand
- right hand controls the acceleration, and the left hand has the brake
- track on display is one from Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix
- handle has force feedback, and the seat also rumbles
- 3 items: Banana, Hammer, and Green Shell
- items are floating on balloons mid-way, and can be obtained by raising your hands to grab them
- throw items towards in-front, behind, and all different directions around you
- track elements include Piranha Plants on the side, a Thwomp falling from above, and a Bob-omb crossing the road
- track will change from a flooded area to a red hot area that resembles Bowser’s Castle
- includes a section where racers can glide mid-air
– races are balanced so that nobody gets to greatly surpass others
- no time records or rank placements at the end of the game

Pokemon: The Movie 2018 confirmed

As every Pokemon movie does, the latest Pokemon movie teased the next entry in the franchise. At the end of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!, there was a tease for Pokemon: The Movie 2018. No other details about the movie were given, but we don't expect to hear anything for quite some time.

Minecraft mod 'Pixelmon' shut down by Pokemon Co.

Coming from the dev team behind Pixelmon...

“With much sadness, but keeping all our fond memories, we must announce that Pixelmon is ending its development. We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors.”

There's no official word on what exactly caused Pokemon Co. to go after the mod after all this time.

NECA doesn't have "any desire to revisit working with Konami again" to reprint their Castlevania line

Sounds like there's a bit of bad blood there! We've heard that Konami is a pretty hellish place to work. Seems like they might be a pain to work alongside as well. I guess the Castlevania content NECA released is the only line we're going to get.

ARMS - Yabuki reveals the most popular characters and modes, thoughts for the future

In an interview with French website jeuxvideo, Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki revealed some game statistics regarding the most popular Arms characters and modes. He also revealed a few other tidbits regarding the game's development.

Discussing development:

When the first prototype was developed, it was not yet decided which console it would be used for. This prototype of a fighting game seen from the back with the arms relaxing already existed before the presentation of the Switch, and it is really at the moment when we were presented the prototypes of JoyCon that we thought that it could be really nice to use this game prototype that already existed, for this new console, which would later be the Nintendo Switch.

Discussing removed features:

I do not have any memories in particular, but what I can tell you is that there are a lot of ideas that have been tried but have had to be withdrawn at various stages of development. At Nintendo we have a slightly different working methods than other development studios. In the latter, there is usually a project written on paper. The problem is that we can not guess whether a game will be interesting simply by looking at lines on a piece of paper. That’s why we design our prototypes keeping in mind that we must build to destroy, and vice versa. That’s why I have a hard time remembering everything that was introduced and removed in the game.

Discussing game development challenges:

One of the problems we had had from the start was to introduce this feature of the fist that stretches and contracts in an online gaming environment. It was a real technical challenge because of the lag. A method has thus been devised which makes it possible to absorb the lag during this stretching of the arm. Thanks to this technology, it is impossible to detect latency in the game.

Discussing the most popular characters and modes:

We have all this data through online gambling, actually. The most selected characters are Min Min, first, and Kid Kobra second. The trend is that players raise their level of play in the Grand Prix mode before going online. It is not very obvious, but it is the basketball that is a little more played than the others.

Thoughts for a possible sequel:

Already, let me say that if the game is so successful and the players ask for a sequel, I will be the happiest of men in the world! For now, the only thing I focus on is bring enough content so people can play along. However, if I have this opportunity that happens overnight, I can tell you that we will put the whole team on to have the great idea that will appeal to all.

Japan - McDonald's starting drink flavor campaign to promote upcoming Pokemon movie

- campaign gives customers the chance to win discount coupons i
- guess which flavor Mcflurry well launch alongside the upcoming Pokemon movie
- Survey asks: 'If you could eat a Pokémon McFlurry, which Pocket Monster do you think it would taste like?'
- flavors are as follows

Pikachu = banana chocolat
Jigglypuff = white peach
Squirtle = Ramune soda flavo
Charmander = habenaro chili pepper
Gengar = sweet potato
Bulbasaur = broccoli

Nintendo files for "Nintendo Check-In" trademark

Nintendo has been filing for trademarks left and right lately. Today we see that they're trying to secure a trademark for "Nintendo Check-In", with the image you see above. No idea what it'll be used for, but I imagine we'll find out more details soon.

UPDATE - Trademark pertains to: planning and directing plays, film screenings, production or distribution, theatrical performances or performances, music performances, games of lend-lease administration, online games provide, provision of entertainment facilities, toys...

Nintendo grabs trademarks for Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom, and Question Block

Nintendo has applied for the following Super Mario-related trademarks.

- Super Mushroom (スーパーキノコ)
- 1-Up Mushroom (1UPキノコ)
- Question Block (ハテナブロック)

Authorities seize half a million fake Pokemon plush dolls in South Korea

Fake Pokemon merch is very big business. South Korean authorities managed to seize over half a million units of fake Pokemon plush dolls. The dolls were set to be distributed through various crane games. Some were actually removed from arcade machines themselves. The net worth of all these fake plushes? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 million dollars!