Detective Pikachu tops the weekend box office in Spain

Another solid debut

Detective Pikachu had a solid opening weekend around the world, and that includes the scene in Spain. Check out the top 5 movies for the weekend below.

1. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu: 1.9 million euros
2. Avengers: Endgame: 1.6 million euros
3. Compulsive shoplifting: 556,000 euros
4. I leave it when I want: 501,000 euros
5. La Llorona: 200,000 euros

Detective Pikachu writers had Garbodor in early drafts of the script

What a load of garbage

While there are numerous Pokemon cameos in Detective Pikachu, Garbodor is not one of them. That wasn't always the case though, as the writing team behind the movie confirmed that Garbodor was in early drafts of the script. As to why he was cut, we don't get a straight answer!

You can hear a lot more from the writing team in the Blank Check Podcast, which is featured below.

Detective Pikachu hits No. 1 in China for its opening day

I think it's a hit!

The Chinese audience has spoken, and they're in love with Pikachu. Detective Pikachu managed to snag the No. 1 spot at the box office for its opening day, pulling in RMB75,160,000 ($11 million). This pushed the previous winner, Avengers: Endgame, to the second spot for the day.

Nintendo to open retail store in Israel

Opening June 2019

We have Nintendo NY, and now we're going to have Nintendo Israel! A retail location for Nintendo is set to open in Tel Aviv at the Dizengoff Center mall. The store will provide 150 square feet with all kinds of Nintendo merch, and it's set to open sometime in June 2019. Pretty cool to see Nintendo opening a retail store in the region just a few weeks after announcing an official online presence.

SEGA releases Sonic, Tails, and Amy-themed Mother's Day cards

...and that's no good

What better way to show your mother some appreciation than with a Sonic-themed Mother's Day card? For whatever reason, SEGA has released a set of Sonic, Tails, and Amy-themed Mother's Day cards. Even better, you can print them out for free. Click here to grab the download!

Image & Form "preparing something special for next week"

What could it be?

Image & Form recently released SteamWorld Quest on Switch, but it seems the company doesn't have any plans on resting yet. The dev team took to Twitter to let everyone know they're preparing something special for next week. There's no hint on what it could be, so I guess we'll just have to hang tight and see what pops up!

Detective Pikachu looks set to take in $160 million globally for its opening weekend

A warm reception

Detective Pikachu continues to be well-received by movie-goers the world over. While the domestic box office expectations for the weekend are in the $50 to $55 million range, the movie is estimated to hit $160 million in the worldwide box office for its opening weekend. Can't wait to see what the final figure is!

Ryan Reynolds had some trepidation about doing the Detective Pikachu role

Turned out to be a great decision

While fans were a little nervous about Ryan Reynolds taking on the role of Detective Pikachu, now it's hard to imagine anyone else. At one point in time, even Mr. Reynolds wasn't sure about getting involved. In an interview with io9, Reynolds talks about not taking on the role right away.

“When they approached me to do it, I didn’t say ‘yes’ right away, even though I was really excited about the story. It really resonated with me. My first question was, ‘Who is supposed to play this?’ Is there someone I am taking a job from? Specifically, am I in territory where I shouldn’t be in? It turns out it all got the greenlight from everyone I trust and love and off we went. So yeah, there was some trepidation. It wasn’t like me wondering if I could pull this off. It wasn’t that. I felt pretty confident about my take on it.”

Devolver Digital's E3 2019 press conference set for June 9th, 2019

Get ready for insanity

Devolver Digital announced that they'd be hosting another E3 press conference this year, and now we have the date and time. You can check out the craziness on June 9th, 2019 at 10 PM EDT. This conference, like all of Devolver's conferences so far, is sure to be a wild ride.

Jigglypuff's original voice actor was credited, but never notified that her work would be used in Detective Pikachu

Not even a phone call?

Rachael Lillis is the original English voice actor for Jigglypuff. Ms. Lillis had no idea that her work was going to be used in the Detective Pikachu, and only found out when fans started to tweet her about the news. Lillis is credited in the movie for the voice, but you'd think someone down the line could have called her to let her know that she'd be a part of the movie! Seems like a rather strange way of handling things.

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!