Meltan's English voice actor for the Pokemon anime revealed

Meltan gets a voice

Meltan debuted in the Pokemon anime series quite some time ago, but that was over in Japan. Now the time has come for Meltan to debut here in the localized version of the anime.

Just who's taking on voice duties for the character? Samantha Cooper, who has lent her voice to a number of TV, film, and game projects, is the lucky person. Samantha took to Twitter to share that she's "overjoyed" to be joining the Pokemon cast.

Porygon finally makes another appearance in the Pokemon animated series following the infamous seizure incident

Look away!

All those involved with the Pokemon anime have made sure to stay far, faaaaaaaaaaaaar away from showcasing Porygon after the infamous seizure incident from years ago. For those who don't know, the 38th episode of the Pokemon anime, entitled "Cyber Soldier Porygon," featured a series of strobing lights that lead to 680 children in Japan having seizures, or seizure-like symptoms. The episode was obviously taken off air immediately, and unfortunately for Porygon, the character disappeared from the series as well.

Those involved with the Pokemon anime didn't want to feature Porygon, as it would bring up too many bad memories for the team and viewers alike. That said, it has been over 20 years since that episode aired. I guess that's enough time to move on, and start to make some sneaky references to the Pokemon. As you can see in the tweet above, there was a direct nod to Porygon, even if the Pokemon itself didn't make an appearance.

I say Porygon has suffered long enough. The only other appearance of Porygon after the incident came from a quick cameo in the Pokemon 4Ever movie intro, and that was it. It's time to let Porygon be a part of the fun again!

The Cuphead Show now in production for Netflix

Monolith Soft open their Osaki studio

Congrats to Monolith Soft!

Just the other day, we were talking about how much money Monolith Soft brought in last year over the year prior. It was easy to see that things are going very well for the company, and today's news only furthers that. Monolith Soft has opened up their Osaki Studio at Osaki MT Building 12th floor, 5-9-11 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001. This opening comes with host of new job postings that Monolith Soft is hoping to fill.

Nintendo grabs a new trademark for the term 'Pokemon'

Every week we hear about another trademark related to the Pokemon franchise. Today Nintendo has filed for yet another one, and this time it's for the brand name in general. The trademark for the term 'Pokemon' applies to video games, music files, movies and films, office supplies, utensils, clothes, playing cards, planning and operation of competitions, and more.

Nintendo's Samantha Robertson moves on from Treehouse position to Manager of Product Marketing for the Nintendos's Publisher & Developer Relations Department

Congrats, Samantha!

Were you wondering where Samantha Robertson was during this year's Treehouse Live from E3 2019? I know I was! Turns out she had a very good reason for not being there. Samantha has taken on a new job at Nintendo!

Bit of a belated announcement because life's been super busy lately, but I accepted a new position and am now Manager of Product Marketing for the Publisher & Developer Relations dept. of Nintendo! Leaving Treehouse after eight amazing years was tough, but I’m honored to be entrusted with managing the incredible team of product marketers who support Nintendo of America’s 3rd-party business, and I can’t wait to work with Treehouse and the whole Nintendo family in new ways as we share our passion for all of the great games that developers and publishers from all over the world bring to life on our platforms. As you’ve probably gathered from past Nintendo: Treehouse Live streams, this is something I’m very passionate about!

Iwata-San book is Amazon Japan's best-selling business book

Right where it should be!

Amazon Japan has updated the various charts for their best-selling books category, and a familiar face has taken the #1 spot on the business side of things. Iwata-San, the book all about Iwata from Shigesato Itoi, is currently atop the business book charts, and is likely to remain there for quite some time. Hopefully we all get to enjoy this book with a localization, which Itoi has said he'd like to make happen.

Monolith Soft's profits more than double in their last fiscal year

Business is booming

Things appear to be going very well for Monolith Soft. The company made a net profit of $1.27 million in 2017, and today we find out that the company raked in $2.54 million for 2018. No wonder Monolith Soft has been hiring people left and right. Things seem like they couldn't be going better!

Nintendo's official English statement on continuing work on their Quality of Life projects

Not dead yet

Coming from Nintendo's 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders...

Teaser for the Pokemon 2020 movie shown at Anime Expo

The Pokemon movie series rolls on

The Anime Expo hosted a screening of Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION for those in attendance, and there was a special tease at the end of the feature. The audience got a very quick sneak peek at the Pokemon 2020 movie, which will be going back to traditional animation, version the CG-style that Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION uses. The quick clip shows Pikachu sliding down a vine in a forest.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


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