Pokemon Twitter account gets ready for Halloween

The Pokemon Twitter account is getting into the Halloween spirit with a complete makeover. There's certainly plenty of Halloween-themed Pokemon merch out there, so why not give the Twitter account get a makeover to remind everyone of all those goodies out there? You can check out the Twitter account for yourself here.

Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and Game Freak grab a trademark for "Monpoké"

Alright Pokemon Detectives, time to try and figure this one out. Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and Game Freak have joint-filed for a trademark on "Monpoké." We have no idea what the name means, but it was filed with the image above. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for future trademarks to see if we can make more sense of this.

Klonoa anime project twitter appears, assures project is still in the works

Just incase the message from the project lead wasn't clear yesterday, we now have a statement from the Twitter account for the project. It does seem like some things might have changed for the project, but we don't have answers on what exactly. We'll just have to hang tight and hope for the best, I guess!

Thanks to Infinite and OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

Reggie visits the DreamYard Preparatory School to share insight into his early days, working at Nintendo, and more

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime dropped in on the DreamYard Preparatory School earlier this week. This school is where the New York Videogame Critics Circle mentors and teaches courses. He gave quite a speech to the crowd on-hand, and we've got some details that he shared.

- Reggie first focused on his roots in the Bronx, stating that he grew up a mile from the school
- he discussed the need for diversity in the games industry
- Reggie talked about the varied jobs available at Nintendo
- Reggie doesn’t believe in luck, just hard work
- Reggie shared a story about working hard to make his school's basketball team, which he was initially turned down for
- Reggie signed autographs and posed for pictures, and also answered some questions
- he played Mario Tennis Aces with senior intern Kimari Rennis, and DreamYard graduate interns from satellite locations

Klonoa movie co-producer and writer says the project is still in the works

Looks like we don't have to worry about the Klonoa film just yet. Despite various evidence pointing to trouble for the film, a new statement tells us all is well. Hitoshi Ariga, co-producer and writer on the project, has said that the project is continuing on, and he's doing his best to make it high quality. While it's nice to have a confirmation of the movie's continued path ahead, hopefully we get a more solid update on it in the near future.

Thanks to Operationgamer17 for the heads up!

Bowsette fans putting together 'Project Crown' event in Japan

While Nintendo might not want anything to do with Bowsette, the Nintendo community is hungrier than ever for the creation. That's why a number of Japanese fans have come together to announced Project Crown, a fan-run event to celebrate all things Bowsette. This event will take place on October 27th, 2018 at the Kawasaki Municipal Industrial Promotion Hall conference facility. The rundown of events at the gather is below.

● 10 a.m.-11 a.m.: Staff entrance and setup
● 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.: Exhibitor entrance and setup
● 12:30 p.m.: General admission
● 12:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.: Independently produce dojinshi art/manga sales
● 3:30 p.m.: Crossdressing (men dressed as women) cosplay contest
● 5 p.m.: Event closes

Geoff Keighley teases Reggie Fils-Aime appearance for The Game Awards 2018

This year's Game Awards don't hit until December, but host/creator Geoff Keighley is already teasing appearances. As you can see in the tweet above, he's gotten together with Reggie Fils-Aime to take a pic and share the tease. As for why Wolfgang Puck is there, I have no idea!

As people have been pointing out, Reggie is wearing a Metroid shirt in the picture. As to whether that's another tease or a coincidence, that's up to you!

Former Telltale employee suing the company for allegedly violating labor laws

The situation for Telltale Games just keep getting worse and worse. Today, a former Telltale employee is suing the company, alleging that it violated labor laws in California and nationwide. This would have happened when Telltale laid off hundreds of employees on Friday ahead of the planned studio closure. The lawsuit says employees were let go “without cause” and without providing them with “advance written notice as required by the WARN Act.” This is a class-action lawsuit, so other former Telltale employees can join in. Telltale is yet to respond to this lawsuit.

Telltale's closure may be tied Lionsgate's backing out of a project

Looks like we might have some more insight into what was the final nail in Telltale's coffin. According to co-founder Dan Connors, the company lost major financial backing due to a company backing out of a project.

"The company was working diligently to close a round of financing. Unfortunately, when the last potential financial backer abruptly pulled out, we were left in a position where we had no choice but to stop production. Sadly everyone was so focused on doing what was required to keep the company going that when the last potential partner backed out, there were no other options."

While Connors didn't say what company pulled out, multiple insiders have pointed to Lionsgate, who invested in Telltale back in 2015. The two were reportedly working on a project that combined Telltale's interactive storytelling with live-action production, but the project never came to fruition, and Lionsgate ended up backing out.

Andy Yates promoted at Nintendo UK

Nintendo UK exec Andy Yates has just received a promotion. He'll be taking on the role of deputy general manager for Nintendo UK. Yates previously held the sales director for Nintendo UK, working as far back as the GameCube days. The new position at Nintendo UK is effective immediately.