Pokemon Co. opening permanent Pokemon Cafe and largest Pokemon Center yet in Tokyo

Looks like Pokemon Co. is going to have a busy 2018 ahead of them. The company has revealed that they'll be opening a permanent Pokemon Cafe and Pokemon Center Tokyo DX in Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East, Tokyo, Japan. This will be the first time Pokemon Co. is opening a permanent Pokemon Cafe! On top of that, Pokemon Center Tokyo DX will be the biggest Pokemon Center yet, and will have all sorts of exclusive merch you can't find at other locations. Both are set to open March 14th, 2018 on the 5th floor of Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East.

Nintendo Ibérica's Rafael Martinez Moya-Angeler passes away

Nintendo Ibérica regrets to announce the death of its general director, Rafael Martínez Moya-Angeler, at 51 years old. Rafael Martínez Moya-Angeler had been linked to the company since 1993. All the employees of Nintendo Ibérica are proud of having worked and learned with him, both in the workplace and in the staff. We are deeply saddened by his loss, but we are aware of the luck we have had working with him and we are committed to continue following the example he has always given us.

Our hearts go out to all those who were impacted by Rafael's passing.

New Nintendo Direct speculation picks up once again

We know a new Nintendo Direct is never too far off, but when exactly will it be here? Some people say that when an empty slot is added to the official Nintendo corporate page for Nintendo Directs, it means a new one is on the way soon. I honestly believe this trend as well, and that's just what happened today. Could we see one more direct before the year is over, or is Nintendo going to hold off until 2018?

Thanks to Zippo for the heads up!

Nintendo employee loses his home to a fire, GoFundMe campaign started to help him out

Nintendo employee Jack Bridenstine lost his home in a freak fire, the cause of which is still unknown. He lost pretty much everything, but at least he and his family escaped with their lives. If you want to help Jack get back on his feet, another Nintendo employee has opened up a GoFundMe to help out. You can check out all the details below.

GoFundMe page here (thanks Tosakinto)

Nintendo stock hits highest point since Sept. 2008

Nintendo continues to push closer and closer to their goal of bringing in "Nintendo-like" profits. Today they've taken another step, with their stock hitting its highest value since all the way back in Sept. of 2008. The bump came from the early success of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and may climb higher as the holiday season kicks into high gear.

Super Nintendo World - Another round of details on the upcoming Universal Studios park

- 8.8 acres in size
- will be built behind the Simpsons Land in the area that is currently the kids' zone
- the E.T. ride will be left intact
- Donkey Kong and Mario Kart sections to be included
- Donkey Kong will take up 4.7 acres, and Mario Kart will take up 1.76 acres
- there will be 48 toilets
- will take about 3 years to build
- plans to add even more attractions to Islands of Adventure, and other plot of land recently purchased

Nintendo Switch was the most-sold game system in Canada last month

According to Canadian NPD Results, the Nintendo Switch was the most-sold gaming device in Canada throughout the month of October. Here are the specific bits of information, as listed by NextGenPlayer:

  • Nintendo Switch was the most-sold video game system in October (the hardware remains the best-selling video game system of 2017)
  • Nintendo systems (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS systems and SNES Classic) accounted for 62% of all video game hardware sold in October
  • The Super Mario Odyssey game for Nintendo Switch emerged as the top-selling video game of the month on the NPD sales chart, even though it launched at the end of the month on Oct. 27
  • One of every four dollars spent on video game software in October was spent on a Nintendo title, making Nintendo the number one game publisher in October (Nintendo remains the number one game publisher for all of 2017, with 23% share of spending)

Sonic Boom: Season 2 available on Hulu

Hulu is on the Switch, and now you can use it to enjoy all 52 episodes of Sonic Boom's second season! I've seen some episodes here and there, and actually found the show to be pretty fun. Maybe it's time for me to catch up!

Justice Smith lands lead role in upcoming Detective Pikachu film

Legendary has confirmed that Justice Smith is taking the lead role in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Smith is known for his work in Netflix's “The Get Down”. Smith will also be starring as one of the lead roles in the upcoming “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”

Game of the Year Nominees announnced, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild to be Game of the Year candidates

A list of all the categories/nominees can be found after the break.

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