RUMOR: Ubisoft working on Roller Champions for Switch

I guess we'll find out at E3

As we near E3 2019, leaks are bound to happen. Ubisoft always seems to be the target of leaks, and that may have happened once again. Supposedly one of their upcoming titles has been leaked, and it's called Roller Champions. Here's all the details we know so far.

- quick play matches, ranked matches, custom matches and tournaments
- sound options menu allows you to change certain aspects such as the crowd, music, voices, sound effects
- includes a streamer mode
- 2 aiming modes (Price and Flick) and will allow you to alter the X and Y sensitivity.
- online only

Ubisoft isn't likely to comment on this leak's validity, so we'll just have to wait and see if it gets revealed at E3 2019.

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