Attack on Titan 2 - Annihilation mode footage

For those who don't know, Annihilation mode is a competitive multiplayer mode where you zip around and see who can take out the most Titans.

God Wars: The Complete Legend - Japanese cover art and limited edition detailed

God Wars: The Complete Legend Limited Edition has already been detailed for the states, but now we have a look at what the Japanese limited edition includes.

- copy of God Wars: The Complete Legend
- guide book
- official soundtrack disC
- amulet
- special packaging
- God Wars Appreciation Festival application ticket

Also worth noting, Amazon Japan is also throwing in a free charm, Hinochi download code, and voice pack download code for all standard and limited pre-orders.

GameSpot Video - What an 8 Year-Old Thinks of Nintendo Labo

At the Nintendo Labo event, we decide to get the expert opinion on the new cardboard peripherals from the target audience: 8 year-old Sebastian.

Kirby Star Allies - Nintendo NY launch event footage

Oh man, I could have gotten my picture with the REAL Kirby?! I totally missed out! Could have been the photo op of a lifetime!

Shining Resonance Re:frain - 6 hours of footage

Play as Yuma Ilvern and stop the Empire from exploiting the power of the ancient dragons, including the soul of the Shining Dragon within you. With the help of your friends, realize your destiny, save Astoria, and unleash the strength you’ve always had locked away.

Your Four Horsemen Princess Training Story - 30 mins of footage

As an Instructor Knight, which princess’ wish will you grant? Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story is a multi-story game where different stories develop based on the player’s choices and how you teach the princesses.

Valkyria Chronicles 4, Attack on Titan 2 - Famitsu print ads

Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Attack on Titan 2 both got double-page ads in the latest issue of Famitsu. This issue in particular seems jam-packed with ads. I wonder what the ratio of ads to features and content is for a standard issue of Famitsu.

Amazon Germany shares retail packaging, screens, and tentative release date for Flashback 25th Anniversary on Switch

We've known for awhile now that Flashback was coming to the Switch, but now we've got a look at the game and it's European packaging, thanks to Amazon Germany. The listing also says the game is due out June 7th, but until we get confirmation on that from the publisher, this should be considered placeholder.

I can't believe that 25 years later, I'll be able to buy a retail version of Flashback again. I'm such a huge fan of the original. I actually still own it on SNES and SEGA CD, but you can bet I'll be grabbing it again on Switch.

Kirby Star Allies - more multiplayer footage

I've yet to try out the multiplayer in Kirby Star Allies. I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy it. I'm more into single player when it comes to mainline Kirby adventures, but I'm certainly willing to give it a try!