Smite - official Switch trailer, full launch and closed beta details, and updated arena

We just made a huge announcement that many of you have been asking for: SMITE is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ on January 24, 2019! Starting now, you can Pre-Purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack, which comes with all of the following:

Ultimate God Pack – Receive instant access to every God in the game, as well as unlocking every future God when they are released.
Dragon Empress Scylla – Summon the power of dragons as Dragon Empress Scylla! This skin is available only on Nintendo Switch™!
Dashing Deceiver Loki – Play as the Trickster God, Loki, in his fan-favorite skin, Dashing Deceiver.
400 Gems – Instantly unlock gems to start building your skin collection.
Exclusive, guaranteed access to the SMITE on Switch™ closed Beta – Coming January 24, 2019!
The SMITE Founder’s Pack is available for Pre-Purchase for only $29.99! Pre-Purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack today and you’ll also receive the Foxy Amaterasu skin, as well as an extra 200 Gems.

Arena, one of SMITE’s most popular game modes, is receiving a complete art update! Since this mode is so popular, we thought to ourselves: “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” So, the Arena map has minimal gameplay changes, ad mostly focuses on art, visual clarity, and feedback

Environment has been updated to more clearly differentiate between the two sides of the Arena and to better adhere to SMITE’s lore.

The Order side is themed around Greek Architecture and Hera
The Chaos side is themed around Roman Siege warfare and Bellona
The juggernauts have been replaced by Minotaurs!
They obey the same rules as before, they will continue moving toward the portal as long as an ally is near them
They will stop moving if no allies are nearby
Unlike Juggernauts, Minotaurs will attack when stopped
There are new audio cues when a Minotaur spawns or when a Minotaur enters a portal
Order and Chaos Minions have all been updated visually
UI icons for taking damage or death recap have been updated for new NPCs
The all new SMITE Arena is available to play right now! We’ll see you on the Battleground.

Super Hydorah - more gameplay footage

An evil force has launched an invasion over the Omios star! Fly with the space fleet in a campaign to liberate planets, destroy enemy bases and discover the misterious force behind the attack. Biomechanical enemies, space creatures, exotic planets and climatic threats are waiting for you, so select a route, equip your ship and prepare to die!

Toast Time: Smash Up! - more gameplay footage

Fresh from the oven, Toast Time: Smash Up brings the unique toast-based recoil/reload action from cult smash hit Toast Time to the multiplayer brawler/esports genre.

Destruction - another round of gameplay

A special forces action game that can be four people can play together! Be part of special forces and fly around the world!

Kirby Star Allies - 'Magalor is here' English trailer

This deceptive mage finally makes his way to Kirby Star Allies, complete with Gem Apples! Try out Magalor alongside the other Dream Friends on 11/30 when the Wave 3 update releases.

Akihabara - Feel the the Rhythm Remixed hits the Switch on Nov. 29th, 2018, preload discount available

The intense combination of rhythm and puzzle game Akihabara - Feel the the Rhythm Remixed released on Steam and Nintendo Switch on November 29!

About the game

Take a trip through engaging music and intense puzzle action, set in Tokyos Electric Town! Stack blocks to build combos, tap in rhythm with the music to break them. Play trough the campaigns, go for the high score!

Can you master the rhythm in Akihabara?

Challenge yourself with intense, fast-paced rhythm gameplay
Several original soundtracks
Enjoy high-quality graphics, sound, and music
Earn achievements in different game modes
Master the beat in Tokyo’s own Electric Town

The game features 25 tracks over 3 albums filled with amazing music.

Available for pre-purchase on the eShop at 15% discount.

Toast Time: Smash Up! - Out Now on Switch

Bristol, United Kingdom, November 16th, 2018 – Force Of Habit have today released their brand new title – Toast Time: Smash Up! – exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Fresh from the oven, Toast Time: Smash Up! brings the unique toast-based recoil & reload action from the appetising, breakfast-defence, cult smash hit Toast Time to the multiplayer brawler/eSports genre.

Return as TERRY (Toast-Ejecting Recoil & Reload sYstem) with a multitude of new, breakfast-based, zany, over-the-top awesomeness, and start a competitive multiplayer Smash Up at a bakery near you!

Release Date: Today!
Regular Price: £7.99 / €8.99 / $9.99
Launch discount (NA region only): 10% off

Toast Time: Smash Up! pits players (toasters) against each other with a variety of bread and breakfast-based projectiles: Bagels, Baguettes, Croutons, Crumpets, Doughballs, Toasties, etc., more than you can shake a breadstick at. Using only the recoil/propulsion from firing to navigate, players must outwit their opponents by positioning themselves within line-of-sight striking distance, all the while utilising their favourite breads to attack in full advantage and take each other out. It's mutually assured destruction.

Featuring 2 – 4 player local-multiplayer in 35 dynamic arenas, single-player in 54 musically choreographed missions, and newly localised into 6 languages (EFIGSP. JP, KO, ZH, RU coming soon), Toast Time is now truly the global breakfast staple everyone deserves.

Force Of Habit's prime wizard and pixel-pusher Ashley Gwinnell said about the announcement: “Whether you're a gluten for punishment, whether you're bready to rumble or whether you're just loafing around, this second serving of digital delight is one to salivate over! Raise your glasses! Bottoms up. Cheers!”

What are you waiting for? Spread some buttery breakfast joy. Bon appetite!

Toast Time: Smash Up! is available now on Nintendo Switch eShop in EU and AU regions.

Coffee Crisis hitting Switch on Nov. 30th, 2018, preload now live with a special discount

Save the Metal, Save the World, Save the Coffee!

Coffee Crisis is an arcade-style beat 'em up that pays homage to the 90's era of classic arcade and 16-bit brawlers. The Smurglian race has come to Earth and they're not leaving until they steal our most prized commodities: our metal music, the best coffee, and all of the WiFi. Get in the shoes of the only baristas on Earth with enough heavy metal in their veins to fend off this alien assault.

The game features:
Single or Local Co-Op Play
Heavy Metal
Possessed Grannies
Dangerous amounts of caffeine
Random modifiers that could make you an invincible killing machine or summon a swarm of raging possessed cowgirls. Get a unique cup of beat 'em up action every time you play!

Grab a hot mug and save the world! Pre-order starting today to get a 20% discount!

KAMIKO soundtrack now available on YouTube Music

Circle has announced that the full Kamiko original soundtrack is now available to stream through YouTube Music. Not only is Kamiko a great game, the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic! You can give it a listen right here.