Fire Emblem Heroes - Mythic Hero (Líf) trailer

Meet Lif

Lif, the Lethal Swordsman, is making his way to Fire Emblem Heroes. The character will be available starting Jan. 30th, 2020, and will be sticking around until Feb. 6th, 2020.

Listen to a another unheard demo track from Sonic 3D Blast

Unheard boss tunes

Travelers Tales' founder continues to release Sonic 3D Blast unheard demo tracks on his YouTube channel. Today's installment gives us the demo track for boss battles that were composed by Jun Senoue.

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Version 7.0.0 footage (Byleth, Garreg Mach Monastery, Mii costumes, and more)

See what Byleth has to offer

Want to get a look at what Smash Bros. Ultimate's Version 7.0.0 update has to offer? Keep checking back in this post for video coverage of Byleth, the new stage, and more.

Open World Monster Battling RPG 'Kindred Fates' has a Switch Kickstarter stretch goal

Another potential Switch release

Kindred Fates is an open world monster battling RPG, and a love letter to the monster battle genre. Our goal is to evolve the genre, and finally bring fans what they've been asking for.

Kindred Fates has a base goal of $50k, but if Switch fans want to see the game hit Nintendo's platform, the Kickstarter will have to hit $155k. You can keep tabs on the situation at the official Kickstarter.

IGN Video - Theory: How Long Is Super Mario Bros. in Real Time?

We take video games seriously. As any serious video gamer, we wanted to know how long it took Mario to reach Princess Peach in the original Super Mario Bros. In digging into this, we stumbled upon many other questions about this beloved game and were confronted with a startling question: Is Mario a hero? Honestly, we don't know anymore.

IGN Video - Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge trailer analysis

The upcoming animated movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge seems to be retelling the story of the first Mortal Kombat game with an emphasis on the sub-story of Scorpion. But how faithful will it be? Let's take a deeper look.

Modder transports Super Mario 64's "Shifting Sand Land" into The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

You got Mario in my Zelda!

Super Mario 64 is an amzing game, as is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Why not combine both great experiences into one game? That's what Kaze Emanuar has done with his most recent mod.

The mod takes the Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64 and recreates it in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now Link has a brand-new dungeon to make his way through!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Tender Claws Announces In-House Indie Publishing Imprint; First Title is Turnfollow’s Wide Ocean Big Jacket for Switch

A slice of life experience

Tender Claws, the acclaimed creative studio behind Virtual Virtual Reality, Tendar, and The Under Presents, have announced a new in-house publishing imprint to support other indie game creators: Tender Claws Presents. The first title to be published is Turnfollow’s Wide Ocean Big Jacket, launching February 4 across Nintendo Switch and PC. Wide Ocean Big Jacket was recently announced as a finalist in the Excellence in Narrative category at the 2020 Independent Games Festival Awards, and received an Honorable Mention for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Turnfollow is an independent game studio co-founded by Carter Lodwick and Ian Endsley, known for its narrative-focused and minimalistic yet expressive games. Its latest title Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a story game that explores the interpersonal relationships of its four main characters: Mord and Ben, a precocious young couple in middle school, and Mord’s Uncle Brad
and Aunt Cloanne. As the group embarks on a weekend camping trip, Mord and Ben reckon with the unknown freedoms of nature and adulthood, while Brad and Cloanne take on new responsibilities and deepen their connection in the process. The slice-of-life game is charming and tender, a story unfolding over 20 chapters as players guide the characters to explore new
areas around the campsite, share their inner thoughts, and evolve their relationships.

“Our approach to games has always been to craft an effective story where the player can absorb moments that feel natural, personal, and inviting,” shared Endlsey. “In Wide Ocean Big Jacket we were inspired to explore the internal and external influences that have shaped our view of relationships, and how that has evolved as we get older – examining the effects of both
small and large decisions, the way you try to communicate your own experiences to a partner, and navigating a partnership in both its early and established phases. We hope that players see the nuance, humor, and beauty in this game, and can relate to the characters and situations within.”

Through Tender Claws’ new imprint, the studio will dedicate funding and other resources to help bring a curated selection of experimental, independent projects to a larger audience. Such projects will primarily be narrative-driven, and will include games as well as content that cannot be easily categorized. Tender Claws plans to support one title per year, kicking off 2020 with
Wide Ocean Big Jacket.

In a joint statement, Tender Claws co-founders Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro shared: “As creators ourselves, it is a personal goal to set aside a bit of the profit from our projects to feed back into games and other content we want to see in the world. We are fortunate to be in a position where we can offer both financial assistance and industry insight to support other indie creators and advocate for bold, untraditional games and stories. We have long admired Turnfollow’s work and were glad to collaborate with them on Wide Ocean Big Jacket.”

“Wide Ocean Big Jacket is our most ambitious launch yet, and Tender Claws has been an invaluable resource in helping us to expand our reach to new platforms,” said Turnfollow’s Lodwick. “We’re very excited to connect with new audiences and keep playing with the story- game form.”

Pixel-art arcade adventure 'Battle Axe' trying to secure funding for Switch release on Kickstarter, physical option planned

The old Battle Axe

Battle Axe can be played solo or in local co-op by two people, with players choosing their preferred hero before embarking on their quest. Each hero has a projectile attack to tackle the enemy from afar, as well as a short-range attack, special abilities to give them a momentary advantage, and they can also can pickup items which have a variety of effects.

Does Battle Axe look like something you'd like to help bring to Switch? The dev team is looking for $53k to make that happen, and it seems they've lined up a partner for a retail release as well. If you want to kick in some cash, you can do so right here.

Thanks to JPSwitchMania for the heads up!

Sparkle 4 Tales comes to Switch on Jan. 30th, 2020

Sparkle sparkle!

"There you are, my little thing... Wondering who am I? Let's start here, with your first experience of life... Maybe it will lead us somewhere. Shall we?"

Begin the emotional journey and start as a small spark of life. Move out of the depths into the bright and peaceful place of grown species. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric surroundings from the beginnings of life, and the beautiful soundtrack to complement your experience.

Have a conversation with the Creator to determine your future. Will you grow into a peaceful being, a bloodthirsty carnivore or something in between? Explore the Void and find your destiny. Become a magnificent being and explore your potential in a unique story.

Sparkle 4 Tales comes to Switch on Jan. 30th, 2020, and is priced at $10. The title will take up 373 MB of space.


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