Retro-platformer Ultracore announced for Switch, Preorders start April 28th, 2019

Retail release courtesy of Strictly Limited Games

Ultracore, including an extended soundtrack, will also appear for Nintendo Switch in addition to the already announced versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Preorders can be placed from April 28 to June 30 on the official website of Strictly Limited Games.

The Stuttgart-based publisher Strictly Limited Games, which specializes in the publication of highly limited, physical collector’s editions of digital games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch, today announced that the long-awaited title Ultracore will also appear for the Nintendo Switch. Preorders can be placed for two months, starting on April 28 and running until June 30. There will also be a limited Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which can also be preordered on www.strictlylimitedgames.com/releases/ultracore.

Fans of the synthwave sound will especially get their money’s worth with Ultracore. Strictly Limited Games announced today that an optional second soundtrack will be integrated into the game alongside the fantastic original soundtrack from the 1990s. Fans and players reacted so well to the teaser trailer, which features the music of the band Mega Drive, that Strictly Limited Games, in cooperation with other artists and the label FiXT Neon, will include more soundtracks and music in the game. Along with the already mentioned Mega Drive, genre stars such as Scandroid and Waveshaper will contribute to the new soundtrack.

About Ultracore:

Ultracore is a eurostyle MetroidVania-platformer, which has been developed by DICE under the name of “HardCore” for Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega CD and Commodore Amiga in the early 1990s with a release planned around 1994/1995 by Psygnosis. But prior to completion, development had been abandoned in order to shift focus to the new generation of gaming consoles. The following twenty-three years “HardCore” was believed to be lost as even the Swedish developer did no longer have any data or documentation available. In 2017, Strictly Limited Games managed to locate a copy of the original build and has since then been working on the recovery of this retro-treasure for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Involved in this project are, among others, the long-time DICE-employee Mikael Kalms as well as members of the 1994 original development team, Fredrik Liljegren and Joakim Wejdemar.

Ultracore is especially appealing to classic 2D action game enthusiasts with its intricate level design and numerous mid- and end-bosses.

Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition and bonus stylus confirmed for Australia

Mario goes down under

Our friends in Australia will be happy to know that Super Mario Maker 2's Limited Edition is going to see release in the region. That goes for the stylus as well, which can be picked up as a preorder bonus. That leaves just North America waiting on Limited Edition news.

Thief Simulator heading to Switch on May 16th, 2019

Hoping to steal some of your time

Gather Intel

A good thief always observes his target. What's inside? Who lives there? What's your target’s day schedule? Find out when the house is empty and does it have nosy neighbors. Choose from lots of possible approaches to prepare the best plan. Use modern devices available in Thief Simulator to gather intel about your target and it's neighborhood.

Be Quick

The faster, the better. Find and steal as many valuables as possible! Remember, infinite backpacks don't exist. When it's about time you have to maintain cold blood. In every house you'll find tons of useless stuff, which can really slow you down. When you're not sure if you can take some serious money for it, maybe a good idea would be to leave it behind and save some space for expensive goods. If you fill your backpack with worthless items, you may have to waste your time to throw stuff out just to make space for other things. Be careful, cause some things can draw police attention!


A real, experienced thief can spot places where it’s most probable to find some valuables on the fly. Use the flashlight at night to highlight all the valuables in sight and places where you can expect them to be.

Prepare Loot

Disassemble a stolen car and sell parts on the internet. Prepare phones and tablets before selling them in a pawn shop by removing their security systems.

Useful Items

Look around for any useful items. They will save you some time on lockpicking or hacking. Key hid near a window or purchase receipts in trash bins - all those things can make life of an aspiring thief so much easier and reduce your burglary time even by a half. Of course many of them are just useless trash... Or aren't they?

Be Careful

In some houses you can meet unexpected guests. If they catch you in the act, they will call the police. In this case hide and wait till they stop looking for you or leave the loot and run away as fast as possible.

Thief Simulator comes to Switch on May 16th, 2019, and it's priced at $20. Preorders open on May 9th, 2019, and will net customers at 10% discount.

Full Japanese cover art for Kill la Kill the Game: IF and Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth shared

Which do you like better?

We don't often get the full cover art for games, but today we're in luck. The front/back covers for both Kill la Kill the Game: IF and Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth have been released. I'd say they're both pretty eye-catching covers!

La-Mulana 2 to include a cameo from Owlboy's Buccanary, more gameplay shown

Buccanary swoops in

Buccanary from Owlboy is going to have a cameo appearance in La-Mulana 2. Buccanary joins characters from VA-11 HALL-A and Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight. Buccanary will be taking on the role of a shopkeep in the ruins.

Along with the third cameo reveal, some new gameplay from La-Mulana 2 has surfaced. Check it out via the tweet below.

Tlicolity Eyes -Twinkle Snowtime- gets another promo video

Idea Factory will be bringing their visual novel Tlicolity Eyes -Twinkle Snowtime- to the Switch in Japan on July 18th, 2019. No word on localization at this time.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - another batch of screens

Check out more here

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle offers aspiring commanders the chance to create their own corps, and fight to recover the land outside of the walls, in the action-packed Territory Recovery Mode.

2019 Pokémon Europe International Championships Stream Now Live

Let's see which trainers are the best!

Watch live Pokémon video game action at the 2019 Pokémon Europe International Championships in Berlin, Germany. This is the third International Championships of the season as players continue to battle for a chance to become the next Pokémon World Champion.

Check out the full schedule here

Zoids Wild: King of Blast getting Gilraptor Emperor DLC this Summer

That Zoids pilot is a real creeper

Takara Tomy Arts has announced that Gilraptor Emperor will be added to Zoids Wild: King of Blast as free DLC sometime this Summer. There are still two more free DLC characters to be revealed.

BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! – "Meet Qudy" trailer

It's not all about BOXBOY, you know

The fan-favourite 2D puzzle-platformer series comes to Nintendo Switch, in BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Think outside the box – alone or with a friend in co-op – as you help Qbby and his pals solve tricky puzzles across 270 brainteasing stages!