Recap of everything announced in the Pokémon Presents 2.26.2021 presentation (Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl), official websites featuring artwork, screenshots, and details now live

It's a great day to be a Pokémon trainer!

The Pokémon Day festivities kicked off a day early with a news-filled Pokémon Presents event. Hosted by The Pokémon Company's president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, the special presentation started with an incredible video showcasing the 25-year history of Pokémon. Pokémon Day marks the date that Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green were first launched in Japan in 1996, starting a legacy that continues to grow to this day.

After the 25th celebration video, we got to see more of New Pokémon Snap, arriving on April 30 on Nintendo Switch. You can get a closer look at what was revealed at the New Pokémon Snap official site.

Next up was a preview of the in-game events happening on Pokémon Day, including encounters with Gigantamax Pikachu in Max Raid Battles in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Plus, Galar Champion Leon has recently made his appearance in Pokémon Masters EX alongside his partner Charizard. And Pokémon Café Mix keeps serving up fun by giving players 2,500 bonus golden acorns when they log in.

Then, new games were unveiled, all for Nintendo Switch and all set in the Sinnoh region: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, as well as Pokémon Legends: Arceus. These games may be set in the same region, but they offer distinct gameplay experiences.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Trainers will get the chance to explore the Sinnoh region in a new way—by traveling to the past in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Set long before the events of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, this game will allow players to travel across Sinnoh to discover wild Pokémon and complete the region's very first Pokédex. And while Mount Coronet towering over the region makes it clear that you're in Sinnoh, the Pokémon you encounter in this era may be different from the ones you remember catching in other games set in this same region. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is planned to launch on Nintendo Switch early next year.

Visit the Pokémon Legends: Arceus official site for more details.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

Trainers will also get the chance to visit Sinnoh in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, faithful remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, which originally came out on the Nintendo DS system. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl are planned to launch on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Get a closer look at these games at the official site.

Transformers: Battlegrounds "Shattered Spacebridge" DLC now available

"Continue the epic battle between autobots and decepticons."

TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, the tactical combat video game that brings a brand-new take on the global blockbuster TRANSFORMERS franchise, today has released the Shattered Spacebridge DLC add-on available to play on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox and PC digital for £7.99

Enter the next dimension of TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, help the Autobots reconstruct the Spacebridge and find their way back to Cybertron as they battle the evil Decepticons along the way! Every run through the multiverse presents a unique new challenge; can you win back the scattered Spacebridge components, help the Autobots’ recover their lost abilities, and keep your team’s spark alive long enough to make it home?

Released in October 2020, TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS features fan favourite characters from the TRANSFORMERS franchise including Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Starscream, and Megatron as they battle it out for control of the AllSpark in single-player and co-op gameplay. This new DLC update is available to purchase for all players who own the base game and features new maps in the expanded multiverse as well as 20 additional missions to complete. Choose your team, missions and upgrades strategically to survive and avoid having to start all over again in your quest to help the Autobots make it back home.

TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS – SHATTERED SPACEBRIDGE is available now on PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC digital.

Truck Driver delivers free DLC on Switch

Time to hit the road

Looks like there's a few more deliveries to make in Truck Driver. A new round of DLC is available today, and you can get full details on it below.

Today SOEDESCO® delivered their free ‘Hidden Places & Damage System’ DLC for Truck Driver® on Nintendo Switch™. The trucking experience launched on Nintendo Switch in November of last year and has since gotten numerous updates. Just last week a big patch released for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which introduced 15 new unlockable paint color options, button mapping and road blocks among others. The free 'Hidden Places & Damage System' DLC further expands the game and is available for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One as well.

About ‘Hidden Places & Damage System’ DLC

Get ready to hit the road and discover hidden places and new vehicles. Drive safe though, since a new damage system shows visual damage on your truck and other vehicles at the point of impact. With three hidden places, you can search for unknown roads that are not shown on the map. You can also spot five brand-new vehicles in traffic, including a tow truck and minibus. So drive responsibly and go exploring!


Get visual 3D damage with dents and scratches on your truck and other vehicles
Find three hidden places that are not shown on the map
Spot five new vehicles: a minibus, classic muscle car, tow truck, box truck and pick-up truck
Discover your clients’ new look with revamped character art

Race the Wii DK Summit in Mario Kart Tour's Snow Tour

Slip, sliding your way

The Mario Kart Tour Snow Tour kicked off a couple days ago, bringing a wintery mix of fun and frenzy with it. Need an official breakdown everything this Tour includes? You can read Nintendo's rundown below.

Slip, slide, and race in snow-filled fun during the Snow Tour—the latest limited-time event in the Mario Kart Tour game, happening now! Conquer the added course Wii DK Summit and see if you can pull one of the snow-themed drivers, karts, and gliders from the pipes.

Mario Kart Tour is for everyone, newcomers and karting veterans alike. We hope you have a fun time racing, collecting Grand Stars, and seeing if you can unlock all the in-game rewards.

Tour overview

Event and login bonus duration: Until March 9 at 9:59 p.m. PT

Snow Tour Pipe 1: Penguin Toad and Penguin Luigi are in the spotlight

Available from Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. PT until March 9 at 9:59 p.m. PT

You can find Penguin Toad, Penguin Luigi, the Steel Driver kart, the Black Penguin Slider kart, the Rainy Balloons glider, and the Blooper Wingtip glider in the spotlight.

The favored courses for these drivers will include the second course of every cup for the duration of the Snow Tour.

Snow Tour Pipe 2: Peach (Wintertime) and Wario (Hiker) are in the spotlight

Available from March 2 at 10 p.m. PT until March 9 at 9:59 p.m. PT

You can find Peach (Wintertime), Wario (Hiker), the Gilded Prancer kart, the Snow Skimmer kart, the Rainbow Starchute glider, and the Blizzard Parasol glider in the spotlight.

The favored courses for these drivers will include the third course of every cup for the duration of the Snow Tour.

Lucky Seven Pipe

Available from Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. PT until March 9 at 9:59 p.m. PT

Take your chance to nab Nabbit, Luigi (Classic), and other drivers that have the Lucky Seven skill.

Heavy Duty Pipe

Available from Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. PT until March 4 at 9:59 p.m. PT

This pipe features some heavy-duty karts with tires made for a wild ride. It's your chance to get rare karts like Dozer Dasher, Dark Buggy, and more.

Tour gifts

The included Tour gifts this time are Roy, the Landship kart, and the Minion Paper Glider. If you have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription and earn enough Grand Stars, you will also receive Ice Bro, the Pipe Buggy kart, the Gold Snow Skimmer kart, and the Cloud Glider as Tour gifts.

New in version 2.8

Check out what’s been added to the latest version of the Mario Kart Tour game, available now:

The max level for drivers, karts, and gliders boosted to Lv. 7
An option to enable Team Attack in team races
New multiplayer events include Kart Pro and cooperative 2-Player Challenges. In the Kart Pro event, challenge yourself to win 3 races in a row in Standard or Gold Races.
In Auto Mode, choose from seven filters to change up your in-game snapshots.
Ability to adjust the position for steering and using items in Landscape mode

Hades and If Found take home wins at the Gayming Awards 2021

Big wins for great games

The Gayming Awards 2021 were recently held, and some Switch titles took home big wins. You can see a full rundown of the event and the award winners in the press release below.

The queerest night in games has come to a close for this year with nine awards given out at The Gayming Awards 2021 last night to celebrate some of the greatest contributions to LGBTQ inclusion and representation in gaming. The history-making inaugural Gayming Awards were broadcast to an amazing audience of over 110,000 unique viewers.

The winners of each category were chosen by an international judging panel of LGBTQ+ video game industry professionals, with the exception of the LGBTQ Streamer of the Year Award and the Readers’ Award which were decided by public vote.

Robin Gray, founder, and editor of Gayming Magazine, had the following to say on the momentous night: “I am so proud to be able to say we have held the world's first LGBTQ video game award show! 2020 was truly a watershed moment for LGBTQ inclusion in games and to be able to celebrate it with everyone, although virtually, was amazing! Congratulations to all the winners, well done to all the nominees and thank you again to all our sponsors! See you in 2022!”

Colin Blackwood, EA’s UK & Ireland Country Manager, said: “Congratulations to the amazing nominees and winners celebrated tonight. As a founding partner of the #RaiseTheGame pledge, EA are thrilled to sponsor the inaugural Gayming Awards, celebrating and recognising the power of inclusion of LGBTQ+, and diversity of stories and creators, in video games. We look forward to these awards becoming an annual tradition.”

If you missed the show, you can watch it back now at the following link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/927084821

The following are The Gayming Awards 2021 winners:

Best LGBTQ Narrative Award – sponsored by Hangar 13

- If Found…

Authentic Representation Award – sponsored by Green Man Gaming

- Tell Me Why

Best LGBTQ Character Award – sponsored by Rocksteady Studios

- Tyler Ronan - Tell Me Why

LGBTQ Streamer of the Year Award – sponsored by Twitch


Industry Diversity Award – sponsored by Square Enix London Mobile

- I Need Diverse Games

Best LGBTQ Indie Game Award – sponsored by Xbox

- If Found…

Gayming Magazine Readers’ Award – sponsored by PlayStation

- Hades

Gayming Icon Award – presented by Gayming Magazine

- Robert Yang

Game of the Year – sponsored by EA Games

- Hades

Double Pug Switch Now On Sale To Celebrate PangPang Collaboration

Doubling down

The team behind Double Pug have tied up with the social media star PangPang the pug to promote their game, which has paved the way for a limited-time discount for the game. Read about the collab and sale offer below.

Double Pug Switch developers The Polygon Loft have teamed up with influencer pug PangPang. To celebrate this, we are offering a discount on the game.

About the collaboration:

Double Pug Switch has over 40 in game cosmetic items, all unlocked via gameplay. We have added PangPang’s famous Union Jack harness to the iOS and Google versions of the game, and are rolling it out across other platforms as we speak. Players can use the harness right from the get go.

This is the second time The Polygon Loft have teamed up with a influencer, the other collaboration was with Puggy Smalls.

Discount amounts:

PlayStation : 40%
Nintendo Switch: 40%
Steam: 40%
iOS: 40%
Android/Google Play Store: 40%

Hellpoint now available on Switch

You can't escape

It's Hell on earth in Hellscape, available on Switch today. To learn more about the Switch version, read the official press release below.

Following a successful launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox last year, the Sci-Fi Action-RPG Hellpoint from Cradle Games and tinyBuild is making its way to Nintendo Switch, both in digital and physical form, courtesy of retail publisher Merge Games. The Google Stadia version has also been released today, and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are still on track to come out in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch and Stadia versions are priced at $34.99 / €34.99 / £29.99. Additionally, a physical collector’s edition for Nintendo Switch is available from Signature Edition Games. Hellpoint’s Switch rendition will retain all gameplay features from the PC and console version with the exception of split-screen co-op (online co-op play is still supported).

Previously, Cradle Games announced that Hellpoint would be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 later in 2021, bringing higher resolutions and additional graphical features from the PC version to the new consoles. A next-gen backwards compatibility patch was released in December 2020, adding an optional 60 FPS mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Foreclosed hits Switch in Summer 2021, physical release coming later this year

It's a deal

FORECLOSED was revealed for Switch awhile ago, but we finally have an idea of when to expect it. The game is scheduled to release sometime in Summer 2021, and better yet, a physical release is in the works too. Get all the info on that below.

Merge Games is delighted to announce FORECLOSED will be landing on all digital stores (Steam, Nintendo eShop, Xbox Store and PlayStation’s PS4 & PS5 Store) this Summer. As if that news wasn’t good enough, physical copies of FORECLOSED will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch later this year too!

FORECLOSED will be one of Merge Games’ first releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, displaying beautiful 4K visuals and 60 frames per second. In addition to this FORECLOSED also takes advantage of the PS5’s Dual Sense features! (More on that to come later!)


FORECLOSED is a narrative-driven action-adventure set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense, and experimental augmentations. Follow the story of Evan Kapnos, his identity recently Foreclosed, stripped of his job, his brain implants and his access to the city Block-chain, he must now escape before his identity and implants are auctioned off.

FORECLOSED combines the playability of video games with the sleek visual aesthetic of comic books. Everything from game-play to cinematics are experienced within the stylistic framework of a graphic novel. Full screen and comic panel perspectives are seamlessly blended as you move throughout FORECLOSED's Cyberpunk city, uncovering a gripping conspiracy story. Cutscenes are also interactive and transition smoothly between alternative game-play styles.

Key Features

Slick Cyberpunk Action – FORECLOSED is a narrative-driven action-adventure set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense, and experimental augmentations.

Interactive Comic Book - Everything from gameplay to cinematics are experienced within the stylistic framework of a graphic novel to make you truly feel like a comic book hero.

Immersive Narrative - Follow the story of Evan Kapnos, his identity recently Foreclosed, stripped of his job, brain implants and access to the city Blockchain. He must now escape the city before his identity and implants are auctioned off…

Hi-tech Combat - Modify your Symbiotic Pistol with an assortment of customisations that can be swapped out or even combined.

Augmentation Upgrades - Discover and unlock brain implant abilities with an RPG-like skill system

Broken Lines celebrates a year of tactical action with new content, giveaways, and more

The line is drawn

Broken Lines has been available for a year now, and the dev team is celebrating the anniversary with a bunch of fun content. Check out details on the celebration below.

Super.com and PortaPlay are happy to invite you to join the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Broken Lines, tactical action about people at war. The game features dynamic phase-based gameplay, a story that depends on the player’s actions, and a unique buddy system so your soldiers perform better if they actually like the people in their squad.

A full-scale Zombie campaign was recently added to the game so players could take a break from the doom and gloom of a modern-day conflict and enjoy some guilt-free tactical zombie shooting instead.

The Dead and the Drunk

The new campaign features a three-sided conflict between the player, the hordes of undead who will not stop until they have some fresh brains to feast on, and the surviving masked enemies, backed with superior equipment. This seems like a one-way journey for our crew.

But hey, don't give up just yet! The squad has access to a little something that will keep them going. Good old Dutch courage, gained by drinking a locally produced and highly flammable liquor that not only makes their stomachs warm but gives them a healthy dose of bloodlust and brute force.

So make sure the squad is nicely drunk and charge into battle together.

We've got a pagan mystery to solve!

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse launches for Switch on March 11th, 2021

Time to freak out!

After a successful Kickstarter in 2017, Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse is finally heading to Switch. The game will launch on March 11th, 2021, and pre-orders with a 10% discount kick off March 4th, 2021. As for the game itself, you can read full details below.

Today, Publisher Serenity Forge, alongside developers Skeleton Crew Studios and Explosm Games have announced that Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalyse — the first point-and-click-adventure game in a “tragilogy” (trilogy of tragedy) filled with dark comedy, drama, and weirdness — will launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam on March 11, 2021, for $19.99, with a 10% for the first week. Preorders will be available starting March 4, 2021, through Nintendo eShop.

In Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalyse, players follow the adventures of Cooper “Coop” McCarthy, as he does normal high school things, like trying to find a prom date and doing his best to avoid getting killed by bullies all while trying not to trigger an apocalyptic event.

First announced in 2017 and brought to life through Kickstarter, Freakpocalyse is the first chance for fans to experience and interact with the universe from the much-loved Cyanide & Happiness animated shorts, webcomics, and card games.

Key Features:

All the fun of a Cyanide & Happiness animated short, all packed into a video game!

Fully voiced dialogue featuring special guest voice actors including Arin Hanson (Game Grumps), Jessica Calvello, YMS Adum, Rice Pirate Mick, and more.

The first-ever chance to interact with fan favorites from the Cyanide & Happiness universe, including Ted Bear, Shark Dad, Señor Cleanfist, and more.

The first installment in the Freakpocalypse “tragilogy” - a trilogy of games telling the complete tragic & chaotic story.

An incredibly interactive world with more than 100 bizarre characters and countless objects to look at, touch, and talk to, along with unlockable costumes to find and wear.

No need to know the back story— Freakpocalyse gives long-time fans a lot to look forward to, but is also the perfect introduction for anyone new to the franchise.

Cinematic cutscenes and a completely original soundtrack.

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalyse will be available in French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and English on Nintendo eShop for Switch and on Steam for $19.99, with a 10% for the first week, and is rated M by ESRB. Learn more at http://www.freakpocalypse.com.