Get your roguelike action on the go with the wicked cartoon bullet hell "The Crackpet Show," heading to Switch Q2 2021

A different kind of bullet hell

These animals might look cute at first glance, but a closer look shows that they've lost their damn minds! They're ready to blast away the competition, so you better be ready to dish out the damage! The Crackpet Show is coming to Switch in Q2 2021, and you can get full details below.

Go solo or team up with up to 4 players and take on the role of gunned up and insanely freaky animals ready to gut up enemies just to gain fame in the World’s Biggest bullet-hell Show!

The cute and fluffy animals have mutated, got their hands on some guns and now they're about to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights! Driven by a crazy blood rush, they've organized a gladiator-style TV Show, where they're fighting each other, getting likes and grand-prizes from their sponsors. Victory is secondary, performance matters more. Especially when it's explosive and brutal!

And the best part? The game will get a dedicated Nintendo Switch release - with both singleplayer and co-op campaigns! So if sometimes you just need your fill of daily mayhem, now you'll be able to get it anywhere - on your couch, at your job, on the bus, and yes, even during those long "life contemplation" sessions in the toilet ;)

About the game

The Crackpet Show is a high-powered hybrid of the bullet-hell shooter and vehicular mayhem with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition.

In the game, players take on the role of cartoon animal gladiators performing in a savage tournament. This post-apocalyptic TV show is extremely popular and is transmitted all around what is left of the world as we know it. Every participant is treated as a hero just for their very presence in the show.

Champions fight for life with creatures mutated so heavily that they disgust even the beasts themselves, that’s why they’re only used to fighting in the pit with the gladiators. This is not all you can fear. Most places you'll encounter are covered with deadly traps!

Your and your friends’ goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible, closing all that mayhem by conquering bosses. However, this task is almost unachievable for an ordinary rookie, so the competitors have to approach the challenge more than once, developing their skills and equipment in the meantime.

So gear up, invite your friends, and get involved in the most creepy, post-apocalyptic, rogue-like bloodbath!


It’s all about The SHOW! Each game level is another episode of a very bizarre, yet extremely popular gladiator-style television show, where winning is not as important as making a freaky, killing spree performance.

Post-apocalyptic rampage! What happened to humans some may ask, well, no one knows, and honestly no one cares anymore. They’re most likely extinct and their entire legacy, especially weapons, is now being exploited by those who have displaced them – loony, mutated, Crackpets.

Why does it feel so wrong and yet so right? Feeling nostalgic about good ol’ adult cartoons? The Crackpet Show is the answer! We’ve got all sorts of Happy Tree Friends-inspired animal characters that are both so adorable and even more creepy. Nothing like you’ve ever seen, post-apocalyptic setting that fuses colorful art-style, fluffy characters with action full of skull-cracking and destruction.

All aboard the HYPE train! Jump in and try your luck becoming the next Champion. Acquire as many fans and sponsors as possible and receive rewards! Gain fame by completing show-rooms or whole episodes and collect fancy perk coins. Gather likes slaughtering your opponents and exchange them for equipment, new weapons, and perks.

Teamplay, you freak! Want something more than a singleplayer experience? Gather up to 4 friends, pick the preferred room, and hack & slash through enemies. When the time comes, fight your dudes for the loot - there can be only one STAR! But, since you might need sidekicks on the way to glory, go and buff up your team and share weapons and gear with them, and if they drop dead you can even revive them. Just like in the Pet Sematary!

Monotony? No way, Jose! Procedurally generated maps and tons of enemies do not allow any boredom. The show producers promise at least a couple of episodes, with different biomes, various exhibits, and the right background for the overwhelming bloodshed you’ll perform. Stand out during the casting and choose your favorite character class with different sets of weapons.
Kick some big-ASS bosses! Lights, camera, and action…slice those huge and abominated enemies into pieces. Slay everything you see and get the trophies you deserve. What? You’ve never fought a big, floating ASS in the jar, before?

The Crackpet Show is currently in development with the release date planned for Q2 2021. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Dive into the history of Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Smash TV, and More in Documentary Insert Coin

Diving deep into the classics

Looking to learn more about some classic arcade games that made the jump to Nintendo platforms? The perfect way to do so is with Insert Coin, a new documentary available right now. Get the full rundown of this feature below.

Today, Cargo Film & Releasing — a global film sales and distribution agency — is inviting fans of gaming history to “get over here” and check out Insert Coin, a documentary that offers viewers a peek into the history of legendary development studio Midway Games. Available today via Alamo Drafthouse’s Alamo On Demand Digital Release, Insert Coin takes viewers back to the early days of the groundbreaking studio, famous for legendary titles like Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Narc.

Director Joshua Tsui has crafted Insert Coin as a love letter, time machine, and insider’s look at a studio that created pop culture giants that would fundamentally change how we played video games. The early 90s were like the Wild West era of the gaming industry, and no studio represented that ethos more than Midway Games with its wildly controversial (and hugely successful) titles like Mortal Kombat, a game that thrilled players and shocked parental advisory groups across the globe with its over the top violence and colorful cast.

Tsui was there when it all went down, having worked on the Mortal Kombat franchise and even lent his face to Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat IV. Insert Coin features interviews with past Midway team members, including Eugene Jarvis (Defender and Robotron: 2084), Mark Turmell (SmashTV, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz), John Tobias (co-creator Mortal Kombat series), George Petro (NARC, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Revolution X), and others. Also prominently featured are industry insiders Carly Kucerek (Coin-Operated Americans) and novelist and screenwriter Ernest Cline (Ready Player One, Armada).

“We’re incredibly proud of this film and it was a pleasure working with Joshua Tsui and his team,” said David Piperni, Founder of Cargo Film & Releasing. “As we kick off the latest console generation, we hope Insert Coin serves as a fun and informative ride that takes players back the era when gaming exploded as a mainstream pop-culture phenomenon.“

“Putting together Insert Coin was a wonderful trip down memory lane, but it’s also so much more than that,” said Joshua Tsui, Insert Coin’s director. “This film documents a true paradigm shift in gaming, and Midway Games was instrumental in bringing fun, competitive titles from the arcade to the living room. I’m beyond excited to share this journey with our viewers, and hope they have as much fun watching it as we did making it.”

It’s hard to overstate the impact Midway Games had upon the gaming industry and the entertainment industry as a whole. Mortal Kombat went from a controversial arcade game to an iconic IP that spawned numerous sequels, theatrical films, comic books, action figures, and cartoon series. NBA JAM, Rampage, and SmashTV brought co-op and multiplayer to living rooms worldwide, allowing players to experience the thrill of the arcade in the comfort of their own homes. Insert Coin explores the rise and fall of the epochal studio, featuring interviews with team members and industry icons, footage and insider stories from the early days of the company, and how it went from dominating the industry to becoming the stuff of legend.

Action-packed top-down shooter "Destropolis" out now on Switch

"Inspired by such classics as Crimsonland, Alien Shooter, or Nuclear Throne."

November 27th - Warsaw, Poland | Defeat 6 types of enemies with 15 different guns at your disposal, using 12 power-ups and 40 skills. Play alone, or with your friends in up to 3 players co-op mode.

Visit the game's store page on the Nintendo eShop and buy Destropolis now to get it 20% off, or even 40% cheaper if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles!

...to get this title 20% cheaper. If you’re the owner of one of the following games: Alder's Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Apparition, Picklock - you can get Destropolis 40% off. This offer is tied to the game release ONLY.

About the game:
Destropolis takes place in a futuristic city, filled with red, cube-like enemies. Tear them to pieces with bullets, lasers, and nuclear explosions. Play alone or with friends in a local co-op mode. Destroy as many enemies as you can before they overwhelm you.

- Fight an endless wave of enemies in a futuristic city.
- Totally destructible environment. Every object in the game, every enemy, every building, can be smashed into pieces. You can blow up buildings, you can use them as cover, you can dismantle enemies bit by bit.
- 6 different types of enemies. Cubes are numerous and dangerous up close. Obelisks shoot lasers at you. Bomb spheres explode on contact. Pyramids shoot at you from a distance with artillery rounds. Wrecking balls smash everything on their path. Big, hexagonal bosses wreak havoc with their massive machine guns.
- 15 different guns at your disposal. Shotguns, assault rifles, and machine guns shoot bullets that shred your enemies to pieces. Missiles and nuclear launchers create balls of fire that effectively clear out battlefields. Lasers and gauss guns cut through enemies like knives through butter.
- 12 power-ups and 40 skills that enhance your abilities. Place turrets, create force fields, and detonate nuclear explosions. Increase your health, damage, or movement speed. Confuse your enemies that they will shoot at each other.
- Play alone, or with your friends in up to 3 players co-op mode.
- Compete with other players from around the world on global leaderboards.
- Unique art style. Clean and minimalistic environment. Distinct and aggressively colored enemies. Beautiful explosions and lighting effects.
- Synth-wave music. Created by a popular artist - LukHash. A fusion of chiptune mastery mingled with synthwave cyberpunk and EDM elements.

Destropolis is now available on Switch. You can get the game 20% cheaper (or 40% if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles). The standard price of the game will be 5.99 EUR/USD. Game is localized into English, Polish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Portugal, and Russian.

QubicGames bringing Door Kickers, DungeonTop, and the Bit.Trip series to Switch in Dec. 2020

A bit.trip down memory lane!

27 November 2020, Warsaw, Poland | QubicGames has released a mini direct video to showcase their final games of 2020 coming to Nintendo Switch.

It’s 8 games in total, 6 of which are from the nostalgia inducing Bit.Trip series that originally came out during the reign of the Nintendo Wii and sold millions of copies. Rounding out the selection is the SWAT strategy planner Door Kickers and the sleek deck building tabletop hybrid, DungetonTop.

All 8 games will be out by December 26th, 2020 and are all currently available for pre-purchase with notable owner discounts applied.

About the Games

1. Bit.Trip Series (by Choice Provisions) - When first released, the Bit.Trip games pioneered the rhythm & music genre and took the world by storm, most notably on the Nintendo Wii. Overall the series has sold 1 million+ units during its lifetime.
Now, all six games in the series will be available on the Switch individually for fans to pick from. This includes Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core and Bit.Trip Void (2009), BitTrip Runner and Bit.Trip Fade (2010) and finally BitTrip Flux (2011).
Each game takes the core rhythm & music-based gameplay and changes the dynamic with unique twists and mechanics.
All six games will be coming to Nintendo Switch on December 25th, 2020 for 4.99 USD / EUR each.

2. Door Kickers (by KillHouse Games): Unleash tactical mayhem from a bird’s eye view. Doorkickers is a real-time strategy game that puts you in command of your own SWAT team during tense interventions. Plan your approaches, choose equipment and coordinate multiple team members as you meticulously blast your way to your objectives.
Available on Nintendo Switch on December 26th, 2020 for 11.99 USD / EUR

3. DungeonTop (by One Up Plus Entertainment): A fresh rogue-like deck-building game with tabletop battles thrown into the mix. Choose your hero, pick an allegiance and then dive deep into procedurally generated dungeons as you battle beasts and evolve your deck of cards to survive.
Available on Nintendo Switch on December 26th, 2020 for for 13.99 USD / EUR.

A Small Gift to the Fans QubicGames have set it up that a purchase of any one of the six standalone BitTrip games will activate a permanent discount of 60% off for the rest of the games in the series.

Furthermore, fans who already own Qubic’s titles such as Robonauts, One Strike, Mana Spark, Blazing Beaks, or Akane will automatically have owner discounts of 25% and 30% applied to their purchases of Door Kickers and DuntegonTop respectively.

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces heading to Switch on December 11th

"Be a pioneer of aerial warfare."

November 27th, 2020 | Cracow, Poland - Take on the role of one of the brave pioneers testing the Wright brothers’ invention in action. Prepare the landing strip on your Nintendo Switch, so Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces can touch down on December 11th.

Examine both your flying skills and your machine’s capabilities in extreme war conditions, where constructors and pilots alike were learning their planes’ limits. Become a legend of air combat at the dawn of its existence, ensure that your name is widely known among your enemies, and change the tides of war!

Feel like the famous pilot Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. the “Red Baron,” when flying his Fokker Dr.I – or 30 other historical planes at your disposal, from light fighters like the Airco DH.2 to enormous 4-engine bombers like the Sikorsky Ilya Muromets. Customize and upgrade each machine to make it your own – and recognizable by your enemies from afar.

Choose the flight style that matches your skillset best. In Pilot Mode, you can focus on air combat or collecting and upgrading planes. Squadron Leader Mode allows you to manage resources, hire and train pilots, and expand your base on top of crushing your opponents’ planes in spectacular air battles.

Pick your side and join either the Triple Entente fighting in two available campaigns or shed blood in the name of the Central Powers in a single campaign. Complete them all, and you’ll get to experience all the major fronts of World War I.

Pilot fighters and bombers, fly over most countries that participated in the conflict, protect or destroy ground targets, and face mighty zeppelins and anti-aircraft artillery. Spread fear across the airplane battle arenas of World War I!

- Experience the aerial warfare of World War I with intuitive controls and user-friendly flight mechanics.
- Choose between fun-to-play Pilot Mode or the more advanced Squadron Leader Mode.
- Collect over 30 historical planes from the times of World War I.
- Join the Triple Entente or shed blood for the Central Powers in three campaigns set across all parts of the world.
- Pilot fighters and bombers, customizing and upgrading each machine to make it your own.
- Protect or destroy ground targets, and try to shoot down mighty zeppelins, all while avoiding the anti-aircraft artillery at the same time.
- Stay alive, become a legend, and change the tides of war!

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces is being developed by Home Net Games and will be published on Nintendo Switch by 7Levels on December 11th of this year.

In Celebration of Violence now available on Switch

Fight for your life

Hope you're ready for a battle where death is permanent. In Celebration of Violence is now available on Switch, and you can get a full breakdown of the game in the press release below, and check out some gameplay as well.

In Celebration of Violence was produced and developed by indie developer Julian Edison and was inspired by great games such as The Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy and even Hammerwatch. The methodical combat requires that you plan your attacks, dodges, blocks, and parries while considering your opponents and the environment. Death is permanent but you can improve your stats and purchase items to aid future lives. And if things get too tough then up to four local friends can grab controllers and aid the hero as player-controlled monsters, zombies, and bandits.

In Celebration of Violence is largely a game of exploration; the combat is weighty and deliberate, the story vague and largely absent. Offering more than three hours of gameplay if you manage to run through one of the games branching paths, you begin with nothing more than the most basic controls, your wits a wooden sword, pitchfork and a torch. What makes the game fun is learning how to play and all other items, secrets and mechanics you must learn and discover on your own.

In Celebration of Violence features large, procedurally generated and interconnected lands such as plains, swamps, cites and of course, dungeons. There are many ways to reach the final bosses and the dungeons are a particular challenge with its many secrets and traps; only the daring and strong will manage to find the exit! A large number of weapons, items, spells, and mementos are scattered throughout the world to find, including shrines of gods. You can opt to pray to a shrine to receive a variety of favors, bonuses, and items. But choose wisely, as some gods may become angered by your actions with devastating consequences.

In Celebration of Violence offers many paths to victory. As you accumulate experience, discover schematics, and defeat bosses you can become permanently better prepared to tackle future challenges and no life is predetermined for success. New characters, items, and bonuses are unlocked in ways that are only hinted at during gameplay and the cheery graphics disguise a brutal and unyielding experience. Fans of the genre will enjoy venturing into the unknown to discover what hidden treasures and rewards are scattered throughout the game.

Dead Cells: Prisoner’s Edition Out Now At Retail In Europe and North America

Dead sells

Been holding out for a retail version of Dead Cells? Now's the time to jump in as Dead Cells: Prisoner's Edition is up for grabs in both North America and Europe. See what this extra special package has to offer in the press release below.

Full to bursting with exclusive content, Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is the ultimate physical version of the game for fans and collectors alike. Presented in an embossed tin, emblazoned with the Dead Cells iconic flame logo, the centrepiece of Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is a detailed, 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner brandishing one of the game’s stranger weapons, the Vorpan!

Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition also contains three exclusive collector pin badges (featuring all-new designs), four metallic stickers together with an exclusive print art card and a numbered collector’s certificate. Music fans will be excited to know a two-track, 7” orange vinyl record is also included.

Finally, the tin contains a special version of the Action Game of the Year (containing the game, a bonus artbook and keyring) that features the original game, Rise of the Giant DLC and The Bad Seed DLC on the game disc/cart.

To summarise, Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition contains:

22cm / 8.5” figurine of the Prisoner
Embossed collector’s metal tin
3 x enamel pin badges
4 x metallic stickers
Exclusive print art card
Collector’s numbered certificate
2-track orange coloured 7” vinyl soundtrack
Special version of the Action Game of the Year (containing a bonus artbook and keyring) featuring the original game, Rise of the Giant DLC and The Bad Seed DLC on the game disc/cart.

Start Your Heartwarming Journey to the Cold North Today In Nordlicht, Now On Switch

Join Aurora and her guinea pig Peter!

Haven't you always wanted to go on an adventure with a guinea pig? Well today's your day, as Nordlicht lets you join Aurora and her guinea pig Peter on a grand adventure. Get full details on this title in the press release below.

Put on your warmest coat and bundle up to traverse the cold North today, thanks to Nordlicht a truly unique adventure game on Nintendo Switch™. Nordlicht is out on the Nintendo eShop as off now and takes players on a journey alongside the curious girl Aurora. Together with her trusty guinea pig Peter Parsley and her father Rupert she explores the cold North diving deeper and deeper into a mysterious story filled with riddles.

About Nordlicht:

Nordlicht is an adventure game in which you accompany an unusual family on a fascinating journey to the cold North. You control the curious Aurora, Peter Parsley (her guinea pig and best friend, who refuses to leave her side), and her clever dad, Rupert. Along their way, they discover the mysterious constellations of the polar night sky, and will have to face the dangers created by mother nature and their own fears. Sometimes, you’ll use and combine items you find in the traditional point-and-click manner. Other times, you’ll have to put your dexterity and reaction time to the test as you brave icebergs, giant waves, and thunderstorms in your little sailboat. The intuitive controls, atmospheric music, and lovingly hand-drawn graphics make Nordlicht an unforgettable experience—fun for all ages.

Spike Chunsoft Cyber Sale Running in Europe Until Dec. 3rd, 2020

Up to 80% off

Just like in North America, Spike Chunsoft is running a series of Cyber Deals on multiple games. You can see the full lineup of offers in the press release below.

The Cyber Deal Sale for Nintendo Europe runs from 11/26/2020 – 12/3/2020! Save up to 80% on Spike Chunsoft, Inc. Nintendo Switch games. Don't forget to check out the Cyber Deal Sale at Nintendo America eShop as well. To learn more about the Cyber Deal Sale for Nintendo America, visit Spike Chunsoft, Inc. website.


Join the Robot Club and help save the world in ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE! Play as Kaito Yashio, one of the last two members of Central Tanegashima High's Robot Research Club. He kicks back and relaxes as his counterpart, the reckless club leader Akiho Senomiya, strives to complete their giant robot in order to keep the club from being disbanded. But Kaito's days of relaxation end with the discovery of the mysterious Kimijima Report. It contains instructions involving locations all across the island—and warns of a conspiracy targeting the entire world.


Return to Tanegashima and continue the Science Adventure series in ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH! The island of Tanegashima is preparing for the Summer Festival. Through Nae Tennouji, an acquaintance from JAXA, Kaito Yashio is introduced to Itaru Hashida from the STEINS;GATE series. Itaru claims to be taking a tour of the island, but as time goes on he starts acting rather strangely... Meanwhile, unsettling incidents begin to occur all around them; harbingers of an event that will again plunge the world into chaos.


The mind never lies… In a near-future Tokyo, detective Kaname Date is on the case of a mysterious serial killer. Date must investigate crime scenes as well as dreams on the hunt for clues. From the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series director), with character design by Yusuke Kozaki (NO MORE HEROES, Fire Emblem series), a thrilling neo-noir detective adventure is about to unfold.


Ready to Play the Anime? STEINS;GATE ELITE is fully remastered with animated scenes from the anime, creating a brand new, immersive experience.

STEINS;GATE: My Darling's Embrace - 50% OFF

A spin-off of the beloved Science Adventure series finally got localized for the West! Fall in love with the lab members all over again in this sweet and slapstick romantic comedy!


A new story in the critically-acclaimed STEINS;GATE series. From the depths of despair--explore a whole new world line. Your favorite characters return alongside a brand new cast! STEINS;GATE 0 continues the time travelling theme - but adds artificial intelligence as its central hook. Help a group of young students bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3.

KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai Story - 50% OFF
- Wanderer Set DLC - 50% OFF
- Five Famous Swords Set DLC - 50% OFF

Play as a ronin during Japan’s Meiji Restoration in the volatile Rokkotsu Pass. The swordsmith Dojima falls into debt and his beautiful daughter is taken as collateral. Help repay the debt by crafting swords by day and exploring the mysterious, twisting dungeons of the Ipponmatsu Cave for valuable materials at night.

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. - 50% OFF

Your Love Awaits Beyond This World. Can you find the hidden world waiting beyond Sakaimachi? Fall in love with every character to reach the true ending to this 40+ hour visual novel.

PixelJunk Monsters 2 - 80% OFF
- PixelJunk Monsters 2 Danganronpa Pack - 80% OFF
- PixelJunk Monsters 2 Deluxe Edition - 80% OFF

In the acclaimed tower defense series’ first ever official sequel, play as Tikiman and build towers to defend your Tiki Hut from the monster hordes. Get ready to defend your Chibis again in this fun and addictive game for the whole family.
Visit Nintendo eShop for PixelJunk Monsters 2 (UK)

Picklock is out now on Switch, special 20% off and 50% off deals available

Break in, steal, and deceive

Picklock is a robbery/stealth adventure that's landed on Switch today, and you can get it with some major discounts depending on your situation. Learn more about the game below, along with details on the special sale.

Picklock, highly acclaimed by gamers, gripping robbery stealth-adventure is out on Switch. Abandon your honest life and shamelessly steal from your neighbors' houses. Remember to put aside your moral code in the process. Entered a children's room and found a collector's doll? Don't overthink it, just grab it! Your goal is to continually develop your burglar's skills and become as sophisticated in your crimes as possible, and, of course... rich!

Break-in, steal, and deceive your way to a luxurious existence. At each level, you will face a new challenge. Your targets will range from a roll of toilet paper at your neighbors' house to exclusive art, electronics, and cold, hard cash. And even though you know your stuff, you'll have to deal with security, alarms, and sealed, secret compartments.

Visit the game's store page on the Nintendo eShop and buy Picklock now to get it 20% off, or even 50% cheaper if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles!

...to get this title 20% cheaper. If you’re the owner of one of the following games: Alder's Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Apparition - you can get Picklock 50% off. This offer is tied to the game release ONLY.

About the game:

You are a thief. Alias Picklock. Examine the robbery scene. Break-in. Sneak and steal. Escape. Become a pro! Enjoy Picklock, a strategic adventure with isometric view and voxel graphics!

Use a drone to examine your target location and plan your strategy thoughtfully. Then grab your gloves and crowbar and become the most sophisticated robber.


• Isometric mix of strategy, adventure, and stealth;
• 13 challenging missions;
• Real estate agency to buy your dream house;
• Car dealership to pimp your ride;
• Jazzy tunes to listen to and keep your head cool while stealing;
• Travel agency so you can go on a well-deserved vacation;
• Voxel graphics.

Picklock is now available on Switch. You can get the game 20% cheaper (or 50% if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles). The standard price of the game will be 7.99 EUR/USD. Picklock is localized in English, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Traditional Chinese.


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