Sayonara Wild Hearts Physical Editions and Vinyl Soundtrack Revealed

Two great packages

Want to go all-out on Sayonara Wild Hearts? Why not pick up the newly-announced physical edition, or the official soundtrack release? Check out the full details below.,

Sayonara Wild Hearts Physical Edition (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

Simogo and Annapurna Interactive have created one of the most unique, imaginative and truly groundbreaking games of the last decade. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a pop album video game - a dreamy arcade odyssey about fast-paced motorcycle racing, fluorescent-drenched dance-battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at 200 mph. You are the star of your own music video, restoring harmony in the universe on your journey to the highway in the sky. Sayonara Wild Hearts is so transportative and ephemeral that you’ll feel like this game was made just for you.

Limited Edition of 5,000
Region-free worldwide compatibility
Pack-in bonus: Embroidered Logo Patch

Sayonara Wild Hearts Vinyl Soundtrack

The best music shakes your soul and pulls you into another world. Sayonara Wild Hearts is, quite literally, that transportative, as if its songs hold your hand on a journey through a high-speed, fluorescent-drenched dance cyclone. iam8bit has teamed up with Simogo and Annapurna Interactive to bring you a Swedish pop music motorcycle mash up that will change the way you experience music… FOREVER. Star in your own music video, restore harmony in the universe, and leave your heartbreak in the dust with the fast-paced, visually stunning adventure of a lifetime. Hands down, this is the best videogame soundtrack of 2019.

2xLP on Broken-Heart-Black Discs
180-Gram Premium Grade Audiophile Vinyl
Holographic Foil Stamped Gatefold Packaging
Music by Daniel Olsén
Art by Åsa Wallander

Grab your preorder here

Paper train departs for the Switch

Leaving the station next week

Paper train debuts on a new platform: developer IsTom Games new game for the Nintendo Switch will be released on 29th of september, pre-purchase is available from 19th of september.

About the game

Don't miss the train! Step into the shoes of a conductor! Control railway traffic, choo-choose the best moment to halt and speed up your engines, without having them crashing together.

Get them through rocky canyons, amusement parks, plane cemeteries, spacecraft crash sites, holiday resorts and other exotic locations trains usually travel through.

Complete levels with flawless precision for special rewards, or just hop in for some stress-free conducting and enjoy the beautiful hand-drawn aesthetics, while you let off some steam!


- 300 increasingly difficult puzzle levels
- A truly unique hand drawn aesthetic
- Easy to learn, with intuitive controls

Paper Train is coming to Switch on Sept. 26th, 2019. The title is priced at $9, and takes up 177 MB of space.

SFB Games' Mystery Game 'Tangle Tower' Launches Oct. 10 on Switch

Can you untangle the mess?

LONDON – Sept. 19, 2019 – SFB Games is proud to announce that the enthralling mystery game Tangle Tower, which recently released on Apple Arcade, will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on Oct. 10, 2019. Will you be able to solve this bizarre mystery and uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?

Investigate a curious murder case at Tangle Tower, an ominous mansion where secrets lurk in the darkest corners. Hunt for clues, interrogate eccentric suspects and untangle many brain-twisting puzzles! A shocking murder has taken place in the highest room of Tangle Tower. The lead suspect is a shadowy figure, found looming over the victim’s body. The only problem -- it’s not a person... it’s a painting!

Enjoy Tangle Tower’s beautiful digitally-painted world, and become enchanted by its atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack. Decode a murder mystery brought to life by fully voiced and animated characters, bearing the artistic hallmarks of previous SFB Games titles (Detective Grimoire, Haunt the House, Snipperclips).

Tangle Tower will be available on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for $19.99. It is also currently available on Apple Arcade. For more information, check out the game on Steam or Apple Arcade.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha Gets A New Trailer, Game Releasing Jan. 21st, 2020, Limited Edition Up For Grabs

Go Psikyo in Jan. 2020

Santa Ana, CA (September 19, 2019) – NIS America is excited to announce that Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha will release on January 21, 2020 in North America! Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha along with Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch™ as two separate collections that bring together Psikyo’s greatest hits!

About Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha:

STRIKERS 1945 - The mysterious C.A.N.Y. organization seeks to conquer the world with powerful superweapons, and only the Strikers team can take them down and restore peace!

STRIKERS 1945 II - The Strikers team is called into action once again when a new threat appears in the form of the F.G.R. faction and their massive mecha technology!

STRIKERS 1945 III - Experience the third chapter of the legendary STRIKERS series in its first ever re-release. A swarm of alien microbots known as "nanites" have infiltrated Earth's military bases, and the heroic Strikers must utilize powerful new vehicles and weapons to repel the invaders!

SOL DIVIDE - The evil emperor Ifter seeks to become a demon and take over the world. It is up to three powerful heroes to rise up and stop his nefarious campaign!

Dragon Blaze - Four dragon rider knights, each with their own goals, are on a quest to slay the Demon, King. Will their quests end in triumph...or ruin?

ZERO GUNNER 2 - To free the world from the evil conglomerate Igem and their destructive ONI machine, the blazing guns of the Zero Gunner squadron are called in to take them down!

Key Features:

Pixel Perfect: Experience classic shooters beautifully rendered in high definition.
Play Your Way: Choose between horizontal mode and vertical “TATE” Mode, or hand a Joy-Con™ to a friend for some couch co-op fun!
Unlimited Quarters: Six shooters, six stories, and an infinite supply of ammo jam-packed in one game.

What the Golf? gets a new trailer, Switch release reconfirmed for 2019


COPENHAGEN, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2019 - The un-fore-gettable golf game WHAT THE GOLF? is now available for all iOS devices via Apple Arcade. The par-tee continues on the Epic Games store on October 1st for $19.99 USD. You can pre-order the game right now at 25% off. The one-swing-one-joke comedy will also make its way to Nintendo Switch later this year.


The golf game for people who hate golf: a silly physics-based golf parody where every course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others so absurd they will make you go: WHAT THE GOLF?

WHAT THE GOLF? is the second title in the FoxNext Games indie game portfolio.

Azure Reflections getting Boss Rush Mode today

Boss Rush mode incoming!

TOKYO – Sept. 19, 2019 – Azure Reflections, the vibrant, side-scrolling bullet hell from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)’s publishing label UNTIES and developer Souvenir Circ., casts spells on Steam today. An additional mode featuring two new bosses drops on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 simultaneously.

Coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 alongside the Steam launch is Boss Rush mode, pitting the girls against all the bosses in rapid succession as they race to cause maximum damage in the shortest possible time. Two new foes also enter the fray, as playable characters Reimu and Marisa become enemies to vanquish.

Choose from three playable characters, a priestess, an ice fairy or a magician, each with powerful abilities and spell cards including an icicle machine gun and a shower of deadly sparks. Performance against bullet hell bosses branches the narrative path, with higher scores on harder difficulties unlocking the best endings in this bullet hell shooter with a horizontal twist.

Buy stat-boosting yet fashionable accessories such as an angel halo, devil headband, jeweled crowns and animal masks to customize the maidens for different play styles to defeat bosses swiftly and climb the leaderboards. Looks can be deceiving, for the cute items become quite deadly when they extend the duration of death bombs or give the ladies more maneuverability and autofire.

“Everything that made Azure Reflections already great is here in the Steam version, but we couldn’t bring the game to Steam without addressing some of the changes most requested by fans,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “Boss Rush mode will keep players on their toes as they vie for supremacy against other players around the world.”

The Touhou Project is a series recognized by Guinness World Records as the "most prolific fan-made shooter series.” Azure Reflections is a fan-made entry, one of dozens developed in the franchise’s more than 20 year history. The Touhou Project has also spread to other media including commercial fan books, music, light novels, manga and several fan-made anime in addition to the main series.

Azure Reflections is available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for the regular price of $24.99 USD.

Fight'N Rage, the old-school beat'em-up, comes to Switch on Sept. 26th, 2019

Certainly inspired by Battletoads

Fight’N Rage, the critically acclaimed new old-school side-scroller beat’em up will hit the digital stores of Nintendo Switch on September 26, and Xbox One on September 27. The game will also be released on PS4 anytime soon!

Fight’N Rage is a 2D arcade brawler inspired by the classic fighting gems of the 90's. It mimics the aesthetics and simplified three-button gameplay of legendary games such as FInal Fight, Battletoads and Captain Commando.

Originally released on Steam, Fight’N Rage is set in a far future in which human beings are enslaved by mutants. A female kick-boxer named Gal, a minotaur-like rebel mutant called Ricardo, and F. Norris, a mysterious ninja whose past is a mystery, will join forces to defeat the mutant leader The Boss and bring back peace to Earth.

Fight’N Rage features three players local co-op mode with optional friendly fire. It contains alternative paths, cutscenes and endings that can change based on the selected characters and your own decisions.

Fight’N Rage also includes unlockable content such as costumes, extra difficulty settings, more gameplay speeds, new game modes, and more than 20 extra characters.

Competitive Shooter "Agents: Biohunters" confirmed for release on Switch

The fight for ROGNAR

Agents: Biohunters is a third-person hero shooter; it’s a dynamic competition between two teams that will fight to capture Rognar: the great creature that lives in the map. Players can choose between 6 characters, unique Agents with different abilities and playstyles. It is a game of pure action that attempts to unite two worlds: the hunting of monsters (PvE) and the hero shooter genre (PvP). Hunt, Level Up, Build, Outplay and Win! Some already kindly compare the game to that of Gigantic, Overwatch and Monster Hunter.


Agents: Biohunters will be a free to play game without loot boxes, but a free-access Season Pass reward system and optional cosmetic purchases. Planned to fully release in 2019 for PC with availability for PlayStation, Xbox & Switch in the future.

Arcade-action puzzler Cubixx is coming to Switch on Oct. 3rd, 2019, New Trailer Released

A cube with 'tude

Ghostlight have today announced that Laughing Jackal’s high-octane arcade puzzler, Cubixx will be released on the Nintendo

Switch eShop on Thursday 3rd October, priced at just £5.99, $7.49 (US), €6,69. In addition to this Ghostlight have also released a new trailer showing the Nintendo switch version of the game in action.

Think you're ready to take on the cube? Well grab your Cubot & fire your laser across 50 Arcade levels and see if you have what it takes to unlock the secrets within. To succeed you will need to evade and annihilate deadly enemies & use your lightning fast reflexes to the fullest! This is a journey where only the best will survive!

If this wasn’t enough, your skills will be pushed to the limit in the brand new “Challenges” mode. Here you will find 50 bespoke
challenges that will really test your newly found Cubixx skills to the max. These Challenges will require you to chase the highest
scores, beat the fastest times, outsmart the bad guys & much more!

On top of that there are over 150 hi-score tables across the 3 brand new Attack modes, including: Score Attack, Line Attack &
Time Attack. If all that isn’t enough then grab some friends & play together in up to 4-player local multiplayer co-op, Arcade &
Attack modes or battle against 4 of your worst enemies in Cubixx Deathmatch!

Eerie Horror Adventure 3rd Eye Hitting Switch In Q4 2019

I've got my eye on you

Tokyo, Japan – Sept. 19, 2019 – Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES and developer 3rd Eye Project will bring 3rd Eye, the visually-striking and horrific point-and-click adventure set in the Touhou Project universe, to Steam on Sept. 30. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be tormented in Q4 2019.

Koishi Komeiji is a quirky child with no friends but an incredible gift. As her 3rd eye awakens, she can see lingering traces of the past and glimpse inside people’s hearts, all brought to life as surreal, hand-drawn visual manifestations.

Explore the mysterious world and souls of those around Komeiji using the 3rd eye to discover items and clues. See the motivations of those she encounters along her journey painted in dreamlike strokes, but use these powers sparingly as overuse of the 3rd eye will cause it to become bloodshot, restarting the level. Only special drops will prevent red eye.

A hauntingly beautiful art style sets the tone of this gripping narrative exploring universal themes of loneliness and isolation across six chapters, with more than 10 characters (including special appearances of popular Touhou Project originals), a 20,000-word script and three possible endings. Help Koishi learn to understand the feelings of others and build friendships to ease her solitude.

“3rd Eye takes a visual approach to the loneliness we all feel at some point in our lives and the ways we learn to connect with others,” said Akinari Itoh, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “The talented development team at 3rd Eye Project have given life to these common struggles through compelling illustrations, revealed through gameplay and depicting the woes we all face.”

3rd Eye will be available on Steam for $14.99 USD/Euro and will support English and Japanese.

For more information, please visit the 3rd Eye official website and follow @UNTIESWORLD on Twitter.


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