Fan-Art: Hunters Guild Crest Enamel Pin

The Hunters Guild is responsible for monitoring the activity of all monster hunters to ensure that the ecosystem remains in balance. This pin depicts the guild emblem, which represents the relationship between hunters and nature.

North: The growing tree represents respect for nature.
East: The windmill represents prosperity from nature.
South: The fiery forge represents crafting from nature.
West: The city represents life as a community.

-Soft enamel pin with rubber back
-Measures 1 inch across

Grab yours here

Team Rainbow Rocket Pikachu Boss and Team Rainbow Rocket NC Empire collaboration merchandise - more pics

Over in Japan, it's launch day for the Team Rainbow Rocket Pikachu Boss and Team Rainbow Rocket NC Empire collaboration merchandise lineups. We've already shown you pictures of all the goodies in this lineup, but now you can get another look at the merch from all different angles! Check out the gallery here.

Nintendo NY offering exclusive poster with Kirby Battle Royale purchase

When I see exclusives like this, I wonder how far some people travel to take advantage of them. If you're already near NYC, it's no big deal. Are people willing to travel a couple states over to get an goody like this?

Nintendo UK - Be in with a chance of winning a New 2DS XL: Poké Ball Edition and the Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon Fan Editions

To be in with a chance of winning a New Nintendo 2DS XL: Poké Ball Edition and the Pokémon Ultra Sun – Fan Edition and Pokémon Ultra Moon – Fan Edition simply head to Twitter and tweet your favourite Pokémon found in Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon alongside the hashtags: #PokemonUltraSunMoon and #NintendoUK. The competition closes on Friday 2nd February. For full details of the contest’s rules, please read the terms and conditions below.

Full details here

Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Silver Hits Vinyl

SEATTLE - January 19, 2018 - Materia Collective is thrilled to release Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Silver, a sweeping orchestral re-imagining of the classic handheld soundtracks by arranger Braxton Burks. Funded on Kickstarter with nearly 1,000 backers, Johto Legends fulfills its campaign promises and more, giving Pokémon fans over an hour of new music on CD, vinyl, and digital formats featuring breathtaking performances by some of the game industry's greatest talent with credits that include Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses as well as games like Destiny, Dragon Age, Tomb Raider, and Minecraft. Johto Legends will transport listeners back to the Johto region to experience the battles, the characters, and the adventure of Gold and Silver once again. Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Silver is licensed and now available:

Johto Legends on Bandcamp (Digital/CD)
Johto Legends on iam8bit (Vinyl)
Johto Legends on Spotify

"Johto Legends is a passion project I've wanted to fulfill since I was eleven years old," comments arranger and project organizer Braxton Burks. "Almost every day after school, I'd get on the bus home and turn on my Game Boy Color, loaded with a copy of Pokémon Crystal Version. I spent countless hours headbutting trees in the Ilex Forest, exploring the remains of the Burned Tower, and tracking down the legendaries Entei, Raikou, and Suicune... but it was the game's soundtrack that really pulled me in with its memorable 8-bit melodies, an eclectic mix of romantic harmonies and Japanese folk music - the perfect backdrop for the Johto region. Sometimes I'd even imagine what the music would sound like if it were orchestrated by one of my idols, John Williams. 'I wish I could do that,' I thought. Well, I ended up carrying that dream to adulthood, fueled by my ongoing love affair with the Pokémon games that persists even to this day. I hope listeners will be able to recall their own nostalgic Pokémon journey - the battles, the towns, the routes and caves... and all the adventures in between."

Vinyl version available on iam8bit

CD version available on Bandcamp

Learn more about Johto Legends: https://www.materiacollective.com/music/johto-legends

10Tons info - Baseball Riot available today for Switch, Crimsonland on sale, Tesla Vs. Lovecraft on the way

So Baseball Riot is launching today for Switch as I'm sure you know. 4.99 USD/EUR, sequel to Tennis in the Face, funny ragdoll knockouts, and all that.

But it feels like the main news for us is that our console game catalog is now in full on Switch. So what we have on Switch is now exactly the same that we have on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even Steam. It feels pretty good to have this fairly sizeable task now done. Well, we'll need to update a couple of titles to fix minor niggles, but otherwise we're done for now.

Crimsonland, by the way, has just gone on -20% discount on Switch, so that's nice. It's also on a Steam Free Weekend now, which in turn is a part of our promotion for next week's Steam debut of Tesla vs Lovecraft, our next brand new game.

Which, in turn, will be heading to Switch in a month or two! The prerelease data we're seeing for the game indicates it might easily become our most successful launch ever, and judging from YouTube videos, people really like it.

I can't wait to learn the Switch launch date for Tesla vs Lovecraft.

Play-Asia - Kirby 25th anniversary orchestra concert CD available for preorder

In July 2017 the "Hoshi no Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert" was held in Tokyo and now you can (re)live it with this special album. Disc number twois a Memorial Arrange CD and features songs not played at the concert. The charming CDs contain all the finest music performed during this kirbyish event, loveingly mixed and mastered for the most delightful sound experience.

Discover the best music from the whole series, specially re-arranged to celebrate the anniversary through these 2 memorial discs. Even if you went to the concert or not, this album will make every Kirby fan happy, sending you on a wonderful voyage through the history of this worldwide beloved series.

Tracklist Concert CD
01 Kirby 25th Anniversary Grand Opening
02 Kirby’s Adventure Medley
03 King Dedede and Meta Knight ・ Tag Medley
04 Kirby’s Dream Land 2: Friends Medley
05 Kirby’s Dream Land and Kirby 64 Medley
06 Kirby Super Star Medley
07 Kirby’s Air Ride Medley
08 Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Kirby Squeak Squad Medley
09 Kirby Ball Games Medley
10 Kirby Triple Deluxe Medley
11 Kirby: Planet Robobot Medley
12 Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Medley
13 Ashita ha Ashita no Kaze ga Fuku (lit. Tomorrow, the Wind of Tomorrow Will Blow, ending of Kirby’s Dream Land)
14 Wish to the Galaxy: Staff Roll​

Disc 2
01 Big Band! Kirby
02 Take off!!
03 Plump Up a Fluffy Pillow
04 Sparkling ☆ Rolling
05 Spun Yarn Story
06 Driving Star
07 Apple Juice Song
08 Grasslands Fun Castle
09 Beyond the Forest and Desert
10 Seven Color Bridge Building
11 Eternal Dream
12 We Won't Forget Our Memories with You​

Preorder yours here (thanks NintendoTweet!)

New Pokemon merch heading to Japan - Giovanni and Mewtwo Nendoroid, Pikachu's Closet, Pikachu Living and Dining series

Team Rocket Boss Giovanni and Mewtwo Nendoroid

- coming from Good Smile Company and The Pokemon Company
- first time the duo have been shown in nendoroid form
- includes face plates for Giovanni, PokeBalls, and Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball attack
- scheduled to ship in August 2018
- Good Smile Online Store pre-orders come with an additional Team Rainbow Rocket pedestal
- Pokemon Center pre-orders receive an extra Beast Ball

Pikachu’s Closet lineup

- launching at Pokemon Centers in Japan on January 27, 2018
- Hoodie set (3200 yen without 8% sales tax)
- Rider set (3500 yen w/o tax)
- Pikachu plush sold separately

Check out pics of all items here

Pikachu Living and Dining Merch (due out Jan. 27th, 2018)

The Pikachu living & dining merchandise will be available at Pokemon Centers in Japan and Amazon Japan from January 27, 2018. We will let you know once they are ready to import from Amazon Japan.

Attached below is the full list of products, prices, and a gallery.

Oval Bowl Pikachu living & dining 1,600 yen(★)
Mini Bowl Pikachu living & dining 800 yen(★)
Cork coaster 2 in a set Pikachu living & dining 450 yen(★)
Melamine Tumbler 3 in a set (White) Pikachu living & dining 1,800 yen(★)
Melamine Tumbler 3 in a set (Colour) Pikachu living & dining 1,800 yen(★)
Stainless Steel Bottle Pikachu living & dining 2,500 yen(★)
Sealed Container Set (Recetangle) Pikachu living & dining 1,200 yen(★)
Sealed Container Set (Hexagon) Pikachu living & dining 1,200 yen(★)
Mug Pikachu living & dining 1,200 yen(★)
Kayakiji Dish cloth Pikachu living & dining 700 yen(★)
A3 Luncheon Mat 2 in a set Pikachu living & dining 850 yen(★)
Storage Case (2 in 1) Size S Pikachu living & dining 2,000 yen(★)
Storage Case (2 in 1) Size M Pikachu living & dining 3,200 yen(★)
Laundry Bag Pikachu living & dining 2,500 yen(★)
Laundry Net Pikachu living & dining 1,800 yen(★)
Tissue Box Cover Pikachu living & dining 1,500 yen(★)
Plush Slippers Pikachu 2,000 yen(★)
Marshmallow Texture Mini Towel Pikachu living & dining 2,500 yen(★)
Marshmallow Texture Face Towel Pikachu living & dining 1,500 yen(★)
Pikachu Multi Bucket 1,650 yen(★)

Items marked with(★)will be available on Amazon Japan

Super Mario Nendoroid seeing a re-release in August

It's me! Mario! Joining the Nendoroids!

From "Super Mario" comes a rerelease of Nendoroid Mario! He comes with both a smile and a serious expression, as well as various optional parts that bring out the world of Mario, such as some block parts, a coin and a Super Mushroom! 'Brake' parts for when he suddenly stops as well as dash parts for running are both included, and a background to display behind him is also included.

He also comes with two enemies to display with him - a Buzzy Beetle and a Boo, which allow for all sorts of fun scenes from the game to be recreated in Nendoroid size! Some crossed arm parts for use on Nendoroid Luigi are also included, allowing for a classic pose of the Mario Brothers together! Bring out the Super Mario World in your collection!

Grab your preorder here