Sinistea teacups and Polteageist teapots soon to be sold at Pokemon Cafe/Pikachu Sweets locations

Host a spooky tea party!

Earlier in the year, we got a look at Sinistea teacups and Polteageist teapots that were being used at Pokemon Cafe locations. They were part of a special meal you could get at those locations, but soon enough, customers will be able to take these items home.

Pokemon Co. has announced that both the Sinistea teacups and Polteageist teapots will be sold at Pokemon Cafes and Pikachu Sweets locations starting Dec. 5th, 2020. The Sinistea teacup will cost 1,980 yen, while the Polteageist teapot is priced at 3,960 yen.

Nyko Air Glow Wired Controller for Switch now available

Today's the day to take control

Looking for your next Switch controller? If you want something in a more traditional shape, the Nyko Air Glow Wired Controller could be the perfect option. It's available now for $34, and you can get full details below.

Race, jump, shoot, run and more all while feeling cool and refreshed with the Air Glow for Nintendo Switch™.

The Air Glow™ Controller is a transparent, full sized wired controller that provides a more ergonomic feel than with Joy-Cons™ alone.

With its 10-foot USB cable, the Air Glow™ Controller provides lag free response time and plenty of room to sit back and enjoy your favorite Switch games while feeling the breeze.

A programmable turbo button allows any face buttons or triggers on the Air Glow™ Controller to have turbo functionality to give the user a competitive advantage.

The dual-motor rumble has 2 interchangeable settings and provides feedback in real time.

The Air Glow™ Controller is the ideal hardware for those who want a comfortable controller with accurate inputs and an ergonomic design for their Nintendo Switch™.

Air Glow™ for Switch is compatible with Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®3, and PC.

Full sized wired controller with 10ft cord
Features multi-color LED light show
Built-in fan provides air flow to keep hands cool
Programmable turbo button
Powerful dual-motor rumble feedback
Provides a more ergonomic feel than with Joy-Cons alone
No syncing required - Plugs into a USB port on the dock
Compatible with Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®3, and PC

Pokemon "Fluffy Hugging" plush line releasing in Japan

Don't you just want to snuggle up with them?!

The Pokemon Co. always has new plush dolls in the works, and the next entry in their series is a "Fluffy Hugging" theme. The lineup includes Larvitar, Dedenne, Skwovet, Toxel, and the substitute doll. These will be at Pokemon Center locations in Japan starting Dec. 12th, 2020. Each plush is priced at 3,960 yen.

Sanei Boeki releasing Animal Crossing Timmy and Tommy cushion

Snuggle up with these two

Sanei Boeki has announced another item in their Animal Crossing line. Launching Feb. 17th, 2021 in Japan, fans of Animal Crossing will be able to get a new Timmy and Tommy duo cushion. It features Timmy and Timmy plus the Animal Crossing leaf on the front, leaves on the side, and Timmy and Tommy's Japanese names on the back. The item is priced at ¥2,689.

U-Treasure reveals Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales necklace series

Nice ice

Pokemon Co. and U-Treasure must be really happy with how previous Pokemon-related jewelry has sold, because the collaborations keep coming. This time around, the two companies have teamed up for Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales necklaces. The necklaces ship out in April 2021, and come in three different versions.

- Alola Vulpix/Ninetales (Silver) ¥ 17,600
- Alola Vulpix/Ninetales (K18 White Gold) ¥ 132,000
- Alola Vulpix/Ninetales (Platinum 950) ¥ 143,000

Zavvi launching a new line of Pokemon clothing on Nov. 30th, 2020

T-shirts, hoodies, and more

Zavvi has featured a number of different Nintendo-related collaborations over the years, and now another lineup is in the works. Starting Nov. 30th, 2020, Pokemon fans will have a new range of apparel to look forward to. The line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, and hoodies, and they'll feature Pokemon like Pikachu, Snorlax and Squirtle. The shoes are going to be extremely limited, with just 300 pair to go around. We'll make sure to link to the full lineup when it goes live.

Nintendo UK "Save up to 75% in our Cyber Deals sale" promo video

See anything you like?

From now until December 3rd, 2020, Switch owners can hop on the eShop and save up to 75% on select titles. We gave you the full slate of offers yesterday, but Nintendo UK has put together a trailer highlighting some of the biggest deals. Give it a watch and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Spike Chunsoft Cyber Sale Running in Europe Until Dec. 3rd, 2020

Up to 80% off

Just like in North America, Spike Chunsoft is running a series of Cyber Deals on multiple games. You can see the full lineup of offers in the press release below.

The Cyber Deal Sale for Nintendo Europe runs from 11/26/2020 – 12/3/2020! Save up to 80% on Spike Chunsoft, Inc. Nintendo Switch games. Don't forget to check out the Cyber Deal Sale at Nintendo America eShop as well. To learn more about the Cyber Deal Sale for Nintendo America, visit Spike Chunsoft, Inc. website.


Join the Robot Club and help save the world in ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE! Play as Kaito Yashio, one of the last two members of Central Tanegashima High's Robot Research Club. He kicks back and relaxes as his counterpart, the reckless club leader Akiho Senomiya, strives to complete their giant robot in order to keep the club from being disbanded. But Kaito's days of relaxation end with the discovery of the mysterious Kimijima Report. It contains instructions involving locations all across the island—and warns of a conspiracy targeting the entire world.


Return to Tanegashima and continue the Science Adventure series in ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH! The island of Tanegashima is preparing for the Summer Festival. Through Nae Tennouji, an acquaintance from JAXA, Kaito Yashio is introduced to Itaru Hashida from the STEINS;GATE series. Itaru claims to be taking a tour of the island, but as time goes on he starts acting rather strangely... Meanwhile, unsettling incidents begin to occur all around them; harbingers of an event that will again plunge the world into chaos.


The mind never lies… In a near-future Tokyo, detective Kaname Date is on the case of a mysterious serial killer. Date must investigate crime scenes as well as dreams on the hunt for clues. From the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series director), with character design by Yusuke Kozaki (NO MORE HEROES, Fire Emblem series), a thrilling neo-noir detective adventure is about to unfold.


Ready to Play the Anime? STEINS;GATE ELITE is fully remastered with animated scenes from the anime, creating a brand new, immersive experience.

STEINS;GATE: My Darling's Embrace - 50% OFF

A spin-off of the beloved Science Adventure series finally got localized for the West! Fall in love with the lab members all over again in this sweet and slapstick romantic comedy!


A new story in the critically-acclaimed STEINS;GATE series. From the depths of despair--explore a whole new world line. Your favorite characters return alongside a brand new cast! STEINS;GATE 0 continues the time travelling theme - but adds artificial intelligence as its central hook. Help a group of young students bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3.

KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai Story - 50% OFF
- Wanderer Set DLC - 50% OFF
- Five Famous Swords Set DLC - 50% OFF

Play as a ronin during Japan’s Meiji Restoration in the volatile Rokkotsu Pass. The swordsmith Dojima falls into debt and his beautiful daughter is taken as collateral. Help repay the debt by crafting swords by day and exploring the mysterious, twisting dungeons of the Ipponmatsu Cave for valuable materials at night.

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. - 50% OFF

Your Love Awaits Beyond This World. Can you find the hidden world waiting beyond Sakaimachi? Fall in love with every character to reach the true ending to this 40+ hour visual novel.

PixelJunk Monsters 2 - 80% OFF
- PixelJunk Monsters 2 Danganronpa Pack - 80% OFF
- PixelJunk Monsters 2 Deluxe Edition - 80% OFF

In the acclaimed tower defense series’ first ever official sequel, play as Tikiman and build towers to defend your Tiki Hut from the monster hordes. Get ready to defend your Chibis again in this fun and addictive game for the whole family.
Visit Nintendo eShop for PixelJunk Monsters 2 (UK)

Picklock is out now on Switch, special 20% off and 50% off deals available

Break in, steal, and deceive

Picklock is a robbery/stealth adventure that's landed on Switch today, and you can get it with some major discounts depending on your situation. Learn more about the game below, along with details on the special sale.

Picklock, highly acclaimed by gamers, gripping robbery stealth-adventure is out on Switch. Abandon your honest life and shamelessly steal from your neighbors' houses. Remember to put aside your moral code in the process. Entered a children's room and found a collector's doll? Don't overthink it, just grab it! Your goal is to continually develop your burglar's skills and become as sophisticated in your crimes as possible, and, of course... rich!

Break-in, steal, and deceive your way to a luxurious existence. At each level, you will face a new challenge. Your targets will range from a roll of toilet paper at your neighbors' house to exclusive art, electronics, and cold, hard cash. And even though you know your stuff, you'll have to deal with security, alarms, and sealed, secret compartments.

Visit the game's store page on the Nintendo eShop and buy Picklock now to get it 20% off, or even 50% cheaper if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles!

...to get this title 20% cheaper. If you’re the owner of one of the following games: Alder's Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Apparition - you can get Picklock 50% off. This offer is tied to the game release ONLY.

About the game:

You are a thief. Alias Picklock. Examine the robbery scene. Break-in. Sneak and steal. Escape. Become a pro! Enjoy Picklock, a strategic adventure with isometric view and voxel graphics!

Use a drone to examine your target location and plan your strategy thoughtfully. Then grab your gloves and crowbar and become the most sophisticated robber.


• Isometric mix of strategy, adventure, and stealth;
• 13 challenging missions;
• Real estate agency to buy your dream house;
• Car dealership to pimp your ride;
• Jazzy tunes to listen to and keep your head cool while stealing;
• Travel agency so you can go on a well-deserved vacation;
• Voxel graphics.

Picklock is now available on Switch. You can get the game 20% cheaper (or 50% if you're the owner of other No Gravity Games' titles). The standard price of the game will be 7.99 EUR/USD. Picklock is localized in English, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Traditional Chinese.

Strictly Limited Games Celebrates Their 3rd Anniversary With Pre-Orders For Clockwork Aquario and Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition

Lock in your pre-orders today!

Boutique retailer Strictly Limited Games turns 3 years old today, and they're celebrating by opening pre-orders for a couple of big-name games. You can get info on both titles below!

Clockwork Aquario was the last arcade game ever developed by the legendary Westone Bit Entertainment in 1992, but was never finished. The game was thought to be lost in time, but Strictly Limited Games set out on the mission to dig deep into video game archeology and save Clockwork Aquario from being lost in time.

Beautiful pixel art and vibrant colors with three unique characters: Huck Londo, the daring ghost hunter, Elle Moon, the brave adventuress and Gush, the warmhearted giant robot.

The Limited Edition (PS4, Switch) is priced at 29,99€. The Collector’s Edition is limited to 1.300 copies for PS4 and to 2.500 copies for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at 69,99€. The Ultra Collector’s Edition is limited to 499 copies for PS4 and to 999 copies for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at 129,99€ and features among others:

Beautiful figurine of Elle, Huck and Gush
Arcade Coin (100-yen-style)
Arcade sticker set

Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition is a wonderful “back to the roots” title for Strictly Limited Games, given that Gryphon Knight Epic for PS4 was our second release three years back. We are now delighted that we will publish the Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch.

Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition tells the story of an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon in an action-packed 2D Shoot ’Em Up with epic boss fights in a medieval world.

Discover what is happening in the kingdom through 9 different stages, fight in epic duels against challenging bosses to earn their weapons and find equipment to grow stronger, all the while learning progressively about the ancient lore of the realm… Everything packed in a beautiful modern take on pixel art graphics!

The Limited Edition is limited to 2.400 copies for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at 29,99€. The Limited Edition Soundtrack bundle (including OST) is limited to 600 copies for Nintendo Switch, priced at 39,99€.


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