Robotics;Notes DaSH - original soundtrack detailed

MAGES has announced an official Robotics;Notes DaSH Original Soundtrack release for Japan. The 2 CD set is due out on Feb. 13th, 2019, and is priced at ¥3,240. The album will include 32 songs.

SEGA reveals official Sonic the Hedgehog candle

Take home a piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history with this Classic Sonic candle holder with a Green Hill Zone-scened candle! Based on the classic 'Item Box' from the original game, the candle itself sits comfortably in the holder and features 4 recognisable designs; invincibility, one-up, power sneakers and super rings. This is a one of a kind collectible for any fan of Sonic.

Official SEGA Product
Designed by Numskull
Includes 1x candle holder modelled after the classic Item Box and 1x scented candle reminiscent of the Green Hill Zone
Holder approximately 14cm (h) x 12cm (w) x 12cm (d)

Grab yours here (Europe)

Kirby sleep masks seeing release in Japan

The next round of Kirby merch in Japan comes in the form of a sleep mask! Here's all the details we have on this merch so far.

- made by Max Limited
- two designs: Kirby and Waddle Dee
- 600 yen each
- 10cm × 20cm
- available at Lawson convenience stores
- launching February 16th, 2019.

Another look at Sanwa's shoulder and storage bags for Switch

Sanwa has released two different cases for the Switch in Japan. They have both a carry option and a shoulder strap option. The carry option is quite a bit bigger and allows for more items to be stored, while the shoulder bag is more for someone who's on-the-go with their Switch more often. Check out more pics of each bag here.

Super Mario silicon tray sets available in Japan

Nintendo has released two Mario-themed silicon tray sets in Japan. These trays can be used as candy molds, ice cube trays, and more. There are both item and block tray options. Each one costs 2,800 Yen.

Cursed Castilla EX hitting Switch in Japan on Jan. 24th, 2019

Abylight has confirmed the upcoming Japanese release for Cursed Castilla EX. The title is set to launch on Jan. 24th, 2019, and will be priced at ¥1,700. The option to preload is live right now, and is 10% off (¥1,530).

Banpresto releasing a Meltan plush

Pokemon plush dolls are a dime a dozen, except when it comes to Meltan. The newest Pokemon in the series is yet to receive an official plush, but that's all set to change thanks to Banpresto. The toy manufacturer will be releasing a Meltan plush in the near future in Japan. Hopefully we'll get word on an NA/EU release soon.

Peach Ball: Senran Kagura × Animate Cafe collaboration revealed

I guess cafe collaborations to promote Peach Ball: Senran Kagura are going to be a reoccurring thing! The second Peach Ball: Senran Kagura cafe collaboration has been announced, and it's being held at Animate Cafe locations. The collab kicks off Jan. 17th, 2019 and runs to Feb. 26th, 2019. Just as last time, there will be Senran Kagura-themed drinks, meals, and special merch to grab. Check out all the goodies here!

Nyko releasing Dpad Case for Switch

Nyko has revealed one of their latest Switch projects, the Dpad Case. Check out details on the case below.

- ultra-thin case
- removable cover for the buttons of the left Joy-Con to turn it into an actual D-Pad
- D-Pad cover can be stored within the case itself
- offers game card storage within the separate Joy-Con cases themselves
- allows for the case to remain attached when docked
- due out Spring 2019 for $20

Multiple Atooi games currently on sale

Looking for a great prices on great games? Perhaps you should check out the collection of Atooi games on the Switch. The following titles are currently on-sale at heavily discounted prices.

Mutant Mudds Collection – $2.99 (U.P. $14.99)
Xeodrifter – $1.99 (U.P. $9.99)
Totes the Goat – $0.99 (U.P. $4.99)
Soccer Slammers – $1.99 (U.P. $9.99)