Check out the 11 in-game early character unlocks you get with Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission - Hero Edition

I need a hero

Those going with the Hero Edition of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will get 11 in-game early character unlocks. Bandai Namco has shown off who those characters are with the promo video above. I'm sure the selections here will make the Hero Edition worth it for some people!

Car Quest now available for 90% off

Racing up the eShop charts

If you've been on the fence about grabbing Car Quest, now would be the time to pull the trigger. The game is currently 90% off, making it just 98 cents! We're not sure how long this deal is going to last, so hop on it while you can. Even if the game sucks, how mad can you be with spending less than a dollar?!

SK Japan releasing Pokemon Rubber Clip Keychains in Japan


SK Japan has revealed a line of Pokemon Rubber Clip Keychains that are set to launch in Japan on April 25th, 2019. Each keychain will cost 780 yen, and the lineup includes Pikachu, Eevee, and Snorlax. Each Rubber Clip keychain comes with three clips.

Hollow Knight retail release listed on Best Buy as well

Another retail option?

As was revealed a couple weeks back, Fangamer is doing a retail release for Hollow Knight on Switch. They have both a standard and collector's edition, but now it seems there's another option. Best Buy has a listing for Hollow Knight as well, but it's using the same cover art as the Fangamer version. Perhaps the two are teaming up to get this physical release into stores?

Numskull Designs proudly reveals Official Mortal Kombat Klassic merchandise

A candle that smells like...blood?

Numskull Designs is incredibly proud to announce the official Mortal Kombat Klassic merchandise range, to coincide with the upcoming launch of Mortal Kombat 11 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 23rd.

Mortal Kombat fans both new and old can celebrate the latest release with some blood-pumping classic collectibles, such as the heat-changing mug and logo keychain, as well clothing items like the logo snapback and ‘Choose Your Fighter’ t-shirt!

Mortal Kombat Blood, Sweat & Tears candle

Blood, sweat, and tears – that’s the smell of a Mortal Kombat battle, and exactly what you’ll get with our official scented candle! With a burn time of 40 hours and a blood-red design, this is a one of a kind item for fans.

Following the success of our other official scented candles, such as for Resident Evil 2, Fallout, and Spyro the Dragon, this unique oddity is a truly must-have collectible.

The full range includes:

- Mortal Kombat Logo Keychain
- Mortal Kombat Character Selection Candle
- Electrifying T-Shirt
- Choose Your Fighter T-Shirt
- Mortal Kombat Ribs T-Shirt
- Mortal Kombat Logo Snapback
- Mortal Kombat Heat Mug

The range is now available to preorder here, and will launch to coincide with Mortal Kombat 11 on April 23rd.

The full range is available to pre-order now at GeekStore.com, with select products available at retailers around the world including Amazon, GAME, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, EB Games and many more from April 23rd.

Pokemon Co. reveals 'Ride Latias/Latios' merch line

Ride on you crazy diamond

The Pokemon Company is releasing a new line of Pokemon Center merchandise called Ride on Latias and Latios. The line launches in Japan via Pokemon Centers and Amazon Japan on April 6th, 2019. Check out the full rundown of items in this lineup below.

Plush Pikachu Riding Latias 2,800 yen
Plush Pikachu Riding Latios 2,800 yen
Mascot Pikachu Riding Latias 1,500 yen
Mascot Pikachu Riding Latios 1,500 yen
Tissue Box Cover  3,400 yen
Hand Mirror  1,000 yen
A4 Clear File 2 Set Starry Sky 460 yen
A4 Clear File 2 Set Red Sunset 460 yen
Fusen Set  700 yen
Masking Tape  500 yen
B6 Ring Notebook  600 yen
Hand Towel Pikachu Riding Latias 500 yen
Hand Towel Pikachu Riding Latios 500 yen
Face Towel Pikachu Riding Latias 1,000 yen
Face Towel Pikachu Riding Latios 1,000 yen
Flip Case for iPhone 8/7/6s/6  3,000 yen
Cloth Sticker  500 yen
Keychain  1,000 yen
Hook Earrings  800 yen
Platter Drinking Cup Pikachu Riding Latias 600 yen
Platter Drinking Cup Pikachu Riding Latios 600 yen
Clear Bottle  1,400 yen
Can Badge Set  1,200 yen
Mini Tote Bag  1,800 yen
Flat Pouch  1,500 yen
Mini Bath Towel  2,000 yen

Pokemon x adidas 'Stan Smiths' sneaker collab on the way

Pretty sneaky

Are you a Pokemon fan and a sneakerhead? Your day has come, as Pokemon Co. and adidas are teaming up to release two pair of specially-themed Stan Smiths sneakers. One design features Pikachu, while the other shows off Squirtle. Pokemon Co. and adidas are yet to officially announced this collab, so there might be even more shoe designs that haven't been spotted yet. We'll bring you full details when they become available.

Official Pokemon towel line launches in South Korea


Pokemon Co. has released an official line of Pokemon towels in South Korea. The towels are made of high-quality cotton, and feature Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Eevee, and Bulbasaur. No word on if these towels will see release outside of South Korea, and the plush dolls used in the promo pictures do not come with the towels.

Detective Pikachu news - Ponta card, Pokemon Center movie ticket, and luxury fashion line revealed

Detective Pikachu, who only wears a hat, now has a luxury fashion line

Detective Pikachu Ponta card

- available at Lawson, the third largest convenience store operator in Japan
- Ponta cards are used to accumulate and spend Ponta points at various Lawson locations and select retailers
- the Pokemon Detective Pikachu Ponta card costs 1,080 yen
- comes with a “Pikachu bushy cup sleeve”
- ships on Aug. 30th, 2019

Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store Detective Pikachu movie ticket

- exclusive ticket design available at Pokemon Center and Store locations
- available to preorder now

Detective Pikachu fashion line

- coming from Paris-based luxury label Koche
- lineup includes Detective Pikachu-inspired dresses, shirts, hats, and more
- the line is due out later this year
- Koche clothing runs fro $300 to $2,000 a piece, but pricing on this line was not discussed

GameTech releasing Easy Grip SW for Switch Joy-Cons

Get a grip

GameTech has revealed the Easy Grip SW, a Joy-Con grip that makes things a bit more ergonomic. These grips can be kept on your Joy-Con even when you attach them to the Switch itself, so they can be used for grip in both handheld and docked modes. The package includes a set of rubber caps for your Joy-Con analog sticks as well.