Pokemon News Round-Up: Carrefour Taiwan celebrates, Pokemon Sword/Shield street date broken, Mataro Doll Pikachu

Some juicy tidbits in this round-up

Carrefour Taiwan celebrates the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield

- various Carrefour locations in Taiwan will offer official Pokemon Center products
- some of these locations will host meet and greet sessions with Pokemon mascots
- some of these locations will provide opportunities to play Pokemon Sword and Shield

Furrowed-faced Detective Pikachu plush packaging is a bit creepy

- ships via Amazon in plastic wrap

Pokemon Sword and Shield street date broken

- being sold early via retailers in Hong Kong and Japan

Mataro Doll Pikachu

- now available in Japan
- priced at 13,200 Yen
- check out more pics here

The Art of Splatoon 2 now available in North America

Grab yours now!

Dive into 384-pages worth of illustrations and rough designs of your favorite colorful characters, weapons, gear, locations, maps, and brands. This book also features storyboards and other extras that are sure to make a splash with any fan of Splatoon 2.

* Get an amaze-ink behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game.

Grab your copy of the book here ($40)

B-Side Games announces retail versions of Cat Quest and Golf Story for Japan

Golf and cats, the perfect combo!

B-Side Games is giving two Switch eShop titles the physical treatment in Japan. Both Cat Quest and Golf Story are going to get physical releases, with Golf Story coming out on Dec. 5th, 2019, and Cat Quest coming sometime later.

Golf Story is priced at ¥3,990, and includes an original sleeve case, original collection card (4 cards), original sticker, and the game card.

AeternoBlade II physical edition up for grabs on Amazon

Your only option here in the states

If you're looking to grab a physical copy of AeternoBlade II, now's the time to do so. The game is currently up for sale on Amazon, which is the only place you'll be able to purchase the retail version in the states. These are sure to go quickly, so make sure you scoop one up now.

Red Art Games announces physical release for Hover

Floating over to Switch

Hover is a fast-paced single and multiplayer parkour game set in a futuristic 3D open world. The game takes place in ECP17, a high-tech city also called Hover City by its inhabitants and located on a distant planet. The Great Admin cut the communication with the Galactic Union and established a strong dictatorship. Having fun has become illegal and entertainment is banished.

You’re in charge of a team of young rebels, who fight against the new anti-leisure laws oppressing the city. Equipped with high-tech gears allowing amazing jumps and speed, the rebels can roam the city to sabotage the propaganda, help citizens, and put an end to the oppression by reaching the Galactic Union!

Preorders : Wednesday 13 November 3PM UTC on www.redartgames.com

Hover unique features include:

An amazing City: Hover City is a huge futuristic colorful city. Its buildings offer breathtaking vertical playgrounds.
Astonishing moves: Slide, bounce, dash and wall-jump through Hover City thanks to your high-tech suit.
Online multiplayer: Join your friends online at any time and continue the adventure together, whether you are cooperating or working against them. Participate in races, events or score battles created in real time by the community.
Level up mechanics: Gain experience and unlock chips that improve the aptitudes of your character. You can trade your spare chips in order to get better ones through the E-Swap trading system.
A customizable experience: Instantly switch from single to multiplayer, whenever you want. Play first or third person or activate the auto camera that mixes both and offers you a dynamic experience.
A dynamic J-Pop inspired soundtrack: composed by Cedric Menendez, with the participation of Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio, Yakuza series…)

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels now available to preload at 20% off

Don't miss your chance

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels comes to the Switch on Nov. 21st, 2019, but the option to preload the game is now live. Even better, those who hop on a preload will save 20%. The game's normal price is $30, which means you can lock in the title for just $24.

Build-a-Bear Workshop also selling a jumbo-sized Snorlax plush

Super Snorlax!

Catch the biggest Zzzz’s ever when you add Jumbo Snorlax to your Pokémon lineup! Its jumbo 60 cm. size makes this extra-large Build-A-Bear Snorlax one of the snuggliest Pokémon around! This online exclusive bundle features the Normal-type Pokémon ready to doze off with a cosy printed Snorlax crest robe, sleeping cap and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card! Please note: due to Jumbo Snorlax’s extra-snuggly size, this furry friend cannot fit inside our standard-sized gift box or Cub Condo.

Price includes:

Jumbo Snorlax
Jumbo Snorlax Robe and Sleeping Cap
Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card

If you want to check out more pics of this jumbo-sized Snorlax plush, have a look at the official listing here.

monpoke Building Block bucket releasing in Japan

Building a better Pokemon toy

Kawada continues their line of monpoke toys for young children with a building block bucket, which releases on Nov. 16th, 2019 in Japan. The bucket features blocks with Pokemon on them, including Pikachu and Mime Jr.. In particular, each bucket contains 4 character blocks, 26 building blocks, and an A3 play sheet.

Check out another wave of Switch Lite accessories heading to Japan

You gotta accessorize!

Multiple accessory manufacturers in Japan are releasing items for the Switch Lite. The latest lineup includes new cases, screen protectors, and a Bluetooth audio device. You can get a closer look at each item here, here, and here.

Pokemon News Round-Up: Pikachu mascot stumbles, second Sword & Shield launch event in Japan detailed, EZ-Link charms, Sword and Shield pre-order bonus in Hong Kong

The world of Pokemon keeps on growing

Pikachu mascot almost takes a tumble

- Pikachu mascots were used to celebrate the launch of the official Pikachu Razer PC accessories in China
- the Pikachu mascots had a hard time walking up the stairs

Second official launch event for Pokemon Sword and Shield in Japan

- Junichi Masuda will not be attending
- held from Nov. 15th to 17th, 2019 at the 4th floor sky garden of Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens in Hyogo, Japan
- includes a Pikachu Dance Stage Show, a Pikachu, Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble Meet and Greet, a Quiz Rally, and a Play Corner

Pokemon EZ-Link charms

- used to tap in and out on the public transport system in Singapore
- four charms including Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Eevee, and Snorlax
- SGD14.90 each

Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusive pre-order bonus in Hong Kong

- Rotom Phone pass case for your credit card or any kind of PVC card


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