DOOM Eternal's third act will really let you showcase your skills

Power trip

DOOM Eternal is going to be a balls-to-the-wall experience from beginning to end, thanks to the crazy action of the 2016 title, plus a ton of new abilities for you to mess around with. While you'll have plenty of time to master those new mechanics, the game's finale will present you with the perfect setup to showcase your talents. Director Hugo Martin hyped up the game's third act and its over-the-top nature.

“The fun is mastering it, because that power fantasy, you’re going to earn that… the game is just going to let you put it on display. The third act of the game is just like, ‘Okay, let’s see how you do.’ It’s Bruce Lee walking into the dojo, just like, ‘I’m going to wreck 30 dudes,’ you know.'"

DOOM Eternal's director compares the game's difficulty settings to Mario Kart

Blue shell me plenty

DOOM Eternal is going to continue the series' tradition of multiple difficulty options to choose from. You'll find the usual 'Hurt Me Plenty' and other settings, but Director Hugo Martin doesn't want you to feel like you're copping out by picking the easier options. In an interview with USGamer, Hugo explains why all options are a valid way to play.

"In Mario Kart if I play on easy, it's the slowest setting. I mean, I'm still needing to power slide. I still need to use my resources. I still need to do all the same things; hit the jump the same way. The only difference is that on the hardest setting, it's just way fucking faster, you know? So I think that's our goal."

DOOM Eternal director explains why the 2016 game's mechanics weren't working for this sequel

DOOMed from the start

DOOM Eternal might be the follow-up to DOOM 2016, but this isn't a paint-by-numbers sequel. As a matter of fact, the same approach to development just didn't work for the dev team. In an interview with Gamasutra, director Hugo Martin explains why things were broken right from the start of DOOM Eternal's development.

It was the player's [new] abilities that we gave them, like "meathook" and "dash," that made the racecar super fast. Immediately you notice that you were so quick that nothing could touch you. So you were never really under any kind of duress.

...In the early part of development, because of the abilities we gave the player and the imbalance that it created, there was nothing to master. It was basically a very simple, child-like puzzle, that really wasn't engaging anybody at all and I don't think anyone would have wanted to play more than two hours of it.

DOOM Eternal executive producer says the game is coming to Switch 'a bit later' than other versions, no date announced

DOOMed to a delay

Yes, DOOM Eternal is coming to Switch, but it's not going to be day and date with the other versions. In an interview with executive producer Marty Stratton, we find out that Panic Button is going to need some more time to squeeze everything into the Switch version they can. Check out what Mr. Stratton had to say about the situation below.

It's coming out a bit later than the current consoles and PC, and really that's just because we want to finish the game on those platforms and then give Panic Button the time they need to really pull those refinements into the Switch version. It's not going to be a huge delay, but we haven't announced the launch timeframe yet. Panic Button is a fantastic partner and are masters of the Switch.

We love Doom 2016 on Switch. Playing through on the Switch all the way from beginning to end was one of my favorite experiences. To have it handheld and mobile was phenomenal. I think that's what we're going to deliver with DOOM Eternal in all the same ways that all DOOM is fantastic on the current-gen platforms. We are very uncompromising in bringing it to Switch, and Panic Button is really on a great path.

Mega Man Battle Network devs discuss the potential for a new entry

An uphill battle

For a number of years, the Mega Man Battle Network games were doing big numbers, and were releasing quite frequently. Then, after a flurry of success, it seemed the series died off. There are still many fans out there who would love to see a sequel, but could it happen? Tokyo TV talked to devs Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Masakazu Eguchi to find out.

Tsuchiya: Each series has its own fans, and I’ve heard a lot of voices asking for sequels. There’s no rule that says “we’re not going to make any sequels of this game”. However, were are proud of Rockman EXE being top contents back in the day, and shallow ideas aren’t the answer to the avid voices. To make a sequel, we’d need careful ideas and preparations, the trends of the age, and whether the market is ripe for it… We need all of these factors to be perfectly on our side

Eguchi: There are some parts that were due to coincidences, but since we’re being told that “you predicted the future”, these games did satisfy expectations. Overcoming those components is no easy task. We must overcome our imagination as we meet up with the expectations. If conditions for us to be so confident happen, then there might be a chance

Engine Software teases more Switch projects

What could those projects be?

Engine Software has handled a number of titles for Switch, including the port of Ni no Kuni a few months back. The company is now working to bring The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 to Switch, but it turns out they have even more than that going on. In an interview with NintendoEverything, Engine Software confirms that more projects are coming to Switch.

We never have only one game in development so there is plenty more to come besides Trails of Cold Steel III for Switch. We are already talking about several other projects with clients worldwide that we are very excited about.

Night School Studio says Oxenfree's release on Switch lead to 'surprising success'

Switch owners have excellent taste!

Night School Studio is currently working on the Switch version of Afterparty, but it's not their first Switch outing. The team brought over their adventure game Oxenfree to Switch quite awhile after the other versions hit, but apparently that didn't matter. In an interview with MCV, Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel talked about how well the port did.

“Steam has certainly been the lion’s share in terms of sales. It really helps to have this ongoing dialogue with your audience, which was helped to create this very long tail for Oxenfree. But Switch and iOS proved to be surprising success stories. iOS is actually probably the most consistent, even to this day. It still moves a fair amount of units every weekend. As for the Switch, I don’t know if it’s just because we hit the right time there, or if it was long enough after release that fans wanted to double dip on it. It’s a great form factor for it – the bridge between iOS and the console experiences. The Switch is probably my favorite place to play it now.”

Journey developer may be releasing Sky: Children of the Light on Switch

The sky's the limit

A few years back, thatgamecompany said they were planning to go multiplatform with future projects. Their first proof of that was Sky: Children of the Light, which released on mobile devices. There have been strong hints that the game would go to other platforms, and in a recent interview with MCVUK, thatgamecompany co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen seemed to indicate the title is on its way to Switch.

“… But our game runs on iPad, on PC, it will run on console in the future. … In the future, it’s going to cross all platforms. And whether you have PlayStation or Switch we will support crossplay.”

It's not a 100% percent confirmation, but it certainly looks good. We'll bring you the official announcement if/when there is one.

Team behind Ni no Kuni's Switch port believes the platform will continue to do well after PS5/Xbox Series X launch

Long live the king!

Many people are eager to see just how the Switch holds its own once next-gen competition from Sony and Microsoft hits the market. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming out in 2020, and devs are lining up experiences as we speak. Does that mean Switch support will fade away? According to a NintendoEverything interview with Engine Software VP of development Ruud van de Moosdijk, that won't be the case.

“In my opinion the Nintendo Switch, like the Wii before, exists in its own dimension of the market and will continue to do well even when the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are released. As so many times before Nintendo’s consoles have just their own uniqueness that doesn’t depend on having the fastest processor or the largest memory. That’s why I always have to smile when I hear someone say Nintendo is done.”

Engine Software are certainly in a position to discuss the Switch's potential, having worked on ports like Ni no Kuni and Into the Breach. Hopefully they'll have their hands on even more Switch offerings as the years roll on.

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