Capcom explains the inclusion of a 'Casual Scenario Mode' in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Enjoy the story without the punishment

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection has a number of tweaks over the original games, including some quality of life features. One example is Casual Scenario Mode, which offers the same core gameplay experience, but powers up your character, gives you extra lives, and reduces the penalty of spikes and pits from instant death to taking damage instead. Wondering why Capcom is included this mode? Series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya explained in an interview with Gamer.

“As you said, it’s been 18 years since the release of Zero 1, and even primary schoolers back then are now adults. There are some people who might want to ‘just go fight that boss’ or ‘see classic scenes’, so this is a way we’re providing for those users. Also, the Zero and ZX series are popular for its solid story, and so Casual Scenario Mode is also for those players.”

Dead Cells hits 2.4 million sold across all platforms, Switch sales 'insane' and 'completely ridiculous'

Things are going very well for Dead Cells

Dead Cells has been a hit since it launched on early access, and the success hasn't stopped yet. In an interview with Dtoid, Motion Twin has confirmed that the game has hit 2.4 million units sold across all platforms. As for how the Switch version is doing specifically, check out what Motion Twin's Steve Filby has to say below.

"Into 2019, it's still selling incredibly well. We're up to 2.4 million copies now, all platforms included. Switch is insane, it's completely ridiculous. The game really lends itself to that portable, one-more-run [style]."

House House says Untitled Goose Game was born from a joke, talks about the potential of bringing Push Me Pull You to Switch

What's the good goose?

Untitled Goose Game is coming to Switch this Friday, following some sizable delays. We're just a couple days away from launch, which is why developer House House is out to spread the word on their game. In an interview with Nintendo Life, House House reveals how Untitled Goose Game first came to be.

We’re from Melbourne, Australia, where geese aren’t particularly common, so we weren’t drawing from personal experience. Geese are just funny: in August 2016, Stuart posted a stock image of a goose to our Slack and said we should make a game about it. This was a joke, but we riffed on how funny geese are for a while, and a few months later circled back around to the idea to take it seriously.

Untitled Goose Game is the talk of the town right now, but it wasn't the first game House House released. The company had previously worked on Push Me Pull You, which focused on local multiplayer. It seems like a perfect fit for Switch, so could a port ever happen?

Push Me Pull You was our first game and holds a very special place in our hearts, so we’d love to port it to Switch just for the sake of bringing it to new audiences. Having said that, we know from experience that although local multiplayer games have a very dedicated niche audience, they aren’t necessarily the most commercially successful games, so it’d be a question of whether we could justify the work it’d take to bring it to Switch - though we’d never say never.

Untitled Goose Game devs comment on the game's lack of name, and a Super Mario 64 inspiration

Inspired by Super Mario 64

House House are launching Untitled Goose Game later this week, and plenty are eager to cause all sorts of trouble playing as sneaky goose. There's no doubt Untitled Goose Game is a unique experience, just like House House, the dev team behind it.

In an interview with QuaterCircles, House House covers a number of topics on the game. When asked about its lack of name, the devs say that they never found anything they liked better, which is why they stayed with the official unofficial name. As for gameplay inspiration, House House says they pulled from Super Mario 64 for the game's focus on 3D movement, and stealth games like Hitman for their AI systems.

Yoko Taro says “Please ask Square Enix!” when asked about Switch port of Nier: Automata

Director of Nier: Automata, Yoko Taro, sits down in a recent interview with Bunnygaming to answer a variety of questions. One of these questions, is about the much desired Switch port of the Square Enix published title.

When asked about the possibility of Nier Automata being released on Switch, Yoko Taro stated:

"*While laughing* You already know the answer, it’s – “Please ask Square Enix!”"

Check out the full interview here!

Interview with Taura Takahisa discusses possibility of Astral Chain sequel, mistranslated comments about a trilogy, and more

An exclusive interview from Bunnygaming sits down with Taura Takahisa to talk about Platinum Games' recently released title Astral Chain. In the interview, Takahisa reveals he is unsure about the possibility of a sequel. He also notes that his previous remark from a different interview on Astral Chain being part of a trilogy was actually a mistranslation. Check out the snippet from the interview below.

BG – "Taura-san, you have mentioned in a previous interview that a sequel to Astral Chain is subjected to how well the game sells in the market. Does the studio have an expectation on how much sales at least to justify a sequel?"

Taura Takahisa – "I can only say that the idea of a sequel at this point is something I am unsure of and I do not have the current sales figure right now. But I will be very happy if the game is well received and sells well!"

BG – "It was rumoured that Astral Chain is part of a possible trilogy, do you already have an idea on how the next Astral Chain game would look in gameplay and story should you get to direct one?"

Taura Takahisa – "The trilogy remark was actually a mistranslation from a previous interview. I actually meant to say that I do have a lot of ideas at my disposal and if there’s an opportunity to make a sequel or more entries, I’d be able to do so."

Check out the full interview here!

DOOM Eternal devs talk about the game's Tex Avery-style approach to violence

Learning from the cartoon masters

DOOM has always been a gory series, but advancements in hardware have allowed for the series to be more gruesome than ever. That means the dev team behind DOOM Eternal are going for the the most realistic depictions of DOOM violence ever, right? Not the case say Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, game director and creative director on DOOM Eternal. Sure, things are going to look violent, but it's about finding the ridiculous aspect of the violence and heading in that direction. Stratton and Martin explained in an interview with GamesIndustry.

Hugo Martin: "Our gore is not real. It's more Warner Bros. animation level of gore. It's zany Tex Avery stuff more than it is shish kebabing somebody's eyeball on the end of a stake... And we've always ridden that line. It's ridiculous. It's cartoonish gore and violence, so I think that makes it less disturbing to play and to create for the artist."

Marty Stratton: "That's a real conscious decision on our part too," Martin said. "I have kids. There's no nudity. There's no cursing in our game. You don't kill human beings; you actually protect them. It's a violent game, there's no question. But there's a nuance to it, and I think we've never had any issues internally with any of the artists. And I don't see us having one in the future, just because the style of the content is, while still being gory, not quite as real."

Multiple Switch indie devs see major success with drastic eShop sales

Major price cuts leading to major sales

There's been a trend on the Switch eShop in the past few months when it comes to sales. Some games end up seeing insanely large price cuts, with games temporarily dropping their price 95%, if not more. Sure enough, the sales tactic works, and the game shoots up to the top of the eShop charts. In an interview with Kotaku, multiple indie devs have discussed how the over-the-top cuts have lead to some big sales and recognition for their games.

Jordan Taylor, Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 dev

- sales increased 1,000 times with a drop to 99 cents

“This one made me a bit nervous. We definitely did not expect such a substantial increase.”

Matt Bitner, creator of the roguelite Metroid-style game A Robot Named Fight

- sales increased 1,500% compared to the previous month

“I was vaguely worried that it may devalue the game, but it was already out on that shop for a year and a half, so I didn’t have a lot of reservations. It was night and day. During that sale it performed better than launch. It’s done well enough for me to continue making games.”

Seth Scott, dev on Membrane

- just 1% of total sales for the game came from when it was at regular price

“We got some visibility in the Coming Soon section, but we saw that once we were out of that page, our sales would drop to practically nothing. We had the idea to start experimenting with putting it on sale and hopefully get into the Great Deals section. We want to find the sweet spot where people buy it without thinking about it,. We just eclipsed 100,000 sales with our last discount of 99 percent off.”

Milan Babuškov, dev on Quest for the Golden Duck

- made it to the digital-only Best Sellers list after being discounted from $9.99 to 39 cents

“I cannot compete with companies like Forever Entertainment or QubicGames, who develop small games and push new ones all the time. So I decided to go into smaller games myself as well. I had been developing a lot of small games in the past, most of those open source or free to download. I started to port some of my old projects to Switch, with updated graphics and improved game mechanics. I sold those games for as low as 19 cents on eShop. The price does not matter much and it might even be good to keep the price high, but the rankings are done by number of copies sold, so the more units you sell the more visibility you get.”

Game Freak talks about the creation of, and rumors behind Celebi

How Cele came to bi

The latest video on Game Freak's YouTube channel takes a deep dive into the creation of Celebi. Check out a summary of what was revealed in the video below.

- designed by Hironobu Yoshida
- Mew wasn’t originally planned for Pokemon Red/Green, but was added in by Morimoto because he thought it would be cool
- Celebi was planned as a Mythical Pokemon from the planning stages of Pokemon Gold and Silver
- Celebi, Wobbuffet, and Dunsparce were all designed by Yoshida
- Yoshida thought of a design that was cute and fairy-like like Mew for Celebi
- Rumors spread that the Ilex Forest shrine was the key to gaining Celebi, which Game Freak had no hand in spreading
- the leading rumor was that you needed to bring both the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing to the shrine
- this confused Game Freak staff at the time, as they didn’t recall adding this in, and have no idea how it came to be
- Game Freak remembered the rumor for Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, and decided to add in a Celebi event at Ilex shrine
- nobody remembers what the shrine is for among the original staff
- Yoshida’s theory is that, back then they would use additional sprite parts to give texture to rooftops, staircases, rocks, & more
- they might have added in the shrine with these additional sprites just to spruce up the area

Switch's portability was a big reason why Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix is coming to the platform, says SEGA

Hatsune on the go

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix was on display at TGS 2019, which gave us a look at new gameplay, as well as info on new tracks. Producer/director Keiichi Matsunami was also on-hand at the big show to answer some questions about the game. 4Gamer asked Matsunami why the title was coming to Switch, and apparently it has a lot to do with the portable aspect of the system.

We also wanted to bring the Hatsune Miku Project mirai series to Nintendo hardware. It’s also especially because Handheld Mode (is supported on Switch) and that played a part in our decision. The DIVA series doesn’t really have a presence on handheld consoles.

Yep, that’s right. Obviously you couldn’t play outside and switch over to the big screen on the PlayStation 4, so naturally, we wanted to bring the series to Switch. The DIVA series originated from handhelds as well, so naturally we wanted to bring the series to Nintendo Switch.


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