Nintendo considered a 'drastic costume change' for Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Maybe next time...

Luigi's appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, for the most part, is standard Luigi. He spices things up a bit with some balloons and a bow tie, but it's nothing radically different. In the Art of Super Mario Odyssey art book, character art lead Sho Murata explains that there were some plans to give Luigi quite the makeover for his Odyssey cameo, but they decided against it. Read the entire snippet from the book below.

“Luigi hosts the Balloon World minigame. We wanted players to feel welcome in this minigame, so we gave him a cheerful and casual attitude, like a performer passing out balloons on the street. We wanted to make it seem like he came directly from the Mushroom Kingdom, so in contrast to the sticker-laden Odyssey, his satchel sports only stickers from the Mushroom Kingdom. One of the stickers is actually out of circulation…

We considered a drastic costume change for Luigi at first, but we ultimately went with a simple look, since it would work well against the background of this game’s world. I wonder… including the Luigi green, did you notice his balloons are the same colors as Super Famicom controller buttons? To the many fans who were looking to his appearance in the game, know that the designer in charge put a lot of effort into Luigi’s development.”

Fairy Tail game producer says the game will feature moments of fan service

Oh boy...

The upcoming Fairy Tail game is aiming to be everything fans of the series want. That's going to include some moments of fan service as well. For example, there's a scene in which Erza briefly appears in a yellow bikini, which is a famous moment from the Grand Magic Games arc of the series. In an interview with Comicbook.com, producer Keisuke Kikuchi says fans can expect similar elements throughout the game.

"Obviously that's not something that this game is about or focuses on, but we're trying to be faithful to the original franchise." There will be sequences like that one, where it's the same in the manga and anime that you'll see some bathing suits and there are a few more in the game."

The Witcher showrunner talks about using practical effects, and where Geralt starts his journey

A bewitching journey

While Netflix's Witcher series is going to have some CG scenes, the team behind the show did want to use practical effects when possible. In an interview with SciFi Now, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich talks about some of the prosthetics the cast used, and the real-life locations they visited.

“Obviously, these are monsters that don’t exist in the real world so we did use a lot of prosthetics and we tried to keep things performance-based, to use an actor in a prosthetic as opposed to a whole CG creation. If Geralt is fighting a monster, I would rather have him fighting something real than fighting a big empty space in front of a green screen. Obviously there is CGI in the show but we really did use as many authentic environments as we could. We shot in an amazing castle in Poland, we did the same in Austria and then obviously most of our soundstages were in Hungary so we shot the bulk of the series there on soundstages and in the surrounding countryside.".

A little bit later in the interview, Hissrich talks about where Geralt starts his journey in the show.

"So I went through and with the writers picked out not just my favourite stories, although I picked some of my favourites, but the stories that I thought best illustrated what The Witcher is about. And that’s kind of where we start off. Geralt is almost 100 years old when the series starts and we find him in the middle of a journey. Then there’s the death of a character and that’s what launches him off onto his journey and that starts to complicate things for a man who thought he’d had it all figured out. It’s a pretty fun place to start, it’s really a character on the edge of a new journey."

The Witcher showrunner explains how Ciri and Yennefer have been changed up a bit

Tweaked a bit for their TV debut

The Witcher fans are chomping at the bit to see Netflix's adaptation, which launches in December. While much of the world and characters will be familiar to those who played the games and read the books, there will be some slight changes along the way. In an interview with SciFi Now, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich explained how two important characters have been reworked a bit.

“The biggest shift that I’ve made from the books is that I wanted Ciri and Yennefer to stand on their own legs a little bit more. In the books they’re introduced through Geralt’s lens, through his POV, and it’s was important to me that our audience get to know them individually first, see them be created and their own journeys and then see them intersect and see what happens. So that was one of the biggest shifts that I made but it was, to me, the most exciting opportunity because I also found these characters to be really compelling.”

Talking with RARE's Creative Director for Donkey Kong Country's 25th Anniversary (Cut Content, Wario Plot, & More)

Donkey Kong Country is nearly 25 years old! So the lead designer, Gregg Mayles from Rare, joined us to discuss the game's legacy, and a ton of behind-the-scenes details including talk of a cut co-op mode, how the development process worked, and why DKC's story originally involved...Wario?! All this and tons more in our 25th anniversary discussion!

Nintendo explains the insane amount of work that went into Mario's design for Super Mario Odyssey

Mario has never looked better

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey art book is chock-full of amazing content. From unused content to concept art, there's so much to check out. That includes comments from Nintendo's dev team as well. In one particular snippet, we get to hear from art director Rikuto Yoshida and character art lead Sho Murata, who discuss the intense work that went into Mario's overall design. That work included some tweaks to Mario's face as well. Read the full snippet from Yoshida and Murata below.

RY: “When considering Mario’s design for this game, we decided very early on to give the physical materials a more realistic look than before. In order to welcome players with the aforementioned sense of surprise, we made individual strands of Mario’s mustache and hair visible. We also designed the denim of his clothes to show a fine weave.

The game’s setting and artwork influenced one another, and we were stunned by the impact of this new Mario coming to life before our eyes. Despite significant alterations, we made sure when finishing the design to maintain the visual aspects that people all over the world associate with Mario.”

SM: “We constructed our Mario with the most detailed texture quality yet, befitting the latest 3D Mario game. What would his gloves be made of? Does denim really exist in this color? How are his shoes put together? What about the texture of his hair? There were so many new issues we had to tackle when attempting this updated design. While making sure not to deviate from Mario’s existing image overall, we made his face a bit more “cool” than in previous games to make it seem right when set in motion. You may not be able to tell at a glance, but a lot of attention was put into his eyes. They were made to resemble real eyes with a tangible sense of depth. His expressions are much more vivid, more impressive than before.”

16-year-old acting hopeful with Down syndrome lands his first gig by appearing in a Nintendo commercial

Congrats, Aaron!

One of Nintendo's recent commercials shows off various kids playing Switch games to promote the platform and software for the holiday season. Among the actors in the commercial is Aaron Waddingham, a 16-year-old with Down syndrome. It turns out Nintendo wanted to include all different types of kids in their commercial, and that includes someone with a disability. Sue Robins, Aaron's mother, talked about her son landing the spot in an interview with Global News.

“Nintendo very specifically wanted somebody with a visible disability. It’s very exciting to us that there will be more representation in the media of all sorts of different kinds of people. I think it’s very smart of them to look for that. It feels like there’s going to be more roles for people with disabilities coming up… Things are changing, which is awesome.”

This Nintendo commercial is actually Aaron's first acting gig. Aaron has said that he's always wanted to be an actor, and now it looks like he's well on his way!

The Witcher series producer discusses how dedicated Henry Cavill was to the role

Cavill went the extra mile

Henry Cavill campaigned to be Geralt for a long, long time. He really wanted to land the role, and eventually did secure it. When he was playing the part, Cavill's dedication only grew. In an interview with executive producer Tomek Baginski, we see just how far Cavill went with the role.

“In Hungary, he spent weeks sleeping in a trailer right by the set. He didn’t go back to the hotel in Budapest which saved him an hour every day, but mostly it meant that during the whole time he was in the Witcher world. That doesn’t happen very often. Henry is a working actor, he knows what to do and he delivers fantastic scenes.”

Untitled Goose Game devs say Super Mario 64 was a 'go-to reference point' for making a fun, expressive character moveset

Time for a collab!

Untitled Goose Game has been a hit in so many ways. The game has sold incredibly well, caught the attention of the public at large, reviewed positively, spawned countless memes, and so much more. Obviously, much of that success has to come from the goose himself. The way he walks around, moves in general, and causes mayhem absolutely makes the game.

In an interview with Gamasutra, designer Nico Disseldorp talks about how the team created the perfect feel for the goose, and it turns out Mario was a major inspiration.

"Mario 64 is one of our go-to reference points for a character that has a fun expressive moveset. The controls can do lots of interesting things and it's fun to press different buttons and make Mario's body move in different ways. Nintendo made the Mario character first, and kept working on just the Mario until it was fun to be him, and only then did they start work on the rest of the game."

Nintendo's Doug Bowser says females are purchasing Switch Lite over Switch

Excellent choice, ladies!

It looks like the Switch Lite is a hit with the ladies. Fortune had the chance to talk with Nintendo's Doug Bowser, who talked about the female audience's interest in Switch Lite so far.

"We're seeing a higher percent of female consumers buying Nintendo Switch Lite than buy the flagship. We see Lite as a great opportunity for us to expand with that audience. Our intent with Nintendo Switch Lite is absolutely to reach a more expanded audience and to do so by offering a more dedicated gaming device for those that were really looking for that experience," Bowser told Fortune.


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