These fan-made wooden Switch cases are absolutely gorgeous

Now these are impressive

Switch Cases

Reddit user Robot_bob408 is not a wood-worker, but you wouldn't know it from the gallery above. He's been trying to craft some Switch cases out of wood, and through a lot of practice, he's gotten some pretty fantastic results. While Robot_bob408 might be humble about his work, I think there'd be plenty of fans more than willing to cough up some cash for these.

Pokemon News - 2019 Stop! Mewtwo Campaign, Pokemon Fun Fair Taiwan, Pokemon Sword/Shield food art

Your latest fun in the world of Pokemon

“2019 Stop! Mewtwo Campaign”

- new Japanese campaign kicking off June 14th, 2019, and runs to Aug. 31st, 2019
- purchase eligible Pokemon products to receive Stop! Mewtwo campaign items
- get a magic clear file when you purchase Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee products
- inside every original magic clear file is a scratch-off, which gives you the chance to win a life-size Mewtwo bath towel
- participating retailers include: GEO / Aeon / Ito-Yokado / Heiwadou (Al Plaza) / TSUTAYA / Toys R Us / Yamada Denki / Bic Camera / Kojima / Sofmap / Joshin Denki / Yodobashi Camera / Edion / Apita / Piago

Pokemon Fun Fair in Taiwan

- held at “Xinguang Sanyue Taizhong Zhonggang Dian” from June 6th to July 10th, 2019
- offers visitors a chance to take photos with Pikachu and Eevee mascots
- you can also purchase Pokemon Center merchandise, take photos at the Pokemon photo booths, sample some Pokemon games on Switch, and the opportunity to take a look at Original Stitch’s Pokemon Shirts lineup

Pokemon Sword and Shield food art

- created by Twitter user @EverydayBewear
- food art designs for Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey, and Wooloo

Pokemon fan creates life-size version of Spheal

I'm really Sphealing it!

Pokemon fan Moku_hakua took three days and spent 2,000 yen to craft a life-size version of Spheal, and the final results are definitely impressive! Moku_hakua even crafted 6 different facial expressions for Spheal, which can be swapped out at any time. Wondering what's on the inside of this Spheal? Turns out it's nothing more than a standard exercise ball!

Realistic Pokemon artist draws all three Pokemon Sword & Shield starters

Scorbunny is the best, obviously

RJ Palmer, the artist behind the Realistic Pokemon series, has wrapped up work on the starters for Pokemon Sword & Shield. To celebrate the occasion, he recorded himself working on his realistic version of Grookey. You can see the final art for all three Pokemon below.

Artist creates over 280 Pokemon latte tributes

A delicious art

Artist Heavensmaa has a fondness for both lattes and Pokemon. That love was combined into a single art project that lead to over 280 different Pokemon art tributes created with latte foam. The creations are absolutely amazing, and must have taken a ridiculous amount of time to craft. Check out many more designs here.

Pokemon fan uses Charmander tattoo to cover up a scar


People have been using tattoos to cover up scars for years now, but it's rare you see one this inventive! The Charmander is spouting some fire that masks this forearm scar perfectly! For someone who has probably gotten tired of answering questions about his scar, this should make things a lot better!

My Famicase Exhibition 2019 gallery entrants showcased

Why don't we ever get an NES version of this!?

We've been covering the My Famicase Exhibition for years now. It's honestly one of my favorite things to post.

For those who don't know, the My Famicase Exhibition invites artists to create fake Famicom cartridge art. That's really all there is to it, but the artists involved always seem to go way above and beyond with their creations. It makes you wish these games were real!

If you want to check out more amazing fake Famicom games, you can check out a bunch of entrants right here.

Cuphead scene recreated using nothing but duct tape

A sticky situation

Now that's some impressive fan-art. Reddit user Enemyxlasagna has recreated a scene from Cuphead using nothing but different colored duct tape. The end result is something that looks pretty darn close to what you see in-game. I can't imagine duct tape being an easy medium to work with, making the end result even more amazing.

Fan turns the GameCube logo into a game storage case

The GameCube lives on

I have never seen a GameCube logo this big, nor have I seen one put to such good use! This custom creation is not only an art piece, it's a functional bit of furniture! It can hold all sorts of game boxes, and also serve as some tabletop space for whatever you need! This sucker needs to go right into someone's living room.

Nintendo Labo fan makes samurai helmet artwork out of leftover cardboard scraps

From trash to treasure

So, a friend of mine did a Samurai helmet with the leftovers from Nintendo Labo to decorate the VR headset

Anyone who's built Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons knows that there's quite a few scraps left afterwards. After popping out various smaller pieces and parts, you're left with quite the pile for the trash. Instead of throwing these bits away, a friend of Reddit user The_Indifference decided to turn the trash into a work of art! This makes me feel bad about all the scraps I've thrown away. I could have done something so much better with them!