Itoi's interview on the creation of MOTHER / EarthBound - Now translated into English

Keiichi Tanaka, a Japanese artist, created a quick comic strip based on an interview with EarthBound/MOTHER creator, Shigesato Itoi. The images have now been translated into English, courtesy of this link.

Click here to read the rest of the translated comic strip!

Fan-Art - 3D-printed Super Mario Odyssey Switch dock with amiibo stand

This is a full scale, entirely 3d printed version of the Odyssey Ship in Super Mario Odyssey that works as a TV dock for the Nintendo Switch. There is felt protection to avoid the dreaded streaks that come about when using the dock that is provided with the switch. The area where the globe normally sits in the game is scaled perfectly to display any normal sized Amiibo figure to show off with this beautiful piece. Guaranteed high quality with real cloth and hand painting. Made from ABS plastic (the same stuff legos are made out of) so it is very durable. Can get this shipped out to you super fast for those last minute gifts! Every dock comes with the extender cable necessary to connect the switch to the stock dock and thus the tv.

Grab yours here

Fan-Art: Spending 340 hours drawing 802 Pokemon

-802 Pokedex entries
-48 Megas
-18 Alola variations
-3 Primal (Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga)
-10 Totem variations
-11 major gender variations (Wobbuffet, Meowstic, Pyroar, Jellicent, Frillish, Unfeazant, Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Combee, Heracross, Pikachu)
-24 extra Pikachu variations (6 Ash, 5 Cosplay, 7 TEAM, Holiday POKEMON GO, Mystery Dungeon Scarf, Surfing, Balloon from Pokemon Yellow, Balloon from Pikachu Dash, Metal from SSB, Pikachu+Pichu Balloon from Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, 96' Classic, Ditto Pikachu, Fancy, Illustrator, Birthday, Office, Detective, Singing, Pokemon Rumble, Snow, Pikachu Lapras Dash, Waldo, WiiU rumble, HGSS Super Nerd Robot, 2014 World Championship, Pokemon Shuffle)
-3 extra Pichu variations (Spiked Eared, Ukelele, Pikachu+Pichu Balloon from Pokemon Puzzle Challenge)
-18 extra Arceus variations (Normal, Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water, ???)
-27 extra Unown variations
-19 extra Vivillion variations (Archipelago, Continental, Elegant, Garden, High Plains, Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Meadow, Modern, Monsoon, Ocean, Polar, River, Sandstorm, Savanna, Sun, Tundra, Poké Ball, Fancy)
-2 extra Mewtwo variations (Shadow, Mega Shadow Y)
-1 extra Mimikyu Busted Dream form
-7 extra Minior Cores (Red Core, Orange Core, Yellow Core, Green Core, Blue Core, Indigo Core, Violet Core)
-1 extra Musharna variation (Awake form)
-1 extra Raichu variation (Holiday POKEMON GO)
-1 extra Marshadow variation
-3 extra Zygarde Formes
-1 extra Greninja variation (Ash)
-1 extra Gyarados variation (Lake of Rage)
-1 extra Jynx variation (original black skin)
-6 extra Arbok variations (each region)
-1 extra Purple Kecleon variation
-1 extra XD001 Lugia variation
-3 extra Castform variations
-3 extra Deoxys variations
-2 extra Burmy variations
-2 extra Wormadam variations
-1 extra Cherum variation
-1 extra Shellos variation
-1 extra Gastrodon variation
-6 extra Rotom variations
-1 extra Giratina variation
-1 extra Shaymin variation
-1 extra Tornadus variation
-1 extra Thundurus variation
-1 extra Landorus variation
-1 extra Basculin variation
-1 extra Darmanitan variation
-3 extra Deerling variations
-3 additional Sawsbuck variations
-1 extra Keldeo variation
-1 extra Meloetta variation
-4 extra Genesect variations (includes 1 High Speed Form)
-4 extra Flabebe variations
-5 extra Floette variations
-4 extra Florges variations
-9 extra Furfrou variation
-1 extra Aegislash variations
-3 extra Pumpkaboo variations
-3 extra Gourgeist variation
-1 extra Xerneas variation
-1 extra Hoopa variation
-1 extra Haunter variation (Original sprite)
-1 extra Koffing variation (upside down from R/B/G)
-1 extra Ivysaur variation (Standing from R/B/G)
-1 extra Golbat variation (Crazy giant mouth from R/B)
-1 extra Munchlax variation (Flying)
-1 extra Magearna color variation
-2 Kyurem variations (Black Active and White Active forms)
-1 Dragon Skeleton
-1 extra Cloyster variation (old horizontal sprite)
-1 extra Exeggcute variation (old R/B sprite)
-1 extra Excadrill variation (Gen 5 beta with backwards body design)
-1 additional Kingler variation (original double giant claw sprite)
-3 Pokemon GO Eggs
-11 Fossils (Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, Old Amber, Root Fossil, Claw Fossil, Skull Fossil, Armor Fossil, Cover Fossil, Plume Fossil, Jaw Fossil, Sail Fossil)
-28 Pokeball variations
-27 Evolution Items
-47 Mega Stones
-1 Key Stone
-50 Gym badges
-2 “GHOST” Pokemon (original R/B/Y and FR/LG)
-20 Beta Gen 1 Unused Pokemon (Dragon4, Poliwag beta, Nyosuka/Poliwhirl beta, Kokana/Weedle beta, Staryu beta, Blastoise beta, Lapras beta, Dragonair beta, Rokku/Rydon beta, Kasanagi and Kasanagi evolution unused beta Pokemon, Gengar beta, Nidorino beta, Godzillante, Gorillaimo, Buhi, Papyo, Koffing, Shellder, Cloyster)
-11 Beta Gen 2 Unused Pokemon (Gonoguma, Kurusu, Happa, Unnamed turtle, unnamed creature, black skinned promo design Bellossom, Ladyba beta, marril beta, Baku/Quillfish beta, Girafarig beta, Raikou/Suicune beta)
-7 Beta Gen 3 Unused Pokemon (Blaziken/Latias or “Latiken”, Torchic beta 1, Torchic beta 2, Treecko beta, Groudon beta, Shellos beta, Gastrodon beta)
-6 Glitch Pokemon (Missingno, Golden Bulbasaur, ??????, Kabutops Fossil Form, Aerodactyl Fossil Form, Bag Egg)
-1 Beta Gen 6 Pokemon (Hooded)

Fan-Art: Mario NSR from Rocket League turned into a real-life model

I've been getting into Rocket League on Switch lately and my Dad helped me make the Mario NSR real

No, this isn't a life-sized car. You're looking at a real-life model of the Mario NSR from Rocket League. Redditor PFox99 put a lot of time and effort into this model, and it came out looking spot-on. Now who's going to turn this into a real car you can drive around!?

Office supplies company creates a Mario mural using over 6,000 Post-It Notes

Admiring our Artwork

The gang at Viking, an office supplies company, wanted to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey with something special. They gathered together their team and worked on a Super Mario Bros. mural that uses over 6,000 Post-It Notes! If you want some details on what went into the project, you can check out their blog here!

Fan-Art: Custom Satoru Iwata amiibo

Yet another amazing custom amibo from Miss Ganda Kris. She simply can't make anything less than amazing, and today's special amiibo proves that yet again.

Fan-Art: Custom "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

For those who aren't a billion years old and don't get the reference...

I am indeed a billion years old, so I got the reference right off the bat. Still makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Random Time! - Splatoon envisioned in an NES-style

It's a quick GIF, but it's still neat to look at! It makes you wonder if Nintendo would ever take one of their newest IPs and throw it into a retro-style. Would it work? What are your thoughts?

Fan-Art: 3D-printed Thwomp Switch game card case

Now that's a fancy way to store your Switch game cards! If you have access to a 3D printer, you can make your own Thwomp game card case right now! Grab the plans for the print here.

Fan-Art - 3D-printed Cappy with moving eyes

Want to freak people out with a Cappy that has moving eyes? You can make one of these for yourself, as long as you have access to a 3D printer and some technical know-how! Get the full breakdown here.