Fan makes custom ARMS instruction booklet

ARMS did not come with an instruction booklet, which is why one fan set out to make his own. It took about a year to put together, but work is finally completely! Judging by the pictures above, it seems like the final product is a ridiculously high-quality one! Hopefully the creator shares even more pics in the near future.

NBA star Russell Westbrook gets a pair of custom Game Boy-themed Jordans

NBA star Russell Westbrook loves his Jordans, but he especially loves getting custom-themed versions. His last pair paid tribute to the Super Soaker, and his newest design takes inspiration from the Game Boy. The design, courtesy of custom designer Recon Beat Lab, takes a pair of Not Zer0.2s and makes them look good enough to play!

This fan-made Studio Ghibli 30th anniversary Game Boy is a sight to behold

Custom Game Boy designs are a dime a dozen, but then there's a creation like this. 30 years of Studio Ghibli celebrated on a Game Boy, and the results are absolutely outstanding. I can't even imagine how painstaking the process was to create this!

Mashing up the Switch Joy-Con with classic computers makes for some eye-catching designs

I can't say that I've ever seen a classic mash-up like this, and I'm really digging the results. Ever wonder what the Switch Joy-Con would look like with designs/color schemes that hearken back to classic computers? Artist TheKosmicKollector did, which is why he answered the question himself. I don't know about you, but I'd pay a pretty penny for that ZX Spectrum design!

This Super Mario Bros. hand-drawn animation is ridiculously smooth

This hand-drawn Super Mario animation from r/BetterEveryLoop

I always appreciate animation in any shape or form, and that includes creations like this. There's something about the use of lined note paper that really adds to the nostalgia factor of the animation. I can't even begin to imagine how long this took!

Pokemon News - Mecha Pikachu fan-made figurine, Pokemon Shirts Pop-Up Shop, and Pikachu roomba-style device teased

Mecha Pikachu fan-made figurine

- created by Shinpei Makoto
- design is based on the fully posable Pokepura Pikachu action figurine

Pokemon Shirts Pop Up Shop

- opening in Harajuku
- will be available from February 21st to February 24, 2019
- the store can accept up to 75 orders a day
- customers get an exclusive button hold handkerchief
- designers include Yu Nagaba (Japan), Wisut Ponnimit (Thailand), Eric Elms (US), and Inori Kitou

Shine Co. Ltd teases new products

- Pikachu Runrun Cleaner, which is a desk roomba-style vacuum
- features Pikachu sitting on top
- 3,218 yen (US$29)
- Pikachu Puni Light, which is a special lamp that reacts to sounds
- also features a mode that includes dancing/singing
- 9,698 yen (US$88)
- both products will be launching in Japan this Summer 2019

Fan-Art - Custom Akira-themed Game Boy

Akira continues to be an influence on anime and sci-fi culture to this day, as it's certainly one of the most influential animated films of all time. People show their love for the film in all different ways, including the above Game Boy. This is one of those designs that is just too pretty to ever use. You put it in a glass case and let everyone admire it from a safe distance!

N64 gets one hell of a custom paint job

We've featured countless N64 paint jobs over the years, but this custom job by Mizucat might be my favorite. What do you even call this style? It's like cotton candy, unicorns, rainbows, galaxy, and fairies all in one! Whatever you want to call it, the final result is absolutely gorgeous.

Fan-Art - Hollow Knight crocheted plush

I guess crocheted gaming characters is a trend recently! Yesterday we had Piranha Plant Kirby, and today we have the knight from Hollow Knight! This crocheted plush comes from Reddit user Awkwardorangutan, and I'd say they did a pretty bang-up job on this!

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon thinks John Cena would make a great Stryker

Artist BossLogic has been running through the Mortal Kombat roster to create some very unique art. He's been drawing up representations of classic characters, but portrayed by celebrities. The series has been going for quite some time, but one of his more recent creations showcases John Cena in the role of Stryker. Turns out Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon likes the choice, as he retweeted the art to his followers, and even added in a 'good casting' mention!