Cuphead scene recreated using nothing but duct tape

A sticky situation

Now that's some impressive fan-art. Reddit user Enemyxlasagna has recreated a scene from Cuphead using nothing but different colored duct tape. The end result is something that looks pretty darn close to what you see in-game. I can't imagine duct tape being an easy medium to work with, making the end result even more amazing.

Fan turns the GameCube logo into a game storage case

The GameCube lives on

I have never seen a GameCube logo this big, nor have I seen one put to such good use! This custom creation is not only an art piece, it's a functional bit of furniture! It can hold all sorts of game boxes, and also serve as some tabletop space for whatever you need! This sucker needs to go right into someone's living room.

Nintendo Labo fan makes samurai helmet artwork out of leftover cardboard scraps

From trash to treasure

So, a friend of mine did a Samurai helmet with the leftovers from Nintendo Labo to decorate the VR headset

Anyone who's built Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons knows that there's quite a few scraps left afterwards. After popping out various smaller pieces and parts, you're left with quite the pile for the trash. Instead of throwing these bits away, a friend of Reddit user The_Indifference decided to turn the trash into a work of art! This makes me feel bad about all the scraps I've thrown away. I could have done something so much better with them!

Cosplayer pays tribute to Metroid with Samus' Varia Suit made out of Fuse Beads

The patience this had to take...

Cosplamy is obviously a huge fan of Samus. In her latest cosplay creation, Cosplamy created Samus' Varia Suit by using Fuse Beads. Fuse Beads are just 5mm in diameter, and you make them stick together by applying heat. The results are absolutely stunning, but no doubt uncomfortable and brittle!

Yoshi's Crafted World tribute created using over 34k dominoes

The patience of this man...

The Domino King has returned yet again. This time he was inspired by the Yoshi's Crafted World demo! Check out his tribute to the game above, which includes the use of over 34k dominoes!

Yoshi's Crafted World fan creates amazing mini-diorama

Honing your craft

No, you're not looking at a screenshot from Yoshi's Crafted World. This is a real-life mini diorama created by Reddit user Trrzs! His attention to detail is pretty staggering! Looks like someone knows a thing or two about creating mini scenes like this!

Fan turns Super Mario World map into a 3D model

Can I live here?

Talk about some gorgeous work! Nintendo fan Matt Brailsford has done an absolutely amazing job of pulling a map straight from Super Mario World and turning it into a real-life 3D model. The end result is truly gorgeous! I'd love to see the whole game turned into displays like this, but I imagine Matt might go mad making that happen!

Thanks to ArmoredFrog for the heads up!

Artist creates clay Scorbunny and Grookey to compliment his previous Sobble figurine

Good enough to be official merch

Man, this is some masterful clay work. 'Squash Clay' did an amazing job with his Sobble clay figure, which we showed last week. Now he's back with Scorbunny and Grookey clay creations, and they're just as fantastic.

Fan makes custom 3D Pokemon TCG cards featuring Pokemon Sword & Shield's starters

The starters never looked better!

Now this is going above-and-beyond with fan-art! Reddit user Coco-coco is a big fan of Pokemon Sword and Shield's starters, so much so that he turned them into Pokemon TCG cards! While there's no print version of these cards yet, Coco-coco has done a masterful job with these 3D animated versions.