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Fan spends over 300 hours creating an animated intro for Pokemon Silver

The results are pretty amazing

Pokemon fans are some of the most hardcore fans there are, going above and beyond in showing their affinity for the franchise. Today we have another example of that, courtesy of animation student Darren Rafferty.

Darren has spent over 300 hours working up an animated intro for Pokemon Silver, and you can see the results of his efforts above. The end result is pretty jaw-dropping, although Darren himself appears to be a harsh critic of his own work.

"I wanted this to feel like a living, breathing world, as opposed to just an animation, and I think it turned out alright, it's still far from perfect though. Personally I really like the underwater bit where you can see the surface of the water from underneath, thought that looked well."

Etch-a-Sketch artist creates an amazing tribute to Psyduck

The patience this must take...

I etch a sketched a Psyduck from r/pokemon

There are all sorts of skilled artists out there, and millions have unique mediums that they work in. PrincessEtch happens to be a huge fan of the Etch-a-Sketch, and she uses it to great degree to create amazing pieces of art. That includes her fantastic tribute to the world of Pokemon, with a dazzling doodle of Psyduck that you see above. According to PrincessEtch herself, this drawing took just over 20 minutes to create!

This second fan-made Animal Crossing presentation shows us even more quality-of-life features we've been missing

We can only dream...

Part 2 of Youtuber Nick Ha's imaginative Animal Crossing: New Horizons "Quality-of-Life Update" series has been released, showing us many more small features that would make our island life just that much better.

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an incredibly well-received game on Nintendo Switch, there are undoubtedly some additions and tweaks that would really spice up and improve the overall gameplay experience. These well-put-together fictional presentations give us a visionary peak into a perfect alternate reality, and leads us to hoping that Nintendo will include some of these changes in future official updates.

In case you missed it, you can check out Nick Ha's first presentation here!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild super-fan creates an unbelievable 1/150th scale replica of the Temple of Time

How incredible is this?!

We've shared countless Legend of Zelda fan tributes over the years, and there's been some amazing stuff. That said, I honestly don't know that we've ever seen anything this intricate or impressive.

One Breath of the Wild fan went all-out on creating a one-of-a-kind 1/150th scale model of the game's Temple of Time. It's incredibly detailed inside and out, recreated in painstaking fashion. I'm honestly absolutely blown away by this!

Switch super fan gives their TV a fitting makeover

I don't think this one's portable...

Ever since the Switch released, people have been turning their TVs into tributes for the system. That's exactly what we have here, with Redditor PJMonday giving his TV a faux Switch makeover. Some people have made units like this that open up and allow for storage, but these giant Joy-Con are for display only. They certainly get the point across, though!

Graffiti artist creates an awesome tribute to Paper Mario: The Origami King's King Olly

Hail to the king!

Looks like there's some people out there who are on King Olly's side! Artist Fro_yla has created a huge graffiti tribute to King Olly from Paper Mario: The Origami King, as you can see in the image above. If you want to see this in person, you can spot it on the Bremerton, Washington Manette graffiti wall. This location also happens to be a Poke Stop!

Artist shows off what a Cyberpunk 2077-themed Game Boy might look like

Now you're playing with punk power!

Cyberpunk 2077 is not coming to the Switch, so Nintendo fans will have to go to other platforms to check the game out. That doesn't mean Nintendo fans can't pretend though, and that's exactly what artist Tomek Dittrich did with his video above. Tomek wanted to showcase what a special Cyberpunk 2077-themed Game Boy would look like, so he put together a special promo video to show off his idea. I think there's plenty of people out there who would love to have one of these!

An artist is creating amazing dioramas using Nintendo hardware

This stuff is gorgeous!

We've showcased a lot of interesting fan-art here on GoNintendo over the years, but I'm not sure we've ever shown something as unique as this.

Miniature artist Tanaka Tatsuya has a real talent when it comes to creating miniature diorama scenes, and it seems he's turned his focus to working with Nintendo hardware. Tatsuya uses Nintendo's consoles and portables to create one-of-a-kind scenes that really are breathtaking.

While Tatsuya works with items other than Nintendo hardware, he certainly has a lot of pieces that are centered on Nintendo. You can check out a gallery of his Nintendo-themed works here.

This amazing fan-made 'Welcome to Animal Crossing' wall lamp could be yours


Animal Crossing fans are constantly cooking up amazing tributes to the series. The latest example of that is the above wall lamp, which features the Animal Crossing logo. This was created by Etsy user The BKPK Shop, and you can read their official description below.

Welcome all visitors to your town with a beautiful wall hanging lamp built with a sturdy birch frame and two colors of vibrant and durable acrylic. The lamp measures about 12" across the base. Bulb included is a 40w incandescent bulb, candelabra base. Cord has a rotary style switch and measures 6-feet in length. On the back of the lamp there is a keyhole style hanging opening to allow for quick and easy mounting with any small nail. Each lamp will be assembled and shipped within 2 to 3 business days. We make them all to order with buckets of love and care.

Grab yours here ($54.40)


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