Pokemon fan makes a giant Snorlax pillow

Room for one more?

Reddit user Youcanseemyface shared the above picture of her husband snuggling up in the belly of a huge Snorlax pillow, which looks insanely comfortable. According to Youcanseemyface, the project took a few months to come together, and cost hundreds of dollars in yarn. I don't know about you, but seeing the joy on that man's face makes me think all the hard work and money was more than worth it!

Pokemon Sword and Shield fan gives the games a Game Boy Color-style intro

A little bit of retro love

Pokemon Sword and Shield definitely feature graphics a huge step up from what longtime fans of the series remember. We've come a long way from the early portable days, but sometimes it's fun to go back! Pokemon fan Sindre has worked up an intro that shows us what Sword and Shield's intro might have looked like if it came out on the Game Boy Color. Makes you want to see the full games given this makeover!

Companies celebrate the release of 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' (Atlus, Bethesda, Arby's, Hulu, Crunchyroll & more)

With big video game releases comes big company promotions. Pokemon Sword and Shield has officially launched for Nintendo Switch, and corporations are taking to Twitter to congratulate, promote, and celebrate the games launch. Check out some of the most creative company Tweets below.

First up, is the DOOM Twitter account run by Bethesda Game Studios. This one is a more subtle Pokemon nod. The tweet features a gif of a DOOM enemies eye being torn out with the caption "eye choose you", clearly referencing "I choose you" (the catchphrase from the Pokemon anime).

Next, we have the the Arby's restaurant chain. The companies Twitter account has been known to create fun cardboard creations to celebrate video game launches (although in this case, it's more like 'lunches"). Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey look excellent!

Hulu spreads their love of Grookey with the hashtag #GrookeyGang. The only big streaming service currently available on Nintendo Switch is Hulu, so it's nice of them to promote Nintendo's latest big release.

This one is a fun one, as the official Pokemon Twitter account actually gets involved. Atlus U.S.A. posted a screenshot of Persona 5 with Morgana saying "I'm not a Pokémon." The caption for the Tweet wishes for a happy Sword and Shield release day, and jokingly states "Morgana, I choose you!" The Pokemon Company responded to the Tweet, making sure to clarify that Morgana is indeed NOT a Pokémon.

Pokemon can't even escape from the delicious goodness of ice cream. Drumstick expresses their Starter choice of Grookey in this Tweet, and rightfully so. He uses a stick after all.
Crunchyroll shared some beautiful original artwork from @nashirasauce featuring the anime streaming services mascot, Hime, as well as a variety of Pokemon. They lock their starter choice in with the hashtag #ScorbunnySquad.

This post will be updated as more companies begin celebrating the launch of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Artist behind the 'Mandy' movie poster whips up a Witcher 3 print

Absolutely stunning

Christopher Shy is the artist who created the absolutely incredible poster for the Nicolas Cage movie, Mandy. Turns out Shy is a fan of gaming as well, as he's worked up the amazing Witcher 3 print above. If you're a fan of the work above, you can actually buy a print for yourself right here!

This fan-made Monado amiibo is absolutely gorgeous

I'm really feeling it!

Reddit user LeonPrien2000 is clearly a huge fan of the Xenoblade series, which is why he's crafted a one-of-a-kind Monado amiibo. We've seen plenty of custom amiibo in the past, but this one is not only a unique idea, but a fantastic execution as well. I bet plenty of Xenoblade fans would scoop this one!

Arby's celebrates the release of 'Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020'

Two iconic characters, one delicious restaurant

Arby's social media has always been a goldmine for video game references! Today, the official social media account for the restaurant showed some appreciation for the Nintendo Switch release of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. More particularly, the company's social media manager seems to be quite fond of "Wario on a surfboard". The picture tweeted features very well crafted cardboard creations of the Italian plumber and blue hedgehog with golden metals. It's quite clever how Mario is in front of an Italian sub, and Sonic is in front of some onion rings!

Smash Bros. Ultimate fan puts together a Master Hand and Crazy Hand costume for Halloween

Wow! Incredible!

Some people really go all-out on Halloween, creating absolutely ingenious costumes. That's exactly what Reddit user Calvin_and_Hobbies did with his Master Hand and Crazy Hand costume. It looks like an absolute nightmare to get around in, but it definitely puts smiles on the faces of Smash Bros. fans!

Pokemon designer shares tribute art for Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi cutified

Pokemon designer James Turner has stepped away from the world of Pokemon for a minute to celebrate the launch of Luigi's Mansion 3 with a special piece of art. Turner has put a very cute spin on the world of Luigi's Mansion, making for a memorable look. Great to see Luigi love out there from other devs!

Pokemon News round-up: Pokemon Center Shibuya opening info, Sword/Shield retro box, G.E.M. Pokemon Series Mallow & Steenee figure

The latest round of Pokemon news

Pokemon Center Shibuya opening details

- opens November 22nd, 2019
- official mascots for Pokemon Center Shibuya are Mewtwo and Mew
- Pre-Opening Lottery to give fans a chance to visit Pokemon Center Shibuya and Parco Shibuya
- Lottery to run November 20th and November 21st, 2019 from 10am to 9pm each day
- join in the lottery on Pokemon Center Online (up to 170 winners) or Pokemon Secret Club (up to 80 winners)
- winners are able to bring up to 1 person to accompany them to Pokemon Center Shibuya
- Pokemon Center Online winners will be notified on November 8th
- Pokemon Secret Club winners will be notified on November 6th
- Lottery closes November 3rd 11:59pm and November 1st 5:59pm JST on Pokemon Center Online and Pokemon Secret Club
- Shibuya Pikachu Pokemon TCG Card will be distributed to visitors at all Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store locations
- Pokemon Center Shibuya shopping bags will be distributed to customers who purchase items at Pokemon Center locations
- purchase at least 6,000 yen worth of products at Pokemon Center Shibuya to receive an Original Mew Wall Sticker

Pokemon Sword and Shield retro-style box

- fan-art created by bebelhl
- mimics the classic Japanese Game Boy style box

G.E.M. Pokemon Series Mallow & Steenee figure

- preorders open Nov. 17th, 2019

Fan-made video shows what Luigi's Mansion would be like on the NES

8-bit horror

Ever wonder what Luigi's Mansion might be like if it debuted on the NES? The video above takes that idea and runs wild with it! It definitely looks like the game still would have been a blast on the NES, even if the gameplay would have changed up a bit. Unfortunately, there's no way to play the game in the video above, as it's just a concept, and not an actual playable experience.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


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