Razed - Announcement trailer

London, UK July 31 st , 2018 – Having started out putting players through their paces in as a finalist of Edge Magazine’s ‘Get Into Games’ competition, PQube and developer Warpfish Games are excited to announce the upcoming release of lightning-fast speed-runner RAZED on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam this September and October.

RAZED is a game focused on speed, with the player charged with making it to the finish line in the quickest time possible, dancing and darting across dynamic levels littered with obstacles designed to take you down. Power boosting skills unlocked along the way can send you soaring - sometimes literally - with every second saved edging you closer to a triumphant run.

In short, RAZED’s rather manic mantra is go fast, or die trying.

“With RAZED, we’ve taken the spirit that fuelled some of the most popular speed-runners and fused it with some stunning, neon-charged visuals that tap into some of the best arcade games from the last few decades,” says John Thompson, Designer at Warpfish Games.

“I think it’s a perfect marriage. Combined with the music it creates a kinetic environment focused on the concept of running as fast as you possibly can. Anyone can get the idea behind RAZED, but only the best will master the game. It really is a case of survival of the quickest.”

RAZED features:

Non-stop escalation: Sprint through 60 dynamic levels spread across six unique worlds, each with a distinct visual style, unlockable abilities and pulse-pounding boss battles.

Chart your own course: Veer off the beaten path and carve your own way through levels to achieve seemingly impossible times and unlock the S ranks.

Online leaderboards and ghost data: Challenge the world via online leaderboards, and race against friends' ghosts in a game of asynchronous one-upmanship.

Fuss-free speedrunning: Nobody wants to wait around while striving for perfection. Falling short of your target time? Simply jab the restart button to return to the start of the level without any loading times.

Secret challenge levels: Employ all your different skills and abilities to find RAZED's toughest maps and tackle them head-on.

“I can truly say, once you see RAZED in full flow, you can’t keep your eyes off it,” adds Amaria Larchet, Product Manager at PQube. “It’s the kind of game we can imagine people watching someone play over their shoulder thinking ‘well, that looks straightforward enough’, before taking it on for themselves and finding out things aren’t quite so easy. It really is a head turner.”

RAZED will be available worldwide digitally on Steam and Xbox One on September 14 th and on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 15th.

Rage in Peace - Story trailer

Bandung, Indonesia - July 31st, 2018 - Toge Productions are proud to announce that it’s teamed up with developer Rolling Glory Jam to release the contemplative comic platformer Rage in Peace in September 2018 on PC, with a Nintendo Switch release to follow later this year.

Rage in Peace follows the exploits of Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27 years old actuary whose greatest desire is to die in the most peaceful way possible: asleep in his pajamas, in the warmth of home, with no drama. When the Grim Reaper shows up to inform Timmy that he will die that night of decapitation, our hero’s only concern is that he goes out with a whimper. Unfortunately, the universe isn’t so kind to Timmy, as it insists on spoiling his perfect death with all manner of ignoble hazards. Help Timmy get home safely, so he can finally live the death of his dreams!

Loosely inspired by Paulo Coelho de Souza stories, Rage in Peace wants to give meaning to death in a “rage game” where you’re meeting your maker every few seconds. Despite its preoccupation with shedding one’s mortal coil, Rage in Peace is an upbeat, comical game with warm humor and bright colors brought to life by more than 10 independent Indonesian bands, as both Toge and Rolling Glory Jam are adamant on showing the world what its local culture is capable of.

“Ever since we prototyped Rage in Peace in 2014 at IndieVsPewDiePie Game Jam, it’s become a labor of love for us,” said Rolling Glory Jam Director Dominikus D Putranto. “We wanted to make a game that was both fun to play and contained a deeper meaning about the human experience. We think Rage in Peace strikes that delicate balance perfectly.”

“Rage in Peace is one of the most addictive and thoughtful games in development right now, and we’re proud to team up with Rolling Glory Jam to release it,” said Toge Productions Founder and CEO Kris Antoni. “Indonesia is a hotbed of creativity and we can’t wait for the world to see what we’re capable of when Rage in Peace launches this Fall.”

PLANET ALPHA - Survival trailer, game launches Sept. 4th, 2018

31st July 2018, UK – Team17, a global games label, creative partner and developer of independent, premium video games and Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar of Planet Alpha ApS game studio have today announced that their mysterious, beautiful platform adventure game PLANET ALPHA, will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 4th September.

To celebrate the game’s forthcoming launch, a new trailer has been released today which showcases some of the threats and danger you’ll come across as you explore the strange alien world you find yourself upon. You’ll have to combine fast platforming action with stealth and creative puzzle solving to survive and uncover the truth.

PLANET ALPHA is an atmospheric side-scrolling platform adventure game. Combining fast platforming, creative puzzles, stealth mechanics and a unique art style to create an unforgettable experience.

PLANET ALPHA is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 4th September 2018.

Picross S2 now has a "Clip Picross" mode

The following information comes from the Nintendo Switch eShop:

“Clip Picross”, a new mode where the pieces you collect become a picture

We have added a new mode called “Clip Picross”. In this mode, solve problems laid out on the board to complete a large illustration. There are over 100 problems to solve that allow you to advance in Picross Mode. Clear all Clip Picross problems to reveal a connected story.

New support features for 300 Picross, Mega Picross problems

As with the previous release, we have added Picross and Mega Picross modes. With four types of problems, 5×5, 10×10, 15×15, 20×15, and Picross and Mega Picross combined, there are 300 problems for you to enjoy. We have also added a convenient feature to assist in solving problems; you can now count cells while moving your cursor. Getting absorbed in puzzles is now even easier than ever. *Touch screen movement not supported.

Fun 2 person play with “Sharing”

As with the previous release, we have included a mode where you can solve puzzles with another player. Discuss and work together to solve problems, or compete to see who can fill the most cells. It’s a fresh new experience for those who play single player, so please try it out with your friends and family.