Othercide - Nintendo Switch launch trailer

Othercide is available today on Nintendo Switch with a special Introductory Price! Descend into Humanity’s last hope. The Daughters, echoes of the greatest warrior to ever live, are all who stand before Suffering and death. Lead your army of Daughters to battle. Your prowess in combat will shape their abilities and personality. Make the toughest decision and sacrifice one to heal another - survivors will get stronger, ready to fight the next battle. Combat is an intricate dance of spectacular actions. Plan ahead of time and set up impressive chains of abilities to outsmart the enemy. Fight in epic boss battles against the sources of Suffering - dread creatures pulled from the worst of Humanity. You will fight. You will fail. You will rise again.

Genshin Impact: The Boy and the Whirlwind - New Story Teaser trailer

The sitting Anemo Archon, Barbatos, was once a single, shapeless wisp among the thousand winds. In Old Mondstadt, ruled by the lord of storms, he encountered a young boy...

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Overview Trailer

In Super Mario 3D All-Stars, play three of Mario’s greatest 3D platform adventures — all in one package! With three games, modern upgrades, and music-player mode, this collection is filled with fun for both new players and 3D platforming Mario masters. Available on September 18 for Nintendo Switch

Daemon x Machina - Free update coming in November, contains new Arsenal, player skin, decals, and more

There is No Light - Weapons trailer, new information

The entire population of the planet is eradicated by a global catastrophe. Now, the fate of the world as we know it lies on the shoulders of but one man. Battle your way through bloodthirsty demonic forces to bring order to the world… Or become the herald of its destruction.

After a global catastrophe, the remains of human civilization built a new religious society among the ruins of the desolated underground. They have forgotten the light of the sun and now are blindly following the New God — The Great Hand. Once every few years, The Hand comes down to the people of the Central Station and takes away the chosen newborns to the world hidden behind the gates of the Sanctuary. The Hero embarks on a dangerous journey through this hostile world to find a way to open the gates and bring his child back.

Key Features

– Ashes of the Old World: Visit human settlements and unearthly ruins to unveil the secrets of the past.
– Fight for Your Life: Blast your way through the hordes of various enemies.
– Filled with Rage: The Rage system forces you to play aggressively. You won’t hide from the battle.
– Weapons of the Underworld: Create your own playstyle with different weapons and upgrades.
– Non-linear Narrative: Explore the story the way you want.
– Good Intentions: The world around you changes according to your actions.
– Danger in the Shadows: Encounter dangerous and powerful bosses.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Mjölnir's Strike and Limited Hero Battles events now live

Dragalia Lost - Platinum Showcase and Flame Focus event to start September 14 at 11 p.m. PT

Pokemon Masters EX - Azelf Legendary Event announced, Gladion & Silvally Sync Pair Scout now live

60 SECOND CHALLENGE! SAVE LUIGI!! - Nintendo airs a number of Japanese Super Mario trivia quiz videos

In celebration of Super Mario's 35th Anniversary, Nintendo has begun airing promotional advertisements in Japan that allow viewers to answer trivia questions. The premise is that viewers must correctly answer a question in 60 seconds in order to save Luigi. Only one video is currently available, but Nintendo plans to release more of them every Monday.

Wintermoor Tactics Club - Nintendo Switch launch trailer

It was hard enough for Alicia at the famed Wintermoor Academy before it erupted into a snowball war! Now her club's only hope is to transform from nerdy nobodies into fantasy heroes. Unravel a reality-bending mystery. Test your strategic mettle against an avalanche of colorful characters. And don't forget to make friends! Features: + Unlock your Potential: Discover the power of 7 playable characters and dozens of unlockable upgrades across more than 40 battles. + Explore the School: Get to know Wintermoor in visual novel-inspired gameplay. Break down the walls between high school cliques such as the Psychic Detectives and Young Monarchists. + Make New Friends: Write tabletop campaigns to help students overcome their personal problems, and discover their fantasy selves as your club grows. “Grab this with both hands. It’s really solid stuff, a fun story, and a lovely entry-level tactical combat game, and indeed infinitely more accessible visual novel.” 88 – Buried Treasure “Wintermoor Tactics Club reminds me a lot of the Persona series: both games sit on that razor’s edge of combining together entertaining combat with social gameplay; both tie into each other in a fluid way that makes the game shine.” 4/5 – RPGamer


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