Niantic settles lawsuit over Pokemon GO trespassing complaints (UPDATE)

You might remember some time ago that a number of homeowners came together to file lawsuit against Niantic. The homeowners claimed that Pokemon GO was influencing players to wander about into their yards without permission, and they wanted Niantic to be held responsible.

Niantic has decided to settle the lawsuit and fix some in-game aspects that might have caused these trespassing issues. Here's a list of everything Niantic promises to do moving forward.

—Upon complaints of nuisance or trespass and demands of the removal of a "PokéStop" or "Gym," the company will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the complaint and communicate a resolution within 15 days.

—Owners of single-family residential properties get rights of removal within 40 meters of their properties.

—Niantic will maintain a database of complaints in an attempt to avoid poor placement of these virtual creatures.

—When Niantic's system detects a raid of more than 10 players congregating, a warning message will appear on their screens reminding them to be courteous and respectful of surroundings.

—Niantic is also working with user-reviewers and mapping services like Google Maps to also mitigate any problems plus maintaining a mechanism so that park authorities can request a park's hours of operation be honored.

—At the company's expense, Niantic will have an independent firm audit compliance with obligations during a three-year period.

Those involved in the lawsuit may be awarded $1,000 each. The law firm of Pomerantz, will be able to seek up to $8 million in attorney's fees and $130,000 in expenses.

UPDATE - We have a statement on this matter provided us to the PR firm involved with Niantic.

This is a proposed settlement for injunctive relief and does not include any monetary damages to the class. Additionally, Niantic has not yet agreed to any payment amounts for the law firm involved or the lead plaintiffs. This proposed settlement has not yet been approved by the judge in the case. If approved, it would impact the processes we use to approve or remove certain Pokestops or Gyms within Pokemon GO.

Pokémon Duel Receives a Massive Z-Powered Update (official PR)

A huge new update for Pokémon Duel has gone live today, bringing more Z-Moves, new Pokémonfigures, and major shop and economy updates to the the mobile strategy game in which fans battle eachother with digital Pokémon figures.

Z-Moves in Pokémon Duel have been expanded to include every Pokémon type. This gives players more opportunities to break out these powerful and game-changing moves across their lineup of Pokémon. Players who log in before March 12, 2019 at 5:59 P.M. PST will receive a [UX] Pikachu that can execute a signature Z-Move called Catastropika, as a log-in bonus!

New Pokémon now available in Pokémon Duel as part of this update include [UX] Darkrai, [EX] Absol, [UX] Necrozma, and more.

New opportunities for players can also be found in the game’s updated shop. This update introduces a Player Pass ($16.99 per month), an optional service offering a variety of gameplay bonuses for dedicated fans. This acts like a subscription service, giving players the ability to choose at least 6 Pokémon figurines each month to be added to their collection.

The Z-Powered update also brings in a new Monthly Point Rewards system that makes it easier to earn items and figures by playing the game. Replacing Boosters, this system provides Match Points for every League Match played, and players will automatically earn rewards as their Monthly Points add up, such as [UX] Eevee and [EX] Kangaskhan figures. Player Pass subscribers can earn even greater Monthly Point Rewards and bonuses, including the new [UX] Dusk Mane Necrozma and [UX] Dawn Wings Necrozma figures.

Pokémon Duel is available now in the App Store and Amazon Appstore, and on Google Play. For more information about the game, please visit: https://www.pokemon.com/us/app/pokemon-duel/.

Super Mario Run - content update for Feb. 15th, 2019

[Event] The latest Friendly Run event is now live! For a limited time, you can get a little bonus for playing Friendly Run: you get Rally Tickets no matter if you win or lose. The number of times you can play each day depends on your progress in the World Tour mode: 1 time if you haven’t cleared it, 3 times if you’ve cleared World 1, and 5 times if you’ve cleared World 2 (available until March 1st)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Feb. 15th, 2019

[Events] The first Extra Stage for the latest Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon event is now live (available until March 4th)

[Quests] The second set of Daily Quests related to the latest Tempest Trials+ event is now live (available until February 20th)

[Events] The results of the Find & Vote Heroes event are in! Here’s the 4 Heroes that received the most votes: Azura (Vallite Songstress) [106 755], Myrrh (Spooky Monster) [76 324], Duma (God of Strength) [42 902], and Lyn (Lady of the Wind) [41 227]. You can find the full results on the official website (mobile only)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Feb. 15th, 2019

[Goals] A new set of Timed Goals is now live: Flounder Goals. The goal is to fish for dab and olive flounder at Saltwater Shores (only those caught by you count, those obtained by any other means, such as Market Boxes, do not) (available until February 19th)

Dragalia Lost - content update for Feb. 15th, 2019

[Manga] Chapter 69 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: Ezelith Gets Heated. Click here to check them out (also available from within the game itself) (no end date)

Niantic Details Upcoming Changes to Pokémon GO (stat boosts for Trainer Battles)

We’re excited to announce a major update to Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO—stat boosts! Starting this Saturday during Swinub Community Day, certain Charge Attacks will have a chance to trigger stat boosts in Trainer Battles. These stat boosts will persist on the affected Pokémon until they either faint or are switched out of battle. The first moves this update will impact are below.

Ancient Power: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense
Ominous Wind: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense
Silver Wind: Chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defense

This is just the first of many updates to come, so stay tuned for more communications about Trainer Battles. As a reminder, Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine during Community Day event hours will learn the move Ancient Power, so don’t miss out!

Pokemon GO's PokeStop nomination feature opens in Vietnam

Niantic has continued with their expansion of the Pokemon GO PokeStop beta program. Level 40 trainers in Vietnam can now take advantage of the PokéStop nomination feature. More countries will continue to be added to the lineup, and we'll share those details as they become available.

PR - Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Celebration returns with pink-colored Pokemon


Gather up Poké Balls and turn on Adventure Sync—the Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day Celebration features Pokémon that are pink! Beginning February 13 at 1 p.m. PST, Pokémon such as Clefairy, Hoppip, and Luvdisc will appear more frequently in the wild. Check out more details below:

Date + Time

Feb. 13, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT -8) to Feb. 21, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT -8)

Pink Pokémon such as Clefairy, Hoppip, and Luvdisc will appear more frequently in the wild!
Certain pink Pokémon will hatch more frequently from 7 km Eggs!
Pink Pokémon such as Chansey and Porygon will appear more frequently in Raid Battles!

Lure Modules will last six hours for the duration of the event.
2× Catch Candy
Let’s spread the love and enjoy special Valentine’s Day Celebration bonuses! Stay safe, and happy exploring!

—The Pokémon GO team

Dragalia Lost - content update for Feb. 14th, 2019

[Events] The first Story Event, Valentine’s Confections, is now live. (available until February 22nd, with rewards available until March 1st)

[Endeavors] While the Valentine’s Confections is running, there’s two sets of Endeavours to tackle: Daily and Special (available until February 22nd)

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the launch of the latest Software update, all players will be able to claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Tenfold Summon Voucher x1 (available until February 21st)

[Summoning] The next Summon Showcase is called Ardent Admirers, and it’s now live. (available until February 22nd)

[Castle] Two new Castle Stories are now available: Maiden Mishaps, Fluffy Friends (no end date)

[Events] The Flame-Attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event is now live. While it’s running, the Flamehowl Ruins (Beginner/Standard/Expert) event quest is open at all times, and you get double Daily Bonus (quadruple if you have the 7-Day Pack (Double Bonus) in effect) (available until February 22nd)

[Log-in Bonus] An issue was causing the 5★ Main Character’s Player EXP +15% ability to grant less EXP than normal (the amount of EXP that can be acquired upon clearing certain quests was 1 less than the normal amount of EXP), but it’s been fixed. As compensation, all players who started the game by February 13th, and have a 5★ Main Character, can get the following as special Log-in Bonus: Exquisite Honey x20 (available until February 20th)

[Manga] Chapter 68 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: The Nerves!. Click here to check them out (also available from within the game itself) (no end date)