Man in England fined £200 after breaking lockdown rules to play Pokemon Go

According to BBC, a man in England broke the country's lockdown rules in order to play Pokemon Go for a few hours. He was caught and fined £200, and the police concluded that catching Pokemon was not a valid excuse for violating the quarantine guidelines.

Mario's Tennis (yes, the Virtual Boy game) is currently on sale on Play-Asia

Play-Asia currently has a Virtual Boy game for sale! Users who visit the website and use code "NDEAL" at check-out can purchase the game for $26.59. If you would like to purchase a copy of the game, then please refer to this link.

Twitter user @ArthuurrrP becomes the first human to pull of Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road Ultra-shortcut

Speedrunners continue to set records in Mario Kart Wii's Time Trial mode, and just recently, a user was able to successfully pull off a shortcut that was deemed near impossible to accomplish. It is possible to skip a majority of Rainbow Road by using two mushrooms near the start of the track, but the actual jump required to do so requires pixel-perfect precision. But that didn't stop Twitter user @ArthuurrrP from trying the trick over and over until he did it correctly. Congratulations, ArthuurrrP!

Unofficial Pokemon plush stretches Pikachu to uncomfortable lengths

That's a stretch

Pokemon Co. puts out plenty of official merch throughout the year, especially when it comes to plush dolls. Still, that's not enough to satiate everyone out there, and plenty of other knock-off companies try to slip through the cracks and create their own items. That's exactly what's going on with the plush above.

An absolutely odd Pikachu plush has popped up on AliExpress, and it's quite mammoth. Mixing Pikachu with a centipede design, this Pikachu takes up some serious space. There's a few different designs, with some of them stretching out to 5.5 feet! It's likely these plush dolls will be yanked from AliExpress soon, so check them out while you can!

Random Time! - User discovers that characters' faces in Breath of the Wild use the same coding as Miis

A Twitter user by the name of @HEYimHeroic has figured out how non-playable characters are generated in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has been discovered that the faces of these characters use a modified version of the coding used to create a Mii. This means that it is possible for modders to change the faces of these characters by loading in data from a Mii. 

GAME creates Mario-themd "Eau De Plumber" perfume

A bit of Mario musk

A Mario-themed perfume? Sounds like something that would pop up on April Fools' Day, but this is no joke. GAME has announced the product, which is going to be a limited-time item. You can get the full description of this odd product below.

Eau De Plumber, the essence of a versatile gentlemen. This new GAME Exclusive fragrance will bring out the ‘wa-hoo’ in you.

This Italian-inspired perfume features deep earthy notes of toadstool, balanced with high notes of peach and daisy, and mid-tones of grass lands. Presented in a quirky 200ml collector’s bottle, this luxurious scent is inspired by everyone just trying to make their way in the world.

This brand-new unisex fragrance is lovingly crafted for the busy gamer on the go. Significant other kidnapped by giant reptilian tyrant? Rushing from one side of town to the other with a strict time limit of 300 seconds? Eau De Plumber has you covered and brings a whole new meaning to words ‘toilet water’.

On bottle of this perfume will cost you £19.99. You can't buy the item just yet, but you can keep track of stock here.

Piko Interactive teases the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign for Glover

Seemingly out of nowhere, Piko Interactive has returned to social media to ask its audience about their opinion regarding potential stretch goals on a Kickstarter campaign about Glover. The social media account previously mentioned the possibility of finishing development on the game's unreleased sequel, Glover 2, and fans speculate that this Kickstarter campaign could lead to finally completing the game. 

Random Time! - DOOM now playable on the Nintendo Game and Watch

Fans have a habit of trying to make the iconic video game, DOOM, playable on almost every gaming device or electronic hardware. As a result, it was only a matter of time before someone made DOOM playable on the recently-released Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. device. As can be seen in the video above, the game is fully functional, although the resolution is heavily reduced.

Thanks to sligeach_eire for the heads-up!

Random Time! - This new Metapod costume seems to be making the rounds

This morning, pictures of this Metapod costume started to appear all over Twitter. The source appears to be from a user on a Japanese Pokemon blog website. The user simply created a Metapod costume from scratch, and sure if enough, it appears to look relatively relaxing. Much like the Pokemon itself, the user wearing the costume is able to comfortably sleep vertically or horizontally, and either way, the costume will still resemble Metapod's general shape!

New Zelda Breath of the Wild mod incorporates Age of Calamity content to make Hyrule look restored

A user by the name of banan039 has modified The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in such a way that appears as though the land of Hyrule was never destroyed within the game. Rather than ruins and destroyed buildings, there are flourishing villages. This mod incorporates the buildings seen in the upcoming game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. So for players that just wanted to see what these villages could look like without fighting dozens of monsters at a time, please refer to the video above!