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Random Time - Fan manages to play Doom on a pregnancy test

A determined fan by the name of @Foone wanted to see if he could get a functional version of the classic first-person shooter game Doom to function on a pregnancy test. After trying to get the game to function enough times, he eventually got a positive result! It may not be the most practical way to play the game, but at least it has now been demonstrated that it is possible!

Random Time! - Fan demonstrates that it is possible to use a Game Boy Camera as a webcam in 2020

A Twitter user by the name of @bernardcapulong had come across a Reddit post that questioned whether or not a Game Boy Camera could be used as a modern-day webcam. In response, bernard had proven that this could bone by answering with in an overly complex, yet humorous, manner. The result can be seen in the Twitter video posted above!

New discovery in Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver shows that players can't get stuck in Cianwood City

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver launched over a decade ago, yet fans are still discovering fun bits of information in the game. A user by the name of Alucard the Hedgehog discovered that there is an NPC in Cianwood City that can give the player a Tentacool in case the player ever gets stuck.

For context, Cianwood City is a location in the game that is necessary to visit, but it can only be visited once a player gains the ability to use Surf. If a player were to travel to the city and then release any Pokemon that could learn the move, the player could theoretically be stuck on the island with no way to progress. Alucard the Hedgehog was determined to softlock his game and get stuck on the island, and in the process, he discovered that an NPC will appear if certain conditions are met. Therefore, players can NOT actually get stuck on the island.

The iconic Sonic statue in Japan has been cleaned up

For some time now, there has been a mysterious Sonic statue in Iga City in Japan. Polygon has made articles on it in the past, and sadly, the statue has gotten dirty after years of nature's wear and tear on it. But now, the statue seems to have been cleaned up! After being in the woods for over a decade, it is nice to see that this blue blur monument looks as good as new!

The Kirby character renders that appear on the Kirby Personality Quiz appear to be new (UPDATE)

UPDATE - After some research, it appears that this artwork might come from Kirby Triple Deluxe.

There has been a recent Kirby-themed personality quiz that has been going around that informs its users what Kirby character or copy ability best suits them. It has been recently discovered that the personality quiz also features new renders of Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. The models appear to be based on Kirby Star Allies, but the fact that there's new artwork at all in this personality quiz at least demonstrates that the development team is still keeping busy with their models!

Random Time! - The Switch Pro Controller has incorrectly been ESRB rated Adults Only (18+) on Amazon

N*nt*ndo Sw*tch

It's time for a bit of a history lesson. Only 29 games have ever been given the official ESRB rating of AO (Adults Only 18+) in North America. This rating is of course not to be confused with M (Mature 17+), which is an entirely different (and less controversial) rating. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo do not allow AO rated games to be released on their console platforms, so this unusual Amazon glitch that happened recently is quite amusing.

If you visit the official Amazon storepage for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you will see that the item is currently listed with the rating "Adults Only". This will likely be the only time Nintendo will directly sell an AO rated product, even if it's just an error. Check the page for yourself to step into a weird alternate reality!

Tesla coils used to play an Animal Crossing: New Horizons musical tribute

Truly an electrifying performance

We've seen plenty of musical tributes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the game launched. Pianos, melodicas, harmonies, guitar, you name it. All of them fantastic in their own way, but they were all missing one thing. None of them felt dangerous...but that changes today.

The Arc Attack YouTube channel, which specializes in playing music with tesla coils, has turned their attention to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can hear the tribute above, all while being happy that you're listening from a very safe distance!

Random Time! - Fan-made Star Fox video shows what the franchise would like in a Paper Mario style

The following information comes from the description of this fan-made Paper Star Fox 64 video:

Star Fox 64 is my favorite game and I always liked the style of Paper Mario, so I thought about making a video that would combine both.

It took me a month and a half, but I finally had time to do it, it was a fun process and I learned a lot trying to improve the video day by day.

I did everything, I used Maya, C4D, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

All music and sound effects belong to Nintendo.

New World Record set in in Mario Bros. hardest difficulty

Steven Kleisath and Stephen Boyer recently set a record of 1,280,550 points in Mario Bros.'s "Ultimate NO POW Hardest Difficulty 2 Player" difficulty setting. In short, this means that POW blocks, which are extremely useful items that can damage all enemies on the screen at once, cannot be used to defeat enemies within the game. The record was accomplished this by playing the game via a netplay service and by communicating with one another through a speakerphone. Suffice to say, the record is a very impressive feat! 


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