Random Time! - Amazon accidentally sends customer several Ken amiibo

A user by the name of @AWDtwit on Twitter just wanted to order a Ken amiibo via Amazon. Amazon fulfilled his wish, and then they proceeded to mail him about a dozen more Ken amiibo. Would it be wiser to try to send to send the amiibo back, or would it be wiser to train all of the amiibo in Super Smash Bros. and see which one comes out on top? 

This fan-made Super Mario Bros. "World 1-1 paper towel and napkin holder" sure is...something

Today in 'things I never thought I'd post about'

I'm sure you're always looking for a place to store your paper towels and napkins, right? I mean we all are! Who doesn't spend hours a day finding the perfect place for their paper products?! Well now you don't have to waste another second trying to find a spot, as you can just 3D-print this "World 1-1 paper towel and napkin holder."

No, I am not sure what possessed someone to create this, and I can't even tell if I like it or not, but it's definitely a unique idea! Print your own with the files here.

Random Time! - Mario Kart Wii fan creates a 24-player race mode

Does anyone remember how when they announced Mario Kart Wii all the way back at E3 2007, Reggie said, "More racers means more fun"? Well, I must say that I agree. This is a mod to Mario Kart Wii that adds an additional 12 racers to each race, for a grand total of 24!

Random Time! - Pokemon's Lavender Town theme recreated in Fortnite

This isn't the first time we've shared Fortnite music creations, but it's definitely the most creepy video we've featured yet! No matter how many times I hear that song, it still makes me feel uneasy.

Random Time! - Excel ransomware uses Mario imagery

As most of you know, we unfortunately live in a world with something called 'ransomware.' For those who don't know, ransomware is a type of malicious software from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. In a strange turn of events, one of the most recent ransomware attacks involves Mario. Reader Meza12 explains the situation.

An Excel file that comes as an attachment on a fake payment mail wants to run a macro to check if you’re Italian. If you are, it downloads a Super Mario image that, in turn,downloads the Gandcrab ransomware. This is one rare case of combining document macros, steganography, and ransomware deliverance.

As always, please be safe with your email. Never open attachments from anyone you don't know...even if Mario is involved.

Random Time! - Yes, you can play Smash Bros. Ultimate on a Sony Watchman

This is for jameslionbreath who asked how I made this crazy setup. So, here you go from r/supersmashbros

I can't tell you why people do what they do. I'm just happy that they do the things they do. Thanks to one of those people, we now know what Smash Bros. Ultimate would look like on a Sony Watchman. No person in their right mind would ever want to play Smash like this for an extended period of time, but now we know it's possible!

Random Time! - What do Smash Bros. Ultimate characters look like when inside Wario's mouth?

Smash Bros. Ultimate's free-roaming camera once again gives us insight into something we'd otherwise never see. I'm so glad it has, because this is pretty damn hilarious. Some of the characters look so damn funny like this!

Random Time! - Drawing Pokemon using mathematical formulas

I don't know why people do the weird things they do. I'm just happy they do them. Case in point, the Pikachu and Dedenne drawings you see above. These were both created using complex mathematical formulas. For example, here's what's needed to draw Pikachu.

I'm a horrible artist, so using the formula above might actually be a better way for me to get a decent-looking Pikachu!

Random Time! - This Bulbasaur fan is riding in style

There are plenty of ways to let people know you are a fan of Pokemon. Little things you can do throughout your day to share your love for pocket monsters. Then there's something a bit more grandiose, like this custom Bulbasaur paint job on a car. Now that's a way to turn some heads on the road!

Random Time! Hideki Kamiya Tweets out poll asking which of his characters fans would like in Smash Bros.

Hideki Kamiya has suddently created a Twitter poll asking which of his characters would be the most likely to appear in a Super Smash Bros. game. The current options are Dante (from Devil May Cry), Viewtiful Joe, Amaterasu (Okami), and Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101). 

It is unknown if this poll will have any sort of impact, as the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters have allegedly already been chosen. With that said, it is still fun to see what a general audience may pick, and Kamiya is likely just trying to gauge fan interest. We will see if any of these characters make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. in the future!