Random Time! - Someone crammed a Wii into an Altoids tin, and it's fully-functioning

Who knows why people do what they do? Sometimes a crazy idea pops into someone's head and they're instantly inspired to make it a reality. That's what seems to have happened here with the "KillMii," a fully-functioning Wii that has been crammed into an Altoids tin. Sure, it might get ridiculously hot when playing, and who cares if it only gets 10 minutes of battery life? It's a functioning Wii in an Altoids tin, and that's pretty damn impressive!

Random Time! - Even Arby's can't resist Bowsette

Arby's has some very talented artists on their team, and they've used their skills to work the social media game like none other. That trend continues with their Bowsette creation, it is yet another top-notch piece of food art. Too beautiful to eat, I say!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Random Time! - Philips responds to requests for CD-i Classic

While I'm sure Nintendo would like to forget their deal with Philips for Mario and Zelda CD-i games, their fans will never let it happen. Recently a tweet circulated on social media featuring a request for a CD-i Classic, in the style of what Nintendo has done with the NES/SNES. Surprisingly, Philips actually responded to the request favorably. I doubt this would ever happen, and I can't see Nintendo every giving their blessing on including those games once again, but I guess stranger things have happened!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Random Time! - Flex Seal offers to fix Nintendo's leaks

Nintendo does indeed suffer from game/news leaks from time to time. I don't know how the gang over at Flex Seal knows that, but they've jumped on the opportunity to try and sell their Flex Seal products to Nintendo fans. I guess you do whatever you can to reach WHOEVER you can on social media!

Random Time! - Seth Rogen is teaching people about Duck Hunt's two-player secret

Life is weird. Here we are, a billion years after Duck Hunt released, and Seth Rogen is blowing peoples' minds by sharing the game's two-player feature. I'm sure some of you reading this might not have know the secret. Well now you do, and it's all thanks to Seth Rogen!

Thanks to ArmoredFrog for the heads up!

Random Time! - Beating Super Mario 64 with the N64 mouse

People are constantly looking for new ways to play Super Mario 64. If you thought playing the game without jumping was a unique challenge, how about tackling the adventure with the N64 mouse? To say the game wasn't really built for mouse play would be a huge understatement, but as the video above proves, it's not impossible!

Random Time! - Chronicling every time Team Rocket 'blasted off' in the Pokemon anime series

Team Rocket tries and fails, and tries and fails, and tries and fails. It's their lot in life when it comes to the Pokemon anime series. Over all the years and failed attempts, just how many times has Team Rocket blasted off? The video series above aims to figure that out, and it seems the unofficial tally sits at 850 blast-offs.

Random Time! - Wii Sports theme recreated using Wii Sport's case

May this song live on forever, in any way, shape, or form the internet wants to pay tribute to it. Man, now I want to play some more Wii Sports...

Random Time! - School gets a Mario-themed bulletin board

Random Time! - Finally, we can eat the SEGA logo

I thought the Sonic toaster was the weirdest thing SEGA ever released, but now I stand corrected. That honor goes to the SEGA Logo Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake with red bean paste or chocolate filling. Obviously this Taiyaki is shaped like the SEGA logo, and on the back you can find SEGA's Japanese slogan, "Creation is Life." These will be available at the SEGA Taiyaki Ikebukuro Store starting August 8th, and will be available until September 30, 2018. They will cost 300 yen a piece, and come in Adzuki bean or premium vanilla flavor.