Random Time! - Building a Switch clone, the "NinTIMdo RP"

This project was to create a portable gaming system that could also double as a portable computer. The goal was to create a console that was functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I use what I learned with 3D modeling to make professional looking cases to house my circuits. Buttons were constructed using tactile components behind a stripped fa├žade.

As you can probably guess, this is being used to run various ROMs and emulators, and you can bet Nintendo won't be happy about that. Still, it's an interesting bit of tech to look at.

Random Time! - Super Mario World hack changes the game into a Spice Girls-focused ARG

This has to be one of the weirdest things I've ever written about for GoNintendo. The image above comes from Super Spice World, a Super Mario World hack that pays tribute to the Spice Girls. At first glance, the mod is nothing more than a few Spice Girls' name-drops and random blurbs featuring their lyrics. The thing is, when you take a deeper look at the game, it's actually a ridiculously deep alternate reality game.

Super Spice World is filled with all sorts of clues to decode, sending you on a wild goose chase all over the internet. QR codes hidden in the game, coins and platform layouts that can be rearranged into secret messages, and so much more. It's a pretty fascinating hack!

Check out more details here

Random Time! - Man dressed as Pikachu jumps barrier at the White House

UPDATE - We now know the man in the suit was 36-year-old Curtis Combs. He told the police he was pulling the stunt to gain fame on YouTube.

Before we get into this, know that there's no explanation behind why this guy did what he did. The Secret Service apprehended a man dressed as Pikachu at the White House. He jumped the barrier at the White House for unknown reasons, and was quickly caught by the Secret Service. If we get any details as to why this man was dressed as Pikachu and decided to jump the barrier, we'll be sure to let you know. Thanks to JJtheTexan for the heads up!

Random Time! - Using a GameCube controller to create music

I always have had a deep appreciation for musicians, no matter if they're playing a physical instrument or making music electronically. That's probably why I love seeing this! If I had a chance at making some tunes of my own, going the GameCube controller route might be my best shot! Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Random Time! - Super Mario Bros. theme played on 4 calculators

I think the most impressive thing about this entire video is that these calculators make sounds. Have I been living in the dark ages? I didn't know this was a thing!

Random Time! - Charles Martinet was once a rapping vampire for a tech company

In this 1986 corporate trade show video for ECAD Systems (became Cadence Design Systems) of Silicon Valley, Dracula and his Vamps perform The Dracula Rap. Dracula is played by Charles Martinet.

I always thought Mario was Martinet's biggest role, but I was clearly wrong. Nothing is going to beat this performance!

Random Time! - Actor Mackenzie Davis looks back on her time spent with Mario Teaches Typing

Actor Mackenzie Davis apparently learned how to not type from Mario Teaches Typing! You can check out what she has to say at the 3:15 mark. Thanks to ReyVGM for the heads up!

Random Time! - Latest Zelda: Breath of the Wild hack adds in "Sanic"

I can only imagine where we'll be at with hacks a year from now. I originally thought it wasn't going to get any weirder than this, but then I realized the internet is always ready to one-up itself.

Random Time! - Zelda: Breath of the Wild spoof game "Bike of the Wild" heading to Steam

The evil Lord Gearon has kidnapped the Princess Steelda, can our hero Klink complete the Bike-Force and save Hillrule? Find out in Bike of the Wild! Coming this November to Steam for only $4.99. Console version coming in 2018.

I don't even know what to say about this one. I mean, it's supposed to be silly and weird, so the dev nailed that. With it being a spoof of Breath of the Wild, I think it's only fair to say we want this on Switch!