Random Time! - Chance the Rapper asks Nintendo to bring Fortnite to Switch

Fortnite is the hot game right now, with millions of players talking about it every single day. It looks like one of those players is Chance the Rapper, and he happens to be a fan of the Switch as well. While bringing Fortnite to Switch might not be in Nintendo's power, let's at least hope his request has caught the attention of Epic.

Random Time! - College orchestra pranks their conductor with the Mii Channel theme

The Mii Channel theme is so hot right now! Everyone is getting back into the tune and sharing it all over social media. The Wind Symphony, a college orchestra based in Lynchburg, Virginia, took things one step further by pranking their conductor with the tune. As you can see, he's equal parts surprised and pleased!

Random Time! - Snackade, a video game cabinet combined with a food dispenser

Finally, a console that really takes things to the next level. Now you can collect snacks in games, and have them shoot out at your feet! Talk about a real motivator to grab every collectible!

Thanks to AdamLemonade for the heads up!

Random Time! - Building Peach's Castle in The Sims 4

I used to be so into the Sims. Played for months on end. That was back with the original and its sequel. Once Sims 3 hit, I don't know what happened. I guess I got too busy, and then when I eventually got around to checking it out, it seemed too complicated! I guess I'm just getting old...

Random Time! - Making music with the Joy-Con's HD Rumble

I love this kind of experimental stuff! If I had more free time on my hands, I would definitely put together a project like this. Glad to see other people are spending their time working on wacky Switch experiments!

Random Time! - Nintendo has decided that February now has 31 days

Nintendo made a bit of a mistake in their latest calendar on My Nintendo. It's okay, we all make mistakes. As you can see, someone at Nintendo seems to think February has 31 days. I bet they try and pin this error on poor, old Kirby!

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

Random Time! - Playing Guitar Hero III's "Through the Fire and Flames" perfectly while blindfolded...and in expert mode

I've never even come close to passing this song on normal difficulty, and now we have someone blowing through it on expert difficulty while blindfolded. Well, guess I'm never going back to Guitar Hero!

Random Time! - Dozens of Cricket fans dress as Mario and Luigi

I have no idea why everyone is dressed like Mario and Luigi. I also don't know if that gorilla is a sad attempt at Donkey Kong, or just some guy who wanted to be a gorilla. I clearly don't know enough about cricket...but now I want to learn.

Thanks to ThisBoyWillBreak for the heads up!

Random Time! - GoldenEye 007 mod lets you play the game with Mario characters

I don't know what possesses people to make these mods, but I'm so happy they do. Now we can finally play GoldenEye 007 with Bond characters removed, and Mario characters in their place. After watching the trailer, this seems like a mod I actually want to check out!