Random Time! - Every character in Smash Bros. Wii U does the Fortnite default dance

With the help of some mods, we can now see what it looks like for Mario and the gang to do the default Fortnite dance! We also get to see how creepy they look with some deformed legs!

Thanks to GukingofHeart for the heads up!

Random Time! - Saints QB challenge with SMB pinata

The New Orleans Saints quarterbacks have QB challenges every year for fun during training camp. This year they conducted one with pinatas in which one was a Super Mario pinata. Nothing too special, but I thought it was neat to see them include a SMB pinata in the mix. Thank you bond007 for the heads-up!

Random Time! - Switch skin lets you turn your system into a toaster

I mean...I guess if you're really into toast, this is the skin for you. I have to admit, the Switch dock toaster skin with the Switch toast skin applied does look pretty convincing. I bet I could put that in the kitchen and fool a few of the elders in my family. Damnit, now I have to get this and give it a try...

Grab yours here

Random Time! - Bootleg toy mashes up Pikachu with Dragon Ball

A really great combo figure has Pikachu cosplaying as Goku complete with power pole and flying nimbus!

Thanks to Leaffarisclaus for the heads up!

Random Time! - A detailed look at the official Sonic curry

We posted about the official Sonic-branded curry awhile back, but now you can get some very detailed impressions of the curry in the video above. Definitely one of the stranger items SEGA has licensed out Sonic for.

Random Time! - Nintendo Labo's RC Cars used to predict Germany's World Cup matches

Check out the action at the 43:50 mark

The World Cup is a big deal to many people, and everyone is looking for a way to figure out who's going to win it all. When it comes to German fans, they decided to use Nintendo Labo's RC Cars to battle and predict a winner. Too bad their prediction didn't end up coming true!

Random Time! - Eevee and Slowpoke visit the New Ginger Museum

Although Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee has been officially announced, Eevee has continued to visit many companies across Japan. This time, Eevee has brought along Slowpoke to visit New Ginger Museum in Tochigi, Japan.

Don't ask me to explain, because I can't. For whatever reason, the Pokemon Co. had both Eevee and Slowpoke visit the New Ginger Museum in Japan. The museum pays tribute to ginger and showcases all the different ways its used, and also lets visitors taste all kinds of ginger treats. Eevee and Slowpoke visited the museum to check it out, and also to sample Slowpoke Tail, made from premium Iwashita ginger.

Check out more pics here

Random Time! - Paladins dev team creates an interesting trailer to promote the game's release on Switch

I have no idea what I just watched. I can't say I didn't like it, though. It's certainly a unique way to promote your Switch game! I can't imagine the kind of video they're going to do when the free version goes live!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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