Splatoon 2 - version 1.1.2 update available, fixes ticket glitch and points required special gauge

We recently reported that there was a glitch in the single-player campaign. The glitch allowed you to get experience and money tickets non-stop from sector hubs. Now a version 1.1.2 update has been released, which stops counting the tickets in the hub worlds. There are also other things within the update, which we have listed here below.

- An occasionally occurring issue allowed players to receive gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop with an unintended combination of gear abilities. The combination of abilities for this type of gear has been changed to match those of gear -
available for purchase in the Inkopolis Square shops.
- Fixed an issue that prevented ranking information from displaying properly when viewing “Past Records” for League Battle.
- Adjusted the number of points required to fill the special gauge for the following weapons:

Weapon Before ⇒ After
Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Hero Dualie Replicas 180⇒170
Enperry Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Tentatek Splattershot 190⇒210
N-ZAP '85 180⇒200
.96 Gal 180⇒210
Slosher 180⇒190
Hero Slosher Replica 180⇒190
Tri-Slosher 180⇒210
Mini Splatling 180⇒190

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut receives price cut on Wii U eShop

To the surprise of everyone, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut has received a price cut on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The game, which normally costs $49.99, is now available for a shallow $12.49. This is the first reduction on the digital release of the title, so be sure to take advantage. 

New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers - update available

Selection of Multiple Pioneers at once! – You can now select multiple pioneers at once while you had to select them one by one in the previous version! (This allows you to respond more easily when you encounter an animal attack or when you need a lot of materials!)

Addition of 3 New Languages – French, German, and Kansai dialect will be newly added!

Adjustment of Game Balance – Story mode difficulty has been adjusted to be more manageable.

Oceanhorn 2 dev sees a bright future for Switch, talks Switch vs. current mobile tech

Coming from Heikki Repo, Creative Director and Co-founder of Cornfox & Bros....

“Oceanhorn was first released on mobile hardware, so it was very flexible game to port for mobile based Nintendo Switch. I see bright future for Nintendo Switch, as it has a support for Unreal Engine 4 for example and we are currently spearheading the mobile development on UE4 with Oceanhorn 2.

...Nintendo Switch is already couple of years old hardware (NVIDIA Tegra X1), so latest iOS devices that we use for development are already more powerful than Switch. But developing mobile first helps and Oceanhorn 2 is going to look great on Switch, when the time comes!”

Seems Walmart is officially cancelling all SNES Classic Edition preorders

This is some bad, bad news. Looks like Walmart made a very big mistake, and they are going to have quite a few angry customers on their hands. If you managed to place a preorder, keep an eye on your email! Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Dimension Drive coming to Switch

Indie Dungeon, The Netherlands – July 26th 2017 – 2Awesome Studio is proud to announce the launch of Dimension Drive on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam® this fall.

Dimension Drive development has been a long journey that has brought us a lot of personal changes (changing our jobs from space engineers to indie game devs) and challenges like going through two Kickstarter campaigns in a row. Having the possibility to release Dimension Drive at the same time on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam® this fall is a big moment for celebration. 2Awesome Studio will be at the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom (Hall 10.1 Booth A-020) showcasing Dimension Drive on the Nintendo Switch™ for the first time.

About Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive is a space shooter that challenges your skills in entirely new ways. Play two games at once on this dual battlefield madness set on a comic book universe! Dimension Drive features single player, local co-op game modes. Unlock various weapons by finding secret data cubes in the levels and improve your arsenal for the ultimate fight.