Go for glory in the Tetris 99 11th MAXIMUS CUP Lunar New Year Challenge

Looking for that Lunar line piece

The Tetris® 99 MAXIMUS CUP returns with a special Lunar New Year Point-Stacking Challenge, rewarding the top 999 skilled players with 999 My Nintendo Gold Points.

If you're new to the Tetris 99 game on the Nintendo Switch system and you'd like a taste of fun competition with real rewards on the line, it's a great time to jump in. Or, if you've already been practicing in breakneck matches, perfectly turning Tetriminos with panache, this could be your moment to truly shine.

On Jan. 30, the Tetris 99 11th MAXIMUS CUP online event begins for all players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The event runs from 11 p.m. PT on Jan. 30 and ends at 10:59 p.m. PT on Feb. 3. To participate, Nintendo Switch Online members just have to play the Tetris 99 online mode during the contest period. Points will be awarded based on placements during each match, and at the end of the event the top 999 players with the most accumulated event points will each win 999 Gold Points that can be used to help purchase games in Nintendo eShop.

Need inspiration for how to spend those Gold Points you might win? Between brain-bending puzzle games and blistering-fast action games, there are more great choices in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch than there are players in a heated match of Tetris 99.

Tetris 99 features online competitive modes exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members. Players who have the free digital version of the game can purchase the optional Big Block DLC, which adds several offline modes.

A physical version of Tetris 99 is also available. For a suggested retail price of $29.99, the physical version includes the game, all DLC and a 12-Month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership.

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition publisher has no idea if the game will sell well on Switch

It's coming, but will it succeed?

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition is making its way to Switch on Jan. 31st, 2020, and the publisher is obviously hoping it'll be a hit. The game has been quite a success on Steam, pulling in $350k so far. In a series of tweets, Mike Rose of publisher No More Robots talked about how his team honestly has no idea if the game will find an audience on Switch.

Not Tonight is coming to Nintendo Switch this Friday, and in comparison (to Steam), I just have zero clue whether it's going to sell or not. This is because on Switch, you're provided with none of the statistics that Steam has:

- I don't know if people are looking at our store page
- I don't know if people are wishlisting the game

I know nothing.. and to a person who sells video games, that is incredibly frustrating. I've done everything I'd usually do to sell a video game:

- The announcement trailer (https://twitter.com/RaveofRavendale/status/1217476907295485953) has had more than 50,000 views
- We've sent out tons of review codes
- loads more stuff

But I have not even a slight clue how the game will do, which is... not great? The game might come out this Friday and sell amazingly! Or it might come out and sell nothing.

Plenty of devs and pubs have found amazing success on Switch so far, with numerous titles selling better on Switch than Steam. Will it be the same case for Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition? I guess we'll all find out together later this week.

GameSpot Video - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition gameplay

As truck driver Conway, you need to deliver a package to Dogwood Drive--but to get there, you need to traverse Route Zero. In the opening minutes of Act 1, you meet Joseph at the Equus Oils gas station to learn more about how to find Route Zero.

IGN Video - 9 Facts and 1 Lie: Doom Franchise

With DOOM Eternal getting closer every day like an ominous morningstar portending our collective damnation, we thought it would be fun to have staffer Michael Swaim look back on the long history of DOOM. So here's 9 fun facts about the DOOM franchise, plus one infernal lie. See if you can exorcise the demon of falsehood before the end of the article...or GO TO HELL.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition Official Launch Trailer

The god Eothas awakened from his sleep, erupting from beneath your castle, killing your people and stealing a piece of your soul. Now only you and your companions can uncover the rogue god's machinations as he tramples over the Deadfire Archipelago.

This may be a launch trailer for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition, but it only pertains to the PS4/XB1 launch dates. The Switch version is coming sometime later this year.

Milo's Quest launch trailer

The young pupper, Milo, is enjoying his time in the park and sees a delicious bone to chew on! This bone is cursed and sets free the Evil King Old Skull. Now it’s up to Milo to go on an adventure to stop the curse!

Milo's Quest is set to hit the Switch on Jan. 31st, 2020, and it's priced at $5. It will take up 44 MB of space.

Nintendo re-ups trademarks for 39 existing games

A F.L.U.D.D. of trademarks

Nintendo has gone on a trademark tear, re-upping the names of 39 different games. You can see all 39 titles listed below.

Freaky Forms, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby Air Ride, Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards, Kid Icarus, Jam With The Band, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Dillon’s Rolling Western The Last Ranger, Face Raiders, Eternal Darkness, Majora’s Mask, Card Hero, Balloon Kid, Animal Crossing City Folk, Alleyway, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Wave Race, Mario Sports, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem!, Urban Champion, The Wind Waker, The Adventure of Link, Swapnote, Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, Steel Diver, Spirit Camera, Kirby Mass Attack, Skyward Sword, Shadows of Almia (Pokémon Ranger), Radar Mission, Pushmo, Pullblox, Phantom Hourglass, Ocarina of Time, Nintendo Presents Style Boutique, Nintendogs + Cats, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!, and Cruis’n.

Marooners seeing release on the Switch in Japan as well

Renamed as castaways

M2H announced Marooners for the Switch earlier today, and confirmed a release in North America and Europe. We now know that the game is going to get a release in Japan as well, and it's set for launch on Feb. 7th, 2020. The title is up for preload now, which let's you get the game for a discounted price of 1,445 yen. The normal price is will be set at 1,700 yen, and the game takes up 712 MB of space.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dev discusses the game's delay and subsequent reaction

Delay of game

The original plan for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection would have seen the game in our hands already, but Capcom ended up delaying the title by a few months. In an interview with Siliconera, dev Kazuhiro Tsuchiya talked about why the title got delayed, and how the public reaction to it impacted the team.

At first, I was worried that fans would be disappointed by or make harsh comments about the news of the delay. However, the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection team is deeply grateful for the warm words of support we received in response to the announcement.

Postponing the game’s release was a difficult decision to make, but we decided to do so to ensure that we could release the most satisfying game possible. The fans’ kind messages are truly heartwarming. We hope that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection becomes a game that you hold on to for years to come.

Regarding the YouTube video announcement, this was a request from the Mega Man team at Capcom USA. We don’t typically take this kind of approach in Japan, so we were a bit skeptical about the idea. However, it seems our sentiments reached the Mega Man community through this video, and we’re glad that we agreed to create it. For this reason, we would also like to express our appreciation to the Mega Man team at Capcom USA for their suggestion.

We’d love for you to continue to share your thoughts on Capcom Unity and Capcom USA’s official Mega Man social media accounts. Thank you again for your kindness and support, everyone.

Fate/Extella Link "Nero Claudius" and "Elizabeth Bathory" figurines on the way

Two sizable figurines incoming

Ques Q and Amakuni are releasing a pair of Fate/Extella Link figurines. Fans are now able to preorder Nero Claudius and Elizabeth Bathory, which are priced at 16,500 yen and 15,980 yen respectively. Both figurines are 1/7 scale, which puts them at about 250 mm.

Nero Claudus is sculpted by Keroriso and painted by Ayumi Itsukaichi, while Elizabeth Bathory is sculpted by Abira (Pladzma Houriki Mokei). You can check out more pics for each here and here.


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