Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land - exploration and combining powers, plus new screes and art

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■ Explore With the Legendary Alchemists

Nelke, who is developing the village of Westwald, will explore the outskirts of village in order to gather materials and reclaim land. However, danger accompanies these unknown lands, and sometimes monsters may even attack. Borrow the power of the legendary alchemists and cut through the undeveloped lands together.

—Movement is automatic during exploration. While moving, the characters may gather materials together.

Rely on the Legendary Alchemists

During exploration, you will form a party to explore the village outskirts. Events such as material collection and battles will occur as you move, and the legendary alchemists that are in your party will lend Nelke their support.

—Up to five characters can participate in battle.
—The player can choose and activate the skills that characters use during battle. From powerful attacks to recovery and stat buffs, each character has a variety of skills.
—Cut through the undeveloped lands with the legendary alchemists.

■ Combine Power to Overcome Challenges

Nelke, the governor of the village, is tasked with the job of “significantly developing the village.” Although still a novice, in order to confirm whether she can handle the work of a governor, Nelk will produce challenges as landmarks. By working together with various characters, aim to overcome those challenges.

The contents of challenges vary, from increasing the population of the village to building certain facilities. By overcoming these challenges, the village will significantly develop and the story will progress.

—Here, Nelke is placing a pharmacy. As the scale of the village increases, so will the facilities you can construct, and you can also build upgraded facilities. You can hire Fairy to work at upgraded facilities, which may lead to an increase in sales.
—By leveling up, you will be able to build upgraded facilities.

Warriors Orochi 4 live-stream set for Aug. 5th, 2018

- hosted by Koei Tecmo
- airing August 5 from 21:00 to 22:00 JST
- watch it on YouTube, Niconico, Fresh Live, OpenRec, and Periscope
- will feature the reveal of a new playable character, live gameplay of that new character, and the reveal of new deified actions

The Walking Dead: The Final Season - 15 mins of footage

Watch the first fifteen minutes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the conclusion to the award-winning series. Pre-order now and download the first episode August 14.

Yooka-Laylee being added to Brawlout

Introducing Yooka-Laylee, from the popular 3D platformer by Playtonic Games. The buddy-duo, Yooka (the green one) and Laylee (the wisecracking bat with the red nose) join the brawl complete with the moveset learned in their epic adventures! Lizard Leap your foes into the air, bring them crashing back down to earth with a Buddy Slam and send them soaring with a Sonar 'Splosion! Yooka can even slurp up an incoming projectile to use it as his own!

Fortnite's first birthday celebration

Happy Birthday Fortnite Fans!

Starting July 24th, we’ll be celebrating #Fortnite1st with a limited time in-game event! You can earn special birthday cosmetics by completing birthday challenges and quests in-game. From the birthday Battle Bus to the sploder husks carrying a tasty surprise, we can’t wait to party with you! The in-game celebration lasts until August 7!

Each challenge you complete will unlock a slice of the birthday cosmetic set. Share your squad’s best birthday cake dance party with #Fortnite1st on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Deal 1,000 damage to opponents to unlock the Fortnite Birthday! Emoticon
Dance at different birthday cakes to unlock the Happy Birthday! Spray
Play 14 matches to unlock 5,000 XP.
Complete all 3 challenges to earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling
Complete the Fortnite Birthday questline in Save the World and earn the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero! Earn tickets to spend on Birthday Llamas which can contain Heroes and weapons from every event this year (not including quest rewards).

Jump in-game and join the celebration on July 24. Happy 1 year everyone!

-The Fortnite Team

Go behind-the-scenes as Lunar Great Wall Studios reveals a first look at gameplay for ANOTHER SIGHT

Milan, Italy – July 20th, 2018 — Pioneering Italian games developer, Lunar Great Wall Studios (www.lgwstudios.com) is delighted to share the latest behind-the-scenes video from ANOTHER SIGHT which is due to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year, showing gameplay for the first time.

Exploring the themes behind the game and highlighting the influences that have brought the game to life, this latest video features commentary from CEO and Founder of Lunar Great Wall Studios – Marco Ponte as well as Creative Director for the game Andrea Basilio. Featuring a first look at gameplay, characters and setting for ANOTHER SIGHT, this latest behind-the-scenes video is a real eye-opener for fans.

Created with heart, culture and character, ANOTHER SIGHT is the story of Kit and Hodge. Whilst exploring the London Underground during its construction in 1899, Kit, a bold teenager is caught in a tunnel collapse. When Kit wakes up, her sight is gone, and she’s left helpless in the dark world below London. Hodge, a mysterious cat finds Kit, and becomes her companion on a journey through a surreal fantasy adventure, influenced by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Together, Kit and Hodge will help each other explore the unknown as Hodge becomes Kits eyes, presenting a beautiful and unique world as they tackle environments and solve intriguing puzzles. As their bond grows, the pair will uncover a hidden society of the world’s greatest inventors and artistic minds such as Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla and other long-past cultural icons.

Another Sight Gameplay Features:

EMOTIVE DRIVEN – A story about a girl and her cat companion on a journey beyond sight and the real. A tale of warmth and intrigue is woven throughout the adventure, touching on trust, companionship and losing what we take for granted. Innovative gameplay and a story of heart is galvanized by a soundscape given life to by a symphonic orchestra to accent memorable moments between Kit, Hodge and the journey they’re on.

MASTERS OF THE PAST - Throughout the journey, Kit and Hodge will meet virtuoso artists such as Claude Monet and other cultural historical figures from the past, learning more about the world and dangers it presents. Each encounter visually impacts the world, taking on aesthetics of each creative movement from the famous characters Kit and Hodge meet.

STORY WOVEN GAMEPLAY – Use the unique abilities of each character to help Kit and Hodge traverse the world and overcome environmental challenges. Kit and Hodge can split up to investigate different areas of the locale that the other may not be able to reach, with both Kit and Hodge perceiving the world in very different ways, opening up different possibilities for overcoming their adventure.

ANOTHER SIGHT launches in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Founded in 2016 by CEO Marco Ponte, Lunar Great Wall Studios aims to combine expertise, creative talent and technology to create truly innovative, emotive games.

Sky Skipper - another round of footage

"Sky Skipper" is a shooting action game released in 1981 by Nintendo. Dodge enemy attacks and counterattack with your bombs! Get even more points by saving the right combination of 4 animals! Don't forget to go and replenish your fuel when you run low.

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee makes a notable change to Gyms

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee is going to make a change to how gyms work. If you want to take on a gym leader, you’ll need to clear requirements detailed at the entrance. This includes Pokemon types, levels, and more. For example, if you want to face Brock, you'll need to have a water or grass type Pokemon in your party to even get the chance.

The Spectrum Retreat - Giant Bomb quick look

Check-in to The Spectrum Retreat for a stay you won’t forget. Manipulate your way to the truth in this captivating narrative-driven puzzler.

Game Informer Video - Arcade Phenomenon To Switch: Killer Queen’s Road To Success

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson interviews Nik Mikros and Josh DeBonis from Bumblebear and Liquid Bit's Matt Tesch about the history of Killer Queen's rise in the arcades and their plans for the console and Steam version with Killer Queen Black.