SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Collector's Edition available to order

A truly limited release!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Super Rare Games and have created a SteamWorld Quest Collector’s Edition on Nintendo Switch, limited to 500 copies worldwide! We were lucky to get 500 of Super Rare Games' 7000 units to sell in as our first Collector's Edition.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

-Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
-Interior art
-Full colour manual
-Limited Edition Original Soundtrack Double LP
-Numbered Limited Edition Box
-Exclusive Nintendo Switch case sleeve designed by Henrik Johansson from Zoink Games

From award-winning developer, Image & Form, comes the latest game in the SteamWorld universe.

SteamWorld Quest is the roleplaying card game you’ve been waiting for! Lead a party of aspiring heroes through a beautifully hand-drawn world and intense battles using only your wits and a handful of cards. Take on whatever threat comes your way by crafting your own deck choosing from over 100 unique punch-cards!

What awaits you is a luscious treasure chest filled with gold, dragons, vivid worlds, magic, knights in shining armor as well as XP, turn-based battles and all that good RPG stuff! The game’s humorous mix of traditional fantasy and steampunk robots makes for an unforgettable experience with lots of laughs.

If you want to order SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Collector's Edition, you can do so right now. The package is priced at $82, and you can order yours here.

Temtem updated with Housing system and new areas

Temtems find a home

Temtem isn't coming to Switch until Spring 2021, but today we have some new details on what we can expect at launch.

The PC version of the game has just gotten an update, and it adds in some nifty new features. Check out the complete breakdown below.

The Housing system has arrived.

You can now own and decorate your own house on Atoll Row. In order to get a house, you need to do a quest and pay a fee for the terrain. The quest can be started at Coral Plaza in Omninesia.

Everyone can now explore Atoll Row, and visit the homes of other Tamers. Instead of having an instantiated housing system, where players would travel to their own house, Atoll Row is an endless array of neighborhoods. You can walk the infinity of Atoll Row and every single player house will be there, without any loadings or wait times.

Furniture stores located in the current four available areas have opened their doors. You can now visit them and buy furniture for your house decoration needs.

Access to new areas in Kisiwa: Kilima Peaks and the Barafu Glacier.

You can now board the cable car, explore the coldest areas of the Kilima Range, and discover the famous Temtem that inhabit it.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX devs discuss staying true to the original

Respecting the original

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is making its way to the Switch in the not-too-distant future, and it's going to include some new content along with a revamp of the original game. In an interview with Nintendo Life, developer Jose Sanz discusses how the team has been working hard to bring in their own flavor while still retaining what made the original great.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World was very unusual, but I think it still works today and it's fun. It's true that there are some mechanics that are obsolete or not seen so frequently anymore, but these are also things that make Alex Kidd unique! If we improve that, we still have a very good game on our hands.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Fall update is just "around the corner"

Fall for it all

While Nintendo hasn't set a specific date for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall update, we now know that it should be coming quite soon. Nintendo put out a feature on free updates for various Switch games, and they snuck in this tidbit on New Horizons.

It’s time to celebrate the fall season in the Animal Crossing™: New Horizons game—which means there’s another free update around the corner. Be prepared for seasonal in-game events and activities, plus some spook-tacular tricks and treats!
Sounds like we won't have to wait long into Fall to get this update. Whenever Nintendo shares new details, including release date, we'll make sure to bring you that info.

ProtoCorgi launching for Switch in Japan in November 2020


Get ready to Bark’em Up! Play as Bullet, a C³ class (Cute Cybernetic Corgi) pup on his quest to save his owner, a brilliant scientist kidnapped by an alien race that wants to rule the galaxy. ProtoCorgi is a retro pixel art shoot’em up with a strong arcade feel!

ProtoCorgi is coming to Switch in North America and Europe in November, and now we know that the game will also see release in Japan in November. No specific date just yet, but that info should be coming soon.

Going Under "Jackie's Diary #1" video feature released

First day on the job

Going Under comes out September 24th and is a unique and action packed roguelike where you take the shoes of Jackie an unpaid intern tasked with dungeon running in their marketing role... Here's the first of their diaries!

When the Past was Around gets a new trailer

A game about love, moving on, and letting go

When the Past was Around is an adventure point-and-click puzzle game about love, moving on, letting go, and the joy and pain of everything in between.

Rocket League updated to Version 1.82

Rocket League has been updated to Version 1.82. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

User Interface

- The Play Menu will now close automatically after searching when away from the Main Menu



- The Play Menu will now correctly remember the last chosen Playlist between sessions
- Fixed a bug causing team color adjustments to change which preset is being customized
- Glowing wall cage effect fixed in Mannfield, Farmstead
- Fixed a bug preventing successful friend invites to Nintendo Switch accounts on the ‘Recent Players’ list
- NBA flags now appear correctly when customizing a car

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass "First Look: Gaul " trailer

A focus on Gaul

Get a first look at the Gaul civilization and its leader, Ambiorix. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw now available on Switch, multiple gameplay videos shared

A rebellious release

Out of cash, out of luck, out on the fringe. Juno Markev has a killer to tail, a debt to pay, and more trouble headed her way. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw takes place in a greasy, blue-collar world of outlaws, truckers, cops and thieves.

Strap into a variety of spacecraft, settle a score in a filthy space-bar over a game of 8-ball, rock out to over 24 hours of music, and engage in white-knuckle dogfights.

In the Dodge Sector it’s hard to get by – and even harder to get even.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is now available on Switch. The game is priced at $30 and takes up 11.5 GB. Check out some gameplay from the Switch version below.


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