Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura - Murasaki DLC revealed

Shinobi Refle -Senran Kagura- is set for some new DLC. It's been revealed that Murasaki will be added as a new character. The DLC will cost ¥1,000, and should be out in Japan before Feb. 2018. Check out more screens here.

ARMS - New character and stage to be included in Version 5.0, due out this year

ARMS Version 5.0 is due out before the year closes, and it's packing a one-two punch. There's a new stage on the way, but even more exciting, another new character is joining the roster. You can see a glimpse of both in the trailer above.

Splatoon 2 - Team Sweater wins latest Splatfest

Once again, the team I picked did not come out the winner. I only picked socks because I hate wearing socks and sweaters, but sweaters annoy me more! My losing streak continues!

Thanks to Magitroopa for the heads up!

Aztez Switch release currently in certification

We've known for awhile now that Aztez was coming to Switch, but haven't had an update in quite some time. According to the official Twitter account, it seems like things are moving along. If the certification process goes smoothly, we can expect the game to hit late 2017/early 2018.

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

The Atari NES - How The NES Almost Became Atari's Console

When people talk about 1983 they almost always refer to it as the year of the video game crash. But 1983 also almost became the year that Atari had it all, when they nearly reached an agreement to sell the Famicom in all markets outside of Japan under their own name. This is the story of the Atari Nintendo Entertainment System that almost was.

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

RUMOR - Sonic Mania could be getting a content patch

Looks like we could be getting some new content for Sonic Mania. The information found via Steam above looks to indicate a free content patch on the way. Obviously nothing official, but a good sign. Let's see if SEGA jumps in and confirms things soon!

Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

GameStop lists Payday 2 for $50

PAYDAY 2 is a first-person-shooter, cooperative heisting game, where the player takes on one of many different in-game characters and rob banks together with three friends, creating a four-man crew.

PAYDAY 2 is a worldwide hit brand where gameplay, community interaction and plenty of content updates are highly important to its success. PAYDAY 2 is about teamwork as you need to cooperate to succeed on each heist, playing with a varied crew where different types of Skills and Perks are applied. The same goes for weapons: PAYDAY 2 holds a wide range of weapons, stretching from pistols and sniper rifles to shotguns and flamethrowers. Together with your arsenal comes plenty of modifications such as new optics, barrels, stocks and magazines - everything created so that every player will find a fit for their unique playstyle.

Customization and cosmetic upgrades have always been core pillars of the PAYDAY franchise. PAYDAY 2 on the Nintendo Switch will come with hundreds of masks for players to choose from, plus patterns and skins they can use to customize weapons, armor and masks.

PAYDAY 2 is now coming to the Nintendo Switch where the same feel and focus on gameplay is still key, but with added mechanics and updates made to accommodate the Nintendo Switch touch screen and features.

Rob banks together - Get some friends together or just join an online game, either way you'll be part of a crew where each player counts.

Everyone has to start somewhere - You start out small, with a minor arsenal and a few masks. But soon you'll earn more money and start climbing the ranks.

Your game, your choice - How you play the game is up to you. There are plenty of difficulties to choose from and weapons range from pistols to flamethrowers.

Approach with caution, or not - You can either play Loud or Stealth and adjust your loadout to fit your playstyle.

Perks & skills - To alter the game even more you can dive into the different Perk Decks and Skill Trees. Each will provide a different experience and you're sure to find a fit.

Never boring - There are a ton of heists with different settings and experiences. Everything from classic bank heists or robbing a diamond store to robbery on a moving train or setting a mall on fire - and each heist differs as you re-play them.

Custom goods - There are over 250 masks in-game and there's more than 150 weapons that can be customized with mods, boosts and types ammo to be used with each type of weapon. Finally, there are plenty of skins, patterns and materials to create a style for each player.

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