Bandai Namco grabs multiple 'Encore' trademarks

Splatterhouse, Mr. Driller, and more!

Just a few hours back, we caught wind of Bandai Namco locking in a trademark for 'Klonoa of the Wind Encore'. Turns out there's even more Encore trademarks than we first thought. Bandai Namco has filed trademarks for the following names.

- “Genpei Touma Den Encore“
- “Klonoa Encore“
- “Mr. Driller Encore“
- “Splatter House Encore“
- “Wagyan Land Encore“

It looks like Bandai Namco might be cooking up some sort of remake/remaster series for multiple games. Sadly, this lessens the change that the Klonoa trademark is for a brand-new game.

"Klonoa of the Wind Encore" trademark surfaces

Is Klonoa coming back?

Klonoa, which has been loved by those who played, but never really found a big audience, may be giving things another go. Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for Klonoa of the Wind Encore, but no details are tied to the trademark. Adding 'Encore' to the name falls in line with previous Bandai Namco titles. The problem is, Encore has been added to Bandai Namco game names to indicate both a remake and a new title.

Taking things a step further, the 'of the Wind' name ties in to the original Klonoa as well. Here in the states, the game was known as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. Over in Japan, the full name was Klonoa of the Wind: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. Seeing as how the original Klonoa was already remade for Wii, it would be strange to see yet another remake of the same game. Hopefully this a brand-new game with a straightforward Klonoa name, but only time will tell.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Game Freak talks about the creation of, and rumors behind Celebi

How Cele came to bi

The latest video on Game Freak's YouTube channel takes a deep dive into the creation of Celebi. Check out a summary of what was revealed in the video below.

- designed by Hironobu Yoshida
- Mew wasn’t originally planned for Pokemon Red/Green, but was added in by Morimoto because he thought it would be cool
- Celebi was planned as a Mythical Pokemon from the planning stages of Pokemon Gold and Silver
- Celebi, Wobbuffet, and Dunsparce were all designed by Yoshida
- Yoshida thought of a design that was cute and fairy-like like Mew for Celebi
- Rumors spread that the Ilex Forest shrine was the key to gaining Celebi, which Game Freak had no hand in spreading
- the leading rumor was that you needed to bring both the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing to the shrine
- this confused Game Freak staff at the time, as they didn’t recall adding this in, and have no idea how it came to be
- Game Freak remembered the rumor for Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, and decided to add in a Celebi event at Ilex shrine
- nobody remembers what the shrine is for among the original staff
- Yoshida’s theory is that, back then they would use additional sprite parts to give texture to rooftops, staircases, rocks, & more
- they might have added in the shrine with these additional sprites just to spruce up the area

My Nintendo Europe - update for Sept. 16th, 2019

More 3DS deals to grab

Another round of discounts are available on My Nintendo Europe, as well as a 3DS theme. Check out the latest additions below.

Platinum Points

– 20% discount on HarmoKnight (3DS) – 100 Platinum Points

Gold Points

– 30% discount on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS) – 130 Gold Points
– 30% discount on Tomodachi Life (3DS) – 120 Gold Points
– 50% discount on Mario’s Picross (3DS VC) – 20 Gold Points
– Completely Luigi (3DS theme) – 20 Gold Points

Minecraft hits 112 million monthly players

Are you one of them?

Minecraft continues to grow in popularity, even after all these years. Microsoft has confirmed that he game now sees 112 million monthly players, which is pretty staggering, considering how the number was 20 million players lower as of Oct. 2018. I know I've been meaning to play it again, I just need to find the time!

SEGA hosting a Switch eShop sale (UPDATE)

Save big on SEGA games

SEGA is running a sale on the Switch eShop, with some games up to 50% off! You can check out a notable list of games below, but make sure to click over and sift through all the titles available.

UPDATE - This sale also applies to select 3DS games.

- Sonic Mania - $14.99 (25% off)
- Sonic Forces - $14.99 (25% off)
- SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog - $5.99 (25% off)
- Puyo Puyo Champions - $4.99 (50% off) (until 09/30/2019)
- Valkyria Chronicles 4 - $20.99 (30% off) / Complete - $34.99 (30% off)
- SEGA AGES Out Run - $4.99 (25% off)
- SEGA AGES Phantasy Star - $5.99 (25% off)
- Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™ - $8.99 (40% off)
- Team Sonic Racing - $19.99 (50% off)

Check out the full list of games here

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro - more gameplay

Square-Enix has decided to show the Game Boy Color some love with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro, a port of the Game Boy Color game to Switch. This title is now available in Japan, and is priced at 1,500 yen.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses most likely the best-selling game in franchise history in the U.S. when digital sales are factored in

Things just keep looking up

NPD's Mat Piscatella has taken to Twitter to talk about the sales of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. According to Piscatella, the game is doing extremely well for itself. Fire Emblem: Awakening still holds the record for best-selling entry in the U.S., but Three Houses should be overtaking it very soon. Check out Mr. Piscatella's full comments on the matter below.

Wanted to follow up on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It ranked as the #4 best-selling game of August in the U.S. sales rankings from The NPD Group, after finishing July at #2. So a very nice ranking hold from month 1 to month 2.

As you'll recall, launch month sales of Fire Emblem: Three Houses tripled those of the previous best-selling launch month title in the series. Month 2 sales of Fire Emblem: Three Houses were again the best in franchise history, although not at the same multiplier as month 1.

On a lifetime basis, Fire Emblem: Awakening remains the best-selling game in franchise history in the U.S.. However, I do anticipate Fire Emblem: Three Houses to overcome this gap and take the lead in lifetime sales for the franchise in September.

And, of course, since Nintendo is not currently a member of the Digital Leader Panel, I'm only talking about Physical sales here. Accounting for digital I am certain Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the best-selling game in franchise history, likely by a significant margin. Shrug.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro announced for Switch

From GBC to Switch!

Square-Enix has decided to show the Game Boy Color some love with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro, a port of the Game Boy Color game to Switch! This title hits Japan on Sept. 17th, 2019, and is priced at 1,500 yen. The game has the option to swap between color and monochrome graphics, and you can change the background wallpaper as well. Extra information and features will be added to the sides of the screen, as the original game is 4:3.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon/Sun/Moon distribution announced for FirstLook Festival

Codes up for grabs

Its been confirmed that those attending FirstLook Festival will be able to obtain Shiny Solgaleo or Shiny Lunala via code distribution. You'll get Lunala in Sun & Ultra Sun and Solgaleo in Moon & Ultra Moon. Lunala is Lv. 60 and knows the moves Moongeist Beam, Psyshock, Moonblast, and Moonlight. and Solgaleo is Lv. 60 and knows the moves Sunsteel Strike, Zen Headbutt, Noble Roar, and Morning Sun.


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