GoNintendo Video Review - Chicken Wiggle


- Classic platforming with a solid feel
- Fantastic level editor
- Offers a sense of heart & charm
- Good variety in level mechanics


- Might be too simplistic for some
- Short single player campaign

Final Word

Chicken Wiggle is proud to be a straightforward platformer. A simple, yet fun romp through a good collection of stages.
Power-ups sprinkled in alongside the engaging "grappling hook" mechanic help to keep things feeling engaging. While single player is on the short side, the level editor is fully-fledged and expertly created. This feature alone could keep you busy for a long time to come, especially when you consider levels can be uploaded online for others to play. Depending on the community support, Chicken Wiggle could find itself becoming one of your most-played 3DS games this year.

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