Capcom blog update - Court Files: The Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Vol. 2

Court is back in session with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney out now on Nintendo 3DS in North America! As with last week, we’re taking a look at some of the loveable characters that make up the world of AJ:AA. If you’re new to the franchise, just need a refresher, or see some familiar names from more recent 3DS entries like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice, now is a great time to get caught up before diving into Apollo’s early court cases.

If you haven’t caught up on Apollo and Trucy yet, give that article a read before continuing! This time around it’s a trio of characters that will be central to finding the truth.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the Ace Attorney series, you likely know Phoenix for his bright blue suit, his rousing “OBJECTION,” and the pulse-pounding music that plays when you’re in pursuit of the truth. Having learned from the original Ace Attorney, his mentor and friend Mia Fey, Phoenix was a rising star in the courtroom, well-known for his ability to turn things around and secure a “not guilty” verdict in his endless pursuit of the truth. He never wavers in believing in the innocence of his clients.

Several years have passed since Phoenix’s debut in court, and it seems that he’s fallen on hard times. A court case gone wrong left Phoenix disbarred, unable to practice law and completely out of a job.

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - UK trailer

Almost a decade has passed since his courtroom debut, but now he's back in beautiful 3D! Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney arrives on Nintendo 3DS family systems on November 23rd.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney dev blog - Localizing Across Cultures with Context

Hello again! This is Janet Hsu, back with another blog! Now, I know I talked before about Trucy’s Magic Panties, and also mentioned that Klavier is not actually German, but today I’d like to share with you a little more about the thought processes that went into the localization choices we made when creating Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

• Apollo’s first name was chosen as a way to rival Phoenix’s name. Seeing as a phoenix is a famous mythical creature with a strong presence, we felt that Apollo’s name had to be something equally as powerful. Among the other names we had initially considered were Arthur (for the King Arthur connection) and Justin (a play on “justice”).

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Korea - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney rated for 3DS

Well, here's something rather interesting. A Korean listing for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has just surfaced, and it pertains to the 3DS. Looks like the DS title is going to see a relaunch on 3DS when it comes to Korea. No word on this happening in any other region.


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