Capcom releasing The Great Ace Attorney plush dolls

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?!

Capcom has revealed a pair of plush dolls for The Great Ace Attorney fans in Japan. These two "round and chubby" plushes of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Kazuma Asōgi are 75cm tall, and set to launch in Japan sometime in late Dec. 2019.

The Great Ace Attorney fan-translation team discusses their work on the project

Any objections?

As much as fans wanted it, Capcom never localized The Great Ace Attorney. When fans realized that was the case, a select group got together to work on a translation of their own. In an interview with IGN, Rahky, the team leader over at Scarlet Study translation team, discussed some of the more challenging aspects of the translation.

"Of course, there is the occasional roundabout Japanese term or phrase that is a little difficult to make sound natural in English, but that's just an issue with translation in general. One example might be Souseki [character in fourth case] himself, once he gets into character his language gets much more complicated in Japanese once he realizes he's amongst native speakers. In particular... he spouts out some excited nonsense that were mostly ‘yojijukugo’ in Japanese, four-character phrases or proverbs that tend to carry a cultural meaning more readily understood by Japanese speakers but that doesn't really exist in English. That kind of stuff is weird to figure out sometimes, but sometimes discussing that stuff is half the fun."

Check out the full interview here

The Great Ace Attorney fan-translation now complete

Years of hard work by fans is now complete!

After a lot of hard work from fans around the world, The Great Ace Attorney's fan translation is now complete! Here's what the fan-translation includes.

– A fully translated script, complete with all UI and credits in English.
– A vast rewrite of episodes 1 and 2, with the number of ellipses cut down hard.
– Some miscellaneous fixes throughout the game.

While the bulk of the hard work is done, the fan-translation team isn't ready to call things complete yet. They have a few more things they're working on before the project is completely wrapped.

– Some missing minor features, like the 3DS' manual feature.
– Corrections on any issues fans find with the fan-translation
– More removed ellipses

Thanks to StarStabbedMoon for the heads up!

Capcom reveals discounted version of The Great Ace Attorney 2, bundle of The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2 for Japan

A double-dose of Ace Attorney discounts is heading to Japan. Capcom has revealed discount versions of The Great Ace Attorney 2, as well as The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2. These discount versions launch on Oct. 18th, 2018, and are priced at ¥3,229 retail/¥2,990 eShop for the second game, and ¥4,741 retail for the bundle.

The Great Ace Attorney - Fan translations for Ep. 3 and 4 now available

The fan translation team on The Great Ace Attorney has been toiling away for quite some time on this game, and they've just released translations for both episode 3 and 4. That means just one more episode, and they'll finally have the whole project wrapped up!

Thanks to Starstabbedmoon for the heads up!

The Great Ace Attorney: Ep. 1 fan-translation now available

Fans have been working quite a bit to make this happen, and now the release is here. The Great Ace Attorney has received its fan translation, with Ep. 1 ready for people to give it a try. Obviously Capcom might not be too happy about this, but you can make the decision to play or not.

Details here

Capcom removing The Great Ace Attorney fan-translations from YouTube

Capcom has decided to remove fan-translations of The Great Ace Attorney from YouTube. We have no idea why they're choosing to do so now, but it seems multiple channels are being hit hard. Either this is a good sign for an impending localization, or a bad sign of Capcom's approach to fan projects in the future. Not to be pessimistic, but I'm feeling like option 2 is more likely. Thanks to CM30 for the heads up.

The Great Ace Attorney rubber charm set revealed

This set of The Great Ace Attorney rubber charms was just announced for Japan. The set is due out sometime this coming June. If you're hoping to grab it outside of Japan, you'll most likely have to look to an import retailer. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any options out there.

Capcom releases Great Ace Attorney alcoholic beverages

Capcom has revealed that they're releasing some alcoholic beverages with The Great Ace Attorney branding. There are a couple of rice wine options available, as well as a non-alcoholic grape drink. You can grab these drinks for ¥3,800 a bottle. Check out more pics here.


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