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When I think of truly cringeworthy moments in Nintendo history, Metroid Prime: Federation Force comes to mind. I'm not referencing the game itself, but instead the reaction that some Nintendo fans had to the game. I've been running GoNintendo for 11+ years now and I can't recall any other event where I was so embarrassed by a section of the Nintendo community. It's not often that I take a hard-line stance on topics like this in my writings, but I believe this instance warrants it.

I understand the anger and discontent with how the Metroid franchise has been handled in recent years. I completely get how fans feel that Metroid: Other M was a big misstep for the series. I also felt let down by that title. After that, fans grew more and more angry as they waited for Nintendo to show off something new from the Metroid universe. The cries for another Metroid Prime game only grew with each passing year. That intensity brought us up to the reveal of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Granted, not the game many were hoping to see from Nintendo and the Metroid universe, but is it really deserving of the extremely visceral reaction that some fans let loose?

Again, I know people want a new 'traditional' Metroid experience, be it through another Prime or a classic 2D outing. I also want those things, but my desire of that content isn't going to blind me to other experiences Nintendo puts forth. It seems many people decided that Metroid Prime: Federation Force wasn't the experience they wanted, even without playing it. Throw in a visual style that rubs quite a few people the wrong way and we get the disaster that has been the PR push for this title. Once the internet mob jumps onto something, it's hard to steer them in another direction. Now will all those spewing vile content actually stick to their guns and not purchase the game, or are most just getting in on the negativity for the 'fun' of it?

If you're part of the crowd that has been hating on Metroid Prime: Federation Force just to go with the group mentality, you can stop reading here. If you're one that isn't willing to give the game a shot for any number of reasons, you might as well click away now. This review is going to be just like all the others I write. It will be a 100% truthful and honest account of my time with Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and I will not be coming at the game from any early ill will or distaste. I'm presenting you an account of my experience with Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and I welcome all those that are ready to see the game for what it is, not what you originally expected/wanted from the franchise.

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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Have you written off Metroid Prime: Federation Force?

Very eager to see what the rest of the gaming press has to say about Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I know how I feel, that's for sure! I'll share that with you tomorrow, but right now I'd like to hear from you guys! Check out the feature below and give us some feedback! See you in a few, short hours.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force comes out this Friday. Dear LORD, has it received an absolute beating from the Nintendo fanbase. From the moment it was unveiled, people really dumped on the game. It actually lead to Nintendo disabling thumbs up/down on a large group of trailers for the game. Ever since that initial reveal, it's been an absolutely relentless uphill battle for the game.

While there may be one review out there from Famitsu, the flood gates are really going to open up tomorrow. I guess I should say tomorrow for the West coast, and technically Friday for the East coast. The review embargo is set for 9 PM PT tomorrow, and you can bet that tons of outlets are going to offer up their thoughts on the game. That includes GoNintendo, as I'm just putting the finishing touches on my review right now. We'll be right there at the embargo break to let you know what we think.

The real question is, does it even matter? I mean, I guess you could argue about reviews mattering at all for any game, but it seems like a really important topic to discuss with Metroid Prime: Federation Force. There's been such a vocal group of gamers that really, REALLY don't want anything to do with the game. They made up their mind the day the game was revealed, and they've been pooping on it ever since. How big is that group of people and how serious are they about ignoring the game? I guess we'll all find that out together.

Which group of people do you fall into? Are you waiting to see what the reviews say before you make a purchase, or are you in the camp that is just looking to pile on more hate? Hell, maybe some of you have had day-one purchase plans no matter what! Let us know how you feel about the game and what you plan to do when it comes to picking it up. I'm pretty damn interested to hear your thoughts on this one!


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