North America - Nintendo takes #2 spot in advertising for Feb. 2016

- finished in second among game companies over the past 30 days
- accounted for 28 percent of the industry’s response
- best-performing ad was “Mario & Luigi Paper Jam: Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards”
- third-most-engaging spot of the month
- Nintendo’s ads accounted for five of the top 10 most digitally engaging ads in this category

Son of a Glitch - Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

Thanks to Lokamp for the heads up!

NPD - Unconfirmed hardware/software numbers for Jan. 2016

This data comes from inside sources and most likely won't be confirmed by Nintendo or Square-Enix.

Wii U: ~40 000 units
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.: ~71 000 units (10 days)
Final Fantasy Explorers: ~53 000 units (6 days)

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam - glitch lets you play as just Paper Mario

Just to be clear, this glitch lets you go as solo Paper Mario when/where you normally aren't allowed to!

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam glitch lets you die during battles in order to pass them

In other words, you can take on any battle, including boss battles, and die in order to complete them. You have to set things up correctly, but it definitely works. Quite a unique way to pass through battles that are giving you trouble! Thanks to CM30 for the heads up.


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