Square-Enix kicks off Dragon Quest XI collaboration with Despicable Me 3 (plus make your own slime)

No, this isn't a joke. Square-Enix has partnered up for a collaboration with Despicable Me 3 in Japan. There's Minion-themed slimes, a quick cameo of Dragon Quest slimes in the Despicable Me 3 music video above, and more to come. You can even make your own slime (non-Minion related) here. I've never seen a Minions-related movie, so I'll let you guys make your own jokes!

Dragon Quest XI - comparing a scene between PS4 and 3DS

In the images above, you see the exact same scene in Dragon Quest XI playing out on 3DS and PS4. Same dialog and everything. As you can see, the scene is presented quite differently in each version. While both show the same content, the display styles lead to different feelings. Which one do you prefer?

Dragon Quest XI - official story summary

The “Hero” Being Pursued and His Allies

The hero and his allies go on an adventurous journey to unravel the mystery of the legend concerning the hero.

In order to unravel that mystery, they will head for the “Great Tree of Life” together.

New Encounters Await in an Unseen World

The protagonist and company’s journey will go beyond the ocean, and as far as to the bottom of the ocean and into the sky. Various people await them there to encounter.

Before Long, Their Adventure Will Lead to the Great “Truth” of the World

Why was the hero called a demon child? On your adventure seeking an answer to this question, you will arrive at a certain truth.

Once again. The “Time of the Hero” begins.

Let's hope those localization rumors for Dragon Quest XI are true. I'd love to give this game a go, even though I suck at RPGs!

Dragon Quest XI - more screens

Check out more here

It's going to be really interesting to see how the two versions of Dragon Quest XI perform. I don't think there's any chance the PS4 version will outsell the 3DS version, but I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Dragon Quest XI - 3DS theme revealed, live-stream detailed

- theme will be available for free
- due out on July 18
- countdown live stream for Dragon Quest XI on July 28th at 23:00 JST, an hour before the game officially launches in Japan

Dragon Quest XI - Jump scan details story scenes

Allies’ Pasts and Secrets (Upper Left)

What are your allies’ pasts? What is the resolve that they hold dear to their hearts?

The People Who Hold the Keys to the Truth (Upper Right)

Just who are the various people and beautiful women in this still unseen world?

Who are they? (Middle Right)

This is…! Who are they? It is all still wrapped in mystery!

The Great Tree of Life (Bottom)

The Great Tree of Life! What will become of Lotozetasia? The protagonist and company’s adventure will finally lead to the great truth of the world!