Famitsu survey asks Dragon Quest XI players what platform they play on, favorite characters, and more

The following survey comes from Famitsu, which includes data from 2,238 people.

Which hardware did you play on?

PS4 – 990 people
3DS – 854 people
Both – 375 people

Who is your favorite main character? (Up to three choices)

Veronica – 1,316 votes
Camus – 1,078 votes
Silvia – 988 votes

Who is your favorite non-main character?

Homeros – 361 votes
Emma – 340 votes
Diego – 274 votes

Which camera mode did you use on PS4?

Free Camera – 365 people
Auto-Camera – 714 people
Switched between both – 227 people

Did you play on 2D or 3D Mode for 3DS?

2D – 196 people
3D – 618 people
Switched between both – 227 people

What was the best element about Dragon Quest XI?

1. Characters
2. Story
3. World
4. Graphics
5. Music

What was your favorite new element?

1. Zone and Co-op Attacks
2. Forge
3. Skill Panel
4. Camp
5. Monster Mounting

How enjoyable was the game?

Very Enjoyable – 1,573 people
Pretty Enjoyable – 340 people
Enjoyable – 89 people
Not Enjoyable/Uncertain – 80 people

Another look at Lawson's Dragon Quest XI makeover

Lawson convenience stores in Japan got a huge makeover to promote Dragon Quest XI. The stores really went all-out on the redesign. If you want to see some more pics of the crazy makeover, check out this post here.

Square-Enix hosting Dragon Quest XI Spoiler Show

- Square-Enix hosting a Dragon Quest XI Spoiler Show on Sept. 29th at United Cinema, Toyosu from 18:00 JST
- the event will host 370 fans (invited by lottery ticket)
- it will also air on Niconico and YouTube

Dragon Quest XI - digital sales for the first 2 days

Dragon Quest XI (first two days of digital sales)

- 113,182 copies on PlayStation 4
- 62,939 copies on 3DS

Square-Enix warns Dragon Quest XI players about hacked StreetPass data

- some users have illegally altered StreetPass
- the hacked data is related to the Yocchi
- you can reach a “motivation” value of up to 150 via normal play
- the hacked data allows you to go higher than 150, which is not possible via legal gameplay
- Square-Enix cannot guarantee safe operation of the mode if the tampered Yocchi are used in the game

Dragon Quest XI DLC detailed

- three types of ‘Original Yocchi Tribe’ will be delivered free to all owners of Dragon Quest X
- content due out Thursday, Aug. 10th
- Yocchi Tribe are an integral part of the StreetPass element to Dragon Quest XI

Famitsu - review scores

Boost Beast (Switch) – 7/7/8/8 [30/40]
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (PS4) – 10/10/10/10 [40/40]
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (3DS) – 10/10/10/10 [40/40]

Dragon Quest XI - A look at how the characters were made

Want to have a look at how Akira Toriyama designed the characters for Dragon Quest XI? Square-Enix has released an interesting set of images/details to show the process of how the characters came to be, and what the key traits to nail were. You can see the details for the image below, and then hit up the link for even more!

Main character

A 16-year old boy at about 170cm in height.
A “hero” pursued by the kingdom, at the mercy of fate.
A design that will make you think of “hero in the rough” who is different from past heroes.

More here

Dragon Quest XI - stream the full soundtrack

Dragon Quest XI is eventually going to see release stateside, but why not enjoy some of the music while we wait? Hit the play button above and enjoy over 6 hours of music! Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!