First look at Dragon Quest XI's Rab 'Bring Arts' figurine

Dragon Quest XI's Rab is the next character to get the 'Bring Arts' figurine treatment, and Square-Enix has shown off the first pics of that figurine today. We don't have any word on a price point or release date at this time.

Dragon Quest XI 'Jade' figurine being released

Dragon Quest XI hit the 3DS in Japan awhile back, and it's making its way to Switch this year. While we wait for that Switch localization, we can check out this new Jade figurine! The package contains a posable figure of Jade, Jade’s weapons, hands in various poses, three different face plates, and Great Sabrecub. The figurine is set to launch in Japan in June 2019.

Dragon Quest XI getting a manga adaptation

Square-Enix spent most of its Dragon Quest XI stage show at Jump Festa talking about the Switch port, but that wasn't the only news there was to share on the game. The company announced that a manga adaptation is in the works. The manga will be penned by Hiro Mashima, author of the Fairy Tail manga. The story will focus on Erik, and takes place before he meets the protagonist.

Dragon Quest creator shares his thoughts on Dragon Quest XI hitting 4 million units shipped

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has followed up the news of Dragon Quest XI hitting 4 million units shipped with a statement showing his appreciation. You can check out the full statement below.

I was truly delighted when I heard the news that Dragon Quest XI had exceeded four million sales worldwide. Back when I created the first Dragon Quest game, over thirty years ago, I could not possibly have dreamed that it would become a series that would cross the seas and be played by people all around the world. This is the eleventh numbered Dragon Quest title, and in depicting a ‘hero’s tale,’ also represents a new beginning for the series.

When I think that there are now over four million of these heroes all around the world, and each one has gone on their own individual adventure, it reminds me how glad I am we made the game. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the people who played Dragon Quest XI, both the fans of the previous games and the new fans who started with this one. Thank you all.

Dragon Quest XI shipments/digital sales top 4 million

Square-Enix has given an update on Dragon Quest XI shipments and digital sales, which include data on the 3DS version. All in all, the game has now topped 4 million digital downloads/shipments combined. A specific split for digital sales was not detailed, but we do know that in Japan, the 3DS version saw 1,741,582 retail units sold, and the PS4 version moved 1,347,582 retail units.

Square-Enix once again explains why Dragon Quest XI 3DS didn't get localized, says Dragon Quest XI S is 'in the midst of development'

You might remember awhile back that Square-Enix asked for Dragon Quest fans to submit Dragon Quest XI questions to them, which would be answered by Dragon Quest XI Producer Hokuto Okamoto and Director Takeshi Uchikawa. Square-Enix has now released the first part in a video series featuring Okamoto and Uchikawa answering some questions. Not too much related to Nintendo fans that we didn't already know, but here are the relative tidbits.

- publishing Dragon Quest XI's 3DS version outside of Japan didn't make sense business-wise for Square-Enix
- Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch is “still in the midst of development”
- the team “expects the development to still take quite some time.”

Square-Enix polls players on their Dragon Quest XI platform of choice and enjoyment of the game, announces Japanese sale

Square-Enix hosted a live-stream for Dragon Quest XI, featuring Director Takeshi Uchikawa, PS4 Producer Hokuto Okamoto, and 3DS Producer Kenjin Yokota. While no news was given on the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, the devs polled the live audience on a number of topics. You can see the results of the poll below.

What platform did players play Dragon Quest XI on?

- PS4 version received 37.7% of votes
- the 3DS version got 27,2%
- 26.3% of viewers played both
- 8.8% pledged to buy the game in the future

Did players enjoy the game?

- 78.8% rated the stream “very good”
- 15.8% “pretty good”
- 2.8% had a fairly negative opinion
- 1.4% a very negative one

The devs also announced an upcoming sale for Dragon Quest XI on digital storefronts, eShop included. The 3DS version of the game will go from 6,458 yen to 3,958 yen. This sael will also include other Dragon Quest games across the 3DS eShop. The sale runs from Dec. 26th to Jan. 8th, 2018.

Dragon Quest XI live-stream event airing in Japan on Dec. 19th, 2017

Square-Enix has yet another live-stream event coming up for Dragon Quest XI. The stream will be airing via NicoNico on Dec. 19th, 2017. The game's director and producers will be on-hand for the event, but we're not quite sure what the point of the stream is. Square-Enix has outright stated that there won't be any new info coming from the stream.

Famitsu survey asks Dragon Quest XI players what platform they play on, favorite characters, and more

The following survey comes from Famitsu, which includes data from 2,238 people.

Which hardware did you play on?

PS4 – 990 people
3DS – 854 people
Both – 375 people

Who is your favorite main character? (Up to three choices)

Veronica – 1,316 votes
Camus – 1,078 votes
Silvia – 988 votes

Who is your favorite non-main character?

Homeros – 361 votes
Emma – 340 votes
Diego – 274 votes

Which camera mode did you use on PS4?

Free Camera – 365 people
Auto-Camera – 714 people
Switched between both – 227 people

Did you play on 2D or 3D Mode for 3DS?

2D – 196 people
3D – 618 people
Switched between both – 227 people

What was the best element about Dragon Quest XI?

1. Characters
2. Story
3. World
4. Graphics
5. Music

What was your favorite new element?

1. Zone and Co-op Attacks
2. Forge
3. Skill Panel
4. Camp
5. Monster Mounting

How enjoyable was the game?

Very Enjoyable – 1,573 people
Pretty Enjoyable – 340 people
Enjoyable – 89 people
Not Enjoyable/Uncertain – 80 people