Ace Attorney 6 - Sengoku Basara DLC art

We've already shown you screens of the Sengoku Basara DLC for Ace Attorney 6, but now we have some concept art from the official dev blog. I'd have to say, Ace Attorney 6 is a really nice looking game. I love the style, especially how vibrant it is.

Ace Attorney 6 demo hits Japan

- demo includes the same opening episode from the web demo
- try the “Medium Vision” feature
- opening animation in stereoscopic 3D

Ace Attorney 6 - Bracelet power, detective memo detailed

Bracelet Power

Apollo Justice has the ability to read a person’s habits using the bracelet on his left arm. When the bracelet reacts, it means there are lies or secrets within his opponent’s dialogue. In this case, use “perception” to try and point out the subtle changes that appear, such as those in expression or behavior. If you’re successful, a new testimony will be drawn out! When you select the bracelet on the lower screen, the opponent speaking will enter slow motion, giving you the opportunity to see through their habits.

Detective Memo

If you return to the game after not playing for a few days, and forget what to do, you may be stuck and unable to advance the story. However, in such a situation, you can open the “Detective Memo” from the “Courtroom Record” to read hints about what you should do next. Additionally, as a means of support for the player, there are also “Partner Assist” and “Backlog” features.

Ace Attorney 6 - multi-angle video identification detailed

Check out more screens here

■ Multi-Angle Video Identification

In Ace Attorney 6, there is a new type of scientific investigation system called “Multi-Angle Video Identification.”

Through this system, two videos showcasing camera footage of two different perspectives of the same scene are displayed. But there is something… out of place. By comparing the two videos of the same scene, try and find an inconsistency.

The bottom screen has fast forward, rewind, and pause controls, and a button to switch between videos. You can also advance by frames.

Check the same areas in each video to locate an inconsistency.

Ace Attorney 6 - 3D fingerprint detection detailed

3D Fingerprint Detection Part 1: Detection

There are several types of forensic sciences in Ace Attorney 6, which Ema Skye specializes in. This time, we’re looking at “3D Fingerprint Detection,” one of the several among them. This adds a new element to the “Fingerprint Detection” introduced in past entries.

Use powder to reveal fingerprints!

First off, in order to collect fingerprints, you’ll need to apply a special powder to the place where fingerprints might be located, and then blow it away for the fingerprints to appear. Repeat this several times to get a clear fingerprint.

[New] Rotate the box and thoroughly detect the fingerprint!

In Ace Attorney 6, it’s possible to rotate the evidence 360 degrees in every direction. You should focus and apply powder to the locations likely touched by the culprit’s hands.

■ 3D Fingerprint Detection Part 2: Comparison

Each person has a unique fingerprint. If you can find the same fingerprint as the one you identified from a list of characters, you can then identify its owner.

Once the fingerprint you applied powder to becomes clear, you’ll first choose the fingerprint to be compared, which will be displayed on the left side of the upper screen. Next, you’ll compare the detected fingerprint with similar fingerprints from a list of characters, which are displayed to the right of the detected fingerprint. If you can recognize the fingerprint, various new facts will come to light.

Ace Attorney 6 - more screens

More here

I've fallen a bit behind in the Ace Attorney series. This entry looks so damn good that it's making me want to go back and pick up where I left off. If only there were more free time!

Ace Attorney 6 - tons of new gameplay details, more footage

Voice actors:

- Phoenix Wright: Takayuki Kondou
- Apollo Justice: KENN
- Athena Cykes: Megumi Han
- Maya Fey: Satomi Hanamura
- Ema Skye: Marina Inoue
- Trucy Wright: Chieko Higuchi
- Leifa Padma Kurain: Saori Hayami
- Nayuta Saadmahdi: Daisuke Namikawa
- Bokuto Tsuani: Emiri Katou

Second case details

- starts during the rehearsals for Trucy Wright’s show, called “Trucy in Gramaryeland
- the body of Mr. Menyo (one of Trucy’s co-performers) is found
- parts of the set suddenly collapse
- Trucy is held responsible for the incidents and arrested on the spot
- Apollo Justice steps in to defend her in court
- Kanenari Shinoyama (his alias is Jack Yamashino) is a producer who works for Nidomi TV
- he's working on special coverage for Trucy Wright’s show
- Apollo Justice will use the Perceive ability to find out what Mimi Nanano (Trucy Wright’s assistant) is hiding

Ema Skye

- returns as a forensics investigator
- seems more cheerful this time around
- she can be seen warning Apollo not to touch anything, or she will get angry


- fingerprint dusting (which is now combined with 3D examination of evidence)
- examination of video footage in different angles to find contradictions and new clues

Investigation memo

- make sure you haven’t forgotten anything during investigation parts